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This site is devoted to my renderings, drawings, stories and material of fabulous costumed heroines in peril. This is fantasy material. I in no way endorse violence nor exploitation of women. This is merely fantasy material based on sexual fantasies we've probably all had about 70's and 80's super heroine related TV shows, movies and comics.

This site is hosted by Super Heroine Central and Danger Babe Central. Its is a FREE site. If you appreciate the free material posted here, please consider a membership to either Super Heroine Central or Danger Babe Central to help pay for this free area. More of my work is in the pay areas of both sites.



This page DOES contain material of a sexual nature (to say the least). If you do NOT like to see bondage, nudity or sexual activity, leave NOW!

Ms. Americana says: 
"Don't do drugs!"
"Don't swear!"
"Brush your teeth!"
"Don't drink out of the milk carton!"
"Eat your vegetables!"
"Don't create unstable governments!"
"Don't grab the back of your TV with wet hands!"
"Don't tell other people how to live their lives!"

What's New

*4/11/14 - New stories in the story section by Soul in Shadow, Mr. Klimstit and Thunderbolt1234 .  

*4/3/14 - New stories in the story section by Dark One, Kooster, NoComeUpance, Pumping Pony, Thunderbolt1234 and Titanville. Titanville just had a bunch of spelling corrections as well as Darkone. New pages to the story Spider Woman

*3/27/14 - New stories in the story section by Dark One, Marat, The Master Kooster, Soul in Shadow and Titanville.

*3/20/14 - New stories in the story section by Troller, Kooster, Pralat666, Thunderbolt1234.

*3/13/14 - New stories in the story section by Troller, Kooster, Mr. Klimstit, Orb, Soul in Shadow and Titanville. 

*3/6/14 - New stories in the story section by Thunderbolt1234, Troller, Pumping Pony and RedHood316. New poser story Spider Woman

From now on if you do NOT put a pen name IN YOUR STORY (I don't care if its anonymous as the name) your story WILL BE REJECTED


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