Wonder Woman’s and the Young Wrestlers

From a Story By Black7 – “Wonder Woman and The Joker’s Revenge” c 2007


Diana Prince was on her way home from the IADC, she closed the door to her office just in time to see Steve.


“You wouldn’t happen to know anyone who could sub in for me as a wrestling coach for two days would you?” he asked as they stood pouring coffee in the office lounge at IADC.


They had been discussing how many of the agents were tasked out on long missions. The conversation turned to related issues affected by the deployment. Steve coached a high school wrestling team near where they worked.


“It would really be great if Wonder Woman could do it,”


“The boys just worship her.”


“I bet they do,” replied Diana, she sipped her coffee,


“Let me have the address just in case Wonder Woman can help out.”


Diana had enjoyed wrestling with her sisters on Paradise Island, this might be fun, and it would give Wonder Woman added points with Steve as well. The thought of wrestling a bunch of teenage boys actually excited her a bit, she enjoyed teasing deep down.


Diana had been feeling really horny lately and the thought of strutting in front of a bunch of well-muscled high school boys was giving rise to thoughts she normally easily suppressed. The more she tried to suppress her erotic thoughts, the urge greater grew her urge to tease, she knew she wanted to go to the school.


Diana gave her customary spin and became Wonder Woman in the alley beside the school. She immediately noticed that her bustier seemed tight, more of the material being taken up lower down. The effect was stunning as it forced her breasts up higher, revealing even more cleavage than usual.


I’ll have to adjust this, she thought.


The group of ten teenaged boys stood gaping as Wonder Woman strode into the school gymnasium that evening. She had already told the janitor she’d lock up after they were finished.


“Evening Wonder Woman,” said one of the group a freckle faced red haired lad,


“You are the St Paul’s Collegiate Wrestling Team?” she asked him.


“Yes ma’am,” he said struggling to look her in the face and not at her chest.


“Steve Trevor asked me to coach you tonight, so let’s get started,” she said standing in her patented stance, hands on hips legs apart.


Soon they were doing warm up push-ups facing her, she was amazed they all did proper ones as well, heads properly up, what she didn’t realise is that all the boys were perving on her luscious body, some on her plump full tits, others on the plump mound between her taut thighs.


Clem whispered to his buddy,


“Do you see those tits,” as they counted off another ten push-ups.


“Knees up, knees up,” she commanded as they did further warm ups,


All eyes were fixated on her bouncing bustier. She knew what they were staring at, she found she was enjoying the attention.


“Pair off onto the mats by weight and we’ll have a series of matches,”


“I’ll challenge the winner.” Diana challenged.


Clem replied,


“To be fair how about taking off your power belt?” he asked.


“Sure”, she said, flashing him a smile.


She removed her lasso and power belt and slung them over a chair nearby. The boys paired off into their usual sparring partners and began to challenge one another once she blew the whistle. Diana walked around the mats giving tips and pointers as takedowns and reversals occurred amidst grunts and gowns as male bodies struggles to overcome each other.


Diana found it very erotic to be strutting around all these young men struggling to overcome each other, like a hen amongst a bunch of roosters. The Defender of Freedom could smell the testosterone in the air.


The first pair finished up with a short stocky lad pinning the taller boy onto the mat. They got up and shook hands as they stepped away from the mat. Wonder Woman joined the stocky boy on the mat, the other boy blew the whistle and the match began. The lad charged her, planning to use his lower centre of gravity to knock her backwards, then pin her sexy ass to the floor.


Before he could reach her she used her powerful strength to force him off balance, she flipped him over and pinned him to the mat. Wonder Woman was giving the young man a close-up of a mountain of cleavage as she held him to the mat for the count. The whistle blew, it was over, and she helped him up to his feet.


“You are strong,” he said in amazement.


“And your tits are fucking tremendous.” He said to himself.


The crime-fighter had enjoyed that, the smell of young male sweat was tantalizing. The next pair of boys had watched the bout and stood ready and waiting.


The defeated one whispered to his mate,


“See the size of those tits.”


This time they closed one another feet apart, arms out for the grapple. The teenager lunged at her feet, he was quick and Wonder Woman’s wide stance almost defeated his attack, in her bid to push him to the mat she lost some balance and went down on one knee.


Having missed her feet, he whipped around and grabbed her from behind, both his knees on the mat. He wrapped his hands around her chest, one hand overlapping each of her tits. Realizing he had a handful of boob he squeezed her chest.


Diana could feel his hands on her tit-flesh, she reacted instinctively and stood up and twisted. It broke his grip, but not before he peeled part of her bustier below a nipple. She lunged at him pinning him to the floor and the whistle blew. It had been a good bout she thought. The lad got a good view of a nicely shaped nipple and a deep chocolate-brown areole as she stood up.


Quickly she adjusted her bustier for the next bout, she hadn’t minded the little grope at all and the audience of young virile men had all enjoyed the nipple slip.


The next wrestling partner was a barrel-chested boy, they squared off on the mat, the whistle blew and they advanced on each other.


Wonder Woman lunged at the lad and she toppled him backwards, intent on pinning him to the mat. He threw himself against one arm and caused her to roll in that direction. The lad managed a reversal, squirming out from under her and pulling her in the direction of her folded arm.


The crime-fighter lost her balance as he tugged on her, he grabbed her star spangled shorts and gave them a tug upwards to assist in the roll. It was an illegal move but had the effect of giving her nice wedgie, to the delight of the spectators who could see a nicely formed camel-toe as Wonder Woman’s shorts rode up her snatch.


Diana grunted at the sensation. He jumped on her chest, knocking the wind out of her with his body before grabbing her legs and pinning the Champion of all Women to the mat. The audience gasped as they saw the Defender of Freedom defeated, Wonder Woman tried to catch her breath.


The next match the wrestler was all paws and she found herself groped across the ass, chest and shoulders before she managed to pin him to the mat, the Princess of Power helped him up and adjusted her costume in preparation for the final match.


Diana didn’t realize it but she was just entering her fertile period, the prolonged stimulation of males touching her all over in conjunction with her desire to tease was increasing her heart rate.


She just figured it was the exercise.


Wonder Woman had noticed a number of stiff pricks under those tight shorts and she had seen a cock spring loose before she pinned the owner down on his pole. That must have hurt she sympathized, he did have a nice looking pole she reflected.


This was beginning to make her horny and a little less focused as she strutted into the ring with a big black kid named Elmer, they began to grapple at the whistle and in his initial lunge he had moved laterally to her line of advance, wrapping one hand around her lower thigh while the other sank between her cleavage.


Despite Wonder Woman grabbing him around his chest he squatted down and picked her up with his hand tightly clamped around the Maiden of True Virtue’s cunt-mound.


Two of Elmer’s fingers slipped under the fabric of Wonder Woman’s shorts as he pivoted the crime-fighter upwards, they pushed the thin material sideways away from her cunt-lips, the other hand clamping tightly around one of the super-heroine’s large firm breasts.


“Going to get you up.”


Elmer lifted the Princess of Power over his head, Wonder Woman did not know if it was intentional but Elmer’s fingers had slipped past her cunt-lips and into her pussy. Before she could counter the move the super-heroine was being held in a highly illegal and sadistically devastating over-head cunt-lock.


“I got my fingers up Wonder Woman’s pussy.”


“I got Wonder Woman in a cunt-lock.”


“Now to work the move.”


Elmer’s fingers were firmly lodged inside the Defender of Freedom’s cunt-channel, with the meaty palm of his huge hand pressing against Wonder Woman’s plump cunt-mound. The more the Defender of Freedom squirmed to try to get out of the crippling hold, the more her already swollen clitoris was stimulated.


“The cunt-lock is working real good.”


“Those fingers …” the Defender of Freedom gasped.


“Illegal hold.”


“The super-slut is fucking wet already.”


Elmer held the Maiden of True Virtue horizontally above his head as she thrashed about desperately and whimpered softly, the young wrestler’s fingers were arousing her as they stimulated her clitoris into engorgement, the young wrestler knew exactly what effect this hold was having on the Defender of Freedom.


“First time I ever used this hold.” Elmer said to his young wrestling buddies.


“It’s making the super-slut get all fucking hot and horny.”


“Elmer,” the crime-fighter moaned.


“It’s not legal.”


Elmer started to push the rapidly weakening Defender of Freedom’s body up and down, creating a rocking motion as his fingers slid in and out of the crime-fighter’s cunt-channel. The feelings in her cunt-channel were propelling the Princess of Power towards orgasm.


“Put me down Elmer.”


“You have to put me down.”


“I give up.”


“You win Elmer.”


“I’ve got the Princess of Power going.”


Elmer was a depraved young man and he held the crime-fighter above his head for several minutes as she thrashed about on his fingers. He looked up into Wonder Woman’s face and grinned spitefully at her ever weakening struggles.


“The super-heroine is going to cumm.”


“Please don’t make me climax, Elmer.”


The boys looked up at where Elmer’s fingers disappeared into Wonder Woman’s cunt, they could see Elmer’s hand glistening from the slick coating of the Princess of Power cunt-juices, they could see the Princess of Power feebly writhing and hear the super-heroine gasping as she tried to postpone the inevitable.


“Wonder-slut is so fucking hot.”


“Wish it was my cock up her cunt.”


Elmer rocked Wonder Woman’s body back and forward and the young wrestlers saw the muscles of the mighty Champion of all Women tense, the super-heroine’s frame went a stiff as a board and a low moan escaped from her lips. The Princess of Power was cumming and Elmer pushed the Princess of Power up and down in quick, short thrusts as she climaxed above him.


“Wonder-fuck is cumming.”


“I just finished off the Defender of Virtue.”


The Champion of All Women’s body slumped as a result of the tremendous climax, her powerful legs and strong arms both dangled lifelessly while her head and her long black hair hung motionless, Elmer held her high and slowly rotated her body so that all the young men could get a good look at the defeated crime-fighter.


“Wonder Woman just cumm her fucking pussy off.”


“Now I’m going to get my cock up her cunt.”


Elmer brutally body-slammed Wonder Woman to the floor. Diana hit the mat with a loud thud and lay flat on her back. Elmer paraded around the mat before launching himself at the crime-fighter in a flying pin-fall, but the super-heroine just managed to roll out of the way and Elmer landed on an empty mat.


“I nearly had you.”


“Now it’s your turn Elmer.”


The Champion of All Women recovered quickly, she sprang at him and flung her arms around him as he struggled to get up, pulling a leg and arm out from under him, she flipped onto his back like a turtle. He lay there staring at Wonder Woman’s magnificent tits which had popped free in his initial assault,


“I nearly had you super-bitch.”


“But you didn’t have me Elmer.”


Elmer was exasperated, he knew that the crime-fighter’s cunt-lips were cumm-slick and ready for penetration. Elmer could feel a raging hard-on throbbing in his tights and wanted to ram it up Wonder Woman’s pussy, the super-heroine was any man’s wet dream.


“I want to fuck some super-heroine pussy.”


“You can want all you like.”


“You’re not going to fuck me Elmer.”


All of a sudden the cloth constraining his manhood gave up as his cock-shaft found an exit out the side of his crotch fabric. Wonder Woman stood up and jumped on him to give him a punishing blow across the chest with her legs astride his chest,


“I’m the one who’s got you, Elmer.” Wonder Woman said.


Unfortunately for the Defender of Freedom, Elmer had anticipated the move and had wriggled himself forward so Wonder Woman landed on his thighs. The two preoccupied wrestlers couldn’t hear the spectators bawdy comments,


“Elmer’s tent pole has come loose.”


“He’s got a real hard-on.”


“Look at them tits”,


Diana’s shorts had still not overcome their initial dislocation and as she straddled his body, Elmer’s swollen cock-head came into contact with the Defender of Freedom’s cumm-slick cunt-lips.


“Look at that.”


“Elmer’s got his cock-head right up against Wonder Woman’s cunt-lips.”


The Champion of all Women realised her predicament and desperately tried to lift herself off Elmer’s body but the young wrestler grabbed her hips and equally frantically tried to pull the Defender of Freedom down onto his rampant cock-shaft


“He’s going to fuck Wonder Woman.”


“Don’t do it Elmer.” The crime-fighter urged.


Elmer was pulling down, while the frantic super-heroine was trying to lift herself up off Elmer’s body.


For what seemed like hours to the combatants and the on-lookers, young Elmer and the Champion of all Women struggled, the young man trying to get his pussy-stretcher into Wonder Woman’s cunt and the Princess of Power trying just as hard to stop him.


“Don’t you dare fuck me young man.” The Princess of Power yelled.


Even though the Champion of all Women had been weakened by sexual arousal, the scales of the battle were gradually turning against Elmer, Wonder Woman’s strength slowly increased and she was inch by inch lifting her body and precious cunt-lips away from Elmer’s swollen cock-head.


“I’m not going to let her get away.” young Clem barked.


“I want to see Elmer fuck Wonder Woman’s pussy.”


Young Clem moved behind the Champion of all Women and placed his hands on her shoulders, then leaned forward and pushed down with all his weight, the Defender of Freedom did not have the strength to withstand this additional assault and her body slowly slumped down into contact with Elmer’s cock-head.


“Oh fuck.” The super-heroine gasped.


“Get that big fucking cock out of my pussy.”


“I’m in Wonder Woman’s cunt.” Elmer grunted.


Elmer shouted out in elation as his swollen cock-head parted the crime-fighter’s cunt-lips and slid between them, the Champion of Virtue’s cunt-channel was still slick from Elmer’s ruthless cunt-lock and her tightness was not enough to prevent penetration,


“I got crime-fighter pussy.”


“Don’t do this to me Elmer.” Wonder Woman pleaded


“You’ll only regret it later.”


Wonder Woman uttered a throaty grunt as she felt the randy young wrestler’s thick cock-shaft spread her cunt-walls. The Defender of Freedom tried desperately to get her pussy off the young man’s cock-shaft but Clem pushed down while Elmer held on to her hips for grim death while his cock slid further and further into the Princess of Power.


“Get that fucking cock out of my cunt.” The Champion of All Women was desperate.


“Crime-fighter pussy is incredible.” Elmer groaned.


Young Clem continued to push down on Wonder Woman’s shoulders, leaning on the c=’s shoulders as Elmer’s cock further and further impaled the Defender of Freedom’s cunt-channel.


“Elmer’s got his cock up Wonder Woman’s cunt.”


“Please Elmer, no more cock.” Wonder Woman wasn’t sure she didn’t want to just give up and let Elmer fuck her.


Elmer’s thick cock-head spread Wonder Woman’s tight cunt-walls in a overwhelming way as it slipped inside her, the Defender of Freedom went cross-eyed at the ruthless invasion of her womanhood, the swiftness of the erotic penetration caused her muscles to relax which made her slump further down onto the young wrestler’s thick pole.


“Got you Wonder-cunt.”


“My cock is deep inside your pussy, Wonder-slut.”


Elmer tightened his hold on the flagging super-heroine’s hips, he held the tiring Defender of Freedom in position as he pushed his hips upwards and hilted his cock-shaft inside Wonder Woman’s cunt. The watching boys heard the Champion of all Women groan as more and more of Elmer’s cock-flesh invaded her cunt.


“My poor little cunt.” Wonder Woman panted.


“He’s got his cock right up her pussy.”


“Elmer’s fucking the Champion of All Women.”


Wonder Woman leaned forward and placed her hands on Elmer’s chest, she lowered her hips down and uttered a low grunt as a mini-orgasm swept her body, the Champion of Virtue was about to surrender her cunt to a swollen cock-shaft.


“Do me Elmer, do me with your big black cock.”


Elmer released his hold on the Champion of Virtue’s hips, the weight of the climaxed and overpowered crime-fighter’s body was now enough to push the thick cock-shaft deep into the Defender of Virtue’s cunt,


“I’m right up Wonder Woman’s cunt”


“My fucking cock is deep inside her pussy.”


“I’m going to fuck the Defender of Virtue.”


Wonder Woman squealed as her pussy was impaled on the randy young wrestler’s thick black cock, her resistance had faded completely and she no longer had any desire to free her cunt from the penetration of young Elmer’s cock-shaft.


“You are so fucking tight Wonder-cunt.”


“I love your thick cock Elmer.” This was music to the young man’s ears.


The young men gasped as they saw the Champion of Virtue lean backwards and wriggle her hips to allow Elmer’s thick pussy-stretcher to completely fill the super-heroine’s cunt-channel.


“Fucking Elmer is a lucky bastard.”


The other young boys stared at the exhibition before them, a topless super-heroine writhing on top of Elmer, the tautly stretched pink cunt-lips of the Maiden of True Virtue standing out clearly against the thick blackness of Elmer’s cock-shaft that had invaded her pussy.


“Wonder Woman is a fucking super-slut.”


Elmer groaned as he felt the tight clamping of super-heroine cunt-walls for the first time in his life. The young wrestler’s thick pussy-stretcher was now hilted inside the cumm-slick cunt-channel of the Champion of all Women.


“Can you hear Wonder-slut.”


“Her cunt is clamping down on my cock as I fuck her.”


Elmer groaned also as he realised he had his throbbing cock-head deep inside a now submissive super-heroine’s cunt, for a minute or two the young wrestler lay on his back and simply enjoyed his solid penetration of Wonder Woman’s cunt as she writhed on top of him.


“Stay with me Elmer.” The Champion of Virtue begged.


“Don’t you dare cumm yet.”


“Let me ride your pussy-stretcher.”


“Wonder Woman’s doing Elmer.”


Elmer looked up at the Champion of All Women, he watched her as she moved her hips back and forward, the

mighty Champion of Virtue was actually fucking him. Her incredible tits jutted out from her chest and bobbed

up and down as she moved, Wonder Woman was obviously enjoying every inch of Elmer’s thick pussy-stretcher.


“She isn’t even trying to get off Elmer’s cock.”


“Your cock is so fucking great.” She told the young wrestler.


Wonder Woman stared down at Elmer with a hesitant look in her eyes, then she shook her head and leaned further forward. The Champion of Virtue placed her hands on Elmer’s chest, whimpered faintly, then started to move her hips up and down.


“Can’t stop myself …”


“She’s loving every inch of my cock.”


The Defender of Virtue was very clearly fucking young Elmer’s cock as she moved her luscious body on top of the elated young wrestler. The Champion of Virtue was rocking her cunt-mound back and forth on top of Elmer and urging the young wrestler on,


“Fuck me good Elmer.” The Champion of Virtue urged.


“Fuck my pussy real good.”


“Elmer’s got her going.”


Elmer pushed his hips upwards and the randy young wrestler’s rock-hard member plunged even further into the depths of the crime-fighter’s slickly wet cunt. At the same time, the Defender of Freedom pushed her hips down to get as much of Elmer’s cock-shaft into her cunt as she could.


“His cock is right up Wonder Woman’s cunt.”


“Elmer’s getting some real Wonder-pussy.”


One side of the Defender of Virtue’s brain told her to try to get off the cock right now, that it was very wrong for the Defender of Virtue to fuck young men. The other side of her brain was relentlessly inciting the crime-fighter to ride that solid slab of cock-flesh hard and long.


“I can’t believe it.” Elmer thought to himself.


“My cock-shaft is right up Wonder Woman’s cunt.”


“And she’s fucking me.”


The ride him side was winning in a land-slide, the Champion of All Women writhed on top of the young black man’s cock while the young wrestler revelled in the tight feel of a Amazon cunt. It was now the age-old conflict, thick solid cock-shaft against cumm-soaked cunt-channel.


“Your cock is so fucking big Elmer.” Wonder Woman gasped.


“I love the feel of you inside my cunt.” The Champion of All Women had lost control.


Thick cock-shaft won out as the Defender of Freedom allowed Elmer to make the final decision for her, he pulled down on the crime-fighter’s hips and was rewarded with a sudden surge of cunt-juice and a urgent tightening of her cunt-walls as the Champion of all Women unreservedly surrendered her cunt to the power of the young man’s massive slab of throbbing cock-meat.


“Come on Wonder-pussy.”


“Move your fucking hips.”


Wonder Woman writhed and groaned,


“So fucking sinful.” She panted as she rode the young man’s cock.


Elmer felt the tightness of Wonder Woman’s cunt-lips ease slightly as another sudden surge of cunt-juice lubricated his thick slab of cock-flesh. The crime-fighter’s lower body slumped down to let young Elmer finally hilt the last inch of his thick cock-shaft inside her luscious cunt-channel.


“I can’t take much more Elmer.” Wonder Woman panted.


“Wonder-slut is so fucking hot.” Elmer roared.


The randy young wrestler leaned back and let Wonder Woman rock back and forth on his rock-hard cock-shaft, Elmer knew he had the Champion of All Women at his mercy, the Maiden of True Virtue wanted him to fuck her tight super-heroine cunt hard and long.


“Come on you Amazon super-slut.”


“Move your hips, fuck my cock.”


Elmer knew that Wonder Woman had surrendered her body to him, as long as his pussy-stretcher was inside her cunt, the Champion of Virtue was his personal fuck-puppet.


“Don’t fight it, Wonder Woman.” The boys shouted.


“Ride the ram-rod.”


Elmer reached up and grabbed hold of the Defender of Freedom’s superb tits, he was soon pinching both nipples, which became solid as small rocks under the randy young wrestler’s ministration. The Princess of Power continued rocking back and forth on Elmer’s thick slab of cock-flesh, now she was whimpering softly as she approached ultimate climax.


“My cock is deep inside your pussy, Wonder Woman.” Elmer said to the panting Amazon Princess.


“It feels so good.” The super-heroine replied breathlessly.


“Elmer is fucking you, super-cunt.”


Young Elmer kept working on Wonder Woman’s tits and nipples, he knew the Princess of Power’s body was his to use as he wanted for as long as his cock was inside her.


“I’m fucking your tight super-heroine cunt,”


“Please don’t stop, Elmer.” Wonder Woman gasped.


The young wrestler taunted the Champion of Virtue as she squirmed on the end of his cock, he used his grip on her nipples to draw her face close to his.


“I’m just a young boy,”


“And you’re my personal super-heroine fuck-puppet.”


The young wrestler took complete control of Wonder Woman’s body and they settled into the steady rhythm of male and female coupling, Elmer could feel the slippery tightness of Wonder Woman’s cunt-lips, and the cumm-slick smoothness of her cunt-walls.


“Wonder Woman loves my cock.” Elmer said flatly.


“The Champion of All Women has a thing for big black cock.”


The young wrestler taunted the crime-fighter as she tried and failed to regain control of her body. All she could feel now was the wet suction inside her cunt-channel. The Defender of Virtue grunted each time Elmer’s thick cock-shaft rubbed up against her clitoris.


“This crime-fighter loves a good fuck.”


“It feels like she’s cumming already.”


The Defender of Freedom felt a growing wetness inside her cunt as she submitted eagerly to the thick cock inside her. Her reptile brain took over and the crime-fighter was soon riding the randy young wrestler’s big prick for all she was worth,


“I’ve done a few cheer-leaders, Wonder Woman.”


Elmer was laying motionless underneath the crime-fighter, there was no need for him to move, he just held onto Wonder Woman’s hips as she thrashed about on top of him. Wonder Woman’s head was being thrown from side to side as she shuddered on top of Elmer, the crime-fighter’s amazing breasts bobbed up and down as she rode Elmer’s rampant rod.


“Give it to me you fucking stud.” The Defender of Virtue roared in climax.


“Fuck me like you fucked those cheer-leaders.”


“Their cunts weren’t as tight as yours.” Elmer said.


Elmer still couldn’t believe how tight Wonder Woman’s snatch was, she wasn’t a teenager but her cunt-lips were the tightest he had ever parted. And no cheer-leader has ever been as enthusiastic or expert a fuck as this super-cunt.


“And they didn’t love cock as much.”


“Drive that cock in deep Elmer.” The super-heroine urged.


Elmer knew that every other wrestler was watching him and the Champion of All Women coupling. They were all jealous that young Elmer was the first of the wrestling group to fuck the famous Princess of Power.


“My cock is right up Wonder Woman’s cunt, boys.”


“I never guessed she’d be such a fucking cock-slut.”


Elmer revelled in the knowledge that he was fucking the mighty Champion of all Women, especially as he was totally debasing the Champion of Virtue by doing her in front of witnesses, many of whom were taking cell-phone pictures of their coupling.


“Make sure you get close-ups of my cock in Wonder Woman’s pussy.”


He cupped Wonder Woman’s bouncing breasts and pinched her nipples, then pulled down on the super-heroine’s mammaries as he thrust his hips upwards. The Champion of All Women’s head went back and she moaned loudly.


“Yes boys,” he said,


“Elmer has got Wonder-pussy on the road to a good cock-whipping.”


Elmer wondered about the Princess of Power, she was supposed to be such a prude, but once he had his cock inside her pussy she had let him fuck her quite easily and was now shamelessly giving her body to him in front of a group of very randy young men.


“Champion of All Women, more like champion cock-rider.”


Elmer held Wonder Woman’s hips as the almost out of control crime-fighter pumped her hips back and forward on top of the young man, the Maiden of True Virtue had submitted her body and mind to the erotic friction of Elmer’s thick cock-shaft inside her tight cunt-walls.


“I’m going to pinch Wonder Woman’s nipples,”


The group of young men heard a low groan from the Champion of Virtue, it was obvious that a overwhelming orgasm had swept over her magnificent body.


“Now I’ll pinch them harder,”


“I’m cumming Elmer.” Wonder Woman gasped.


“I can’t stop fucking cumming.”


Elmer was almost controlled as he watched the Champion of All Women climax on his cock once again, he coolly watched the Champion of Virtue ride his cock, the young wrestler was in absolute command of the super-heroine’s body and especially of her delightful cunt.


“Ride my cock Wonder-cunt.”


“I can’t stop myself cumming.” The super-heroine moaned.


The onlookers could hear Wonder Woman moaning and grunting as she came again and again, but they could not see the toe-curling throbbing of Elmer’s cock-shaft inside the Defender of Freedom’s cunt-channel and the enormously swollen cock-head that was about to fill Wonder Woman’s pussy with cumm.


“Don’t sperm my pussy Elmer.” Said the crime-fighter, Wonder Woman was desperate not to get knocked up by this young man.


“Just concentrate on riding my cock you crime-fighting super-slut,” Elmer rejoined.


As the Defender of Virtue started single-mindedly bouncing up and down on the randy young wrestler’s throbbing cock-shaft, Elmer clamped his hands around Wonder Woman’s tits and held his cock-head deep inside the super-heroine’s cunt.


Wonder Woman knew she was about to get her cunt spermed.


“You’re nearly there aren’t you.” Wonder Woman asked.


“I can feel your cock throbbing inside my cunt.”


“Please don’t cumm inside my pussy.” The crime-fighter begged.


There was no way that Elmer was going to allow this super-heroine with the marvellous cunt to get off his cock before he filled her pussy with sperm.


“I’m going to cumm.”


“I’m going to fill Wonder Woman’s cunt with sperm.”


Wonder Woman slumped forward as yet another devastating orgasm took hold of her, now all that existed for the Maiden of True Virtue was Elmer’s thick cock and her excruciatingly swollen clitoris. Torrents of erotic energy flowed through the Champion of Virtue’s body.


“The crime-fighter is getting her rocks off.”


Elmer wrapped Wonder Woman’s body in his arms, the young man kept his cock lodged deep inside her cunt while he rolled her over, he was now laying on top of the crime-fighter.


“Time to put the hammer down.”


“I’m going to long-stroke Wonder Woman’s tight little cunt.”


The young wrestler grabbed Wonder Woman’s ankles and raised them above her head, he managed to lock them together behind her head. Wonder Woman’s cumm-soaked cunt was now wide open to his brutal thrusts and Elmer took advantage by pump-fucking the super-heroine’s cunt.


“I’m going to cumm inside Wonder Woman’s pussy.”


Elmer rammed his pussy-stretcher in and out of the Defender of Freedom’s cunt while blew his load deep into the super-heroine’s vagina, the other team members watched the Champion of Virtue writhe and whimper underneath the randy young wrestler.


“What a great fuck.” Elmer gasped, short of breath from his exertions.


“I just spermed Wonder Woman.”


“Filled her cunt with cumm.”


The entire wrestling class stood hushed and unmoving as the Champion of all Women continued to climax herself, they stood in awe as the Princess of Power’s gorgeous body shuddered in orgasm even after Elmer pulled his cock out of her cumm-slick cunt-lips.


“Elmer fucked Wonder Woman stupid.”


“He spermed her fucking pussy too.”


The Champion of All Women lay on her back with her legs wide apart for a little longer, her hips thrusting up and down until she stopped climaxing.


She got up, turned to the boys and pulled up her bustier, and reached down with both thumbs to square away her shorts crotch fabric in an exaggerated fashion to cover her dripping muff, a big teasing smile on her face.


“What a fucking super-slut” one boy whispered.


“She may be the Champion of All Women.”


“But she is a Champion Root-Rat.”


Wonder Woman tried to regain control of the practice session.


“The second part of today’s practice will begin with take downs,”


“I want one of the pair down on all fours and the other take him down,”


“I’ll come round and challenge the winner to take me down,” Diana said,


Wonder Woman heard someone say,


“I’d love to take that super-cunt down like Elmer did.”


Yes she thought, not fully recovered from the humping she had just received, they’d all like to take me down and fuck me silly and fill my cunt with cumm like that randy young man did.


Wonder Woman was still horny and the sight of the muscular boys in tight clothing brought the persistent thought of the Champion of Virtue being overpowered and put through a ruthless gang-banging by all these vigorous young wrestlers.


“Wonder Woman, how about we make it more interesting.”


“How’s that Clem” The crime-fighter asked a gleam in her eye.


“We win, you remove a piece of your clothing,”


“You win, we remove a piece of our clothing.”


It would obviously be stacked against her as she wasn’t wearing her power belt, but of course she was a super-heroine,


“I’ll accept your wager,”


She walked around watching the boys do their takedowns a few achieved reversals, not many, but they sure had nice butts and crotch bulges. The Princess of Power could easily imagine herself grunting and groaning underneath their athletic bodies.


“One mistake.” A young wrestler thought.


“And my cock is going right up Wonder Woman’s cunt.”


Diana got down on all fours on the mat for the practice. Her breasts hung down in her bustier, and her legs were spread wide to give her a more stable position. It was quite the sight from any angle as the boys looked down her cleavage or tried to glimpse her camel toe.


“I bet her pussy’s still wet.”


“It’d be easy to get my cock up that pussy.”


To flip Wonder Woman onto her back the boys needed to attack with one hand going between her legs to grab her just above the knee and another just above her wrist. Then he would pull her limbs toward his body, trying to flip her onto her back, he needed leverage to achieve this, with his hands as low down on her as possible.


The red-haired boy didn’t bother, one hand went high and brushed across her breasts, the other hand was tight against her crotch. At the whistle he couldn’t budge her but his constant tugging and rubbing across her sensitive areas was extremely arousing,


The whistle blew with the boy making no progress in flipping Wonder Woman over.


“You need to go lower to flip me over.”


“Yes ma’am,” he said, a grin on his face and a huge hard-on in his pants.


“I lost ma’am” he said as he pulled off his T-shirt barring his muscular frame.


Diana stared at him,


“I know the rules.”


“Oh right,” Diana replied, now noticing the bulge in the randy young wrestler’s shorts,


She thought I should have made him remove them shorts.


“Okay Bob,” she got down onto the mat again.


She had barely managed to get settled, and was still thinking of young throbbing cock inside her pussy when the whistle went. Bob’s hands darted out settling low down on her thigh and above her waist, just below her suspended tits.


With a grunt Bob heaved and Diana rolled away from him, her mind now back on the mat. Wonder Woman tried to recover but her shoulder briefly touched the mat, Bob lunged at her as she rolled further trying to recover but the young wrestler rolled with her.


They rolled over, belly to belly, until Bob used his weight to roll on top and straddled her chest, forcing both her shoulders onto the mat while his outstretched arms pinned the super-heroine’s hands. Diana had lost and the whistle blew.


Bob got up and he helped her up from the mat, grinning at his victory over the Amazon.


“I think them shorts should come off,” he said.


Wonder Woman was overwhelmed at her easy defeat, the crime-fighter blushed and began to pull down her shorts. The Defender of Freedom had only worn the briefest of panties and the boys stared at her g-string thong as she stepped out of her shorts.


“She’s as good as naked.” One boy whispered.


“I’d love to fuck her like Elmer did.”


The Champion of All Women couldn’t believe what had come to pass, she was standing in front of the boys with her hands on her bare hips, the crime-fighter was naked except for tiny thong panties.


“You can see her nice plump cunt-lips.” One boy said, loud enough for her to hear.


They loved it and deep down Wonder Woman loved it to. These fine specimens of young manhood had her libido raging and only a good dose of hot cock-flesh could put out the fire between her thighs.


Regaining her superior attitude she walked to the next mat, bare ass swinging, even more aroused, she had noticed the bulges sticking out now amongst the boys.


“Pin her.” The boys urged.


“Then we get to see Wonder Woman naked.”


Unfortunately for the boys, Diana won the next two matches. Like Bob she made the two boys drop their shorts and much to her delight she was rewarded with a pair of swinging cocks stick out from their boxers, the two losers took the brunt of some good ribbing about cock size and short rulers.


Although she had won both matches Diana was feeling the effects in other ways. The lads’ touches on her bare ass had a singularly arousing sensation.


She got into position thinking about how the boys were staring at her exposed ass and plump cunt-lips. Diana was almost wishing that the big stud would win. Someone shouted out.


“Time someone beat Wonder-pussy.”


At the whistle she steeled herself for his attack, Clem’s hands went for her arms and legs in a conventional attack and soon with some difficulty he had her with one shoulder touching the mat. Changing tactics he flung his body between her legs while his arms tried to keep her moving onto her back.


Clem’s shorts caught the rim of her boot as she tried to prevent him from opening her legs, the drag on the shorts resulted in the randy young wrestler’s long cock bursting out the side of his skin tight wrestling uniform.


“Clem’s cock just popped out.” A young man noted.


“Hope he gets to bury it in Wonder Woman’s cunt.” Another said.


Now lying on top of the crime-fighter, Clem had his legs spread wide to prevent the crime-fighter from spinning him over in a reversal. As the super-heroine twisted and turned underneath the randy young wrestler, the Maiden of True Virtue’s skimpy g-string slipped to one side, baring her intimate parts.


“I can see Wonder Woman’s cunt-lips.” A spectator gasped.


Wonder Woman continued to struggle underneath Clem, the Defender of Freedom bucked and writhed frantically but the strong young wrestler’s weight started to tell, the powerfully built young man forced a knee between Wonder Woman’s legs and started to pry her thighs apart.


“Can’t let him …” Wonder Woman thought,


If Clem pinned her she would have to take off her thong, then she would be stark naked.


“Get her legs apart.” The wrestlers urged.


“Pin Wonder-cunt.”


“We can see her fucking tight little pussy, Clem.” Someone yelled.


The weight of the young man’s body was starting to tell, the crime-fighting super-heroine was starting to tire and knew she would soon have to concede defeat to young Clem.


“I’m going to pin you, Wonder Woman.” Clem yelled at her.


Wonder Woman thought she would only have to take off another item of clothing if she was beaten as Clem took command of the situation.


“Clem’s going to pin the Champion of All Women.”


“She’s going to have to take her thong off.”


Young Clem was now between Wonder Woman’s thighs, he had the Amazon Princess flat on her back, with her luscious thighs spread wide. The crime-fighter had her feet on Clem’s hips in an attempt to control hid movements, she did not realise that this exposed her tight cunt-lips to the randy young man.


“I’m on top of you, Wonder-slut.”


“I’m going to fuck you.”


She looked up and saw a evil grin on Clem’s face, he put his mouth next to Wonder Woman’s ear and softly whispered to her.


“I’m going to pin you,”


“Then I’m going to ram my cock up your pussy.”


The Champion of All Women was suddenly aware that her pussy was exposed and another horny young man was about to try his hardest to plunge his thick cock into her tight cunt-channel.


“Don’t Clem.” Wonder Woman said.


The other wrestling team members shouted out encouragement to him.


“Ram your cock up Wonder-slut’s cunt.”


Clem grabbed the rapidly tiring Wonder Woman’s wrists and held her arms over her head, at the same time he positioned himself between the crime-fighter’s sweat-slick thighs and prepared to force an entry into the Maiden of True Virtue’s pussy.


“Please don’t fuck me.”


“Remember the rules.”


“Fuck the rules.”


“And fuck your pussy.”


Diana thrust her hips upwards in a final despairing attempt to fling Clem off but this was the worst action the crime-fighter could have taken, the young wrestler saw the opening and shoved his own hips forward at the same time. The Princess of Power had pushed her cunt-lips up against young Clem’s cock.


“Get ready to take cock, Wonder-slut.”


“I’m going to get up you, Wonder-cunt.”


The randy young wrestler’s swollen cock-head bumped up against the Defender of Freedom’s cunt-lips, even though Elmer had fucked her hard and long, the crime-fighter’s cunt-lips were still taut


“Oh Fuck.” Wonder Woman moaned.


“Don’t do my pussy Clem.”


“You are fucking tight.” Clem gasped.


“I’m going to get my cock up you, Wonder-cunt.”


Randy young Clem pushed forward and parted Wonder Woman’s cunt-lips, both he and the Defender of Freedom grunted as he made his entry. The Champion of All Women knew she was about to be fucked by another horny young male.


“Clem, you don’t need to do this.” Wonder Woman begged.


“Yes I do, Wonder-pussy.”


“I’m going to get my cock right up you.”


The randy young wrestler pushed his hips forward again and the Champion of all Women whimpered as he spread her cumm-slick cunt-lips and drove his throbbing cock-shaft half-way home with the momentum of his lunge.


“Get it out of my cunt.” Wonder Woman pleaded.


“I got half my cock up Wonder Woman’s cunt.” Clem yelled.


Wonder Woman felt another three inches of the huge pussy-stretcher enter her, the Princess of Power felt her cunt-walls expand to take young Clem’s throbbing pussy-stretcher.


“My poor cunt.” Wonder Woman gasped.


“It’s my cunt now, Wonder-fuck.” Clem retorted.


Having successfully penetrated Wonder Woman’s cunt-lips, Clem slowly but surely pushed more and more of his throbbing cock-flesh into the Defender of Freedom’s cunt.


“You’re right Elmer.” Clem shouted.


“Wonder-slut has a great little pussy.”


“Told you.” Elmer replied.


Diana wanted to resist but Clem had rammed his throbbing thickness deep inside her vagina, the young buck’s thick cock spread her cunt-walls taut and the Champion of Virtue quickly began to follow the randy young wrestler’s rhythm.


“What a cunt.” Clem yelled.


“Fucking tight super-heroine pussy.”


The Champion of All Women’s hysterical moans filled the air as the young wrestler hilted his cock-shaft inside her cunt, the crime-fighter bucked as the randy young wrestler started to plough her furrow, the rest of the boys were hollering encouragement,


“Wonder Woman loves cock.”


“Give it her Clem.”


“Give it to her hard.”


Clem began thrusting vigorously in and out of the Maiden of True Virtue’s tight cunt, he fucked the Champion of Virtue with pure elation, Clem no longer spoke to Wonder Woman, he simply concentrated on pump-fucking the whimpering crime-fighter.


“Just listen to her moan.” A team-mate said.


“Fuck my pussy Clem.” The horny crime-fighter urged.


Wonder Woman was lost once again as the thick cock-shaft rammed in and out of her cunt. Her skin was so sensitive that she could even feel Clem’s swollen ball-sac bouncing against her taut ass-cheeks.


“I’m fucking done for.” The Champion of All Women moaned.


“Do me good Clem.”


“Cock-whip the super-bitch Clem.”


In a last effort to regain control, the Maiden of True Virtue tried to push Clem away but the young wrestler seized his advantage and clamped his hands around Wonder Woman’s breasts. Wonder Woman’s body arched wickedly as Clem pinched her nipples between thumb and finger.


“Enough Clem.” The Defender of Freedom was begging now.


“I’ve had enough cock.”


Wonder Woman gasped hoarsely from the tremendous pounding of her tight pussy, her strength ebbed away and her body slumped down onto the mat, young Clem was pounding deep and hard inside the Defender of Freedom’s cunt-channel


“I can’t take any more.” The crime-fighter gasped out hoarsely.


“I can’t stop cumming.”


Clem did not answer the Champion of All Women, he simply grunted at her and tightened his grip on her breasts as he thrust his throbbing man-hood harder and deeper into her cumm-slick cunt,


“Fuck her hard, Clem.”


“Give it to the super-slut.”


Wonder Woman moaned in futile resistance, the Champion of All Women groaned as she felt Clem’s wonderful cock taking control of her body.


“You’re nearly there, Wonder Woman.” Clem said.


“Your pussy is oozing cunt-juice.”


Clem punctuated this statement by a brutal thrust deep into the crime-fighter’s vagina, he held himself there as Wonder Woman surrendered her fabulous figure to the randy young wrestler and eagerly let young Clem pound her pussy with his throbbing manhood.


“Go for it Clem.”


“Make Wonder-slut cumm.”


Clem was pump-fucking the super-heroine’s cunt towards an inescapable and depraved release, the young man was pumping the crime-fighter’s pussy and pounding her cunt-lips. Wonder Woman for her part was lying on her back making strange noises as her pussy was hammered brutally.


“Look at Wonder-fuck buck.”


“Wonder Woman is getting cock-whipped.”


The hot feeling between her legs gave the Champion of all Women no choice but to give in to her body’s urgings, the Champion of Virtue lifted her legs and wrapped them around Clem’s back. She locked her ankles together and enfolded Clem’s body like a black widow trying to squeeze all the sperm from its mate when he climaxed.


“Give it to her Clem,”


“Pound her pussy.”


Clem felt the super-heroine’s cunt-walls clamp tight around his cock-shaft as the well-fucked Maiden of True Virtue fell towards an ultimate climax,


“Wonder-slut is cumming her box off.” Clem yelled.


“I’m going to sperm Wonder Woman’s cunt.”


The young wrestler hilted his cock-shaft in the crime-fighter and spurted his seed deep into Wonder Woman’s vagina, when Clem pulled his cock out of Wonder Woman’s cunt, it was still dripping with their mixed juices.


“I cumm inside Wonder Woman’s pussy.”


“I cock-whipped Wonder Woman.”


“Clem just spermed the Princess of Power.”


He reached out and grabbed her hand pulling her up into a standing position.


“You belong to us now, you crime-fighting slut.”


“Wonder-pussy is our fuck-toy.”


Wonder Woman turned to face the boys, she knew she should try to resist but the brutality of the last climax had sapped the last of her will-power.


“Get down on the mat, Wonder-slut.”


“On your fucking back, super-cunt.” Clem directed the despondent crime-fighter.


The Maiden of True Virtue had been severely cock-whipped and was now a mindless fuck-toy, all she could think of were the horny young men surrounding her and getting their cocks inside her cunt.


“Spread your legs, Wonder-slut”


“Assume the fucking position.”


Eager to take another young man the super-heroine adopted the required position on the mat, the Champion of All Women was laying flat on her back with her legs spread wide apart, her cumm-slick cunt-lips were invitingly open to the randy young men surrounding her.


“Who’s going to do me next,” The Champion of Virtue asked huskily.


“I want some more cock.”


All pretence of wrestling had disappeared from the boys, a black lad who had watched Elmer and Clem screw her earlier deftly came up to the mat. The crime-fighter was distracted as she was watching the boys masturbate, some were ejaculating and they laughed as they sprayed sperm over the super-heroine’s tits and face.


The Defender of Freedom didn’t notice as young Jim dropped his wrestling trunks and moved quickly to grasp her ankles, with her legs spread wide it was easy for him to flip the distracted Defender of Freedom onto her belly.


“My turn to do Wonder-pussy.”


Jim pushed Wonder Woman’s thighs apart and sat on her back, his thick cock-shaft lay in the valley of Wonder Woman’s ass-cheeks. He thrust his thumb up Wonder Woman’s cunt and held one hand on the crime-fighter’s ass-cheeks as he rammed the thumb in and out of the Defender of Freedom’s pussy.


“Clem cock-whipped her.”


“I’m going to fuck her silly.”


The watching boys made rude suggestions as the super-heroine climaxed under Jim’s rough stimulation, once again the Princess of Power lay motionless on her stomach.


“Look at her go.”


“Look at Wonder-slut cumm.”


Jim got up and moved close behind Wonder Woman, the young wrestler pulled back on her hips and set the crime-fighter up into a position where her head and breasts were on the ground while her hips were thrust high in the air.


“Just look at that pussy.”


“It’s fine enough to eat.”


And that’s what Jim did, the exhausted crime-fighter shuddered as the young man’s mouth covered her cunt-lips, the Champion of Virtue whimpered in total ecstasy as Jim’s tongue found her swollen clitoris.


“Amazon pussy tastes like tuna.”


“I love the taste of crime-fighter cunt-juice.”


Wonder Woman enthusiastically submitted to the humiliation of having her pussy eaten out by one of the randy young men as the other young wrestlers watched on, the Defender of Freedom had absolutely no power of resistance left. All the Champion of All Women could do was writhe, buck, groan and whimper as she came and came and came as young Jim ate her pussy.


“I love the taste of cock-whipped super-heroine pussy.”


“Listen to Wonder-slut cumm.”


“Eat that Amazon pussy.”


Every climax sapped a little more of the crime-fighter’s strength, soon Jim had worn down the super-heroine until she was just a moaning mass of cumm-soaked pussy. Wonder Woman lay flat on the wrestling mat, her arms lay at right angles to her body and her hefty breasts were squashed underneath her prostrate body.


“It’s time for Jim to fuck some super-heroine pussy.”


“But I want to have some fun with Wonder Woman.”


“Hand me a skipping rope.”


Jim placed one hand on Wonder Woman’s ass-cheeks and clamped his hand around the firm globe as tight as he could, he pushed the handle of the skipping rope into the crime-fighter’s pussy and rotated it, coating it generously with Amazon cunt-juice.


“Stay still baby.”


The Defender of Virtue could not stay still, the skipping rope handle drove her to yet another devastating orgasm.


“Time for to Jim open up your tight little ass-hole.”


Wonder Woman was alarmed, the crime-fighter thought young Jim was about fuck her up the ass-hole, but she soon found out his intentions as the wicked young man slowly worked the now slick skipping rope handle deep into the Defender of Virtue’s ass-hole.


“Got you ready now, Wonder-pussy.”


“Time to cock-whip a super-slut.”


The randy young wrestler pushed down on the skipping rope handle, he pushed it a full six inches into the crime-fighter’s ass-hole, using his other hand he drew the hapless crime-fighter back up into a position where he could penetrate her cunt with his now throbbing pussy-stretcher.


“Wonder-slut’s cunt is till tight.”


Young Jim then proceeded to penetrate Wonder Woman’s cunt with his cock. He held onto the skipping rope handle as he manoeuvred his thick cock past her wet cunt-lips and deep into her cumm-wet cunt, the Defender of Virtue’s body shuddered as young Jim penetrated her pussy.




“I’m doing Wonder-bitch doggie.”


Young Jim held Wonder Woman in place by the skipping rope handle jammed up her ass-hole, the crime-fighter had her cunt-walls stretched to the maximum by a thick black cock, at the same time Jim was rotating the skipping rope handle so that it stretched her tight ass-hole to the limit as well.


“Wonder-pussy is cumming already.”


“She’s no Defender of Virtue.”


The randy young wrestler was destroying the Champion of All Women, his thick cock was exciting the Maiden of True Virtue to unknown heights of climax, the skipping rope handle stuck up her ass-hole simply reminded her how helpless she was.


“Wonder-pussy is already cock-whipped.”


The Champion of all Women moaned loudly as she climaxed, the mighty super-heroine was being dominated by a young boy, the crime-fighter’s pussy was a cumm-slick cavern, the Defender of Freedom had lost herself to her desire for Jim’s cock.


“She’s cumming her pussy off.”


Young Jim’s massive tool penetrated the Maiden of True Virtue with savage efficiency plunging deep into her well-lubricated canal. Jim began to thrust furiously into the Amazon, the crime-fighter’s cunt-walls were spasming in response as she was pump-fucked by the young wrestler.


“Wonder Woman, you are my fuck-puppet.”


Young Jim hilted his thick cock inside the crime-fighter’s cunt-channel, his hips pressed hard up against her taut ass-cheeks. The randy young man’s pubic hair rubbed against Wonder Woman’s incredibly sensitive skin, the Champion of Virtue was now bucking back at Jim’s thick slab of cock-flesh


“You are a crime-fighting root-rat.”


Driven completely frantic by the young wrestler Diana couldn’t resist the intensity of her own pleasure. Jim’s huge poker plunged in and out of her depths. It’s intense fleshy heat, it’s sheer size; it’s rapid pumping pierced her psyche to her core.


The crime-fighter cried out as the young wrestler’s cock stretched her cunt-walls. The Champion of all Women surrendered her body and soul to eight thick inches of black cock-meat, the Champion of Virtue whimpered as her cunt-walls clutched and released the young wrestler’s massive pussy-stretcher.


“Harder.” the Champion of All Women urged.


“Do me good.” cried the beautiful, super-heroine,


The massively muscled young wrestler between Wonder Woman’s long legs increased the already furious tempo of each thrust. Jim pumped his engorged penis in and out of the drenched depths of the Defender of Virtue’s cunt-channel with almost inhuman power and speed.


“Harder.” The Defender of Freedom demanded


“Don’t stop.” The Maiden of True Virtue asked.


Young Jim grinned and momentarily stopped his devastation of the super-heroine’s resistance, he held his cock deep inside Wonder Woman as he slapped the Princess of Power on her ass-cheeks.


“You ready for it, Wonder-cunt.”


“Are you ready for Jim to cumm inside your pussy.”


“Yes.” the now totally aroused Defender of Virtue pleaded.


Wonder Woman couldn’t help herself she alternated between high cries with deep gasping moans, while Jim maintained a firm grip on the crime-fighter’s ass-cheeks. Wonder Woman now matched her brutish partner’s savage pace with equally feverish ardour, lifting her hips eagerly to meet Young Jim’s every impaling motion, as her body demanded more.


“Stay deep inside my cunt Jim.” Wonder Woman begged.


“I’m nearly there.”


Wonder Woman groaned loudly as the massive cock slid even deeper into her. In response Jim intensified his pounding with a new, stronger thrust that drove his thick, hot cock deep inside her. Only her super-heroine strength allowed her to resist the erotic torture.


“Finish me Jim.” The crime-fighter groaned in a desperate plea.


“Cumm inside my pussy.”


Jim impaled the Defender of Freedom even deeper, his rock-hard shaft pumping relentlessly into Wonder Woman, the Princess of Power had long ago approached, then rushed past her point of no return, her intense pleasure was now building to explosive culmination.


“God in heaven.” Diana moaned,


“Fuck me hard Jim.” The crime-fighter yelled.


“Fuck me deep.”


Wonder Woman rose up on her elbows as Jim did her over, her unrestrained tits were bouncing to the randy young wrestler’s motion and his dark black cock contrasted with the pale pink skin of the super-heroine’s cunt-lips.


“Look at Wonder-slut go.”


“Jimbo’s pump-fucking Wonder-pussy”


“The Champion of all Women is cumming.”


“Jim’s cock-whipping her.”


Pleasure filled the super-heroine’s body and mind. Wonder Woman’s hips writhed on the end of Jim’s thick lump of black cock-flesh as her cunt-lips contracted powerfully in the spasms of her orgasm. They clenched tight around the thick cock that had impaled her in a fiercely clasping embrace.


“Stay inside me Jim.” Wonder Woman whined.


“Cumm inside my pussy.”


The Champion of All Women entreated the randy young man as young Jim pump-fucked the Defender of Freedom madly, she whimpered in surrender as he slammed his thick cock-shaft deep into her and squirted his load deep into her womb.


“Fill my cunt with sperm.” the distraught crime-fighter implored.


Jim howled in triumph as he climaxed inside the Champion of all Women. His huge tool was pumping jets of white-hot seed into the Amazon.


Jim continued his assault with each new climax he unloaded more seed into her unprotected womb. With each climax Wonder Woman lost more will to resist and more desire for male seed.


Pulling out his cock he rolled beside her and began to suck and chew on her hard nipples. Another lad had taken the randy young wrestler’s place and was madly pumping his tool into her from behind.


“Gang-bang time.”


“All aboard the super-slut train.”


“I’m up her cunt, but there’s still her mouth and ass-hole to fill.”


While the randy young boy was doing her pussy deep and hard, Wonder Woman was yelling,


“Bite me, bite my nipples.”


The Champion of All Women climaxed again and another lad replaced the one working her cunt over. The crime-fighter was completely engaged in the fuck-fest, she couldn’t help herself, she wanted the cocks in her, her tits chewed on.


Diana soaked up all the sperm the boys could deliver and got to her feet wearily.


Her juice and the boys’ semen ran down her legs, and she felt wobbly from the orgasms, she reached out and touched her power belt and was instantly energized.


She got to her feet fending off another cock lunge.


“Okay boys,”


“Tonight’s practice is over,”


She winked and started to gather her discarded uniform. She pulled on her shorts and bustier, discovering that one of the team had made some modifications to her garments. The crotch had been entirely cut away revealing her nice muff, and her bustier had been altered to allow her areole to be exhibited.


The boys cheered as she modelled her uniform for them one last time hands on hips, love juice still leaking down her thighs.


Elmer stepped close, and grabbed the crime-fighter’s bare left leg, in her wobbly state it was easy for the young wrestler to take the Champion of All Women down to the floor.


“Let’s get these legs apart.”


“We’re not finished with Wonder-slut yet.”


He pushed the side of her left knee outward, as young Clem joined him on the mat, he leaned on the super-heroine’s right knee, widening the spread-eagled legs and opening her cunt to the young rascals.


Wonder Woman lost concentration, the Maiden of True Virtue was aware that she was about to be fucked again but was too weak to resist.


“Would you look at that pussy.”


“It’s been hammered but it’s still clam-tight.”


Elmer held onto one ankle while Clem held the other, they both lifted, then pushed until Wonder Woman’s ankles were flat on the ground next to her ears.


“Be my guest, Billy.”


“We’ve both already fucked Wonder-cunt.”


“Time for you to get up her.”


Billy closed one hand around Wonder Woman’s ankles as he mounted her, with his free hand he positioned his swollen cock-head up against the Defender of Freedom’s cunt-lips.


“You’re mine, Wonder-cunt.”


“I own your pussy.”


Young Billy pushed his hips forward and the Champion of All Women whimpered in submission as the youthful wrestler’s thick cock-head parted the crime-fighter’s cunt-lips and popped inside her tight pussy.


“I’m in her.”


With great self-control, Billy paused when his cock-head was just a few inches into the super-heroine’s cunt, the randy young wrestler looked the Princess of Power in the face and announced,


“I’m up you, Wonder-slut.”


Wonder Woman cried out as she realised her vagina had been penetrated once again.


“Too fucking big.”


Billy had no pity on the Champion of Virtue he was lost in the ecstasy of penetrating the cunt of one of the world’s premier crime-fighters, he pushed his swollen cock-shaft further into the super-heroine, at four inches in, the huge 10 inch cock stopped.


“Tight fit.”


“You’re no good as a wrestler.”


Young Billy began a slow rhythmic motion, pushing in and out of Wonder Woman’s increasingly cumm-slick cunt. Slowly the young wrestler’s thick cock went deeper and deeper in the impaled super-heroine, the crime-fighter’s cunt-lips were stretched drum-tight around Billy’s thick slab of cock-flesh.


“No good as a super-heroine either.”


“But you are a great fuck-toy.”


An inescapable pleasurable excitement began mounting in the Defender of Freedom’s inner thighs, once again a mere lad was going to make the magnificent Amazon Princess cumm like a two-bit slut.


“I cannot enjoy this.” she whispered to herself.


Billy yelled out.


“Hey Elmer.”


“I’ve only got half my cock inside her cunt.”


“And Wonder-fuck is already starting to cumm.”


Wonder Woman tried to stop herself, but she found herself slowly pumping her spread-eagled hips upwards towards the randy young wrestler’s hips.


Cunt-juices began flowing in abundance, lubricating the huge, thick cock and allowing it to penetrate the crime-fighter’s cunt more easily.


Elmer smiled victoriously, seeing Wonder Woman and young Billy pump in unison, grinding cock into pussy, filling the super-heroine’s cunt chamber to the hilt.


“Pound her Billy.”


“Pump-fuck the super-slut’s cunt.”


Wonder Woman felt her back against the rough material of the wrestling mat as Billy pumped deep and hard into her, her arms were hanging limply beside her body until another young wrestler grabbed them and lifted them back over her head.


All the wrestling team were intently watching Billy fuck the Champion of All Women, they shouted encouragement to their buddy.


“Give it to the super-bitch Billy.”


“Fuck her good and hard.”


“Cock-whip her.”


Billy let go of Wonder Woman’s ankles, another young wrestler grabbed one and together with Elmer on the other side, they proceeded to spread the powerless super-heroine’s legs far apart. Billy pushed HARD and the Defender of Virtue’s cunt was crammed with ten inches of thick cock-meat.


“I’m right up Wonder Woman’s cunt.”


“Her cunt is so fucking tight.”


“I can feel every little movement of her body.”


“I think Wonder-pussy is about to get her rocks off.”


The helpless Champion of All Women was in erotic torment, she was spread wide with her pussy full to the brim with ten throbbing inches of rock-hard cock-flesh. The Defender of Freedom could feel young Billy’s ball-sac pressing hard up against her ass-cheeks.


“I’m cock-whipping a super-heroine.”


The randy young wrestler shouted out to the other team members as he felt the Maiden of True Virtue’s cunt muscles loosen.


“She’s going.”


“I can feel Wonder-slut’s cunt-lips start to go all loose.”


“I’ve got her.”


Billy began a brutally rapid pump-fucking motion that began to stretch Wonder Woman’s cunt-walls, harder and harder the young wrestler shoved the 10 inch cock into the crime-fighter, deeper and deeper the young man’s rampant cock penetrated the crime-fighter.


“Cumm on Wonder-slut.”


“Cumm for Billy.”


Billy was thrusting so deep that his cock-head was slamming against the super-heroine’s cervix. More hot blood rushed into young Billy’s cock, enlarging it as he used it to batter the Champion of All Women into submission.


Billy roared as he felt Wonder Woman’s cunt-lips tighten around his cock. Wonder Woman whimpered as she felt her cervix being battered, her cunt-walls being stretched ever wider to accommodate the randy young wrestler.


“I can’t take it Billy.”


The long-legged crime-fighting beauty pleaded as she felt the first orgasm coming on. The Maiden of True Virtue knew that the orgasm coming would be devastating.


Torrents of orgasmic pleasure showered through Wonder Woman’s body. Her long arms pulled out of the grip of the young man restraining her and her finger-nails raked across young Billy’s big shoulders.


The Defender of Freedom’s long legs shivered. Her pussy pumped back towards young Billy, her entire body shuddered.


Young Billy mauled the super-heroine’s well-endowed breasts, tweaking her pink nipples into hard nubs as the Amazon Princess came underneath him.


“Fuck yes Billy.” Wonder Woman screamed.


Wonder Woman’s powerful legs spread wide, allowing him full entry into her beautiful body and her very tight and very wet super-heroine cunt-channel.


“Fuck me with your fucking big cock.”


Another orgasm came fast.


“Give it all to me.”


Another orgasm followed quickly and massively.


“Give it to me hard.” the great beauty cried out,


Sweat began pouring out of Wonder Woman’s flawless skin, cunt-juices ran freely, drenching her chamber, and easing the passage of the young wrestler’s hard, thick hard slab of cock-flesh.


The mighty Champion of All Women surrendered to the inevitable, the demure Maiden of True Virtue whimpered in erotic defeat.


“I’m fucking cock-whipped.”


“You’ve cock-whipped me Billy.”


Wonder Woman began an overpowering third orgasm, and young Billy began to cumm, spewing large streams of sperm deep inside her, filling to overflowing the Amazon Princess’ stretched cunt, the Princess of Power felt a rushing of blood into her head.


Then Wonder Woman passed out.


The young wrestler pulled his deflated cock out of the super-heroine’s cunt, the sweaty young wrestler grunted, looked down at his lover, and walked away, leaving the Champion of all Women spread-eagled on the mat, soaked in sweat, sperm, and cunt-juices.


Young Billy reached the corner, and was congratulated by the other members of the wrestling team, striding over to Billy and an unconscious Wonder Woman, Elmer congratulated his buddy.


“That was the ultimate fucking submission hold.”


Young Billy turned to the raped super-heroine, grabbed her ankles and dragged her off the wrestling mat.


“You certainly don’t belong here, Wonder Woman.”


“You’re no wrestler, that’s for sure.”


Ten minutes later, Wonder Woman opened her eyes. The gymnasium was spinning. She was lying down, her lovely face grinding into the hard concrete floor. She felt a rocking motion on her body as if someone was leaning on her lovely rear, causing a throbbing pain in her anal chamber.


Wonder Woman remembered she was naked. She looked back and saw the fatty of the team, young
Tubby had mounted her while she was unconscious.


Tubby was only four foot seven but ten inches of that was cock, and the diminutive young wrestler was now plunging his ten inch penis into her ass-hole. He was banging her lovely crime-fighter butt. Wonder Woman was furious. The four feet seven inch young fatso was fucking her in her ass.


A strange sensation had begun in her vaginal area. Tubby’s rocking her back and forth into the hard concrete floor had forced her vagina to bounce rhythmically against the hard floor. Twinges of sexual arousal were already depleting her super powers.


“This cannot happen. I cannot be aroused by a 200 pound fatso.”


“I am going to ..”


The super-heroine felt her body loosen up as it began to submit to the pounding of her ass by Tubby, and the grinding of her vaginal area into the hard floor.


Tubby rolled the super-heroine onto her back. Her pussy was already moist and ready. He situated himself between Wonder Woman’s two spread-eagled legs.


He pressed his ten inch rock-hard penis against the mouth of her tight vagina.


“You bastard.” Wonder Woman yelped


Leaning into the super-heroine, four inches of hard fatso cock easily entered her vaginal chamber. Pushing hard, six inches squeezed into the tight super-heroine vagina, thrusting harder still ten inches of thick young fatso cock-flesh filled the super-heroine’s cunt-lips.


“No.” she cried out.


Two of Tubby’s buddies grabbed the crime-fighter’s ankles and spread Wonder Woman’s powerful legs wide, allowing the young fatso full access to her 140 pound beautiful body.


Tubby was in control of the magnificent super-heroine. He began drilling her sweet vaginal chamber with abandon. He could feel Wonder Woman’s vaginal juices soak his hard penis. This excited him more.


She thought to herself,


“I can’t give in to this pleasurable feeling.”


“I can’t let him…”


“I’ll be a goner…”


Butterflies seemed to flutter inside her hard tummy, down throughout her vaginal chamber. She lay helpless as she could feel the impending orgasm, brought on by a 200 pound fatso wrestler.


The audience of young wrestlers were thrilled and aroused at the sight of one of their own banging a helpless Wonder Woman. Clem and Elmer leaned over the two rutting bodies for a closer look at the triumph by their young fatso partner.


Twenty minutes of steady fucking by the young fatso left the famous crime-fighter in a mindless state of ecstasy. Waves of sexual pleasure danced throughout her lovely, sweaty body.


Still she fought off the impending orgasm.


Suddenly Tubby stopped. Wonder Woman, her long powerful legs spread-eagled, looked surprised.


“You stopped?”


“Beg for it, Wonder Woman.”


“I want to cock-whip your sweet ass.” Little Tubby ordered the super-heroine.


The premier crime-fighter of Delta City, came to her senses. She looked around, saw Elmer and Clem looking down at her from the ring, and noticed the ten wrestlers staring at the incredible scene before them.


Tubby rested his hot penis on her firm tummy, and began to stroke her clitoral bud with two fingers. She gave in to the feeling, and wrapped her legs around the young fatso’s back, pulling him close.


“Inside me.” she cried shamelessly.


“Get your cock in my pussy ..”


“I want to feel you cumm inside me.”


With that, Little Tubby began grinding into her tight pussy again, seconds later her first orgasm began. Wonder Woman bounced back and forward on the concrete floor, as Tubby’s penis erupted, spewing hot semen-laden sperm deep into her sweet penis-gripping chamber.


Torrents of orgasmic pleasure showered throughout Wonder Woman’s body.




“No more Wonder Woman.” the young wrestler yelled out.


Little Tubby reached up for her 44DD’s. He mauled the well-endowed breasts, and pinched pink nipples. Wonder Woman’s slack jaw rolled back and forth.


Sweat began pouring out of Wonder Woman’s flawless skin. Her second orgasm came fast. Vaginal juices ran freely, drenching her chamber, and Tubby’s ten inch hard member.


Wonder Woman began an overpowering third orgasm, and Tubby began to cumm again, spewing large streams of sperm deep inside her. Her sweaty chest heaved, and she passed out.


Powerful arms out to the side. Long, powerful legs limp. Exquisite, sweaty face turned to the side. Raven black hair tousled. Her luscious, beautiful mouth drooling like an inebriated slut at a local bar.


Little Tubby lay on top of the super-heroine he had de-powered, fucked, conquered, and cock-whipped.


A few minutes after eleven p.m., a sweaty Wonder Woman came to. She was lying in the middle of the ring, sprawled out, still naked except for her blue-and-white mask.


“You have done a good job, teaching us boys about wrestling.” said Little Tubby.


“We want to learn more from the famous super-heroine from Delta City.”


“Jack is next, Wonder-cunt.”


“Party time,” Jack said, wrapping his arms around her from behind, just below her 44DDs.


Wonder Woman froze at the randy young wrestler’s touch, she knew what was coming. She just stood there while he buried his face in her fragrant hair and nuzzled her neck.


The fire had been ignited, she groaned low. The randy young wrestler’s hands came up and cupped her tits, squeezing them firmly.


“Big tits,” he said, licking his lips.


“Let’s get this over with.”


“Eager, aren’t you?” Jack said, eyes dropping to her heaving 44DDs.


“Of course,” she said,


After a moment, she reached for the randy young wrestler’s belt and started undressing him.


While Wonder Woman stripped him, Jack reached up and cupped her perfect white globes of tit-flesh. He was awestruck, as were the other wrestlers watching the erotic scene. Jack’s pants dropped quickly. With him mauling her titanic tits, it took a little more work to get his shirt off.


Then she dropped low and pulled the randy young wrestler’s jock-strap down his hairless legs, asking him to step out of them. Jack’s cock leapt up at her as the jock-strap dropped.


She ignored it until she had to do something with it. But once the randy young wrestler’s clothes came off, Jack was eager to begin. He practically dragged her onto the mat. After rolling her over his body and onto her back, Jack quickly mounted the super-heroine’s superb body. Jack moaned as he buried his face in her mountainous tits.


She expected some foreplay, but Jack was too aroused, too eager. He rolled atop her within two minutes, spread her legs wide and guided his cock up to her tingling pussy.


Only her reaching down and grabbing the randy young wrestler’s cock stopped him from plunging right in.


“Be gentle, please.”


“It gets even better.” Jack said.


“Wonder Woman is begging me to be gentle.”


“Open up your pussy, crime-fighter.”


Wonder Woman reached down to her cunt and gently tugged the slippery folds apart. Then she took Jack’s cock-shaft in hand and guided him into her pussy.


“I’m going to go slow and savour the moment of my defilement of Wonder Woman.”


She didn’t care if he savoured or not, she didn’t want a violent fucking, she had endured enough pain and humiliation already. Wonder Woman gasped as he penetrated the outer folds.


“I’m doing her slow and sweet.”


Wonder Woman didn’t know that at that very moment a young cameraman was zooming in, alternating shots between Jack’s swollen cock pumping into her pussy, and the angelic look on the crime-fighter’s face.


Her full red lips were pursing and forming O’s as she gasped and groaned, Wonder Woman felt ecstasy usually forbidden to crime-fighting super-heroines.


Soon, both red-gloved hands were clutching at Jack’s back as he pushed against her cunt-lips.


Clem commanded.


“Fuck her.” Elmer shouted.


“Fuck the super-heroine.”


And he did.


The Champion of All Women bit her lower lip as he slowly pushed into her vagina. He was only average, she knew, but he felt massive pushing into her. The Amazon Princess was astonished her body would spread so wide.


Then when Jack started a pumping action, she started unconsciously grunting with every firm, demanding thrust.


The crime-fighter cried out, digging her fingers into the randy young wrestler’s back, then began sucking on his shoulder.


“Never knew….”


That tingle mixed with heady heat suddenly flamed up. It was like a wave of pure fiery pleasure welled up from deep within and engulfed her. She arched her back and straightened her long shapely legs, forming a large V with Jack humping her enthusiastically in the middle.


She knew she was trying to maximize her own pleasure, and knew it was wrong. Knew it was bad. Bad for her. But she couldn’t stop herself.


“Great Liberty.”




Wonder Woman cried when the randy young wrestler’s pumping increased. Her world began to spin. Pleasure consumed her. It was too much. She wasn’t used to it, so had no defence against it.


“I’m losing it,”


Wonder Woman gasped, feeling the tingly heat change to something better, something more scary, something she dreaded and eagerly awaited.




Wonder Woman felt a liquid heat of pure erotic pleasure erupt deep in her belly, and rush out to consume her, body and soul. She couldn’t stop it if she wanted to.


All she could do was throw her head back, arch her back and scream her pleasure.


Jack groaned, and released his sperm deep inside the Champion of all Women.


“I did it.”


“I made Wonder Woman cumm.”


When he pulled out, Elmer knelt between her spread legs and pushed his cock into the soaking wet pussy. Wonder Woman cried as her cunt was filled with cock-meat. She began to pant and groan when Elmer began to fuck her.


Clem knelt by her head and pushed his cock into her mouth.


“I knew a superior woman like you could fuck and suck at the same time.”


Clem mocked as he watched the horny woman gulp on his cock.


Wonder Woman was lost in a nightmare of her own lust. She sighed in delight as her rapist worked his cock down her throat.


The Champion of All Women sucked the cock with loud slurps and sighed of delight. The ravished woman moaned when Jack and Clint began to suck on her tits and nip the hard nubs of her nipples. It was a sight any villain in the city would pay to see.


The great Wonder Woman on her back, getting fucked by a young punk while another young punk made her suck his cock.


And to top it off, two more randy young wrestlers were sucking and fondling her tits. Poor Wonder Woman was lost in a sexual bliss that was dominating her. She gulped on the cock while thrusting against the cock pounding her pussy.


Elmer couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was after all the fucking that had already occurred. It felt like a furry vice was crushing his cock. The sight of the super-slut happily sucking Clem’s cock increased his pleasure while her tits was sucked by his two friends.


The teenager grabbed onto her hips and increased the power of his thrusts. Wonder Woman grunted as the cock filling her pussy drove her closer and closer to an orgasm.


She knew the climax was coming and there was nothing she could do stop it. Suddenly she arched up and moaned in glee as the orgasm hit. She clamped her lips around the cock and sucked with all she had.


The ravished beauty was rewarded with a mouthful of sperm.


“I made the bitch cumm.” Elmer laughed,


“I own your ass.”


“Have some more sperm, slut.”


“I know you love it.”


Elmer’ hot seed make Wonder Woman come again with a low moan. The panting woman sighed in delight and relief when the cocks left her body.


“Get her on her side.” Jason smiled,


“Time for three way.”


Wonder Woman gasped,




Clint shoved his cock into her mouth while the bound beauty was rolled onto her side. He laughed when Eric pushed his cock into her pussy.”


Jack moved behind her and pushed his cock into the Defender of Freedom’s ass-hole.


Wonder Woman wailed as she was impaled on two cocks. She closed her eyes and sobbed but didn’t stop sucking on the cock in her mouth.


Elmer stood back and laughed at the sight of Wonder Woman being fucked by three cocks. It was made better when Clem wrapped her tits around his cock and began to tit-fuck her.


Wonder Woman grunted and sobbed as she was forced to take on four cocks. Her body went into overdrive and the orgasms began to hit.


The ravished Beauty came again and again.


In moments her world became the cocks she was sucking and fucking.


It was just the start for poor Wonder Woman, when one cock left her mouth, ass or pussy, another cock would quickly replace it, she had become a mindless fucking machine.


The captive Champion of all Women didn’t care whose cock was where as long as her three holes were filled, the young wrestlers had great endurance and were able to fuck their captive for hours. When Wonder Woman began to tire, Elmer made her drink some sweet juice. In seconds she was ready to fuck and suck. The six boys laughed as the horny bitch began to beg for cocks.


“Wonder Woman is going to be my sex slave.”


“I am going to cock-whip this bitch.”


Wonder Woman heard the word cock-whip but didn’t care. Her body was filled with a sexual heat that could only be put out by more sucking and sucking.


The young wrestlers fucked the Champion of Virtue for hour after hour, finally in the early hours of the morning they had expended every last drop of sperm. They let the ravaged Princess of Power dress in her cumm-slick costume.


As the Defender of Freedom walked out of the gymnasium she came face to face with the school football team on its way back from early practice.


“Hey boy, look at that …..” The quarterback said.


“I’d sure like to score a touchdown on that body.”