The Humiliation of Wonder Woman's Punching Bag


Tom diCentauri

Steve Trevor was in serious trouble, he knew, from the moment he regained consciousness. He knew he was in trouble because he was naked in a strange woman's bedroom. And he knew he was in trouble because he was locked in a sturdy cage furnished only with an inflated plastic air mattress and a beach towel on which he was lying. And he knew he was in especially deep trouble because the only reading material available to him was several issues of Flog 'n' Snog, a British pornographic magazine clearly intended to appeal to enthusiasts of the perversion known as Bondage and Discipline. He became downright obsessed with one photo essay, one that for reasons he could not discern gave him the shakes.

The pictures showed a pretty young woman, completely naked, in her bedroom. She was playing with an inflated plastic punching bag that was almost as tall as she was. Printed on the bag was the image of a plump, happy-faced clown, who was also naked. His penis, the size of a knockwurst, stood up long and straight. There were several pictures of the woman punching and jabbing the clown, showing the hapless fool tipped over backward. There was one of her holding the clown with his face pressed between her ample, well-shaped breasts as she leered down at him. Then there were the pictures of her kneeling on a pair of rubber blocks that allowed her to straddle the punching bag and hold it down with one hand while she used her other hand to play with herself.

He understood, of course, why he identified with the clown in those pictures. He even gained a sexual arousal from the display. But while his conscious mind enjoyed swimming on the little pond of pleasure a subconscious undertow tugged at him. He knew that he couldn't stay where he was, but he also knew that he could not escape. He had only one possibility of obtaining safe release from his predicament: he would have to be rescued, as usual, by Wonder Woman. He had no doubt that she could find him and that she would come after him when he didn't check into his office in a reasonable amount of time.

It had begun with a police report on an airman who had been found beaten almost to death. Somehow the case landed in the laps of Colonel Steven Trevor of Air Force Intelligence and his assistant Lieutenant Diana Prince. At the hospital the injured man told the two that he had been attacked from behind by a murderous gang of Negroes. He had tried to run, he said, but they had run him down and nearly stomped him to death. He had survived only by feigning death.

"He's lying," Diana said when they were alone together outside the airman's hospital room. "The doctor's report says that his injuries consist of four blunt-force traumas - one in the face, two to his chest and one into his solar plexus. That doesn't seem consistent with the kind of attack he described."

Just then a nurse came and entered the room. They heard a horrified gasp and then the nurse's voice crying out, "You! Why, I oughta...." She came out of the room visibly enraged. Diana moved to stop her.

"What's the problem?" she asked.

"That's the guy that snatched my purse last Wednesday," the nurse said, pointing into the room.

Steve and Diana went into the room just in time to grab the airman as he tried to climb out the window. The man was in no condition to resist, so they quickly got him back into the bed. While Steve and Diana stayed to guard him, the nurse went to call the police.

"Why did you lie?" Steve asked the man.

"Didn't think you'd believe me," he muttered. "Wouldn't believe that Wonder Woman goes around beatin' guys up."

Steve noticed Diana's face twist into an odd sour expression.

"I think we should look at this man's records," Diana said.

"I think you're right," Steve said. "I can guard this guy myself. See if you can hunt them down."

"Yes, sir" Diana said and then turned and left.

Steve pulled up one of the room's chairs and sat down to wait. He sat and gazed out the window at the gray day and listened to the soft roar of rain falling. Half an hour went by and then he noticed the gentle swish of warm plastic coming from behind him and saw a look of sheer terror come over the purse-snatcher's face.

He half turned in his chair and saw Wonder Woman, still wearing her transparent-red plastic raincoat, come into the room. Soft highlights danced gaily across the plastic, especially where her breasts bulged it outward like an inflated pool toy. She pulled apart the magnetic patches that ran down the front of the raincoat and then took her golden lasso from the soft clasp that held it to her girdle. She came close enough that Steve felt her body heat radiating from the plastic that was embracing her and he also felt the beginning of a swelling in his groin.

Uncoiling the lasso, the Amazon Princess looped it around the terrified, yet fascinated, crook. She then interrogated the thief, displaying a skill that Steve could only admire. She didn't fish for information: her questions acted more like a surgeon's scalpel, slicing right to the area of interest and extracting only what she needed and nothing more or less.

Under the influence of a force that prevented him from lying or withholding information, the thief revealed what had really happened. Yes, he confessed, he was a purse-snatcher and the day before yesterday he had tried to snatch the wrong purse. He had come up behind a red-headed woman, grabbed her purse, and run. The red-headed woman had responded to the purse-snatching by running in pursuit, leaping over the running crook, then punching his face, slamming him against a brick wall, and giving him a quick one-two punch in the chest that broke his ribs. Finally she delivered a punch in the gut that doubled him over her fist. The crook also confessed that even in his fallen state he had palmed something from the woman's purse, something that looked like an identification card.

Steve searched the pockets of the man's trousers and found the card. At that moment two police officers arrived and took over the task of guarding the purse snatcher. As he left with Wonder Woman, Steve held up the card.

"I think I'll go check this out and see what the victim's story is," he said.

"That's probably not a good idea," Wonder Woman said. "You certainly shouldn't go alone."

"Why not," he asked, giving her a quizzical look. "She's the victim of a crime and I'm the investigating officer. What do you think might go wrong?"

"She might think that you are coming to arrest her for assault."

"It was purely self defense," Steve replied. "She has no reason to fear arrest. I simply want to get her side of the story, but we have no doubt as to who was in the wrong."

"She might not know that," Wonder Woman said as she pulled up the hood of her raincoat and stepped out into the rain.

Steve pulled up the hood of his own raincoat and said, "Then I shall explain it to her. Look, this is my job and I'm good enough at it to know what I'm doing."

Wonder Woman looked as if she were struggling to say something, then said simply, "Be careful," and leaped into the sky toward something invisible.

Steve got into his car and drove to the address on the stolen card.

"Sophia Calligyneh?" he asked of the woman who answered his knock on the door. Suddenly he bowed to the woman, but not out of courtesy. She had just driven her fist into his solar plexus. Before he could recover his balance the edge of her hand came down on the back of his neck and, for him, consciousness winked out.

He woke up in a cage and found that he had been stripped down to his undershirt and underpants. Then he saw the red-haired woman standing on the opposite side of the room staring at him.

"Well, it took you long enough to wake up!" she said.

The woman spoke with a distinct Greek accent. Steve knew a Greek accent when he heard it because he was very close, so he liked to think, to a woman whose native language was Greek. She wasn't actually from Greece, of course, but she spoke the same language.

"I have a passion for pugilism," she said, "so I like to keep a punching bag locked up in my bedroom." To his horror he realized that the woman was more than Greek; she was Amazon. And he was doomed.

She brought a small pile of limp, opaque skin-tone plastic into the room and set it on the floor in front of his cage. It looked to Steve like a deflated pool toy, the more so because of the translucent-white valve nipple protruding from an inch-wide translucent aureole that merged with the pink plastic.

"Blow this up for me!" the woman commanded.

He took in hand the part of the toy with the valve nipple in it and pulled it up to where he could put the stubby tube into his mouth. As the plastic unfolded he found that the toy was so long that he could stand up to inflate it. Then, with a shock, he saw that he would be inflating a giant erect penis: in essence he would be performing a act of fellatio for the woman's amusement. He balked and started to put the plastic down.

"Unless, of course," the woman prompted, "you would prefer to be my sparring partner." She feinted a quick jab at his face.

His body still ached from the two times she had hit him and he remembered the man in the hospital bed. Not feeling particularly masochistic, he heaved a sigh, then put the valve nipple in his mouth and began blowing. As he inflated her toy, the woman took off all of her clothes except her panties.

The bag was huge. It stood six feet tall and took so much air that Steve got dizzy from inflating it. A pair of pink beach balls nestled together on one side of the heavy, rounded base that kept the bag standing upright and a six-inch doll of a naked man sprawled across the plastic on the opposite side of the bag near the base. At the top of the bag the glans sat like an inflated helmet with the valve nipple occupying the spot where the urethra emerged from it. When he had the bag blown full and blew in a few extra puffs to tauten the plastic, Steve felt the plastic suddenly become body warm. Startled, he released the bag and it bounced up into the woman's hands.

She lifted the bag and set it in the middle of the room. Then, with the side bearing the doll facing away from her, she began to punch the bag. Steve saw the bag tip over backward, almost hitting the carpet, but then the weight in its base bounced it briskly back up toward the woman, who simply punched it again. Steve guesstimated that the bag took about half a second to return to its upright position after being punched, so the woman could keep it moving with a series of one-two punches. For a long time the room was filled with the woman's faint grunts and the soft thumping of taut plastic, as if she were pounding a tom-tom.

Some time later she stopped punching the bag and put her clothes back on. Then she left and Steve heard the house fall silent. Thinking that the woman might have left, he began searching the cage for weaknesses. He didn't find any, but soon he heard someone coming and then saw Diana Prince come into the room.

"Diana," he whispered in a panic, "you've got to get out of here! Go get Wonder Woman, if you can contact her. The woman who lives here is dangerous and...." The words died in his mouth as he saw the red-headed woman come into the room behind Diana.

"So Diana," she said, pronouncing the name Dee-AH-nuh instead of Die-ANN-uh as Steve was accustomed to doing, "What do you think of my new toy?"

An oddly sad look came over Diana's face. "You've done yourself proud, Atthis," she said. "May I talk with him alone for a few minutes?"

"Certainly," Atthis said. "Just call me if you need help."

Diana sighed, rolled her eyes, and shook her head.

Atthis giggled and left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Diana, what in Hell is going on here?" Steve asked. "How do you know this woman?"

"We grew up together," Diana said.

"What?! That's not possible!" he said. "She's an Amazon."

Diana sighed. She took off her glasses and tucked them into an inner pocket of her jacket. She took off her garrison cap, folded it up and put it into her jacket with her glasses, then she took off her jacket and dropped it onto Atthis' bed. She opened her blouse to reveal a familiar red-and-gold bustier.

"Diana," Steve said, "why are you wearing a Wonder Woman costume?"

"Don't you know?" she asked as she took off her uniform skirt to reveal the soft, satiny, star-spangled blue knee-length skirt underneath. Her hands became a blur and her uniform disappeared. She then reached under her skirt, pulled down off her right thigh her telepathic tiara, and put it on her head.

Then Steve noticed, hanging on her right hip, a lasso made of a golden material that seemed to glow. Her wrists were enclosed in vambraces that appeared to be made of gold, but Steve knew that, unlike gold, these were bulletproof.

"Oh, my God!" he exclaimed, "Diana, you... you really are Wonder Woman!"

"Truly?" she asked. "How do you know?"

"Well," he stammered, "I can see...."

"See what?" she asked. "How do you know your first guess isn't correct. How do you know that I am not merely ordinary Diana Prince wearing a Wonder Woman costume?"

"I think I would recognize the woman I love," he said a little indignantly.

She shook her head. "If you had truly loved me, you would know me. And I would not have been able to hide from you so easily."

"What? No!" he protested. "When you put on those glasses and your uniform and you hide your special abilities, how could I possibly know?" He was pleading with her. "You know the principles of camouflage and you applied them to yourself. You should take pride in being so successful at it."

"Camouflage only covers the exterior of what you're hiding. If you look only at my exterior, then how do I differ from an inflatable doll?" she asked incredulously.

"I... I don't understand," he said. He was frightened now.

"If you think of me as a toy, then you might as well be a toy yourself." With nothing more to say, she turned and left, ignoring his pleas to take him with her.

Over the next few days he simply ate and slept. The food that Atthis gave him made him crave more and also filled him with a strange lethargy. He noticed that his body seemed to be swelling up as he gained weight.

Once Atthis determined that he had been fattened enough to smooth him out for her purpose, she turned him into an inflated plastic doll. She stripped him naked, cleaned him up, then made him put on one of Pert and Pretty's Greek Fantasy shower caps to serve as a catalyst. Made of transparent-gray plastic with a gray rubber stretchband, it displayed the image of a wreath of silvery-green olive leaves and pale brown olive twigs. Sexually arousing him, Atthis then plastified him.

She held up a rod that looked like a half-inch wide bundle of twigs a foot and a half long. The twigs were transparent green and white with golden threads woven throughout them. Atthis held the rod by a handle at one end and pressed the tapered tip against the left side of Steve's neck just below and behind his ear.

Steve felt something explode inside him and his mind cleared. He noticed that he was standing naked, with an erect penis, and wearing a girl's plastic shower cap with two beautiful women looking him over. He was helpless and felt utterly humiliated.

"Wanna go a few rounds with him?" Atthis asked.

Steve felt a shock of horror flash through him. The thought of being Wonder Woman's punching bag filled him with a sense of humiliation, but also a feeling of sexual desire.

"No," Diana said.

"Are you sure?" Atthis asked.

"Yes," Diana said with a sigh. "You can let the air out of him now."

Atthis brandished what looked like a drinking straw with a half-inch wide flange around its middle. She pushed the straw into the valve in Steve's neck and pushed it in to open the flap valve.

As air rushed out of him and he lost consciousness Steve slipped deep into a dream:

Wonder Woman had been captured by a mysterious blond woman. He had tracked her to a safe house, where her captress had put her, naked, into a cage in the kitchen. He had overheard the blond woman gloat that she was going to fatten up the Amazon princess before playing with her.

"You must be properly plump in order to be a good punching bag," the woman had said.

Figuring that he had plenty of time to rescue Wonder Woman, that nothing truly bad would happen to her for at least several days, Steve left to make preparations for her rescue. He returned the next night in a heavy rain. A quick reconnaissance showed him that the blond woman had taken Wonder Woman from the kitchen to her bedroom. He saw that the woman was wearing a silk robe displaying a strange gloss. Then he saw clearly that the woman's robe looked strange because she was wearing a transparent-blue plastic raincoat over it.

Wonder Woman seemed dazed: she obeyed the blond woman's every command without question. Completely docile, she followed the woman to her bedroom and stood passively as the woman confronted her. The woman stroked and prodded her and then offered her a large shower cap made of transparent-blue plastic on which thin gold starburst patterns had been printed in an arrangement resembling her tiara. Taking the shower cap by its blue rubber stretchband, Wonder Woman put it on and underwent a subtle but amazing transformation. Her inch-and-half aureoles swelled up into shallow domes on the front of her breasts, as if presenting her quarter-inch nipples to the world. Half an inch of her clitoris protruded from the top of her vulva and her belly bulged gently outward as if she were pregnant and just starting to show it.

The blond woman then touched the tip of a strange-looking rod to the side of Wonder Woman's neck about an inch below her left ear. Wonder Woman jerked and a loud whump shook the curtains. Immediately Wonder Woman half turned and gave the blond woman a kick that would have stunned an ox, but instead of knocking her captress out, she merely bounced off her. The blond woman simply put her rod into a box, closed the box, and then grabbed Wonder Woman. She held her squirming prisoner against her raincoat and gloated over her.

"Can you imagine what a thrill it is to have the mighty Wonder Woman as my own personal plastic prisoner!?" she asked. "That's right, you are now just an inflated plastic doll for me to play with."

Wonder Woman writhed in her captress' embrace, but the blond woman kneeled, grasping Wonder Woman's legs as she went down, and set Wonder Woman's feet onto a dark blue, rubber discus. Nearly two feet wide and proportionately thicker than the standard discus, it rocked to and fro as something seemed to grab Wonder Woman, hold her standing upright, and press her hands against the sides of her thighs.

"Now," the blond woman said as she stood up, "I get to play dress-up with my new dolly and then we'll see how good you are as a punching bag."

She picked Wonder Woman's own transparent-red plastic raincoat up off her bed and slipped it onto her prisoner, closing the magnetic patches down the front and pulling the hood up over Wonder Woman's new shower cap. Then she picked up a kitchen apron that was a parody of Wonder Woman's own costume. She slipped the yoke over Wonder Woman's head and let the apron spread across the front of her prisoner. The skirt was made of transparent-blue plastic that had silver stars printed on it just as on the knee-length full skirt of Wonder Woman's costume, the ties, which the blond woman knotted into a neat bow behind Wonder Woman's back, were opaque-gold plastic, and the bib was made of transparent-red plastic on which the image of a gold eagle spreading its wings to cover Wonder Woman's breasts was printed.

"Oh, yes, this is perfect!" the blond woman said in delight. "Now let's see if I can soften you up a bit." She gave Wonder Woman a quick jab in the belly. There was a soft rubbery thump and Wonder Woman tipped over backward and then rocked briskly back up to get punched again. And again. And again.

Steve knew that his best opportunity to rescue the hapless superheroine had come. He went to the back porch and quietly picked the locks on the back door. He let himself into the house and stripped to his shorts in order to remain as quiet as possible. He then took a special kit from his utility belt and crept toward the bedroom. Carefully he looked through the partially open bedroom door.

The blond woman was still thumping Wonder Woman and gloating over her. She had taken off her robe/raincoat ensemble and now stood naked before her captive. Standing like a soldier at attention, Wonder Woman tipped over backward every time the woman punched her and then bounced back up to be punched again.

"If you think this is fun," the woman gloated, "wait until I get you into bed!"

Steve chose that moment to attack. In one swift grab he pressed the chloroform-soaked cloth over the woman's mouth and nose with his right hand while he whipped his left arm around her and across her chest, gripping her right arm with his left hand. He was gratified to notice that her startled gasp had huffed a large quantity of the sweet-smelling magic mist deep into her lungs, but he had a hard fight on his hands nonetheless. He struggled to keep the woman off balance and prevent her from pulling the cloth away from her face. She used almost every trick in the book of dirty fighting: she elbowed him, tried to stomp on his insteps, tried to kneel down and throw him. But her efforts were futile. Steve heard her muffled cries of outrage fade, felt her muscles soften, and then she slumped down in his embrace. He held her for a minute longer to make sure that she was not "playing possum". The regularity of her breathing and of her heartbeat told him that she was truly out, so he laid her down on the floor, retrieved the rest of his kit from the hallway, and completed the capture.

Once he had the blond woman tied up, gagged, and blindfolded, he turned his attention to Wonder Woman. With her face framed by the soft plastic halo of her shower cap and her raincoat and apron seeming to radiate her body heat at him, she became irresistible. Having just wrestled a hot, naked woman into submission, Steve couldn't control himself. He lifted the skirt of Wonder Woman's apron and flipped it over her right shoulder, opened the front of her raincoat over her crotch, then dropped his shorts and pushed his erect penis into her, taking her into an embrace as he did so. He had his right hand on her buttocks and he wrapped his left arm around her shoulders to pull her against him. She writhed and squirmed and that movement only enhanced the sensations of her warm plastic on his bare skin. Her breasts pressed pneumatically against his chest and he climaxed into her with long, hard spurts.

Hugging her tightly and whispering an apology into her ear, he rested for a long moment. When he pulled his limp penis out of her, he saw that it was completely dry, as if she had absorbed all of the fluid he had squirted into her. Still embracing her, he pulled her off the ellipsoid. He apologized to her again as he pulled up his shorts, but she slid her arms around him, hugged him, and kissed him.

He found Wonder Woman's costume and used the golden lasso to take control of the blond woman when she regained consciousness. He interrogated the woman, confident that she could not lie to him, and found out how to reverse the plastifying change that she had worked on Wonder Woman. Following the instructions, he pressed the butt of the woman's wand against the valve in Wonder Woman's neck, but nothing happened.

"You must have got her pregnant," the woman said when he re-interrogated her. Further questioning revealed that Wonder Woman was in fact pregnant with a copy of her raincoat and apron and the he would have to bring that pregnancy to term before he could reverse Wonder Woman's plastification.

Apologizing to Wonder Woman again, he pushed the thin, flanged tube that he found in the blond woman's magic kit into her valve and set her to deflating. He then turned the blond woman into plastic, using her own shower cap as the catalyst. Then he packed all of the plastic and all of the woman's magic kit into a suitcase. He put his clothes back on and secured the house. Then he left, taking the suitcase with him.

Wearing only shorts, he sat in a plush chair and laid Wonder Woman's deflated body across his lap. He stroked her plastic skin and marveled at the fact that the mighty Wonder Woman was now his personal sex prisoner, a helpless inflatable slave girl that he could play with whenever he wanted her. Those thoughts enhanced the arousal he was already feeling from handling Wonder Woman's deflated body and made his penis come fully stiff.

He lifted her head and gripped her valve stem between his lips. Inhaling through his nose, he began to inflate her. He blew slowly, not so much to avoid hyperventilating as to prolong the weird sexual thrill of putting his hands on her naked body as he filled her with his air. He felt her body begin to firm up when he pressed on it. Just before he blew her full, he got up, carried her to his bedroom, and finished inflating her standing up. As he blew her body taut he felt it warm up to normal body temperature. She squirmed in his embrace as she regained consciousness.

They were facing the bed and she could see the covers turned down on both sides. With his arms wrapped around her and his hands on her belly, he pressed his erection against her buttocks, kissed her neck, and then released her. She bowed her head in submission and went to get into bed on the side by the chair over which he had draped her raincoat and apron. At the same time he dropped his shorts and got into bed on the opposite side. She turned to face him and embraced him as he mounted her. He bounced lightly on her soft, pneumatic body and nearly climaxed then.

He penetrated her then to avoid the possibility of ejaculating onto the bed and thereby denying her an advancement of her pregnancy. Then he began to kiss her and stroke her. He noticed that her body felt hotter than he would have expected a plastic bag to be. He also noticed that the plumpness that the blond woman had imposed on her made her especially comfortable to lie upon: she was a very appealing air mattress.

He got home early one afternoon and entered the house as quietly as he could, figuring that he would surprise Wonder Woman. He stripped down to his shorts and went to the bedroom. The door stood ajar and through the opening he could see her: with her back to him, she seemed to be performing an odd dance, accompanied by the soft swish of warm plastic. She was facing her special punching bag, the blond woman, standing fully inflated on the discus and wearing only her own transparent-blue plastic raincoat and her own kitchen apron. Wonder Woman seemed to be performing a bouncy version of the Twist for her.

She was wearing his raincoat, using her left hand to rub the transparent-gray plastic against her breasts and using her right hand to push the plastic into her crotch and masturbate with it. She arched her back in time with her stroking of her clitoris, pressing her swollen belly against the plastic. Steve vowed then and there that after she had given birth to her new raincoat and apron, Wonder Woman would be getting pregnant with a copy of his raincoat. He wondered how she would react to the discovery that she was going to be his plastic sex prisoner, his inflatable love slave, forever.

Then he woke up. He felt warm, moist air blowing into him through the side of his neck. He quickly figured that he was being reinflated. He felt hot, rubbery skin pressing against him in places and noticed the heat and pressure from large, firm breasts pressing into his back. He was being blown up by a woman who was sitting and holding him on her lap. In another minute she had him fully inflated.

"Can you feel me?" the woman inflating him asked. He recognized the voice as belonging to Atthis.

He nodded.

"Good," she said. "I don't want you to think that I am a cruel mistress, so at times I will allow you to feel me. If you're a good slave, I may even allow you to enjoy me in bed." She stood up and stood Steve on his feet. "Welcome to Paradise Island!"

He mimicked talking, using his hand in a charade of speaking.

She gave him a little snort of derision. "You want to speak?" she asked.

He nodded and held up his hands in a begging gesture.

She sighed. "Men are meant to be seen and not heard," she said. "You will not be given the power to speak. You only need the power to hear and obey."

Wait, what?, he thought. That's absurd. How can I dominate a conversation if I can't converse? How can I give these women the benefit of my manly wisdom? And then a strange idea dawned in his head as he looked through a wide window and saw Paradise Island. The Amazons had built, on this little island, a civilization in which all members were healthy, prosperous, and happy. From their point of view all of his ideas would be less than useless.

She gave him an apron made of transparent-blue plastic and told him to put it on. At the top of the skirt, he saw, the word had been printed. He knew the Greek alphabet well enough to know that the word was an approximate transliteration of his name. For going outside she gave him a knee length peplos, commonly called a Greek slave-girl dress, made of opaque cream-white plastic. He would, of course, wear his apron over it.

"Now, slave, I must attend to some business," she said, "so you must go into your cage." She pointed to a soft structure built against the wall opposite her bed.

The cage was more like a joke. It consisted of three shower curtains suspended from rods anchored to the ceiling. Magnetic patches held the curtains to each other, to the wall, and to a steel strip embedded in the floor. It was a test, of course, to see whether he was actually stupid enough to try to escape.

Then he saw Atthis' raincloak hanging in the closet. It was made of pale, transparent-blue plastic on which thin, hot-pink starburst patterns had been printed. It billowed and swirled in the breeze that blew through the bungalow and the soft sheen that shifted across the plastic made it seem to radiate a special warmth. For all his life, it seemed, he had regarded the plastic used in raincoats, shower caps, aprons, and inflatable toys as the sheer embodiment of feminine sex appeal. Plastic meant sex and that fact had given him a problem when he had been given his own plastic raincoat. True, the transparent plastic had been tinted gray instead of the gayer colors used in women's raincoats, but the plastic had the same softness and skin-smooth texture, so it was with some effort that he suppressed the sexual arousal that tried to come up on rainy days when he had to wear it. He came to think of such experiences as "getting in touch with his feminine side", as some people would put it.

With an inner sigh, he went into the cage and then turned around to watch Atthis close the magnetic patches that sealed the shower curtains together. Over her shoulder he saw her giant-penis punching bag standing fully inflated by the foot of her double bed. Atthis patted the curtain and then turned and left. A moment later Steve heard the door of the bungalow close.

He waited a few minutes before trying to get out of the cage. He used those minutes to take inventory of what he had available to him. OK, so it didn't take minutes: all he had available to him was the big, fat air mattress that he was meant to sleep on.

He moved the mattress to the place where the shower curtains joined and poked one corner into the place where the curtains met between the floor and the first pair of magnets above the floor. He knew that he would not be able to pry the magnetic patches apart, so he tried to slide them past each other. Gripping the edges of the curtains, he pulled and with some effort he managed to get the magnets far enough apart that he could separate them and then kick the air mattress farther into the gap. Then he did the same with the next pair of magnetic patches. After separating four pairs of patches he turned the air mattress to hold the gap open as wide as possible and pushed the mattress until it was half in and half out of the cage. Then he laid down on the mattress and slithered out of the cage.

Before exploring the bungalow, he made sure that he would not be surprised. Using an old sniper's trick, he stayed in the shadows and away from the windows so that he would not be readily visible from outside. He saw nobody near the bungalow, so he took some time to explore.

In Atthis bathroom he saw her shower cap hanging on a lunette-shaped bracket above the bar on which her big, fluffy bath towel hung. Made of soft, smooth, clear plastic with a translucent-white headband, it had delicate floral patterns printed on it. He stared at it in some disbelief: it seemed too effeminate for an Amazon. He took it off its lunette and, on an impulse, masturbated with it. Then he took it into the bedroom with him, then went to the closet and took Atthis's raincloak off its padded hanger. He then went to confront her punching bag.

He put her shower cap over the bag's glans and then, wearing the raincloak, he embraced the bag, kissed the shower cap, and masturbated over a fantasy of being humiliated in front of Diana. Then, having nothing else to do, he decided to give the bag a workout. So he punched it and found that his fist had almost no effect on it at all: the bag barely moved. But the bag had an effect on him: when he hit it, he felt as if his own penis was beginning to swell up. He hit the bag again and again felt himself coming aroused. He decided to try an experiment, so he confronted the punching bag again.

He punched the bag in earnest, raining blow after blow onto its soft, smooth plastic. And he felt his penis swell and harden until he felt as if it might explode. Then a strange impulse took hold of him, compelling him to embrace the punching bag as something seemed to tickle his penis. As he wrapped his arms around the bag he rubbed his penis against his Atthis' raincloak and climaxed. To him it felt as if he were squirting great gobs of fluid through his penis in long, hard spurts, but he knew that nothing was coming out of him. He pressed his cheek against the punching bag as he convulsed against it, squeezing the bag and ramming it until all of his passion was spent.

Then, after a few moments of rest, he did it again. This time when he punched the bag he slipped into a strange reverie.

He saw himself standing naked at the entrance to a wide, open polished-marble pavilion set on a small island in the middle of a lake that comprised an array of channels and pine-forested islands. He was walking toward the center of the pavilion to the rhythm of the rubbery thumps emanating from a distant drum. A bed rested on a low dais at the center of the pavilion and Diana, wearing only her raincoat, her apron, and her shower cap, stood by the bed waiting for him. As he walked he noticed that his penis was swollen to full tumescence. He was ready for her. He approached her and reached out to touch her apron. And suddenly he was shrinking as his penis grew larger. In only a few seconds he had been reduced to a six-inch doll sprawled across the base of his own penis grown to six feet. Then Diana punched it and made it bounce and wobble. And he came to a long, hard climax, coming out of the reverie to find himself embracing Atthis' punching bag.

Then he did it again. And a bizarre thought came to him:

After his last climax, as he stood embracing the punching bag, something made him look over his left shoulder. With a shock, he saw Atthis standing staring at him.

"Yeah, wow!" she said. "I guess that gives a whole new meaning to the term 'beat the meat', now doesn't it?"

Steve felt the heat of embarrassment rage through his entire body. If he hadn't been made of plastic, he would have been blushing all over.

"If you're through fucking my punching bag for the moment," she said, crooking her finger to beckon him to her as she went to her bed.

Releasing the punching bag, Steve obeyed her summons, feeling another flash of embarrassment when he remembered that he was wearing nothing but his apron.

He was pulled out of his reverie by the sound of feminine laughter coming from several houses away. A few seconds later he heard voices and recognized one of them as Atthis's. Panic-driven, he took off Atthis's raincloak and took her shower cap off the punching bag. He moved quickly, got everything put away, and got back into his cage just in time. As he laid himself down on his air mattress he heard Atthis and Diana come into the bungalow.

A moment later both women came into the bedroom, both naked as if they had just come from the gymnasium. Atthis went into her bathroom, Steve heard a drawer open and close, then she came back into the bedroom carrying her shower cap in her right hand and another shower cap in her left hand. She offered the extra shower cap to Diana and then put on her own.

As Steve watched naked Diana put on the shower cap he felt his lust intensify. Seeing Wonder Woman naked got him hard enough, but seeing her also wearing an intimate plastic item associated with women made him even harder, so hard that he felt that his penis might explode.

Diana and Atthis got into bed together and, as Steve watched with growing lust, they wrestled each other until Atthis managed to get herself on top of Diana. Steve began rubbing the plastic of his apron against his penis as he heard Diana squeal and then go silent as Atthis kissed her passionately. Soon the bedcovers were rising and falling in a rhythm with the half-sobbing grunts and desperate squeals coming from the two women. Steve climaxed into his apron again and again as he watched the women strive to reach their own mutual climax.

"Now I'm going to get you pregnant!" Atthis gloated as she panted over her lover.

"No, please!" Diana begged, "please don't!"

"Too late!" Atthis cried out. "I love you!"

Both women let out a long series of quavery squeals as they thrashed about on the bed, climaxing hard against each other. At the same time Steve climaxed so hard into his apron that he fell into a swoon. Soon all three occupants of the bedroom had dozed off.

Several days later Diana and Atthis were married to each other and then "married" to Steve by Diana's mother Queen Hyppolyte: indeed, the reason that Diana had come back to Paradise Island was to marry her childhood sweetheart and Steve had been brought along as Atthis's plastic prisoner. Steve had to wear an opaque-blue plastic half slip and his apron. His hands were bound behind his back with a plastic sash and then a transparent-white plastic raincape was put on him. The women themselves wore raincoats made of transparent-white plastic on which gold-and-white starburst patterns were printed. They were married in the rain in an outdoor ceremony attended by all the Amazons in their plastic raincoats.

Keeping Steve between them, the women entered a small park in front of the Temple of Hera. Ahead of them Steve saw a circular platform supporting marble columns that held up a thick marble ring: it was an open tholos of the kind used for special ceremonies. Steve and the women ascended the stairs onto the tholos and confronted three women.

One of the women wore over her transparent-green raincoat an ankle-length full apron made of almost opaque jade-green plastic that had gold sunburst patterns printed on the bib and on the skirt, each pattern looking as though it were a mosaic of semi-rectangular strips. Another of the women wore a full apron made of almost opaque red plastic over her transparent-red plastic raincoat: again the apron bore sunburst patterns. Hyppolyte herself wore a raincoat made of transparent-blue plastic and a long full apron made of almost opaque sapphire-blue plastic on which a full moon pattern, rendered in a disc-like mosaic of silver arcs was printed on the bib and another, larger one printed on the skirt. The faint translucence of the plastic made the women's aprons seem to glow in the backlight. Steve heard the rain patting on his shower cap and his raincape and the sound of raindrops coming down on the raincoats of over a thousand women filled the area with a soft ripping sound.

Never having learned Greek, Steve didn't understand what the women said. He saw the two women flanking Hyppolyte holding up serving aprons made of opaque-blue plastic that had gold Greek lettering printed on it: the only words that Steve could make out were and . As the ceremony progressed Steve saw Atthis take one of the aprons and tie it onto Diana and Diana take the other apron and tie it onto Atthis. In what appeared to be the climax of the ceremony, Atthis and Diana kissed each other.

Then a bright flash lit up the scene and a loud bang shook the leaves on the trees. Deep rumbles boomed off the clouds and echoed off the buildings. It seemed as if Zeus Himself had blessed the union.

For the reception Steve was made to put on only a clear plastic half slip that hung down to his ankles and effectively hobbled him. With his hands tied behind his back he was completely helpless and could only endure being tossed about like a beach ball or held by one woman while others took turns punching his belly. All evening the women played with him. At one point he heard Diana say (in English, obviously for his benefit), "Doesn't that seem cruel?"

Atthis replied, "Judging by the way his pregnifier is sticking up, I would say he's enjoying the experience."

"Is that where you blow him up?" one girl asked, also in English as if taking her cue from Diana and Atthis.

"He can only wish!" Atthis replied.

As the reception went on, seemingly endlessly, Steve caught glimpses of other inflated plastic men. Some of them seemed to have been granted a special privilege: instead of feminine shower caps, the transparent-black plastic bakers' caps that had come with their raincoats had been used to catalyze their transformation into plastic dolls.

When the reception was over Diana and Atthis took him into their new house. The bedroom was double sized, separated into two parts by a shower-curtain partition. A double bed lay in the each part of the room, one obviously for Diana and Atthis and one presumably for him. But then he saw that the bed in the plastic part of the room was already occupied. A fat man appeared to be humping an elongated plastic pillow. His longish blond hair had been tucked up into a shower cap made of transparent-white plastic densely printed with pink florets.

Then Steve noticed the other prisoner's apron draped over an inflated red hassock next to the bed, saw the name printed on the transparent-white plastic in big pink letters. Of course, he realized: given that lesbianism was rampant on Paradise Island, he should have expected that some, if not most, of the Amazons' plastic prisoners would be female.

Noticing that she wasn't alone, Melanie got out of bed just as Atthis opened the shower curtain that covered the entrance to the plastic section of the room and Diana shoved him through the opening. He saw that Melanie was a pretty woman, but she was fat. She had huge breasts, made to appear all the larger because, being inflated plastic bags, they didn't sag. They did jiggle a little, though, as Melanie walked to where Steve was standing. Steve saw that he was face to face with Wonder Woman's own sex toy.

After closing the curtain to ensure that Steve and Melanie were securely locked into their prison, Atthis and Diana left. Meanwhile Melanie took off Steve's raincape and let it drop to the floor, then she took off his apron and pulled down his half slip. With his hands still bound, Steve was helpless to stop her. Holding him with her left arm around his shoulders, she squeezed and stroked his penis until he climaxed, bucking and writhing in her grasp. She then shoved him into bed and got into bed with him. After adjusting the covers, she mounted him and began performing the mattress mambo on him. Her clitoris slid up and down his penis, her labia pressing against the sides of his penis to prevent it from slipping out from under her love prod. Her breasts pressed like party balloons against his chest and he climaxed again and again for her.

Later that night Diana and Atthis came back into the bedroom. Both Steve and Melanie watched their captresses undress each other and get into bed. Then Diana turned out the light and the two slave-dolls could no longer see what was happening. But they could still hear.

At first they heard only the soft, wet smacking sounds of kissing and whispered endearments uttered in Greek. Then came the panting and the strained grunts, then the quavery squeals of two women striving toward climax. Then it was over and the two prisoners could hear only panting and breathless whispers. Then the two Amazons started in again. For several hours Steve and Melanie heard the sounds of their captresses making passionate love to each other.

A strange thought slithered into Steve's mind. If he had been in bed with Diana in his normal state, he would have been drained and exhausted in less than five minutes. But as an inflatable doll he, too, could perform sex for hours without tiring. As he drifted off to sleep he came to the conclusion that being a plastic toy, as humiliating as it was, had its appeal.

The next day Diana, intending to take Melanie to the gym with her, put Steve into her closet. Steve got the impression that she knew about his ability to sneak out of the plastic cage. She had blown up a fat, blue-plastic air mattress for him to lie on and put it in there. A frosted glass window at the far end of the closet let in enough light for him to see clearly the contents of the closet. As he looked through the contents of the closet he found Diana's transparent-red plastic raincoat among her other peploi and chitons, in a variety of colors including yellow, violet, green, red, and purple. Eventually boredom set in.

He remembered when he had seen Wonder Woman wear her raincoat. She had looked super-hot in her red plastic raincoat and he had even thought of trying to date her as a result.

He took off his apron and slave-girl dress, took the raincoat off its padded hanger, and put it on. He luxuriated in the feel of the silk-soft, skin-smooth plastic rubbing against and caressing his bare skin. He pulled up the hood and felt the lightweight plastic film kissing his cheeks. He ran his hands over the raincoat, rubbing its plastic against his body. And then he masturbated with it.

But he had lost track of time. The light coming in through the window offered no clue as to the time of day. So he was still masturbating with Diana's hot plastic raincoat when Diana returned and came into the closet to bring out her toy so that she could play with him.

"What is this?!" she demanded. "Do you think my raincoat is a toy for you to play with?"

He started to take it off. He felt thoroughly humiliated.

"No, no! Leave it on!" she said. "Don't do anything until I get back!" Then she left and closed the closet door.

Long minutes passed and then she came back. She straightened the raincoat on him, pulled up the hood, and looked him over. Pulling the raincoat's sash-like belt off its magnetic patches, she used it to tie his hands behind his back. Then she pushed him out into her bedroom and commanded him to stand at attention until she told him otherwise.

She left and Steve trembled with anxiety. He felt like a little boy who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Adding to his fear was his ignorance of how Amazons disciplined male prisoners. His imagination ran wild, transforming his knowledge of what Amazons can do into terrifying scenarios. Then Diana, holding Atthis's hand, came back into the room and the two women confronted their embarrassed and frightened prisoner.

"As you can see," Diana said to Atthis, "your toy seems to believe that he is authorized to play with my raincoat."

"I do indeed see," Atthis said. "The charge against the prisoner is insubordination and the verdict is guilty! You may administer the appropriate punishment!"

Punishment was simple. Diana took her raincoat off him and draped it over a dress caddy near the bed. Atthis bound his hands behind his back with a soft plastic strap that was doubled at the ends: the magnetic patches that held those doubled ends snug around his wrists were stronger than the ones on Diana's raincoat, so he couldn't free himself. Diana brought a thing made of bright opaque-red plastic and set it on the floor in front of her chair, then Atthis forced Steve's legs into it. It turned out to be an inflatable skirt with a heavy base. Limp and rubbery-smooth, the plastic caressed Steve's thighs as Atthis pulled the rubber waistband up to trap him in the skirt. Sitting in the chair behind him, Diana took the valve stem at the top of the skirt between her lips and began inflating the skirt.

He had been put into the skirt so that the valve was behind him, so Steve felt Diana's hair brush against his hands and felt her warm breath blowing against his buttocks. As the skirt filled with air Steve felt the inner sheet press against and then between his legs; he felt the plastic skin press against his penis, pushing it against his lower belly; and he felt the plastic start to grip him to hold him upright. He was more than merely helpless: Diana was turning him into a big, bouncy punching bag.

But his preparatory humiliation wasn't over yet. When Diana had blown the skirt full she picked it and Steve up and set them in the middle of the floor. There Steve watched in horror as Atthis came to him holding a knee-length serving apron made of opaque-black plastic. She put it on him so that the ties covered the waistband of the skirt, overlapping them behind his back and letting the magnetic patches at their ends hold the apron in place. Again Steve discovered that the patches adhered to each other too strongly for him to pull them apart. Then Atthis turned him so that he could see Diana's raincoat.

Thus prepared, Steve could only watch helplessly as Diana, completely naked, approached him and then began punching him. He bounced off her fists as briskly and as lightly as a beach ball, tipping over backward almost to the floor and then bouncing back up at Diana as if eager to be punched again. Each time that she punched him he felt a pulse of pressure within him that pressed his penis against the inner skin of the rocking skirt. That and the sight of Diana's breasts jiggling as she moved quickly brought him to climax. He bucked and squirmed as he felt his penis throbbing as soft, warm plastic stroked and pressed against it.

As he bounced for Diana he noticed Atthis sitting naked in the inflated chair by the bed, on his right, with a towel under her. She had put on her shower cap and tossed Diana's onto the bed and she had her left hand on her right breast and her right hand in her crotch. Diana also noticed.

"Atthis, really!!" Diana said.

"Yes, really, my lovely Diana," Atthis said happily. "You know that watching you humiliate a man always gets me hot."

Diana let out an exasperated sigh and punched Steve all the harder. Steve hit the floor with a soft whap and bounced back up to be punched again.

With a soft whimper Atthis got up out of her chair and laid a fresh towel on the bed. She picked up Diana's shower cap, came up behind Diana, and put the plastic beret on her. She slid her arms around Diana and, panting, kissed Diana's shoulder.

"Oh, Diana," she said. "Make me bounce and squirm for you!"

Leaving Steve to bounce up and wobble to a stop, Diana tucked stray strands of hair up into her shower cap, then she turned around and embraced Atthis. Passionately the women kissed each other, then Diana picked Atthis up and laid her onto the bed. Then Diana crawled onto the bed and mounted Atthis.

Standing helplessly in the inflated skirt, Steve could only watch as Diana embraced Atthis and began rubbing her crotch on Atthis' right thigh as she used her right thigh to rub Atthis' crotch. Entwining their arms around each other, they squealed and grunted as they writhed together on the bed. Panting heavily, they kissed and caressed each other, rubbing their bellies and breasts together. Then they uttered quavery squeals as they climaxed on each other.

After dozing for half an hour to catch their breath, the two women got up off the bed and shared a hug and a kiss. Then they confronted Steve.

"Any time you want to be my punching bag," Diana said, "you know where my raincoat is." She then took her raincoat back to the closet.

Atthis pulled Steve against her naked body as she pushed the deflator into the rocking skirt's valve. "Do it often," she whispered.

As he felt the rocking skirt go limp around his legs he knew that he would obey that command. If he couldn't get into bed with Diana, then being her punching bag was the second best thing. And yet the first prize was coming his way, though not in the way he had hoped.

The next day Atthis took Melanie to the gymnasium to play with her, leaving Steve to Diana's tender mercies.

"You know I like to play with fat girls," Diana said teasingly when they were alone. "And Atthis made you fat enough to please me. So today you're my plastic prisoner and I'm going to play with you in bed."

Standing at attention wearing only his own transparent-gray plastic raincoat, he felt as if his penis was swelling with lust. At last, he thought, at last I get to have sex with Wonder Woman. Yes, indeed he was, but not in the way he craved.

"Now, take off your raincoat and get into bed," she said.

Trying to look nonchalant, he took off his raincoat and draped over a chair. He got into Diana's bed and pulled the covers over him. Then he watched Diana take off her clothes and get into bed next to him. He figured that he would wait for her to stop moving before he mounted her.

Then Diana got on top of him. Where Melanie was warm and light, Diana was hot and heavy. She pressed him into the bed. As she mounted him she pushed her legs between his and forced them apart. Lying with his legs spread like a woman, he felt thoroughly humiliated. Worse, she did not allow him to penetrate her: instead, she used his erect penis to stimulate her clitoris as she surged to and fro on him.

Then her breasts came down rubbery soft onto his chest. He felt her heat and he climaxed, bucking and squirming as if trying to escape from her. She responded by sliding her arms around him and hugged him so tightly that he was afraid he might pop.

She was panting in his left ear and all he could see was the plastic of her shower cap looming in front of his face, her mane of raven-black hair puffing it out like a balloon. He could feel her bouncing lightly on his pneumatic body as she rubbed against him. With her every thrust and retreat he felt as if his penis were getting ever harder. With her every thrust she let out a little grunt, as if she were exerting a great effort. Then she began thrusting more vigorously and her grunts segued into quavery squeals. A few seconds later he climaxed, feeling as if his penis were gushing out great spurts of semen. Then she cried out a long, tremulous, "Oh!", and went limp, breathing heavily.

A minute or so later she began thrusting again and brought the two of them to another shuddering climax. And then she did it again. For an hour she played with Steve in her bed, bringing the both of them to climax perhaps a dozen times. She seemed insatiable. But eventually she came to one last climax and, instead of resting, simply went to sleep on him.

Yes, Steve Trevor knew that he was well and truly doomed. With a big, hot Amazon lying on top of him, he was completely helpless and that fact focused his attention on what was to become of him. Her shower cap pressed warm against his cheek and her lower belly pressed rhythmically against his penis in time with her breathing. He had often fantasized about being in bed with naked Wonder Woman, but not quite like this. He was aware of the sensations of her big breasts pressing against his chest and sexual desire filled him anew. She had simply used him as her love pillow and the heat of her passion had brought him to climax again and again. There was, he knew, no escape, so if she wanted him to be her sex toy, he would be the best love pillow he could be whenever she played with him... often, he hoped. Having thus reconciled himself to his fate, he drifted off to sleep.


If you want to see something close to what I conceive a plastified woman to look like, go to and look at the stories submitted by Northern Chill. At the beginning of each story this guy posts a photograph that he has modified to make a real woman look like an inflated plastic sex doll. His women don't have the puffed-out shower caps that mine do and mine don't have the open mouth and welded seams that his do, but otherwise a fairly close match.

Also, if you go to, click on Rainwear, click on Ladies Raincoats, and click on style PA3C, you will see that the company offers a transparent-red plastic raincoat that looks almost exactly like the one I impute to Wonder Woman. The model displaying the raincoat on her nearly naked body even looks a bit as if she could play the role of the super-powered Amazon.