The Trial of Supergirl


Chapter 3


The morning broke like any other; Athena stretched as she pulled herself from bed and started the water for her tea. She yawned as she made her way into the washroom and fell into a hot shower. The plan for today was just to relax. She emerged from the washroom in her robe, whisking away the last of the dental floss, her mind now on this month’s cosmos and a light breakfast.

Athena placed her tea on the table, leaning back into her full sofa and picked up the remote for the slim display hanging on her wall. The black screen beeped and the local news appeared onscreen.  Ugh, it was Jim Foley, one of the networks most sensational anchors who whored publicity and was at his best when what he called award winning stories broke. The silver haired man was talking in a calming but direct way into the camera as if he had life threatening news that everyone had to take notice of.  ‘It must be sweeps’ Athena thought as she increased the volume….


    “…..just minutes ago from the steps of the city courthouse, Jim Zimmer, head lawyer for the Kingsley family has filed charges against Supergirl…..”


    “What?” Athena’s mouth curled into a smile as if someone was playing a well involved joke on her.


    “…..the paperwork filed today accuses Supergirl, the city’s most powerful and well know superheroine, with false arrest, assault, kidnapping and attempted murder…..”


    “Attempted Murder??! This has got to be a joke!” Athena’s brow furrowed as she felt a bit dizzy.  She wobbled a bit, and heard Ada’s voice still on the other end of the phone.


    “Its ridiculous isn’t it Athena?” the girl on the phone laughed. “This is all the Kingsley’s trying to spin things in their favor because of that troublesome brother that got busted last night.”


    Athena muttered agreeably as the scene on the television switched to a podium where the Kingsley’s lawyer was about to make a formal statement in front of dozens of members of the press, along side of him was the chief of police with a noticeable disapproving look on his face. Athena felt her head swimming as if she were actually in some bad dream.


    “The city has had enough from this super powered, vigilante in short sexually provocative skimpy clothing!” The lawyer started as the crowd booed from all sides of him. “We have uncovered the true Supergirl that has been hidden away from the public, the evidence is here, and we are determined to see her brought to justice and her actions punished!”  He turned and faced the chief.


    Athena’s eyes fluttered, the walls around her seemed to be moving on their own, she wasn’t sure she was awake truly….it all seemed surreal.


    The chief angrily pushed the lawyer aside from the microphone and gripped the podium. His fist tight and knuckles white with rage as he spoke.


    “It is my duty,” he paused bitterly, “to ask for the surrender of Supergirl no later than noon tomorrow at police headquarters to stand trial for these accusations. If she does not comply, we will consider her wanted and instructions to all enforcement agencies to arrest on site…..” The crowd behind the reporters shouted and booed louder.


Athena heard the last of the chief’s words as her eye lids closed and she collapsed backwards, falling into her sofa still dressed in her bath robe.

Ada’s voice echoed over the phone beside the passed out girl. “There’s no way they can make those charges stick, what nerve they have wasting Supergirl’s time like that….Athena? Athena are you there???



Black leather gloved hands clicked the 'end' button of the phone as two other men dressed similarly in black with face masks grabbed the sleeping girl by her shoulders and ankles, lifting her from the sofa.


The man holding her bare legs looked up the past the sleeping Athena's shapely legs, above her soft thighs and underneath the short white bathrobe. He nodded approvingly, surely smiling behind the mask, as they carried her limp form back into the bedroom. The third man hurried into the kitchen and poured the remainder of the tea into the sink……..