Trial of Supergirl

Chapter 13: The Price of Fame



            Benjamin Kingsley ascended the stairs to the stage with a brash confidence and staggered grace seen rarely. He brushed back his short salt and peppered hair that had been cut the morning before by a stylish flown in from Morocco. His suits were hand made from silk spun from the finest shops imported from Italy. The Swiss wrist watch he wore was worth more than many small countries would see for the year. He smiled and nodded as he climbed the steps to the stage. His suave demeanor gave the illusion of him gliding along the long floor. At fifty he was rugged and well built, direct, and used to getting what he wanted. He had built his empire by his own hands, and would sacrifice anyone to defend it.

“Good afternoon dear friends!!” he said in jovial and playful voice as he stood behind the podium at center. Two men with camera and microphone crouched along the bottom of the stage panning his image to two large overhead video screens

“As I look around this room, I see the life blood of our world today. The true kings of the world, without us society would cease to exist, economies would collapse and anarchy would rule the world. As I have stated in our previous meetings, “for those who enjoy the best life has to offer, only the things we cannot obtain truly thrill us.” He paused to a small splatter of applause from the hundred or so men and women gathered together.

“As you know, Kingsley Enterprises has a large portfolio. We drill for oil in Arabia, the diamond and gold mines along the South African coast, extracting uranium for our weapons division in Kazakhstan. Our manufacturing spans all continents, our media stations blanket a variety of movie and prints in forty countries and fourteen different languages. But those divisions pale in comparison to our latest endeavors.” He paused. “Project23, Advanced Fantasies Realization came into effect just last year with great success. Anything is possible…for a price; you can truly indulge in your wildest fantasies of anything or anyone!”

There was a smatter of applause from the gathered people watching as servants moved between them refilling fluted wine glasses.

“As the project has grown, we have achieved in securing some of the more, choice request of our clients, but today, we have out done even ourselves…..



“Now Supergirl,” the young girl stood on the tips of her toes to whisper to her delightfully, “you are now property of the Kingsley Corporation…”


“Like it or not ‘Supergirl’” she said sneering her lips. “Your days as the world’s number one superheroine are over, and I’m going to enjoy every bit of it!”

She turned and with Conner in tow darted into the darken background.


Overhead, Supergirl could see two large screens flashing images of her from various TV spots and even a modeling session she had done for charity.  She watched as many of the scenes were cut close to her, moving up from foot level up her body then panning out to show her in the tight fitted familiar blue and red caped costume. She watched thinking the camera man seemed to focus quite a bit on her back legs and the bouncing flap of her mini skirt as the wind billowed. In the background several young men could be seen staring at this with wagging tongues, unaware that their expressions were captured by the camera.

Supergirl turned to say something just as the large curtain before her was parted. She shielded her eyes from the blinding light until finally she could see them.



He paused then turned to the closed curtain behind him.

“Esteemed guest, I present to you ……..SUPERGIRL!!!”

As the curtain opened Supergirl’s eyes came into focus to see the tall silver haired man standing on stage to her right. Past him the room was filled with several seated people in divided glass cubicles.  She strained to focus her eyes coming from the darkness to see each cubicle contained a table with plush chairs. On nearly every one she could see expensive caviar and fine fruits. Bottles of champagne chilled to the side on silver stands as girls dressed alike manned each cubicle refilling glasses and seeing to the needs of the guest. The Men and women seated in each enjoyed a darken silhouette from the lights that made it impossible for her to see them from the stage, but she could see that many of them were dressed in everything from expensive western style business suits to traditional cultural dress from the East. They seemed to stare at her from their hidden views, tipping their glasses in approval.

            “What’s the meaning of this?” She demanded testing the chains again. “What do you think you’re doing?”

            “As you can see, she is the real thing.”

Supergirl’s anger grew as he completely ignored her and continued addressing the crowd.

“Whatever you have planned, it’s not going to work. Do you know who I am?” the laughter from the crowd only pissed her off more.

            “Supergirl, allow me to introduce myself. I am Benjamin Kingsley, founder and owner of the Kingsley Corporation.” He walked over to her seemingly taken in by his first personal look at Supergirl. His eyes looked over the petite young girl, amazed that this was the true “Supergirl” in such a young and tight package.

            “I know who you are, scum. You set this whole thing up, didn’t you? You used your son, maybe told him the money would stop if he didn’t get involved in your scheme to lure me out.”

            “Hmmm…I see you’re more than just a pretty face Supergirl.” He said circling her as the camera men followed behind getting views from the back of Supergirl’s nearly exposed ass in the stripped down skirt.

            “You made sure I would find that stolen car ring and everything just snowballed from there. Bur why? Why would you go to so much trouble to tarnish my image when I know your people had drugged me just the night before?”

            “To answer that, let’s meet some previous stage guest.” He motioned behind her.

Supergirl turned to see several people she hadn’t noticed standing in a line at the back of the stage. Two large men stood at each end and in the middle were four bound and gagged superheorines. At the end she immediately noticed the witch Zatanna in her fishnets and campy magician costume, Powergirl seemingly struggling but somewhat obedient, and Wonder Woman. The Amazon princess was bound and gagged as the others, missing were her belt, bracelets and magic lasso. She looked angry and agitated having to be displayed as a prisoner in front of Supergirl. Athena could tell from her eyes that she seemed as pissed off at her captors as she did having Supergirl see her like this. The first girl Supergirl had never seen before. The girl had long black hair and wore a golden bikini like costume with matching mask and cape. A large emblem with the letter “GA” had been sewn into the golden top on her left breast.

            “These are superheroines, how dare you have us tied up like this!” Supergirl said aghast. “You can’t do this to us!!”

            The man smiled slyly then continued as Supergirl began pulling again at her cuffs.

            “Our first request for a superheroine brought us the “Golden Avenger!” he laughed and Supergirl looked at the first girl in the golden costume. “Don’t be surprised if you never heard of her, she was a member of your fan club. A teen girl inspired by her idol Supergirl, admiring you, longing for the feeling of wearing one of those cock teasing skimpy costumes like yours. Making boys fall all over themselves for her while fighting crime and upholding justice, maybe posing for the cameras as the crowds cheered. Maybe someday becoming a celebrity like you Supergirl.”

            Supergirl’s felt repulsed as his hands fell on her caped shoulders. Never had she wanted someone to touch her less than this. She looked at the young unknown girl and thought for a moment…was she responsible for this girl’s plight?

“It was her second night out as a “superheroine”, she had some success the night before foiling a mugging but when we came upon her, we captured her fairly easy. Her inexperience in the real world led to her being offered here.”

            Supergirl’s fist clenched, her breath became short as he continued.

“But she was not the true idea of Project 23. Our clients want the chance to fuck a Real superheroine,”

Supergirl’s head turned away from him in defiance.

“We’re going to offer them the fantasy of their dreams in any way they desire, exclusive private adventures with the fulfillment of their deepest desires, no matter how fetish, kinky or erotic…any way they want you, Supergirl. It will be the first time we’ve offered a superheroine open to every bidder.”    

            “Never!” Supergirl’s long hair whirled around as she threw him a threatening look. “I will never allow such a thing to happen!”

            “You don’t have a choice Supergirl. Or would you prefer I have Professor Miller turn you into a withering little slut for us right now with his device?”

Supergirl’s heart raced, she tried to suppress the look of shock on her face as she remembered her previous encounter in the dressing area.

“hmm…and since we have you and these other famous superheroines, I don’t think we have a need for a fake.”

            Supergirl heard his last words and her eyes turned to the young blonde heroine in the golden costume.

            “NO!!!!!!!!!” she screamed but it was too late. The large henchman standing beside the girl pulled a gun from beneath his jacket and fired shots into her. The wide eyed bound girl seemed to scream and plead behind her gag and mask as she fell forward from the several blazing shots behind her. Blood spilled across her body, staining her shimmering golden costume in a deep hue of red and ran down her smooth white skin. The shapely young girl seemed to fall in slow motion as a rain of her own blood splattered across the stage and pooled out from her body. The Golden Avenger, the blonde teen superheroine lay motionless at his feet, eyes staring dead into the floor.

            A few screams and uneasy moans seemed to rumble in shock from the crowd of unseen guest as the remaining three heroines lunged at the gun man only to fall before their second step. Their bound hands clasped between their legs as they fell to their knees. Each girl moaned uncontrollable, biting into their gags. They collapsed to the floor, hips swaying back and forward as if some invisible fiend were having his way with them.

Supergirl’s hair stood on ends, she had experienced this herself just a short while ago. She quickly spun around to see Professor Miller standing backstage tapping his device and the young actress/model Angela standing beside him enjoying the sudden surprise and situation of the powerful costumed girls. She made eye contact with Supergirl, unseen by anyone else and slowly nodded towards her as if to say “you girls have finally gotten what you deserved”.

“You Bastard, how could you murder that girl in cold blood!!?” The powerless Supergirl tried to reach out to him but was stopped by the shackles.

“It’s because she won’t be missed. Once we capture a superheroine, our labs have perfect replicas built and designed to take their place.”

The second Wonder Woman, who had helped in Supergirl’s abduction, now walked onto the stage. She glanced mischievously at her bound counter part struggling and cumming on her knees before proceeding in grabbing the Golden Avenger’s lifeless legs and dragging the dead superheroine from the stage.

“You cloned them?” Supergirl asked in shock.

“Cybernetics, she is a machine on the inside. By duplicating the heroines DNA they can replicate the features of the genes inside and eventually duplicate powers not quiet as powerful as the original but convincing. Your Kryptonian DNA is too complex for us to decipher, therefore Supergirl had to disappear for her own reasons.”

Supergirl looked at Zatanna, Powergirl and Wonder Woman. Finally the device had been idled and the three lay exhausted, gasping on the stage floor. The trail of blood lay just beside them where the girl had been dragged off.

“We captured them months ago and replaced them each with a duplicate. Can you imagine the search the Justice League would launch if Wonder Woman had gone missing for so long? Instead they see them at every meeting, unaware. Even “their” powers cannot distinguish the difference.”

“What? Get your hands off of me!” Supergirl struggled as the tall man spun her to face the audience again.

“And you Supergirl are safer here than out there where you are a wanted murderess.”

“What???” Supergirl stammered as she was being pushed to the front of the stage.

“It seems the bodies of Zatanna and Powergirl were found after your very public fight and escape. The police have orders to shoot you onsite, and thanks to the kryptonite tipped bullets provided by the Luthor Corporation.” He waved to a hidden figure in the audience. “, they have every intention of killing you before you do anymore damage.” He now was reaching around her, grabbing the ends of her skirt in his hands.

“You destroyed your own clones?” she asked stunned at what lengths he would go to, her hands fell to the front of  her skirt, pulling it down from being raised.

“Yes and now that the world knows those two are dead, I don’t see any reason why I should trouble myself with the real ones anymore. After all, it was you Supergirl we really wanted.”

Supergirl felt him again look towards his goon holding the gun. She turned to see the henchman again draw his weapon and place the end against Zatanna’s bowed head.

“No!! Don’t!!!” she shouted.

The henchman looked back at Benjamin, awaiting orders to execute.

“I’ll…I’ll do whatever you want…” Supergirl said timidly. “Just spare them…please…I’ll do whatever you ask….” Her chin fell to her chest, defeated and broken. An unusual feeling of helplessness and surrender crept over her as she brushed away a welling tear. Her heart raced, pounding inside her chest at the sudden adrenalin rush.

“Good girl.” Billionaire Benjamin Kingsley said brashly. He moved beside her like a great hunter finally bagging his prey. It was the same pride and cunning in his stride when he closed a major deal or crushed a competitor’s business. He now had a precious resource that no one else possessed and he intended to use her for as much profit as he could. He smiled, thinking of a crass joke, that Supergirl for years was literally sitting on this potential and never knew it.

Supergirl felt limp, her entire body seemed to tingle under their watching eyes. She had never felt this defeated before. She hated herself for having to comply with the villain’s wishes but she didn’t have a choice, the lives of some of the world’s most admired heroines hang in the balance. She glanced again back at the three weak superheroines behind her and the two threatening henchmen standing over them with weapons in hand, she couldn’t face the thought of being truly responsible for their deaths.

Kingsley removed a key from his pocket and undid the shackles from her wrist and ankles. “You don’t need to be restrained do you? You’ll obey as told correct?”

Strangely Supergirl felt aroused by her new position of vulnerability.

“yes.” She said solemnly while a sexual excitement seemed to rise inside of her as well as a new energy of exhilaration filled the room.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” Kingsley addressed the hidden faces in the audience. “Your number one requested fantasy!” He took Supergirl’s hands and placed them on the front of her skirt, curling her fingers under the end and gave her a knowing look.

“Bidding is officially open!”

Supergirl’s heart raced. She unwillingly lifted her skirt to give them a look a her satin blue panties and shapely smooth thighs beneath it. The cameras zoomed into her sex giving the bidders a close detailed look between her legs, and to her horror, the salt stains that made an eerie lake of discoloration along the unmistakable edges of her pussy were now on the overhead display.  

Supergirl jumped, startled by a sudden light from one of the hidden tables. A small soft white light illuminated on top of the table at the cubicle. She could see for the first time the occupants seated there, a large grinning man with a desperate look on his face. But as soon as his light was lit it was off again and the illumination jumped to another table of three men in dark suits.

“The highest bid for first fantasy now belongs to the DeWitt Brothers.” Kingsley said as he spun the heroine around to show them her back.

Supergirl forced herself to allow the fiend to lift her skirt and show off her panty clad ass to the rich perverts. Behind her she could see the reflection of the lights popping on and off faster now. She gasped as she felt his hand slide between her legs and cup his hand over her ass.

She winched suddenly as she felt the sharp slap across her shapely ass. He was pulling at her costume, wedging it between her pussy lips. Her breath had become short and quick as she allowed him to handle in whatever way he pleased. Her cape whirled as he spun her facing the audience again.

“No, please…don’t” She begged him but she could feel him hard behind her. Her soft slender body in the shimmering costume had excited him beyond his control as the lights from the bidders continued to flash.

“Don’t, please….not here…..” Supergirl begged as he forced her down to her knees, he bent her over, pushing her tits to the floor while her round ass aimed skyward. The small red skirt of her costume flipped backwards down her back as her cape with the Super emblem was pushed aside. Supergirl felt humiliated in this position, if only she had her powers she could save herself and the others, but she was looking up at the large screen where her costume covered peach was now being displayed with great grander. The tables flashed as the price climbed to be the first to have her privately on their own terms.

            Her breath was heavy now, short and quick. She could feel an odd excitement swelling in he own sex. She felt the oncoming rush of wetness, fighting to put the tiger back in its cage…it was maddening.

            “nnnffffggggg….” She tried to stifle her moan as she felt his finger pushing against her tender clit. She wondered what the bids were, taking a look into the crowd she gasped and her heart skipped a beat. She now noticed that as the lights lit up, she could see some familiar faces.

            Jimmy Hayes, the young boy who powered his website into billions, face was now lit as the highest bidder for her. Supergirl thought back to just two months earlier when she had just been a guest at one of his charity parties…’had he known of this plot then?’ she wondered. Her attention quickly turned from the boy as another bidder put out his light with a higher bid. She felt him pulling at her costume, tugging the tight blue strip of material away from her covered sex.

            “How many of you would like to be where I am right now? How many of you would like to fuck Supergirl?” He asked them as tears of frustration welled in her eyes. Supergirl clawed at the stage, defenseless to stop him while the others were being held hostage. She could feel the sudden exposure of her moist sex, turning to see the bidder’s lights again through her fallen hair.

            She felt his hand again stroke her naked pussy, his fingers slick with her juice, to her shame he showed the excited crowd.

“Could this be happening? Is this real?” she asked herself hoping to wake up but instead she felt his fingers again, this time it was something cold and slippery, not on her sex but he had placed something greasy between her ass, just at her…

Her eyes went wide. Her face blushed a deep red hue and the hair on neck stood up.

“No, not like that! No, I wont allow it!” she tried to rise from her bent position but he was stronger than her. He pressed his hand into her back sending her back down to the floor and taking both her hands, crossing them behind the small of her back.

“No…don’t do this to me….not here….not like this… can’t…..” she begged him as tears of shame steamed down her lovely face.

“Let me show you ‘Supergirl’ what true power is.” She heard him say as she felt his rock hard cock position between her ass. “Let me show you what money and wealth can do, even to the most powerful girl in the world.” She felt him sliding between her buns, the tip of his penis now pressed gently against her anus.

“NO…NO…NO…don’t do this to me…..not in front of them all………please, I’m Supergirl….you can’t do this to me…..” she cried looking into the audience hoping for some rescue. But instead the flicker of the bidders only continued faster. One table seemed to be constantly competing with them all. She caught a flash of the man there in the dark suit and saw his face. The billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne stared down at her before another bid cloaked him in darkness again. She had never met him before but something about his eyes seemed familiar to her.

“Ahhhnngg…..don’t….mmmmmffff” She was suddenly brought back from her brief encounter as she felt his thick penis sliding on the lubrication and pushing into her virgin ass. Her toes curled inside her red boots, her body tensed as he penetrated her in the most degrading way.

“Even superheroines bow before Gods of industry, whore.” He pulled her arms backwards, making her take his cock deeper. “You crime fighters with your powers are nothing; see how easy I’ve brought you to your knees Supergirl?”

Her mouth fell open into a silent scream as his meaty member slid fully into her tiny hole. He pulled back and then pushed in again, pumping her ass as his pelvis created a slapping sound spanking against her ass.

Supergirl was mortified. She felt a strange erotic pleasure of having her ass raped; a powerful heroine like herself being taken in such a manner seemed to ignite her own voracious libido. Having her hands pinned behind her as he pumped her for his own enjoyment, being unable to stop him as he used her for his own sexual perverted satisfaction strangely turned her on. Bruce Wayne’s light as highest bidder was on again, she glanced at him and turned away quickly, unable to look at his face, ashamed at him seeing the true Supergirl so undignified.

Kingsley must have seen this because now she felt the pain of having her long hair being pulled backwards. He was forcing her to show her face to them. He wanted them to see her like this as he had stopped for the moment pumping her but still filled her with his cock. Supergirl’s eyes met those of Lex Luthor, sipping his champagne; enjoying watching her…and then he vanished again as the light once more turned to Wayne’s table.

Kingsley released her hair as Supergirl fell forward, her body aching and poor ass finally getting relief as he slid from her. The girl of steel fell forward, her thighs trembling and anus sore from the pounding. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she tried to catch her breath. But he wasn’t done with her yet.

“The mighty Supergirl,” he looked down at her taking Supergirl by the arms he pulled her backwards and laid her on her back. “Look how young and tender she is, how virgin ripe she is. Probably has never had a sexual experience like that before…but she could probably take on the entire room right now.” He began to part her legs to show to the crowd.

“No….don’t….(gasp)….stop….(gasp)” Supergirl knew what he was after, she had hoped no one had noticed, she tried to close her legs but he pried them open. Again the camera zoomed into her sprawled position. What was once the small dried salt stain was now a soaking wet jagged spot of her wetness and dark blue between her legs.

“Looks like she enjoyed that more than I did.” He said.

Tears flowed down Supergirl’s face; she closed her eyes tightly wishing to die at that very moment.

‘It was true’ she thought. ‘I did enjoy the feeling, I did like it, it got me so hot…I couldn’t hold it back…..what’s wrong with me?’ she thought.

The crowd awed at the twisting struggling site of her on the large screens. The camera zoomed in close and they could clearly see the moist wetness on her inner thighs and the soaked strip of blue costume sticking against her mound.

Supergirl’s face turned a deep hue of red. The truth is he had forced her to cum twice already and she couldn’t control it. Was it her own body’s uninhibited wanting? Or was it something triggered by the device now fused to her back? She couldn’t think straight as the Boss Kingsley now tugged at her soaked satin blue panties. She felt him expose her to the crowd of buzzing participants watching. Her inviting pussy lay open to them as the bids seemed to pick up at this action but still she noticed as the lights for top bid jumped around; it seemed the playboy Wayne was desperate to have her.

Supergirl tried to push the man away but even at his age he was powerfully built, and in her state more than enough to handle her. His hands moved up her body, running over her upturned skirt and up her costume past her stomach. She felt him trace past the large triangle ‘S’ on her chest. A ting of resentment and humiliation seemed to excite her as the thought of how a mere mortal man had pinned her in such a position and now dared to feel her up. Her eyes fell on his diamond encrusted watch just below his sleeve as he caressed her breast through the satin blue top.

“You pig! Don’t…don’t touch me!”  Her voice trailed off into a lusty moan. Supergirl tried to sound convincing but her body buckled with the rhythm of his touches. She tried to resist the feelings of paramount wanting welling inside of her as he massaged her breast, squeezing them tight together that made her back arch forward. He had positioned himself between her legs now. She felt the tip of his stiff cock pushing gently against her exposed dripping sex. She sneered resisting the urging inside of her, as the camera panned her body and found the sudden hardening and impression of her nipples pushing against her own costume. They zoomed back to get a good look of her spread legs.

The fiend only smiled evilly; he took hold of the neckline of her costume and tugged it down around her shoulders.

“No…don’t…” She panted feeling his manhood positioning itself against her

He forced it down around her shoulders until Supergirl’s bounding pinkish breast appeared. He tucked her costume and secured it below her large tits.

“Oh god….mmmmnnnggggggg…..” Supergirl felt his warm mouth cover her tender nipple as his tongue circled her, teasing her. His body fell closer into her, his cock slipped into her, penetrating her deep as the pressure of his staff filling her pussy made her own juices trickle quickly from all sides.

Supergirl arched her back from the reaction of it, her mouth gasped as her breath was hot and her body yearned for more. He pressed her large tits together taking gentle bites from her nipples. Pulling back from her and sliding easily in again on her slickness.

“Don’t wear her out, Benjamin.” A voice from the hidden crowd shouted. “I have a high bid in…I know I’m at least eighth!”

A sudden low laugh from them echoed in the large room as the lights from the final bids were now so large that only two are three were still vying for their fantasy first.

“Not to worry.” Kingsley said now lifting from her but still filling her mound. “She’s Supergirl…lets find out how many times she can cum before she’s useless.”

“OOhhhhhh…OOOhhhhhh….” Supergirl moaned, her body squirming in pleasure as he lifted her legs together placing them on his left shoulder, making her tighter for his own pleasure. He pumped into the superheroine’s pussy over and over, his cock throbbing inside of her as he pulled her into him faster and faster.

‘God no…not again….God….’ she gritted her teeth feeling the building wave of friction and sensation deep in her sex. It would be her third time forced to cum. Supergirl fought the desire, hoping to suppress it but the rising fervor was getting to great to restrain.

He pushed her legs over, making Supergirl roll over on her side. Kneeling between her legs he parted her again. This time he spread her wide enough that her right leg was high on his shoulder and her left still parallel to the floor like an open pair of scissors. He took his own cock by hand and angled himself back into her.

“AAahhhhhh…nnnnooo…….” Supergirl begged. In this position he was so deep into her, her delicate clit shuttered as he built up a rhythm again in stroking her. She didn’t know how much longer she could fight back the daunting release. She looked into the darken audience again. She could tell the men and women there were following along closely her demise, she could feel them looking at her, her powerful reputation being destroyed with each stroke of his cock.

“Come on girl, surrender it,” He ordered her.

“No….no…..” she panted back.

“You tight little cunt, you really are a good fuck.”

“no……I……” Her body stiffen, her muscles contracting as the dam exploded inside of her sex. Her hips pulsed and she felt herself pulling him in deeper to stimulate the sensation.  Kingsley gasped overwhelmed himself and pulled his stiff member from her before exploding in a shower of white that rained down on her.

“What a prize you are Supergirl.” He laughed at the exhausted superheroine as his seed seeped into dark blue droplets across her snazzy costume.

Supergirl lay exhausted, sprawled on the floor. She forced herself to look back at the captured trio making sure that they were still safe.

Zatanna and Powergirl caught her gaze and immediately turned away from her, choosing instead to look at the floor they kneeled on. Wonder Woman unlike the others stared directly at her with a disapproving look, the kind a mother would give a child to scorn them. Supergirl couldn’t figure this out…she had done this to save them. She turned away, instead looking into the humming audience in the darkness and finally realized the bidding had ended. Looking around the room she saw the only face staring back at her lit by the remaining light. Bruce Wayne sat glowing in the only remaining light of the highest bidder. Her eyes grew with shock. There was something about him that seemed odd and strange. His powerful stare gave nothing away as Boss Kingsley now fixed himself to address the audience.

“Congratulations Bruce, your fantasy card is being arranged at this moment and we will have her waiting for you just as you’ve always pictured her in an hour, and then every consecutive bidder will have their wildest dreams come true as well.” He looked down at her. “I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.”

He signaled backstage.

Angela stepped onto the stage ordering the removal of the other three “sluts” as Powergirl, Zatanna and Wonder Woman were led off at gun point.

She stood over Supergirl smirking widely.

“How’s that virgin pussy of yours feel now bitch? “ The petite young girl laughed as she motioned for two henchmen. “Oh don’t worry; we’re not done with you yet Supergirl.”

The henchmen lifted Supergirl to her feet each taking her by the arm on either side of her.

“”I hope you enjoy wearing that cum…there’s a lot more waiting.”