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Story Submission Guidelines

1. Please supply a name and an optional email. Please put the name in the actual story text as well. I get the stories through mail and I delete them when I download them. If your name or alias is not in the story I may lose track of who sent it. If you wish to remain anonymous please put anonymous as the writer. Email is optional but its much harder to get feedback without it. Its very easy to create a yahoo or Hotmail email account. They are anonymous and free.

2. No snuff. Not looking for Batgirl with a bullet through her head or Dana Scully strangled to death.

3. No mutilation. Not looking for arms torn off, legs chopped off, faces slashed etc. Not looking for Batgirl scarred for life. Also not looking for emotionally devastated heroines who commit suicide or become mental cases.

4. No child porn. All characters engaged in sexual acts must be of legal age in the US. Try to avoid kids if at all possible.

5. No racial or hate stories. Not looking for KKK hate material. I don't want Lady Midnight attacked because she's black. Also not looking for political material. Also not looking for blatantly mean stories with nothing but brutality.

6. No SCAT or defecation. Not looking for Super Golden Shower Girl.

7. Stories MUST have super heroines as the main theme. You may have written the most erotic pantyhose fetish story known to man but if she ain't wearing a mask and cape then I'm not interested. There are plenty of erotic story boards out there for that kind of material.

8. Stories MUST have fetish or sexual content. There are plenty of fan fiction sites out there that cater to Batgirl and Catwoman just fighting. I'm not looking for a 50 page epic about Supergirl's glorious battle against Darksied if the story contains no sexual content. This doesn't mean there has to be NC sex or sex at all. Bondage, knock outs, tickling, climaxing etc are fine just as long as the purpose is to illustrate the fetish. All I ask is the story has a sexual or sexual fetish theme. One knock out does not constitute a fetish. Note: I do NOT consider beating a girl to death a sexual fetish.

9. Story must be significant and full. No one paragraph stories written in crayon at a 2nd grade reading level. NO BRAIN FARTS FOR STORIES! Sorry for being harsh but I have had people dump these tiny 1 paragraph stories on me and expect me to put them up. That's not a story, that's what you read on the back of a sugar packet and I don't want it.

10. No stalker material. Do NOT submit a story about the sales girl in your office that you fantasize about screwing. Even if you are writing a story about your wife, girlfriend, coworker etc I will not post it. I will pull any story I feel is stalker related and no more stories will be accepted from the author.

11. You can write about mainstream characters like Wonder Woman, Supergirl etc. DC doesn't seem to mind written stories. You can also write about heroines from Super Heroine Central or my page. Introduction of characters or changing of characters will only remain in your story. For example, if you submit a story about Ms. Americana getting a new costume, I'm not going to change her costume.

12. Submission of a story in no way obligates me to do artwork for that story. There's just no way I could do that for everyone.

13. I have final say on story submissions. I may break a rule now and then if I feel the content was not out of line. If I don't post a story its not an attack on you. For example, I have not posted stories that involve just beating a heroine to death or mutilating them.

14. Please put two line breaks between each paragraph. It makes it easier to read than reading one giant run on paragraph.

15. DO NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLES' STORIES AND JUST CHANGE NAMES! I swear I will pull every story you send if you repackage someone else's story and send it to me. DON'T PLAGIARIZE! 

16. DO NOT STORY BOMB ME! If you send me more than 5 stories at once (like 20 at a time for example), I will refuse them. It takes time to process these things, especially if they are TXT or DOC files and I do NOT want to spend hours converting dozens of stories to HTML.

17. NO MORE ATTACHMENTS FOR STORIES: Sorry but I cannot accommodate pictures attached to stories. They are a pain to deal with and they do NOT transfer to a web site. What happens is people send me their stories with pics usually put together in MS Word as a word doc. Word creates a sub folder with art in it but that folder is NEVER relative and its XML linked. This means the paths for the pics are embedded in the document as absolute paths from the posters hard drive. To make a long story short these doc/dir combinations DO NOT work and I its a pain to have to go through the actual html code put out by word and figure out how all these pics are linked. In other words, its not worth my time. So no more stories with pics added. No one seems to know how to send them as relative path. Simply grabbing the doc file and the little sub directory doesn't work.


To submit a story all I ask it either be a TXT file with NO line breaks or an html file. If you make it an html file with no special graphics or java code I can drop it straight in and all your formatting will remain intact. If you submit Docs, RTF or any other file formats I will convert them to either html or txt and I cannot guarantee they will look right. If you submit html files make sure you look the file over in an editor like notepad for embedded real names. I have gotten stories from people wanting to be anonymous only to have to go through and remove their real name embedded in the html code. Also, I am not a proof reader. Please spell check your stories and reread them at least once to catch grammatical errors. Again, include your name or alias name in the story itself so I know who wrote it.

Please send all stories to Mr. X at DANGERBABECENTRAL@GMAIL.COM

I try and post each weekend. I am lazy so I may forget to post a story. If I do forget, just write me and light a fire under me. I'll tell you explicitly if I will not post your story.

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