Disclaimer: this story is 100% fiction,it contains explicit adult content and if your not 18 or older do NOT read it.


written by Steelerfan

It was just another day for Diana Prince, She and Steve Trevor had saved the day once again along with the help of Wonder Woman. Diana made her way back to her apartment and unlocked the door when she noticed a large brown envelope resting at the bottom of the door, she bent down and picked it up and quickly recognized the name on it as hers, strange she thought, she wasn’t expecting any packages.

Diana made her way into her apartment and opened the envelope, inside was a note and a DVD, the note said to simply watch theDVD and all would be explained to her. After placing the disc in her dvd player Diana sat on her soft and started the tape, the first thing she saw was footage of wonder woman doing what she does best, stop criminals. Weird she thought, why would anyone send her video footage of wonder woman but before she could say anything her jaw hit the floor, on the screen was video footage of Steve Trevor, tied and bound to a chair in a inconspicious room.. Diana began to wonder who was behind this when the footage stopped and on the screen sat someone she quickly recognized, his name was Edward Rogers, multi-millionaire businessman, not to mention notorious crime lord, but no one could ever get solid proof to nail him. Rogers looked smug on the screen as he began to speak.

“Well well, now that I have your undivided attention Mrs. Prince or should I say Wonder Woman. That's right I figured out your little disguise Mrs. Prince, pretty ingenious actually I must give it to you, somehow you managed to stay hidden right under their very noses, but anyways thats an entirely different item that we'll deal with shortly, as for now the pressing matter has to be Steve Trevors current situation wouldn't you agree? of course you do since we all know how close to him you are. Well Diana in a few moments a package will be left at your door, I suggest you open it read the instructions and follow them to the letter otherwise your precious steve won't ever be heard from again!"

No sooner than the tape stopped there was a knock on the door, Diana quickly went for the door thinking maybe she could get some information on Rogers from his delivery man, however when Diana opened the door there wasn’t anyone there except for a box sitting infront of her door.

Diana picked up the box and walked back inside and decided to play along with the demands, she quickly decided that she'd go and meet Rogers and use her magic lasso to make him reveal the location of Steve and then she'd make him forget about her secret, Diana smiled thinking that once again she would show how superior she was to mortal men.

Diana took the box into her bedroom and opened it and began removing the contents. Once she had finished dressing she looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Diana looked like a school girl, a white shirt tied in the front that left her stomach opent, a plaid skirt that barely covered her behind, knee high white stockings, black shoes and as per the instructions in the box, her hair in twin pony tails, if that wasn’t enough she was wearing white thong panties that were to small for her and vanished up the crack of her round ass. Diana quickly left her apartment to go to Rogers’s office while thinking he'd pay dearly for this humiliation.

As per the instructions she had been given Diana walked to Rogers office, trying to hide her anger at the stairs and catcalls she got from people she passed.

After arriving and taking the elevator to the 50th floor Diana quickly opened the door to Rogers’s office and sure as she figured sitting at his desk was the man himself appropriately watching the same tape he had sent Diana.

Diana had to admit Rogers was a very attractive looking man, well over 6 feet tall odviously well built but also one of the most dangerous men in the world, a world known white slaver, he also had his hand in stripclubs, prostitution and organzed crime the one thing he didn't tolerate was drugs, Rogers absolutely hated drug dealers and there had been enough dead ones found to make that fact well known.

‘Welcome Diana, so glad you showed up and with 5 mins to spare. Very nice…very nice indeed. Now before you go and change into your little star spangled uniform I think theres a few things you need to know, I have no idea where Trevor is located at and the man that does isn't here right now so if anything happens to me, well you get the idea I think, So now that we're clear on everything can we discuss the terms of steve trevors release?"

Diana’s face turned from shock to anger and then to a look of disbelief, she couldn’t believe it, this guy had her, and he had her good. If she didn’t agree to his terms then she'd never find and rescue Steve.

“Ok, “ answered Diana “so what is it exactly you want from me?”

Good replied Rogers, “ Now while you do look so stunning in that little ensamble I provided you I need you to change into something more stunning, that little red white and blue costume you like to prance around in. “

Diana reluctantly began to twirl and change into her Famous outfit, the eagle plated Bustier, and the star covered blue tights. once finished Diana stood in front of Rogers desk in her classic hands on the hip pose.

“My my, don’t you look absolutely..Whats the word I’m looking for. No not stunning, not powerful…Oh yes SEXY! The way you tease men with that outfit, you should be ashamed of yourself. However what I need for you to do now is place your tiara, bracelets, lasso and belt, Yes I know all about you, anyways inside this safety deposit box, for safe keeping.”

Diana was fuming with anger and repulsivness stemming from the comments made by Rogers, howver she slowly begain removing the itmes and slowly placing them in the box which as soon as she was finsihed Rogers closed and locked tight.

Diana stood looking at Rogers and for the first time in a very very long time actually felt fear, she felt naked without her Lasso, Tiara and Bracelets and without her belt she was no stronger than a normal woman.

Rogers then stood up and took something out of his desk and walked around to Diana, Diana let out a startled "ahhhh" as Rogers reached out and gave her star spangled ass a quick swat. he then reached up and placed a metal collar aorund Dianas neck and locked it on her, Diana quickly recognized it, the collar had the slavers mark on it.

"My My you do look so delicious with the slavers collar on Diana, but that one my dear is a special modified edition made just for you! You see unlike most which are unlockd with a key yours is electronic and set to explode if the improper code is entered or it's forced off and sweetie I'd hate to see you lose your head because it be such a waste of a very sexy body!"

Diana was fuming with anger, with the collar she knew she had few optionsbut Rogers was also freely gropping her body mainly her behind and had slid his hands up her tights and was caressing her ass squeezing them vigerously " Now what Rogers, you planning on raping me? asked an Angry Diana

Rogers let out a slight chuckle and walked back around and sat behind his desk again, "NOOOOO I'm not going to rape you, that be damaging the merchandise and thats not good business especially when the product is also sold and the owners waiting to pick it up!"

Dianas eyes grew large, she knew rogers dealt in white slavery but he couldn't mean he had sold her.

"That's right sweetie this heres the deal, I've got a customer who's agreed to purchase you for the period of 1 year, not a day longer, durring that year you will be his slave do as your told without question and make no resistance what so ever and 1 year from today you will be released, collar removed and all your items returned and free to do whatever you wish in revenge and in return your dear steve trevor will be released immediately safe and sound!"

Diana stood with a blank expression on her face as Rogers sat grinning from ear to ear

"you can refuse sweetie, but poor steve pays the price for it!" smirked rogers

Diana knew what she had to do, she'd find away to escape she always did.

"Fine I accept your offer" replied Diana with a disgusted look on her face

a moment later the door opened and in walked a short man dressed in a sheiks outfit followed by 2 large bodyguards and 2 women dressed in harem girls outfits.

The Sheik looked to be about 5'3 and apparently plump but that didn't stop him from walking up to Diana and begin running has fat fingers all over her body, caressing her legs, ass stomach her breast and her chin, he then motioned for the 2 girls who walked up and led diana across the room.

Diana watched as the sheik and Rogers began signing papers but refocussed her attention on the matter at hand as she felt the 2 harem girls begin to remove her costume, within moments Diana stood naked save for the collar in front of everyone.

one of the girls began to play with dianas nipples causing them to get hard, she then attached a chain that had 2 small clamps on the ends to her nipples which caused diana some initial pain but quickly went away, Diana noticed the 2nd girl kneeling in front of her puttin somekind of lotion on her pubic mound, she had never shaven it totaly off but she had always keot it trimmed, well within moments of the cream being out on it was whyped away leaving her totaly hairless. The girls then began dressing Diana in new clothing and in a few moments Diana stood dressed in a purple harem girl outfit. The Sheik then walked over and gave the chain between her nipples a slight tug that caused Diana to let out a unexpected moan, what was coming over she thought to herself, for some strange reson that felt very erotic and exciting.

"On your knees now!"ordered the Sheik

Diana slowly dropped to her knees which brought a quick and sudden slap to the face by the Sheik "WHEN I SAY DROP YOU DROP..DO NOT HESITATE..YOU MY PROPERTY FOR THE NEXT YEAR YOU DO AS YOU ARE TOLD UNDERSTOOD?" yelled the Sheik

"Y....Ye....Yessss" Diana said weakly

"I am Sheik Ahmed Abdullah..Your Master and Owner, as agreed for the next year you are my property, nothing more..I use you anyway I see fit, you talk back, you cause problems, you resist in any fashion you will be punished!" barked the short man as his strongs hands gripped Diana's face.

"Sheik Abdullah, may I show you a neat little trick?" asked Rogers as he got up fromt he desk and walked ove to the Sheik and diana, diana noticed he was carrying her golden lasso.

"I know you made a deal with us sweetie but I have to make sure you honor your end of the deal" arrogantly remarked Rogers as he wrappedf the lasso around diana.

" Ok now, this lasso compels you to obey doesn't it? anything I tell you to do you'll do without question correct?" asked Rogers

"Yes" replied Diana with a blank stare " I am compeled to obey, any orders given to me will become permanetly implanted in me until I am ordered by the lasso to no longer obey them"

Rogers cracked a evil grin and handed the lasso to the Sheik "She's all yours to program"

Sheik Abdullah gripped the lasso and began his instructions to diana..

" You are no longer a free woman, you are my slave..your sole purpose to is serve Me in whatever way I wish, you will serve anyone I tell you to however they wish, as wonder woman you were a powerful strong willed dominate female, now you are weak minded submissive girl nothing more than a piece of meat for ym pleasure! wonder woman is no more..now you are a slut...a whore...a bitch in heat as you will offer yourself to me anytime you see me! when you are refered to as wonder woman you will be humiliated and embarrased knowing how you have fell but it will also arouse you..knowing that you are now in your true place! your feelings for steve trevor will remain, and it will humiliate you to think what he would say if he saw his precious wonder woman transformed into a wanton slut"

as the Sheik finished and removed the lasso he looked down at diana who was still on her knees but the Sheik liked what he saw as diana's nipples were rock hard and he could tell she was squirming in her panties.

"Tell me diana, how many men have you been with" asked the Sheik

"none Master" replied diana " as wonder woman i was captured many times and threatened sexually but never was captive long enouhg to have been taken sexually. i am still a virgin as i was saving myself for that one special person"

"Trevor" replied the Sheik

"yes Master.." replied diana

"tell me now slave, who do you wish to take your virginity, who should be the one who deflowers you?

"you master...my pussy aches for your cock Master..i wish to be impaled on ym masters cock,..to feel your seed shoot deep inside of me"

Sheik Abdullah turned to his guards abd motioned for them to take diana out to his limo, after they had all left Sheik Abdullah turned back to Rogers and smiled as he walked out.

Rogers grinned from ear to ear knowing that he had just made a cool $5 billion dollars and to top it off had eliminated not 1 but 2 of his arch enemies...wonder woman and steve trevor, because unknown to diana steve had not been freed, infact she would find out very soon steves fate...a fate even worse than hers!