Brenda Wade/Ms.Americana are characters of Mr.Xfs creation. And donft read this if youfre under 18 or I will slap your parents.


Authorfs Note: This is my first storycabout an older heroine who Ms. Americana looked up to as she was coming up the heroine ranks and her exxxtremely unsuccessful career. Itfs a little long stay with me. And always hit me up with feedback


Ms. Americana: An Abused Friend (Part 2)



At the start of the Gulf War, Lady Champion, being the cheerful, radiant person she was, volunteered to do some morale boosting trips and visit some of the deployed Marines in Iraq. Alot of the other superheroines did this, but she was definitly everyone's favorite. She wasn't built like an Amazon, and she didnt bore the troops with feminism rhetoric. In fact, she didnt even complain too much when troops groped her. She figured the Marines hadnt seen a woman in 6 or seven months...and boys will be boys.


The troops loved her, and being the tough, daring girl she was....she'd even ride on convoys with some of the Marines. During one of the convoys, she stopped and began handing out candy to the Iraqi children. The Iraqi men's jaws dropped. In country where women were covered up completely, they were stunned by this blonde woman. As she bent over to hand out the treats, her beautiful juggs hung out of her halter top, driving the men wild. One old Iraqi man walked up and hugged her, and Amber just smiled and hugged him back. Most of the Marines were distracted too, all fantasizing about the different ways they would fuck Lady Champion. So distracted in fact, that they never heard the first grenade go off.....


As soon as the first explosion was heard, the Marine Corps training immediately kicked in and the men piled back into the convoy of Hummers and opened fire at their attackers. Lady Champion heroically grabbed the old man hugging her and ducked into one of the homes to protect him.


Once all the Marines were back in their vehicles securely, the convoy sped away....minus one VIP. It was about 10 miles down the road before any of the men realized she was missing, and by then it was too late.


The Iraqi soldiers walked into the house that Lady Champion ducked into and saw a round ass covered tightly by shiny gold pants. Amber was still a bit shocked from all the action and she stood up and brushed herself off. She never saw the rifle butt coming as it slammed into the back of her head....knocking her unconcious.


Amber awoke to find herself still clothed surprisingly.....and kneeling at the foot of some throne. She looked up to see an Iraqi man in a military uniform smiling at her.


"Are you American?"

"Yes.....yes sir"

"Goood...and do you know who I am?"

" sir"

"I am Saddam Hussein.....ruler of Iraq, and you are the famous Lady Champion are you not?"

Amber raised up, sitting on her knees, and realized her arms were bound bhind her back. "Yes sir, I am Lady Champion...of Delta City, it is a pleasure to meet you sir. I wish I could shake your hand but-"


Saddam quickly slapped her. "Shut up, you slutty American bitch. You come to my home to fight me? You arrogant American women always, talk, talk. For now on the talking stops!!!"


That was the 1st day of a 11 year hell for Lady Champion. Saddam and his two sons were pure evil, and they subjected Lady Champion to the most brutal sexual abuse imaginable. The nieve Lady Champion was turned into a sex toy, used to sastisfy every sexual desire of these brutal men. She was disgusted with herself, that she...a heroine for justice and freedom was sastisfying the most evil men, and giving them pleasure. Her beautiful titties were abused. Her tanned body was a piece of meat for them to enjoy. Some nights all three men would penetrate and ride her at once. They would bring her to rape parties and laugh as other Iraqi women were humiliated, and then she would service them. Wrapping her beautiful red lips across their rancid organs.


After a couple of years, the Husseins became tired of their new pet. Sure, she still cried when they raped her, but she didnt fight back anymore, and that was what made it fun. So they decided to sell her. Year after year, she was sold again, until finally she was sold to an Iraqi general who made her an official party favor to the Iraqi government. Years of pent up frustration of losing to American forces were taken out on Amber, as thousands of troops raped and raped her. She was completely submissive and tamed, her only existence was to please and service cocks.


During the chaos of the second Iraqi war, a couple of troops disbanded during the American invasion and took the dirty slut with them. They chained her to a wall of their uncles bar, and put a dog leash on her, and a little dog bowl of water. And sold blowjobs for 10$ a pop. The owners didnt sell sex, because they wanted her pussy to themselves.


One day, Amber was lapping up water from her dog bowl, when she came across the 1st American face she had seen in 11 years. A small squad of Marines were searching the bar when they came across the golden beauty.


SGT. Johnson knelt down to the humiliated woman, she had handprints and welts from the constant whippings and spankings over the years. And her hair was matted down from months of cum showers.


"It's ok lady, you're safe now"


Amber looked up at the soldier, slightly confused, no one had talked to her in 10 years unless they wanted a sexual favor.


"C'mon Marines, let's get this girl unchained and taken care of....and beat the fuck out of the owner of this dump!"


A couple of Marines began raining down blows on the barkeep, as one of the privates walked up to examine the blonde.


Amber sat up on her knees, still dazed and confused, "Thank god you came back for me, I thought you'd forgotten about me."


The Seargent furrowed his brow,"Calm down lady, what are you talking about?"


"Lady Champion, I am the great Lady Champion from Delta City.."


Unfortunately for Amber, one of the other privates in the squad was from Delta City, and he recognized her. The squad of Marines debated on what they should do with her, after finding out Amber was rich as well. They made an agreement with her that they would all keep her identity secret if she rewarded them. After solemly swearing to pay each marine for their silence, they gangbanged the shit out of her.


Amber held Brenda's hand firmly as she finished her story,"So they returned me back to the States, and all sold their stories to CNN and revealed my identity. I had spent my entire fortune in keeping them quiet, but they still sold me out. Alot of creeps I had put in jail were out by now, and they all came by my house and raped me. And I just couldnt take it anymore, so now I'm here."


Her blue eyes met with Brenda's,"But you're still kicking butt as Americana huh?"


Brenda faked a smile,"Of course Amber, things are looking up....we could always use some help though."


Amber laid back down on her cum-stained bed. "No Ms. Americana, I think you're better on your own. I appreciate the visit, but Im too ashamed to even be seen by you...Please go, and do be careful."


Brenda kissed Amber on the forehead and smiled lightly. She tried to think of something to say, but decided against it and walked out. She immediately stormed down the hall to give the warden a piece of her mind when she felt a hand grab her shapely ass. She whirled around ready to pummel someone.....


"Ms. Americana huh?"


Brenda's eyes widened in fear as she stared at the young black attendant and his obese foul smelling coworker.


"See we got these little close circuit cameras in Amber's room, cuz we like to record our umm.....activities"


The fat male nurse laughed outloud...."Yea, and for some reason, she kept callin you Ms. Americana, but now I see the resemblance...tits are just as big....with a mouth thats just begging to suck cock..."


Brenda moved forward to the men extremely flustered and whispered,"You hush up this instant!!, if you keep your mouth shut I will make it worth your while."


The black man smiled and slid his hand up to Brenda gigantic left tit and squeezed,

"$75,000 each"

Brenda gasped in amazement at their aggressiveness and lowered her head (How could I be so stupid!!).


The fat guy moved within inches of Brenda's face,"I love my job...sometimes we even come in on our nights off to bang your little friend". Brenda fought back tears as she envisioned her best partner being abused every night.




Brenda was in a pink bra with matching panties on her knees in Amber's room. She looked to her left and saw her former mentor being double-teamed by a couple of the institutions employees. The black nurse slapped Brenda..


"Stop day dreaming bitch and suck!!"


"Yes sir,"and Brenda began sucking his cock as he tortured her already sore tits. They had threatened to reveal her secret identity unless she kept silent on their abuses of Lady Champion and "visited" the Institution on a weekly basis.


Both of the women were sobbing as their gorgeous bodies were abused and fucked all night. The fearsome duo which had struck fear into the hearts of criminals were together again.