Written by Samantha with the kind permission of Orb and based apon his stories.



The Past 2 years ago



Samantha hummed happily as she put books back on the shelf. She loved her job at the library. She loved reading and being surrounded by books, so a job as a librarian suited her. She also liked that fact that the library was largly automated so she hardly ever had to interact with the public. That was the main reason Samantha was so happy to work in this branch. It would have been more difficult working in any of the cities other library branches as she was very shy and  the other branchs had not been updated yet. She would have had more interatcion that just occasionally showing someone to the right section and that thought filled her with dread. So she felt blessed that she could work in the main branch. The fact that she could stay late and secretly check books out from the erotic literature section without unwanted attention was just an added bonus. It was in that section that our story begins.


Our unlucky heroine was standing on a small stool and reaching for a book when she thought she heard a noise. She paused and listened for a few seconds. Hearing nothing she read the back of the books cover and then put it back on the shelf. She had just pushed her glasses back up and selected another book when she heard the noise again. It sounded like foot steps. Concened and a bit scared she very quietly put the book back and stepped off the step stool. Then she cautiously peaked around the corner and saw nothing. She knew she shouldnt be too concerned. The library had an excelent security system and while there were supervillians about she couldn't see why they would rob a library. All of the libraries rare books were kept at a separate branch. But somehow she was nervous and  scared. Then she hear the noise again.


Tip toeing silently on the soft carpet Samantha made her way over to the railing and looked over. There, off down the hallway past the checkout desk she saw a faint light coming from one of the offices. Samantha sagged visibly with relief. Her boss must have forgotten something and come back to finish, she thought. As she was a kind girl, who liked helping others, she quickly but quietly, as you are always supposed to be quiet in a library, made her way down the stairs and too the office to offer her boss her help. That was when she got the surprise of her young life. It was not Mrs. Miller her boss. It was non other than the Archvillianess Miss Prim, leader of the Legion of Virtue.


Samantha went to scream in horror when a strong, yet feminine, hand clamped it self over her mouth from behind silencing her. Her captors other arm wrapped around her body immobilising her.  Not that Samantha could have struggled much anyway. She was shaking in fear much to badly to put up a struggle. With wide terror filled eyes she stared  as Miss Prim looked up from the computer and gazed at her with a curious expression.


"You are not dressed like I would expext for a pervayor of profanity" Miss Prim said calmly while holding up a couple of newly arived erotic books.


Indeed Samantha was not dressed provacatively at all. She wore a oversized sweater and an ankle length skirt that did a good job of hiding her nice curves and long legs. She really had a nice body under her clothes but since she was very shy she didnt want to attract any attention by showing it off. Attention is something she didnt want. Well she wanted some, she was terrified of it. Especially the attention she was recieving now. While she sobbed, Miss Prim continued "You dress as if you were virtuous. It is too bad you had to push such smut onto the public. For that you will be punished." Then looking past her and to her underlings she ordered "Bring her!" The hand covering Samantha's mouth disapeared but before she could scream it reappeared holding a white chemical smelling rag.


As two henchwomen carried her unconsious body out the back door to a waiting van several other henchwomen were replacing all of the erotic literature, as well as many of the sex education books, with what they considered to be more fit reading material and boring out of date text books.



Several hours later Samantha woke very confused. She tried to sit up but found she couldnt. Looking around she found she was strapped to a conveyor belt. Seeing her captive was awake Miss Prim spoke "Ah Miss Samantha Lindsey, I see you've finally desided to join us." Samantha screamed in terror.


"Please stop screaming. I'd rather not have to gag you but I will if I have too." Samantha's scream ended with a sob.


"That's a good girl. Rather you will be one soon." Miss Prim continued. Samantha just sobbed.


"P-p-please don't hurt me." she cried.


"Hurt you my dear? I have no intention of hurting you." Miss Prim told her. Samantha stared at her in disbelief.


"Y-y-you're not g-going to t-turn m-me into t-to one of those?"


"A She-male?" At her captives knod Miss Prim continued "No my dear. I will not be punishing you. I had mistaken you for your employer Mrs. Miller. It is her sins that need punishing but you are just a helpless underling. One I can see who tries to be virtuous." refering to her manner of dress. "So no, you will not be punished."


"S-so you'll let me go?" Samantha stammered with hope.


"Let you go? Ofcourse I will let you go my dear but.." Samantha's hopes fell as Miss Prim pulled an erotic novel out of her purse. "...I see Mrs. Miller has been attempting to lead you astray." Samantha began crying again.


"Don't cry my dear. We will soon eliminate all temptation for you and not only will you have more energy to devote to better reading material, you will be virtuous." Miss Prim told her as she activated the conveyor.


Samantha cried as she entered the undressing chamber. As soon as the door closed behind her twin mechanical arms came out of the cealing. Samantha screamed and began to struggle as the arms began gathering up her skirt with thier mechanical grips, exposing more and more of her legs as she slid past. As her waist slid past the grabbers deposited her gathered skirt on her belly and retracted. As soon as they were gone two smaller arms ending in very sharp scissors extended and began sliding up her thighs. As soon as thier cold metal touched her skin Samantha ceased struggling in fear of being cut. The scissors left matching red lines on her skin but did not cut her.


Unfortunately for her, all too soon the scissors had gathered her panties between thier blades and snipped them. While the scissor arms retracted another arm reached down and pulled her panties from her reveiling the hairy mound of her vagina. As her panties were being wisked away her legs were being spread exposing all over her pussy. Another arm came down and sprayed her pubic region with foam. That arm retracted and yet another arm with a soapy sponge deployed to wipe away all her pubic hair.


Now that her pussy was hairless a pair or mechanical hands appeared to gently open her labias and lift her clitoral hood exposing her clitoris. Once exposed a third arm deployed and a red light appeared. Samantha felt her clit get warm and then a numbing sensation as the nerves were burned away. She screamed "NOOOOOO!!!!" and fainted.



Several hours later Samantha woke witih a start. She was still in the library. Shakily she made her way to the restroom saying "It was just a dream. It was just a dream." Once inside she leaned against the door and locked it, even though she was alone in the building.  With trmbling hands she pulled her skirt up and slid her fingers under the waist band of her panties. As soon as her fingers touched her smooth hairless mound she fainted. When she woke up next she checked again and then, in a panic, ran out of the library never to return.



She spent the next few days locked in her room, refusing to come out for any reason. Her roommate Jenny kept trying. She could hear Samantha crying on the otheside of the door but the only responce she received was "Go away! Leave me alone!" When Samantha had screamed in anquish after Jenny told her that her boss had disappeared, Jenny desided enough was enough. She told Samantha that unless she opened the door right that second she would kick it in. And she did. The door came cmpletely off it's hinges and crashed to the floor. Jenny quickly came in and grabbed her startled roommate and hugged her as Samantha cried. 


After a long time and a lot of coaxing Jenny finally got Samantha to tell her what had happened. Jenny was shocked. "Are you sure?" She asked. Samantha just knodded and started crying again.


"Let me see" Jenny said. When Samantha failed to respond she said "Come on sweety. Lay back for me and let me see" while gently pushing her back down on the bed. Samantha was already naked. She'd tried for hours after she'd gotten home but nothing had happened. She just laid there looking away as Jenny pushed her legs apart and then tried first with her fingers and then with her lips and tongue to coax a responce from her friend. If Samantha hadn't been so distraught she would have realized that Jenny had just became her first lover. Finally giving up Jenny moved up and gathered her crying friend into her arms and held her and together they morned her loss.


Later Jenny kissed Samantha's tears away and then asked "I'm going to find that Miss Prim and pay her back for what she did to you. Promise." Samantha just knodded not really believeing  her. "Really Sam I meen it. And when I take that fridged bitch's clit I'll burn it off!" and with that a burst of flame surounded Jenny's fist. Samantha saw the flame burst from Jenny's hand and screamed in surprise.


Jenny jumped at the scream and then looked at her blazing fist. Blushing she turned off her power and hid her hand behind her back. "Oops! Um,,,you didn't see that. It's just in your head. That's right. You've had a big shock and you just imagined it."


Samantha stared at her wide eyed "You're a powered heroine?"


Jenny slumped down and sighed. "Sorry. You weren't supposed to find out."


"Oh. I'm sorry. I promise not to tell anyone" Samantha said looking downcast.


"That's ok. I know you wouldn't tell anyone." Jenny replied "In fact it might make things easier now that you know."


Samantha looked at her increadulously.


"Well,,,you see I've been meaning to ask if you could use your computer skills to help me track down some criminals for a while now. I just couldn't think of a way to do it without explaining why."


Momentarily forgetting her own troubles Samantha said "Oh. Well I guess I could."


"Really? That's great. Thanks!" Jenny exclaimed and gave Samantha a hug.


As they hugged Jenny whispered "And we will find her Sam. We'll find her and bring her to justice. I promise."


Samantha started crying again and Jenny held her tighter.


And with that the two became partners as well as lovers. As crime fighters Samantha used her computer skills to track and locate criminals threw bank accounts, property purchases and rentals, as well as other computerized records, as well as to predict future targets. As she had quit her job at the library, there was no way she was going back thier especially after she learned what happened to Mrs. Miller, she had plenty of time to devote to the teadious information searchers. While she searched Jenny would work by day and at night, dressed as the Powered Heroine Blaze, she would use that information to stop the criminals. Between the two many criminals were brought to justice.


They also helped each other at home. Samantha learned that the lose of her clit was not the end of her love life. While orgasms would have been wonderful to have and were missed she learned to take pleasure in pleasuring her lover. Just the thought of having a lover gave her a warm squishy feeling inside that made her heart sore.


As for Jenny she actually settled down some now that she had someone to come home too. Samantha proved to be such a stableizing influence on her that she didn't get a swelled head when the press began tracking her success rate making her popularity sore. When asked by reporters Blaze/Jenny just said that her success was "do to the invaluable help of her partner Net Girl".


Samantha at first freaked when she learned when Jenny first used the nickname she had given to her unofficial sidekick. She eventually relaxed though as no one other that Jenny/Blaze knew who Net Girl really was. She even felt proud that she was fighting crime not to mention secretly pleased that some even doubted Net Girl existed. And so Samantha Lindsey became Net Girl Defender of Justice and Partner of her love Blaze/Jenny.


Nearly one year later they joined one of the several Powered and Costumed Heroine Groups that were fighting the city. Samantha had been a little reluctant when she learned that she would have to wear a costume but access to an even better computer system and more importantly several other heroines to help Jenny/Blaze won her over. Her uniform was more conservative however. With thier new allies and equipment they began to strike serious blows for justice in thier fair city. However, even with all thier successes they never lost track of thier one goal. That of bringing Miss Prim and her dreaded Legion of Virtue. They'd managed to find several hideouts but they were always  a step behind. The last time they were sure that they had been within minuets of capturing them. While they hadn't managed to capture the LoV they had managed to seize many important documents. It was these documents that Samantha dressed as Net Girl was going thru when her life would take another drastic turn.






Present Day


Net Girl looked up from the computer she was typing at as a buzzer when off and a light began blinking. Samantha sighed and stood up. Another interuption. She wanted to get these files decripted but she knew it was had to be important. Very few people knew of thier headquarters location and those that did were not only trusted but always had a good reason to visit. She just wished it wasn't her who had to answer the door. Not only did her natural shyness make answering the door and dealing with people difficult but she had to do it in what she considered a skimpy costume.


Actually her costume was rather modest compared to many. In fact she was dressed similarly to a Super Heroine that was popular in comic books. Only instead of being red and blue, hers was white and green and instead of a trangular red and yellow "S" emblem a green spider web crovered her breasts. A smily faced emoticon sat in the center of the wed, which happened to be right between her breasts. The only addition was a white face mask with green trim to hide her identity. She wished she didn't have to wear it but she needed to keep her identity secret, even from the others, in case they were captured. She even had to wear it in thier HQ when she was alone, like now, just in case someone showed up.


Net Girl sighed again and wished, not for the first time that Blaze/Jenny was there. She wished anyone else was there but they were all off capturing a slave trader and her gang. She turned the computer monitor off, even though she didn't need too. The monitor and keyboard used special filters to make them unusable without her face mask. That coupled with the fact that the lenses in her face mask were adjusted to her lense prescription made her the only one who could see use them. The system had cost a fortune but it made for a secure computer. There was a back up mask that anyone could use but it was locked in a safe that would take at least three of the Powered Heroines to open safely.



Arriving at the door Net Girl used the security camera to look outside. (You can never be too cautious in this buisness) She gasped at the site of a disheveled and bleeding Costumed Heroine leaning against the door jam. Her head was down and it looked like she was crying and pressing a rag to her bleeding leg. Thinking she recognized the girl and filled with compasion for her fellow crime fighter Net Girl opened the door and asked "Justice Lass what happened?" Net girl asked alarmed. As she looked down at the girl, the girl who clearly was not Justice Lass looked back up and smiled "Surprise!" She yelled and pressed the rag she had been holding to her leg against Net Girl's face, covering her mouth and nose. Net Girl only had second to chastise herself for falling into such an obvious trap before she blacked out.


The imposter caught her and lifted her up over one shoulder. Then as quickly as she could she hurried down the ally to a waiting van. The van's side door opend as she arrived and she deposited the unconsious heroine on the floor. Immediately another woman, this one conservatively dressed, began to bind Net Girl's arms and legs while the imposter looked up nervously at the figure of her mistress, none other that the leader of the Legion of Virtue herself, Miss Judith Prim.


Miss Prim looked down at her underling and smiling told her "Well done my dear. You have finally removed the thorn from my side. Soon she shall be feeding from a gigantic cock just like that slut who's costume you now wear." Indeed poor Justice Lass was at that moment naked and sucking her own cock and swollowing the cum it spued forth.


The imposter glowed with the praise from her mistress and said "Oh thank you Mistress! It's been an honor to serve you."


Miss Prim smiled "Good girl. Now why don't you climb in the back and change into something more virtuous".


The imposter blushed at her state of undress and giving a short curtsie said "Yes Misstres" and hurriedly climbed into the back of the van and pulled the drapes closed to begin changing. The other henchwoman shut the door and climbed into the driver's seat. Soon the villianess, her hencwomen and thier captive were speeding away.


Samantha woke with a groan and looked around. At the site of Miss Prim she screamed in terror. "I see you realise what your fate will be Net Girl. You have been a thorn in my side for far too long. You were quite clever tracking me down. Fortunately for me you were less clever about covering your own tracks. Now you will join all those who stood against decentcy. Sucking a gigantic cock!" Miss Prim declaired and pushed the button starting the stripping machine.


Samantha however heard none of Miss Prim's speach. She was too buisy reliving the terror of two years ago. Just as the doors to the stripping machine were closing she screamed "NOT AGAIN!" Miss Prim briefly paused to ponder that but she was distracted as the first article of Net Girl's costume fell from the chute.


Miss Prim watched as Net Girl tried uselessly to get away as more and more of her body was reveiled. Finaly only one piece remained, her face mask. "Now we will know your true identity" Miss Prim said as Net Girl screamed as her mask was pulled from her. Miss Prim stared at the face in the monitor puzzled. It was not who she had assumed Net Girl was, yet she looked familiar some how.


Net Girl sobbed as she exited the stripping maching strapped in a reclined metal chair with her feet up in stirrups. Her face burned with shame and embarrasment as she was forced to lay thier nude with her most intimate area exposed to Miss Prim and her cohorts. She cried even harder as she saw the a golden spray nozzle right between her legs.


After ordering her underlings to try and uncover Net Girl's secret identity by using DMV photos Miss Prim looked at the young woman and then reluctantly said "I'm not sure who you are but I will find out not that it matters much. You will now be like all the other harlots who tried to get in my way. Sucking a gigantic cock." Miss Prim gave an evil laugh and activated the machine.


Net Girl screamed as the nozzle aproached her clit and released a cloud of blue gas. She screamed again as the nozzle repositioned itself with the tip inserted inside her and released another cloud of gas in her vagina. "NNnooooo!!!" She sobbed.


Miss Prim looked at the fallen costumed heroine smuggly. Her smug look quickly fell however as nothing happened. Net Girl should now be sucking the cum from her very own cock right this second yet the the young woman just laid there crying.


Angry and confused she turned on her underlings. "Get me another canister. Now!" Her henchwomen jumped to obey. One disconnected the empty canister while another ran to retrieve a full one. When the full canister was connected the two women hurried to a safe distance as Miss Prim activated the machine again. Net Girl just cried as her genitalia were again sprayed with the transforming gas. Yet nothing happened. Judith Prim, now quite angry demanded that they replace the canister again. When the third dose of gas failed to turn her into a she-male Miss Prim ordered her bewildered and scared underlings to replace the canister yet again.


As the minuets went by Miss Prim began to tap her foot in anger. "What is taking so long?" She demanded. None of her underlings were willing to face her. As the looked at the ground Miss Prim again demanded to know what was taking so long. "Answer me!" She ordered.


The young woman stammered  "W-w-we're out of small canisters Mistress." as she shook with fear.


"Then fill one!" She ordred. As the woman moved to obey she changed her mind. "Wait! Use the large canister. By the time I'm thru with her she'll have testicles the size of beach balls."


The woman wheeled a large gas canister over and began to unwinde the hose that was wrapped around the top. Once it was connected she quicly moved a safe distance away and shivered with fear. She didn't wish to face Judith Prim's wrath if this didn't work.


It didn't work. When an extended blasts of gas failed to turn Net Girl's clit into a giant cock Judith Prim strode over to stand next to the sobbing Net Girl. Angrily Miss Prim grabbed Net Girl's face and forced her to look at her. "How are you immune?" When Net Girl failed to answer Miss Prim demanded "Answer me! How are you immune?"


"I don't know" Net Girl sobbed.


"Don't lie to me! I know you've done something." She looked over the young woman's nude body.  She had no ring, necklace, or bracelet like the Omni-ring that she wore. So how was she immune to the effects of the gas? She must have taken something. Her band of heroines must have discovered an vacine to the gas. If they reveiled what it was her plans were finished!


"What did you take? Tell me!" She demanded while shaking Net Girl's face.


"I didn't! I didn't!"


"Tell me!"


"I haven't taken anything!"


Angrily Judith Prim snapped. "I know you've sone something. Tell me what it is!"


"I don't know!" Net Girl cried.


Deep inside part of Miss Prim knew that Net Girl was telling the truth but she was too angry and upset to realise it. "Then why doesn't the gas work? Tell me you slut!"


Something inside Net Girl snapped and her normally none existant temper flared into an inferno. She looked at Miss Prim, her eyes blazing and screamed "Because you've already killed my clit you bitch!" at the top of her voice.


Miss Prim flinched at the anger and hurt in the girls voice. Then she recognized the young woman strapped down before her. Samantha Linsey. That shy young librarian that she had circumsized a few years before. She stepped back in shock and as she did so her foot came down on the hose attached to the large gas canister that had been standing next to her. Between the pull on the hose, the force of the gas, and the unfortunate haste in which the hose had been connected  the hose pulled free setting the gas free. The force of the gas forced the canister to tip over. As it did so the valves struck the nearby control console for the stripping machine and broke off turning the canister into a rocket. Miss Prim's minions screamed in horror as the canister when careening around the hideout exposing them to the gender transforming gas.


Only a few lucky ones who happened to be near the rear door managed to escape the effects of the gas. As she looked at the chaos surounding her Miss Prim shook in anger. Many times she had been forced to move her base of operations but never because of an accident. And never had she lost so many of her underlings. And never to her own gas! Already thier panties were tearing under the strain of thier growning cocks. Soon thier skirts were lifting as the cock grew and grew.  As she strood angrily threw the mayhem she heard a whimper and looked down. The young woman who had impersinated Justice Lass looked up at her with large tear filled eyes. Already her cock had made it's way between her breasts as it stretched to reach her mouth.


"I'm sorry my dear. I'd tell you that you'd be alright if you don't cum but we both know you won't be able to resist sucking it."


The imposter tearfully knodded and opened her mouth and extended her tongue as her cock reached her lips. Miss Prim told her that she would avenger her but the young she-male never heard her as she was lost in her orgasm, the excess cum spueing from her lips.






As Miss Prim drove away she looked down at the Omni-Ring she had taken from Ms Fabulous. Without that ring she would be back thier sucking a gigantic mutant cock. Miss Prim shook with anger, as well as fear, at her close call. She would make good on her promise to avenge her underling. And as for that ungrateful bitch of a librarian. She would pay. Oh yes! She would pay!  Miss Prim's evil laughed her followed her as she drove away.





Still trapped in ther chair Net Girl/ Samantha could do nothing but watch. It was like watching a car wreck she couldn't bare to watch but she was unable to turn away either as one underling after another was forced to submit to the needs of her own monsterous cock. She was still unable to turn away as a vaginas disapeared as scrotums unfurled themselves. Nor was she able to turn away as each victim grunted twice as a tennis ball sized testicles were squeezed out into thier scrotums. It was as she watched the first of the testicles begin to swell that she heard an explosion somewhere up above her. By the time help the floor was awash with cum as each of the former hench women sported testicles the size of small beach balls.



Blaze/Jenny, Star, Midnight, and Night Girl stood motionless in the door way. Thier mouths open in shock. Not even all the previous raids on for Legion of Virtue hideouts had prepared them for anything like this. Nearly a dozen she-males all dressed in the remains of LoV uniforms all lay on a floor awash with cum sucking gigantic mutant cocks. As they stared one of the members began to orgasm, the excess cum spurting out of her mouth while another eagerly began to suck her cock.


"That is,,,that is,,,"






"They had it coming."


Lots of groans




"True though"


"Ick. I feel like I'm going to get pregnant if I go in there."


"Thank god for the pill."




It was several minuets before they saw Net Girl crying, naked, and still strapped to the chair on the opposite side of the room. "Please help me" she sobbed. Blaze cried out "Sam!" and fire sounded her body as she lifted off the ground to fly to her girlfriend's resque. Star turned to the others "Get all the information from the computers as you can and then whipe them down completely. We can't let Net Girls Identity fall into the wrong hands. Then she flew off to help Blaze release Net Girl.


Midnight and Night Girl had to carefully to avoid slipping on the cum covered floor. As she stepped around one moaning henchwomen Night Girl made a discusted face as her boot squelched in the cum surounding the unfortunate woman. "Eewww! Remind me to never wear these boots again!"


Midnight gave Night Girl a look and then knodded her agreement. Chastised Night Girl began to recover the data from the Legion's computers. She gave up trying to find a clean place to sit and silently thanked God her costume included gloves as she began to work standing up.


Personally Midnight agreed with her daughter and she planned to burn her boots before she got home. She tried unsuccessfully to frown as another member orgasmed spraying her cum up the side of her boots. 'I am so glad I wore tights.' Midnight thought.







"Sam! I'm so glad you're ok! I've been so worried!" Jenny cried as she hugged her lover.


"Please let me out. I want to go home." Samantha cried.


"We have to hurry. The police will arrive soon." Star said as she landed next to Blaze. Together they quickly released Net Girl from the clamps and soon she was in Blaze's arms sobbing her heart out.


When they heard sirens in the distance Midnight reminded them that they had to hurry. Night Girl said she needed a couple more minuets while Star pulled Net Girl's costume out of the trash. They would be cutting it close but she knew Net Girl was so shy she'd never leave naked willingly. Not that she blamed her one bit. Net Girl was extremely reluctant to let go of Blaze but they managed to get her dressed and out side before the police arrived. Star stayed behind briefly to give a statement to the police and arriving press before flying back to join the other.




When Star arrived at thier secondary headquarters, the first having been miraculaously disasembled and now vacant, she arrived to find an argument between her fellow team members.


"Leave her alone! She's been through enough already!" Blaze yelled.


"But we have to know what happened! And she's the only one who can tell us!" Midnight argued.


Star was quickly filled in by Night Girl and then moved to stop the argument before it came to blows. She really didn't want to have to set up another base so soon. "Stop argueing both of you. " She commanded. As the two fell silent and sat back down she continued "Night Girl did you manage to recover anything thing from the computers?"


"Um yeah. Lots. I'm still decoding it though."


"How about the surveilance system?"


"It was all digital so we've got it. It wasn't encoded either so we ran it a couple times already but I'm having some problems with the sound. We still have a few bugs in the system. Sorry"


Star knodded and said "That's ok. You'll fix it. Run it again for me now anyway."


They all watched what happened to Net Girl from beginning to end in graphic detail while Net Girl tried to curl into a ball as she cried. When it ended Night Girl spoke. "Wow It's still amazing to see. Sorry Net Girl. I didn't meen it like that." as Net Girl begain to sob. "If it'll make you feel any better they never had time to upload the video onto the net."


Net Girl looked up and gave her a small thank you.


"Net Girl I'm sorry but we need to know why,,,um,,," Star stopped suddenly at a loss for words.


"Not you too!" Blaze complained. "She's been through enough already"


"I'm sorry Blaze but you know Midnight is right. Somehow Net Girl managed to avoid the transformation when none of the others did."


Blaze slumped in her chair "I know but can't it wait? She's been through so much already."


Star shook her head. "I'm sorry Blaze to time is critical. All of women kind depend on her answer. Net Girl please tell us why you weren't transformed. Please."


Net Girl sniffled and said "I'm sorry I-I can't" and began to cry again.


"Blaze I know you know why. You have to tell us." Midnight demanded. If there was an antidote to keep her daughter safe she wanted it.


Blaze glared at her "It's not for me to tell. And if she doesn't want to say you're not going to make her!"


"Why you!" Midnight shouted reaching for her utility belt.


A fireball blossumed in Blaze's hand "Try it bitch!"


"Stop it both of you!" Night Girl cried. "Mom I know you're trying to protect me and I know you're trying to protect Net Girl Blaze but fighting won't help anyone." Both heroines looked down at the floor ashamed. They quickly looked back up when Star gasped. Night Girl had taken off her mask and was shaking out her blonde hair..


"Be,,,Night Girl what are you doing?" Midnight demanded.


"I'm supporting Net Girl mother." Night Girl replied angrily "You want her to not only tell us but the entire worl something that is deeply personal and painful to her. Something that might even be used to discover her secret identity. You're asking her to give up everything and you're not even willing to let her see your face? Pah lease!" Midnight tried to reply but was stopped by her daughter's raised hand.


Night Girl knelt down next too Net Girl and gently began to rub her arm. "My name is Beth. Please forgive my mom. She take's her job really seriously but she doesn't meen to hurt yo.


"I-I know" Net Girl replied in a small voice.


"I know this is painful for you and I hate to have to ask but we really need to know. We wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."


"I-I know. B-but it's hard."


"Please try."


Net Girl's reply was cut off by another gasp. This time from Midnight. Star had taken her helmet off and was shaking out her raven tresses. As everyone looked at her she looked around uncomfortably for a moment before looking at Net Girl. "My name is Alita."


Blaze quickly followed and hugged Net Girl while telling everyone her name. The only two left masked were Midnight and Net Girl and they're already seen all there was to see of her. With a sigh Midnight removed her mask and introduced herself as Beverly.


"Please Net Girl. I know it's painful but please tell us what happened." Night Girl/Beth pleaded.


Net Girl looked at Blaze/Jenny and when she knodded reluctantly took off her mask and took a pair of glasses out of her utility belt. Putting her glasses on she haltingly said "My name is Samantha" and slowly she told her story. It took a long time but she told it. Star, Midnight, and Net Girl were horrified by what had happened to her. And while they did find a preventative cure, they also realized just how dangerous it would be to inform the public how they found it. None of them had given last names but they easily realised who she was. And if they could so could the press and more importantly thier enemies. Another problem was that Miss Priss knew Net Girl's secret identity. While she may not have any proof it was even more important to capture the villianess.




After telling her story Net Girl/Samantha left them to plan thier next move and went to take a shower and go to bed. Blaze/ Jenny wanted to go with her but Net girl/Samantha just hugged her and said she wanted to be alone for a while. Blaze/Jenny hugged her back and said she'd come to be with her soon.


Each of the members had been given a small bedroom with connecting bathroom between them. Net Girl and Blaze had a slightly larger room since they lived together. Net Girl took advantage of the shower and scrubbed every inch of her body until it was red and then just stood in the shower until the water ran cold. Reluctantly she turned the shower off and began to dry off. She put on the pajamas that had been left in a drawer for her.  As she did so she mistakenly put the hardness of her nipples to the cold air.





As they discussed thier plans Night Girl exclaimed "But who would believe we found a preventative cure if we don't tell them how we found it?"


"I suppose we could always come up with some explaination" Blaze said "but we can't tell them the truth."


"You're saying we should lie to the very public we've sworn to protect?" Midnight asked increadously.


"Not lie exactly." Blaze replied. "Just omit all the details. Besides we've all been lying to the public for years about who we are. What's one more little lie? It's not like it's going to hurt anyone and it will protect Sam."


Before Blaze and Midnight could get into a fight over ethics Star interrupted them. "I think the bigger question is just how many women would be willing to accept this preventative cure?"


They looked around at each other in uncomfortable silence. They knew not many would. None of them could see themselves volentarily having a clitorectomy. Besides most feminist groups would ridicule and possibly revoke funding for even suggesting something so like that.


The silence continued for several minuets until Midnight broke it with a more disterbing question. 

"I think the bigger question is what happens if women do deside to accept the cure for the gas."


The others looked at her with confusion. Midnight/Beverly looked down at the tabletop and after another minuet said. "Um,,,what I meen is,,,if we (women) do this would that meen that Miss Prim wins?"


The others looked at her with astonished faces that slowly changed to dread.





Once she was finished in the bathroom Net Girl, turned off the lights and climbed into bed. She wished Blaze/Jenny was with her. Yes she had wanted some time alone but now she needed to be held and comforted. And Blaze always knew how to make her feel better. Net Girl sighed and  curling into a ball pulled the covers tighter around her. When her arms brushed over her breasts she gasped and the pleasurable sensations that shot out from her nipples.


While it still felt good to have her nipples played with it hadn't felt like that in a long time. Confused, curious, and a little aroused she reached up to caress one of the hard nubs and gasped as the tingling increased. Soon she was working both her breasts, gently sqeezing them and pulling the nipples. She was so aroused. She hadn't felt like that in so long. At that thought she froze. She hadn't felt that way because her clit was dead. She layed there panting for a minuet as her pleasure addled mind tried to think. As she thought she remembered what her lover told her shortly after they'd gotten together.


The clitoris is more than just a little button of flesh hiding under it's hood. Most of it is actually internal. It's just that the majority of the nerve endings are located in that button so it receives most of the attention. Distruction of those nerve endings eliminates most sensation making orgasm impossible. However it doesn't eliminate all sensation just most of it. Maybe just maybe,  Net Girl desperately thought, the gas stimulated the remaining nerve cells to regenerate the ones Miss Prim's laser had destroyed?


That thought sent a small sliver of hope thru Net Girl. Ever so slowly she sent a trembling hand over her fluttering tummy to slide under her pajama bottoms. Her back arched as her finger touched her sensitive clit sending sparks of pleasure thru her body. As she continued to rub her clit she couldn't help but smile as she neared something she'd thought had been taken away from her forever. Orgasm.


Her legs stiffened and her back arched leaving only her heels and shoulders on the bed as she wordlessly cried out. Again and again her body convulsed, one arm thrown over her head the other still trapped between her legs, as orgasm after orgasm washed thru her, until finally it was to much and she collapsed, flopping back down on the bed, panting with exhaustion. Before drifting off to sleep Net Girl smiled a pleasure filled smile  "I can't wait to tell Jenny."




While the other Costumed Heroines continued to sit around the table in stunned silence they didn't know that Miss Prim's gender transforming gas had regenerated Net Girl's long dead clit. And what Net Girl didn't even realise was that the gas was continuing to work. Already Net Girl's clit was several inches long and was beginning to take on the apearence of a small erect cock.  And it was still growning.




Will Blaze arrive in time and give Net Girl a full clitorectomy? Or will she be too late and find her lover has been trasformed into a shemale, who is helplessly sucking her own gigantic cock in an effort to feed off the cum stored in her beach ball sized testicles? And more importantly will Miss Prim and the Legion of Virture win by default as women give up thier clits in an effort to escape the rath of the gender transforming gas? What will happen to our heroine and all of women kind?



The End