Power Girl: Rape Patrol Revenge




By: Pug Markov








Disclaimer: The following story is fiction based on charachters created by DC Comics and Sludge in his story "Wonder Woman: Rape Patrol"


      Do not proceede if you are too young to partake in pornographic material in the jurisdiction where you live or if you are offended by sex and rape.


      Neither Wonder Woman nor Power Girl are used for profit, so no copyright infringment is intended or perpetrated.  All charachters are used for satirical purposes only.








      My name is Karen Starr, but most of the world knows me as Power Girl.  During office hours I run my own software company,


and I spend as much of my free time as I can fighting crime.


      After talking to Wonder Woman, I was greatly disturbed by the story she told me about her encounter with a gang of teenage rapists who had gotten the better of her and


made her into their sex slave for hours.  Wonder Woman admitted that she had been helpless to resist the pleasure they had forced her to feel.


      That night, I had an erotic nightmare about enduring the same sort of defeat, helpless in the clutches of a group of runty, ugly teens, forced to endure hours of rape.


I woke up in a pool of sweat, with my pussy even wetter.


      Scrambling out of bed, I took a long shower, trying to clear my head, but unable to get Diana's story, and my nightmare, out of my mind.


      I decided the best way to deal with the mess was to go take down the little punks and send them off to prison, where they could


enjoy being raped by the older prisoners.


      I opened the scret compartment behind my closet and took out my costume.  It consisted of a skintight white leotard cut low over my breasts, blue gloves and boots


and a red cape.  I normally wore a belt arround my waist, but for some reason I did not want to put it on that night.


      I flew to D.C. at supersonic speed and found the filthy slum where Wonder Woman had been raped.


      Reaching out with my supersenses, I was almost instantly aware of the sounds of a woman crying out in pain and fear and two males grunting in pleasure.


      Racing to the alley where the noises were coming from, I was met with the sight of a young female cop, her uniform ripped wide open, being fucked in her pussy and ass


by two teenage boys.  One was a scrawny Arab who was ramming the biggest cock I had ever seen up the cop's ass.  The other was an equally ugly Hispanic kid who was not quite


as well endowed as the Arab but still sported a respectable 8 inch long, very thick cock that was making the Cop moan every time it was rammed up into her pussy/


      "STOP RIGHT THERE," I yelled, putting my hands on hy hips in the standard superheroine display as I faced them. "LET THAT WOMAN GO, NOW!"


      Both boys looked at me, obviously surprised, but neither missed a single thrust into the helpless woman, who was held up on her feet only by the bodies of her shorter


assailants.  I was shocked by the way the two teenage bastards oggled my body and continued to rape the poor cop without any sign of fear of me.


      "Damn, look at that blonde slut," the Arab exclaimed.  "She's even better looking than Wonderslut was, not so bulky, and her costume shows off even more!"


      "Yeah, you can see almost everything! Looks damn good to me and looks like she wants it bad," the Hispanic agreed in a heavy Mexican accent.


      I could not believe how they were talkign about me.  No criminal had ever been so lewd when talking about my body and what they wanted to do to it.


Whats worse, their lewd compliments and comparrison to Wonder Woman's beauty had an unavoidable effect on me, stroking my ego even as they shamed me. It seemed their direct,


crude comments affected me more than if someone had paid me a polite comment to my looks!


"The name is Power Girl, you little runts, and its time you paid for what you did to Wonder Woman.  Now let that woman go!"


      "Why," the Arab asked me tauntingly, making a deliberate show of moving his huge cock in and out of the cops's ass, "you want to take her place? Don't be greedy,


we got plenty more for you, just wait your turn!"


      My mouth fell open, too shocked and offended to respond, but I could not tear my eyes from his huge cock.  The obscene sight of it sliding in and out of the


clinging flesh of the cocp's abused ass was making my nipples so tight they stung!


      "Yeah, she wants it," the Mexican leered. "You can see her nipples from here!"


      "You little brats," I snarled. "You won't be so cocky after I've broken your dicks off and fed them to you!"


      Still, I could not bring myself to move towards them.  I was actually affraid, affraid of powerless teenage bullies!


      Before I had a chance to do or say anythign else, someone stepped up behind me ahnd hit me over the head with a pipe, just as Diana had said they did to her.


      Fortunatly for me, I was far beyond Wonder Woman in power.  The only people on the planet stronger than me were Superman and Supergirl.


      The pipe bent arround my head without so much as bruising me.  Snapping out of my distraction, I turned to face a much taller but equally ugly and skinny white


teen holding the bent pipe and wearing a surprised expression.  Behind him stood three black teens, as scrawny and ugly as the Arab and the Mexican.


      "You might have been able to overpower Wonder Woman, but you don't have a chance against me," I gloated.


      "Maybe, but I bet you want to feel our other weapons even more," the tall leader gloated, jutting his hips towards me to indicate his crotch.


      Like Supergirl, I had x-ray vision.  The dumbest thing I ever did was use it right then. Without even realizing I was doing it, I looked through


their filthy jeans and saw their cocks.


      All of them were hung at least as good as the Mexican, and their cocks were hardening fast before my eyes, excited by the sight of my half-naked




      Again, the sight of such impressive cocks hit me like a freight train, and I felt the heat in my pussy grow.


      A moment latter, a small hand grabbed the ass of my costume and yanked it asside, as another drove a bony thumb viciously into my virgin ass and two fingers


roughly into my moist pussy.


      The erotic attack had infinintly more effect than the hit from the pipe.  I felt a jolt of pleasure like electricity shoot through my body,


and my Pussy and ass convulsed arround the cruel fingers.  My back arched hard and my arms fell limp at my sides.  My mouth opened wide and I let out a loud,


pitiful moan.


      Looking back over my shoulder, I saw the gloating face of the short Arab teen leering up at me as he violated my ass and pussy with his fingers.


      While I was distracted, the tall, boney white teen grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples between his skinny fingers, eliciting a squeal as my superhuman


sense of touch magnified their every movement in both good and bad ways.


      I was shocked and ashamed at my body's pleasurabel reaction to their assault, but evenmore shocked that they were actually able to hurt me!  I could shrug


off the shot of a battleship, but their cruel hands were hurting my ass, pussy and breasts!


      Too late, I realized what was happening.  My powers are derived from Atlantean Magic, and depended on my willpower. They could hurt me because I my


willpoer was failing me!  My pent up sexuality, unfullfilled scince I was a teenager before my powers manifested, had been unsatisfied so long that it was like a


damn waiting to burst.  Wonder Woman's story about their sexual prowess, the anticipation of facing them, the sight of their huge cocks, and, worst of all, some


subconcious desire on my part to be raped and abused by these filthy punk kids, had left me totally vulneable to exactly the sort of attack they were


now subjecting me to!


      "Yeah you do want it, don't you Power Slut," the leader gloated, twisting my nipples, making me whimper in pain and making my knees quiver. 


Arab's cruel hand worked my super-tight holes harder, and I squirmed helplessly.


      "Damn, this chica's dripping wet," Mexicanexclaimed, moving up beside me and groping my ass roughly.


      Whitey forced me to my knees and gripped my hair, letting Mexican take over abusing my breasts.  The little slimeball took out a switchblade and  cut my


leotard open from neck to belly, letting my breasts spill free.  My breasts were not as oversized as Wonder Woman's but rounder and firmer, and the brat took


great delight in kneading and stroking them and abusing my nipples.  Unfortunatly, my body took almost as much delight as he did.


      Whitey took out his cock right before my face, and the nine-inch meatweapon fell hard against my face when he freed it, literally a slap to my face physically


and emotionally.  Whitey rubbed the head along my lips, and I inhalled the nasty scent of stale cum.


      "Now, you're going to service us just like Wonderslut did.  Did she tell you how submisive she got once the fucking started? I bet you're goign to be even


easier than she was!"


      The teenage punk forced his cock into my mouth, and my body responded as if programmed, sucking on his big cock without any direction.


      "Shit, this bitch is a natural cocksucker," Whitey groand.  My heart fell even lower as he said, "I've never had my cock sucked so good!"


      The others moved arround me and stopped touching my body except for the cock in my mouth.


      I could have tried to escape. I could have torn them all in half.  Instead, I knealt there and let them take turns fucking my mouth and forcing


their cocks painfully down my throat.. I was lucky I did not have to breathe, as they never gave me a chance as they deep-throated me one after another,


ordering me to stroke the cocks of the evil kids waiting their turns to ravage my mouth.


      Arab was the second to get his cock sucked, and I was worried the huge 12 inch monster would kill even me as he forced it down my pliant throat.


As soon as he had forced me to drink his cum down, He moved behind me and Whitey slid under me on the ground.  Ad Black1 fed me his thick teen cock, Whitey


rammed his nine inch cock into my smooth pussy and Aram imapled my ass with his huge weapon.


      I screamed arround Black1's cock as Arab's cock felt like it was going to split me in half.  I felt like Darkseid himself was sodomizing my poor bottom


and I could feel the cock in my ass and the cock in my pussy squeezing my flesh between them.


      I could not help myself.  The pleasure and pain and humiliation fo being raped so well and hard by such disgusting little perverts was too perfect.


I came as soon as Arab and Whitey got into their rythem, and I came three more times before they finished.


      I finished sucking off the three black boys and Mexican before Aram and Whitey were done fucking me.  I was only disheartened more by the realization


Wonder Woman had not exaggerated their sexual stamina at all, and they absoluetly filled my body with their cum.


      "Damn you are good," Whitey gloated as he crawled out from under me and Black1 took his place, Mexican taking Arab's place at my ass while Whitey


again shoved his cock into my mouth, now coated with his cum and my own.  He held my hair like a handle as he joined the two smaller teens in raping me again.


      "You came faster than Wonderslut did.  Guess you came here ready for some action.  Did her story about us get you that horney, slut?"


      I could not help myself. I looked up at him from where I was getting pounded and my eyes met his cruel gaze, and I could tell he knew his words were true.


      "well don't you worry, you slut.  We're going to give you all you can handle and more before we let you go, and everytime we see you you'd better be ready


to take it some more, or we'll sell you to some white slavers we know that we sometimes sell our leftovers to.  You belong to our gang, from now on!"


      I just kept sucking, knowing his words were true again.