The Legion of Virtue’s Reign of Terror


by Orb (




This story follows “Ms. Fabulous meets the Legion of Virtue”




Throughout the metro region, there was a new fashion trend. Women were dressing more conservatively out of fear of reprisal. Stories of Judith Prim and her band of Comstocks , the self proclaimed “Legion of Virtue”, were in the headlines daily. The Legion of Virtue had developed a powerful drug that produced a bizarre transformation when applied to the female genitalia. Women who were found in violation their code of conduct risked being banished from their gender. Of course, there were those who brazenly defied the Legion’s new dress code. They were not going to let a dozen prudish women tell them how to behave....


It was 2 a.m. when sisters, Nicole and Venice Milton, exited a trendy downtown nightclub. They sashayed past the group of paparazzi that followed the every move of the wealthy heirs to the Milton hotel fortune. The doors of Venice’s Italian sports car folded upward like a pair of insect wings as she slid into the front seat along side her sibling. Upon starting the engine, a CD that had been inserted to the car’s sound system began to play its recorded message. The voice was Judith Prim’s. “Good evening girls or should I say good morning? A word of advice to you both... It’s always a good idea to wear undergarments. You never know what might blow up your skirt.”


Venice and Nicole looked down between their legs. A bluish gas was spraying from underneath the front panel of the car. The sisters rarely wore panties. As the vapors drifted underneath their miniskirts, they felt a tingling sensation along their inner thighs. The two were speechless. They knew what was about to happen. They had seen the photos of Ms. Fabulous with her monstrous new appendage. The drug acted in several stages. First, they felt their clitorises harden. Nicole pulled back her skirt and saw her enlongated clit poking out from underneath its hood. Soon, the girls were writhing in their leather seats as a pair of stiff cocks made their appearance from underneath their skirts. Venice looked out her window in an appeal for help. The paparazzi had swarmed the car. Flash bulbs were going off all around them documenting every step of their humiliation. The heads of their cocks strained to reach their mouths as the shafts grew longer and longer. Inside their wombs, their ovaries were transforming into a pair of cum-filled testicles.


Soon the heads of their newly formed cocks had reached their lips. The erotic drug had reached its peak. Venice looked over at her sister then leaned forward and caressed her dick. She looked down and saw a lipstick ring on her cock head. A minute later, the girls had their mouths plugged as they felt the rush of cum traveling up their dick shafts. It was dinnertime for the sex-crazed girls. SPLORT!!!! SPLORT!!! Venice and Nicole both received a mouthful of spooge. Their dicks retracted and gave them both a generous facial. The exhausted pair watched in a daze as their mutant cocks, turned cum fountains, jetted cum across the windshield and interior of the car. The photographers backed away as they stumbled out of the car with their giant cocks still pointing to the clouds. Suddenly Venice clutched her abdomen and let out a grunt. Ugghh!!!!!


The drug's final stage was about to unfold and their transformation would be complete and irreversible. SPLUB!!!! Venice looked down. Her short skirt could not hide the wrinkly scrotum that had pushed out in place of her pussy. It dangled between her long, slender legs. Venice let out another grunt followed by a whimper as a large pair of testicles squeezed out of her and fell into their new home. She looked over at Nicole who was walking around bow legged with a large nut sack swinging between her legs. “We’re ruined!”, she cried.


The next day, above a photo showing the disgraced debutantes performing fellatio on themselves, the tabloids ran the headline, “Venice and Nicole: The latest to contract dick-in-mouth disease.”


Soon, every superheroine in the city had the apprehension of Judith Prim at the top of their list. Yet, they knew the high price of failure. Ms. Fabulous had once possessed “The Omni Ring”, the ultimate crime-fighting weapon. The Legion had stripped her of her powers and dignity. The internet was now filled with videos of the beautiful superheroine turned circus freak.


It only took a few days before the Legion struck again.


As her eyes fluttered open, Cindy, an eighteen year old cheerleader at Metro High, became aware of her surroundings. Her entire cheerleading team had won the city championship. Now, they were all lying on their backs on a long conveyor belt with their arms and legs strapped down.


A woman in Victorian dress stepped into the light of the abandoned factory. “Hello girls. Congratulations on your win. However, I think your time and energy are better spent on your studies. Your so-called cheerleading is little more than a primitive mating dance.”


The girls struggled with their bonds as she continued. “I understand it’s hard for girls these days. TV and music are saturated with sexual imagery. It’s hard to focus on what’s important. That’s why I’m going to give you a little help. That‘s where the machine at the end of this conveyor belt comes in handy. When you enter it, three things are going to happen. First, your panties will be removed. Don’t worry. You’ll be issued a new pair. Next, any excess hair around your labia will be removed. Finally, the source of your sexual frustration will be painlessly eliminated. A surgical laser will focus a concentrated beam at your clitoris. It will deaden all the nerve endings in that troublesome little spot. Problem solved!”


Judith smiled, “We have to hurry. We have several more busloads of girls to help.” She pulled the lever and the conveyor belt jostled forward. Cindy listened as her girlfriends began to scream and cry as they were drawn into the machine one at a time. Finally, it was her turn. A panel opened in front of her and she disappeared inside the circumcision machine. Robotic arms gently lifted her pleated skirt and snipped the sides of her panties. They were quickly removed exposing the teen’s tiny vagina. The arms spread her legs as a nozzle-tipped arm positioned itself in front of her vulva. It let out a burst of hair removal spray. The converyor delivered Cindy to the next station where a metallic arm swept a wet, soapy sponge along her pubic region. It left a glistening bald pussy. Cindy was now prepared for circumcision. The trembling girl could only watch as a compact laser lowered from the ceiling. A pair of soft pinchers gently spread the folds of her flower exposing her clitoris. Immediately, a red dot was focused on it. Cindy felt her clit getting warm followed by a numbing sensation as the laser cooked its nerve endings. In a matter of minutes, its job was finished and the pinchers let go.


When Cindy emerged from the machine, Judith was standing next to the conveyor belt with a smirk on her face. “That wasn’t so bad now was it?” Cindy screamed, “You frigid witch! What have you done to me?!”.


Ms. Prim was unfazed, “Sure you'll soon lose all interest in boys, but you’ll thank me when you see the improvement in your math and science scores!” Sleeping gas sprayed down on the girls. They awoke on their bus in the school parking lot. The girl pulled their panties down and examined their sore pussies as they discussed the strange fate that had befallen them. As predicted, there was a marked improvement in the girl’s college entrance exam scores over last year.


A week later...


Dina Evans, a tall, voluptuous brunette, returned from the ladies room of an upscale French restaurant. Her date was an attractive and charming city attorney yet she had her mind on other matters. This was nothing new. Men, these days, just didn’t interest her. They lacked the one thing she admired most.... ambition. The handsome gentlemen sitting across from her had just revealed that he was a graduate of a state college. Dina Evans was a woman who set the highest goals and always achieved them. How could she expect any less from a mate? The date ended early that night.


Dina was an Ivy League graduate who had become a millionaire at 25 by started her own computer consulting firm. She also was a black belt in three martial arts. When the sun dipped below the horizon, she became the city’s main protector, the female crime fighter also known as “Night Owl”.


At midnight, she felt at home in her purple two-piece spandex uniform and cape. She had analyzed the city’s power consumption logs. They had given a clue to the location of the Legion’s secret lair. “An abandoned factory on the edge of town seems like an ideal location for villainy.”, she thought to herself.


Her exhilaration gave way to disappointment as she stood in the middle of the darkened building. It was completely empty. “I should have known better.”, Dina thought. “Ms. Prim’s too sly to stay in the same location.”


As she turned to leave, her foot triggered the trap that had been left for her. A trapdoor opened beneath her and her bottom landed on a metal slide that delivered her to the hidden basement below. She fell onto the same conveyor belt that had ensnared Ms. Fabulous. Clamps sprang into place preventing any escape. A voice came over a speaker. “Welcome Night Owl to the end of your career! I’ve been expecting you. It’s time to remove that atrocious uniform of yours. Then you’ll share the fate of Ms. Fabulous. I hope you enjoy the last few moments of your womanhood. ha ha ha!”


“No!!!!“, Dina yelled. With that, the conveyor belt delivered its helpless cargo into the stripping machine. Dina knew she had to act quickly before her identity was exposed. She had to reach her utility belt. It contained a miniature blowtorch. Her fingers were inches way when robotic arms undid her belt’s clasp and yanked it off of her. Her last hope disappeared out of sight. “This can’t be happening!”, she thought. “I can’t lose like this!”  The chilling realization that she was going to end up like Ms. Fabulous hit her. She looked over to see a video camera recording her striptease. The arms reached down and grabbed ahold of her top. RIP!!!! Her D-size breasts spilled out as it was teared off of her. Immediately, the arms were back again. This time they were going for her purple bikini bottoms. They were pulled down her legs and off her ankles. Her legs were slowly spread as the camera moved in for a close-up shot of her furry brown beaver. The haughty heroine had her most intimate area put on display.


Ms. Prim’s voice came over the speaker. “My, how quickly the mighty have fallen. Now, it’s time to reveal your true identity!”


Dina had only one item of clothing left. As the arms lifted off her mask, she was laid bare for the world to see.


Like many heroines before her, she exited the stripping machine strapped in a metal chair with her feet spread in stirrups. The headrest angled her head so she was staring at her pussy. A spray nozzle was pointing straight at her vagina. Dina’s mind was racing. “I can’t believe I was so foolish. I walked right into her trap!“ Judith’s mocking voice returned, “Ha ha! Dina Evans. I knew it was you even before your mask came off. You appear to go through alot of men Dina. Perhaps you haven’t met the right guy. Let me introduce you to your date for this evening. I hope he meets your taste.” The nozzle released a blast of gender transforming gas.


Dina watched her life pass before her eyes. All of her life’s achievements had brought her to this moment. She was ruined!  A cock-shaped clitoris was emerging from her pubic hair. Dina watched it swell into a thick boner and flop onto her well-toned stomach. She sneered at it as it grew in length and girth. It traveled up between her heaving breasts and positioned itself in front of her full lips. Like the women before her, she was caught up in a struggle of ying vs. yang. Dina licked her lips and stared at it. She had finally met her match. Her cock was a part of her and like her, it knew what it wanted and wasn’t going to take “no” for an answer. Dina was a woman with goals and her new goal in life was to service her cock.


It was time for her to submit. Dina opened her mouth and slowly stretched out her tongue like a red carpet. Her libido was off the charts. The fat head of her dick pushed its way past her lips. Glub!!!  Climax was only seconds away. She could feel the giant testicles inside of her begging for release. She could feel the head of her cock swell.  It was about to deliver its load.  SPLORT!!!!


Dina received her first taste of semen as a series of endless spasms filled her mouth with cum. She continued sucking as she watched herself on the video monitor. The camera zoomed in on her pussy. In a second, it was gone. SPLUB!!!!  A hairy nut sack had taken its place. Uugh! Uuugh!!! With two grunts, a pair of softball-sized gonads dropped into her scrotum. The Night Owl had sought a confrontation with the Legion of Virtue. She had never guessed that this would be the outcome. The stunned superheroine sat helpless in her chair as her dick proceeded to give her a facial.


With a click of a button, the video of Night Owl's defeat was uploaded to the internet. Judith Prim had easily defeated the city’s foremost superheroine.  Now the question remained....


Who would dare challenge her now and risk ending up a she-male?