#32:  Rumble in the Jungle

by RW

(Note: This story is more or less based on the Kryptonian Supergirl Kara Zor-el of the 1980s, who was killed off by D.C. Comics; many of the other characters are from that era as well, but there are some 'current' characters/events and new characters.  Hope this mishmash isn't too confusing.)

"Supergirl, I need your help," the Man of Steel tells his statuesque cousin.  The two Kryptonians, Batman (in his cowl and a tuxedo!), Robin, Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and a superheroine from Dallas, Texas, named Raven are a mile away from a large warehouse on Short Island Sound, maybe fifteen miles away from Metropolis.  The Girl of Steel, with an assist from the Dark Knight, managed to free her cousin and all but the Bat-folks from an InterGang-sponsored white slavery auction less than twenty minutes earlier.  Now, here, under the stars, a short while after midnight, the heroes are trying to "sort out" their next moves.

"Anything, cousin!" Supergirl replies eagerly.  She's positively beaming after the successful rescue.*   She not only freed everyone, villain and hero/heroine alike, but also defeated some otherworldly beings who were using magic to control Superman and Raven.   She's clad in her spare costume, a gift from Kandor City to replace the parts of her old uniform which are in a well-defended case in Luthor's office.  This uniform consists of a full-body blue unitard (with the characteristic 'S' over her breasts) that looks like porno-movie bodypaint - although it covers all of her body and has somewhat thicker fabric to cover her nipples and crotch, every curve and nook on her body can be seen in the glittery blue fabric.  It has a decorative thin yellow belt, calf-length boots, red with yellow trim and two elbow-length red gloves.

"Batman, given his attire, probably didn't come here in the Batmobile," Superman explains.  Batman nods in agreement.  "We need to get away from here fast and it's going to be up to you and me.  I think the best course of action is for you to take Catwoman and Poison Ivy to the League HQ to put in our holding cells.  Batman and Robin can drive back to police HQ in Gotham - you can be there in what, about 40 minutes?"   Batman nods again.  "I'll take Joker with me, and ... Raven?"   She nods.  "Then after the Dynamic Duo take Joker off my hands, I'll fly Raven back to Dallas where we'll find and shut down the InterGang goons who grabbed her."

"Are you sure?" Batman asks, arching an eyebrow and tilting his head toward the Maid of Might.  He's not impressed by her track record.

"Gee, Batman, give a girl a break!" Supergirl blurts out.

"I'm sure she'll be all right, old friend," Superman says, putting a hand on Batman's and Supergirl's shoulders.  "All she has to do is lock them in their cells and keep an eye on them until League members show up.  Then they can hand them off to the proper police authorities in the morning.  How hard can that be?

"Stay with them at all times, Kara.  They're too crafty to be left alone."  Supergirl nods her understanding.

"Yes," Poison Ivy says in a soft voice, "we'll be good girls, won't we Catwoman?"  Dr. Pamela Isley, the brilliant 5'6" tall botanist turned supervillain has surreptitiously removed InterGang's ball gag from her mouth.  She's dressed in a green body suit that looks like it's covered with leaves, green gloves, brown ankle boots and has a green mask over her eyes.  Thick shackles on her wrists and ankles, and a heavy chain linking them all together, again courtesy of InterGang, bind the villainess.   The flowers and leaves which are normally part of her costume were removed for the white slave auction.  A wise precaution given her unusual powers.

"MMmmmeeeerrroooowwww, yes, I can be a very good pussy for her," Catwoman replies in her sexy voice, moving close enough to the Girl of Steel to brush hips against the shorter heroine.  Supergirl backs away, shock and disgust on her face.  InterGang let the imposing 6' tall Catwoman keep most of her costume as well.  She's clad in a black leather catsuit (what else), thigh-high leather boots with low heels, over-the-elbow black spandex gloves (with a talon on the end of each finger) and a small mask over her eyes, with ends that make her look like she has a cat's ears.   InterGang took her trademark Cat-o-Nine Tails® whip. She too is shackled to heavy chains on her ankles and wirsts.

"As if!" the Girl of Tomorrow barks at the villainess.  "Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it, Superman," she replies to her cousin.

"Perhaps while you're driving to Gotham, Batman, you could arrange for Kara here to get into the League HQ?"

"Yes, Superman, and I'll give her access to the holding cells too," Batman replies stonily, "and the *public* parts of the HQ, but no other sections."

"Great!" Supergirl says brightly.  To her cousin she asks, "So, how soon will you get back, Kal?"

"Maybe two or three days," he replies.  "I want to help Raven before I leave.  Don't want InterGang to snatch her again."

"Aaawww, and she has such a prrretty snatch," Catwoman purrs, drawing glares from the heroes.

"Hello, people, can we get a move on?" Joker says, "I'm missing my beauty sleep!  HeheheHAAAWW HHAAAWW!"

"For what, ten years now?" Robin jokes.  The Clown Prince of Crime sticks his tongue out at the youthful hero he injured a few days ago, when he critically wounded Batgirl, making her a paraplegic.

"He's right, let's get out of here before those people find out we're out here," Superman says, ruefully recalling the magic collar that made him as weak as a normal human.

"Before we go, who were they?" Supergirl asks.  "Was that mousy little guy in the Friar Tuck hood one of  those evil mages, VladiVizz or Thöt?"

"No, and thank goodness," Superman replies.  "Those two are the most powerful evil magic users in the country.  I think we were up against some other magic users.  The two Shurinami demons could make themselves insubstantial, like ghosts and had great strength when their bodies were solid.  The little guy in the hood was just some low-level magic user.  Never ran into any of them before."

"I overheard one of the InterGang humans say they were from L.A.," Raven says.  The 125 pound, 5'6" brunette has on a pair of dark blue/black spandex tights that flatter the curves on her well-muscled legs and a long-sleeved, low-cut spandex top of the same color which barely contains her full, round breasts.  Her light blue shorts are a contrast with the darker blue of her costume.  She has a nylon web belt with three pouches on it and a pair of brown calf-high leather boots with three inch heels.   A black silk cloth with holes for her eyes is tied behind her head with her black hair cascading over the clothd so only the front part of the mask is visible.

Batman pulls a small object from his utility belt (which looks odd on his tux - it had been hidden under his cummerbund) and when he holds it by Supergirl's mouth, orders her to select and say a password to get into the HQ and cell area.  Kara thinks a moment, then selects a Kryptonian word which she says into the Dark Knight's tape recorder.  "Say it again, please," Batman says.  She repeats the word and Batman tells her to use it to enter the Hall and the cell area - while he and Robin are driving to Gotham, he'll register the word with the League's computers to give her access.

Superman picks up Joker by the waist, then bends slightly to wrap his other arm around Raven's thin waist.  Without a word, he leaps into the air and heads southwest toward Gotham City.  Batman and Robin seem to fade back into the dark trees without a word, leaving Supergirl with the two supervillainesses.  "You first, Ivy," the Girl of Steel says, sliding her her right arm between Isley's cuffed wrists and her body, allowing the woman to link her hands together on Supergirl's right shoulder   She then wraps her arm around the villainess' back, putting her hand under Ivy's armpit.  After lifting her off the ground, the Maid of Might grabs the black-clad villainess the same way but on her left side.  With practiced ease, the Maid of Might gently floats upward several hundred feet before taking a route to Metropolis that won't pass over the auction site.

"MMMmmmeeeerrrrrooooooowwwwww!" Catwoman roars as they soar upwards.   "Hhhssstttt!"

"Hush, now, pussycat," Poison Ivy says is a soft, sultry voice, "we don't want our friend here to lose her concentration and drop us, now, do we?  We should be thanking her for rescuing us and for being so gentle on this flight, don't you think?"  Supergirl fails to see the two villainesses look at each other, passing unspoken messages right under the blue-clad heroine's chin.

"Th-thanks, Dr. Isley," Supergirl stammers.  She thinks to herself, "Poison Ivy is being very cooperative for some reason.  I'll have to keep an extra eye on her."

After just a few minutes of flying, Poison Ivy slowly wraps her legs around Supergirl's right leg, pinning the Maid of Might's thigh.  A heartbeat later, Catwoman wraps her long legs around Supergirl's left leg.   The villainesses' ankle chains give the impression of wrapping Supergirl's red boots in the chains.  Although she's barely able to feel the chains, she is slightly thrilled at the thought of having her ankles chained by these two superlative specimens of supervillainy.  Her mind forms an image of their legs pinning her legs in a tight grip and her face turns red from the sensation.

"<Gasp> ... what ... WHAT?" the Maid of Might sputters a second later as both women leave one hand on her shoulder but slide their other hand down to cover the thicker swatch of blue fabric over Supergirl's breasts.   Then Poison Ivy leans close and nuzzles the heroine's right ear, slipping a little tongue into it as she tightly squeezes the delicious mound on the heroine's chest.  "Nnnh ... HEY!  Don't <mmmnn> do that!" the Girl of Steel protests as Ivy continues to play with the luscious lump.   In seconds, Supergirl's flight becomes erratic and she shouts, "take your hands off of me!  I gotta pay attention to get us to League HQ!"

"Mmmmm," Catwoman says in her best *Let's fuck* voice, "not before I get to play, too!  I don't often get to see such a powerful display of femininity."  Now Catwoman's left hand drops down and a talon-tipped finger draws circles around the Girl of Steel's breast bud.  As she draws circles around the mound, the heroine's costume tents from her swelling nipples.

"Now cut this out!" Supergirl protests - not too severely, though, because it DOES feel nice.  And she feels so helpless to stop their caresses lest she drop them.  Then, "oooooohhhhh Rraaaooo!" she says, her chin dropping briefly down onto her chest.  She can feel a wetness between her legs - not on her costume yet, but there nonetheless.  The clank of chains rubbing against her booted ankles, the aggressive and powerful play on her breasts, and now Catwoman's kisses on her neck and ear are starting to arouse the Girl of Steel.

"Ooohh, puh-please <pant> please stop <uunnhh> doing that!" she begs as the two villainesses continue their assault on her body.   Now Supergirl can feel their legs sliding up and down hers, abrading her thighs with theirs'.  Despite the cool breeze created by the flight, the Maid of Might feels her body warming to the attention of the two lovely evil-doers.   "<nnnhh> Oooohhh, d-don't!  I <nnnh> can't ... think <ooohhh>."  Both super felons can see that the Girl of Steel is crumbling under their assault.  Ivy smiles at her ally and as the two villainesses savagely caress Supergirl's breasts, Ivy digs her knee into the heroine's crotch.  She rubs her knee against the woman's nether lips and immediately has an effect on the Maid of Might.  "Oooohhh, nnnooooo!" Supergirl moans.  Her concentration slips and the trio fall twenty feet before she manages to regain enough concentration to put them back on course.

The thirty-minute flight seems to last forever to the Girl of Steel.   She MUST keep her mind on her flying - twice she drops fifty feet as her concentration slips, but she recovers quickly and presses on, her body screaming in pleasure from the attention she's getting - and from her helplessness to stop it.  Ivy continues to rub her knee against the heroine's crotch and both women toy with the heroine's libido.  Catwoman uses the talons at the ends of her fingers to pinch Supergirl's nipple, squeezing it and pulling it viciously.  Ivy rubs her hand across the taut blue fabric over Supergirl's stomach and plays with her right breast.  Both women lick, kiss and nuzzle the Maid of Might's neck, ears, and cheek.  The Girl of Steel responds by moaning and sighing as pleasure competes with the need to fly - she can't take this attention much longer without getting some kind of release!  An orgasm is budding within her but needs more to come to fruition!

When the trio finally reaches the Hall of Justice, Supergirl makes a bad landing, almost dropping her two captives as her legs buckle under her.  She recovers immediately but her vision is cloudy and her crotch is very wet from Poison Ivy's and Catwoman's attentions.  She has to use her great powers to focus on getting these women into cells, even as her body begs, screams for an orgasmic release.  Her mind is as cloudy as her vision as it assaults her with a series of images of her flying through the night sky, helpless, unable to halt the sensual assault and chaining by these two powerful villains.  "Mmmnnnhhh," she moans, closing her eyes and licking her lips to suppress the emotions raging in her body.

"Oohh - okay," she gulps, a heartbeat later, "straight to the cells with you two."  Supergirl untangles her arms from the two women, almost reluctantly, and drags them by their chains toward the massive doors of the HQ.  She says her password into the mike by the doors and they glide open noiselessly.  "Come on ladies, I've had enough of your trouble to last me for a long time!" she tells the women, dragging them into the building.  Seconds later, they all descend into the holding cell area and see the four empty cells designed to hold super criminals.  As they reach the bottom of the steps, Catwoman steps close to the Maid of Might and pinches her left buttock with razor-sharp talons.  Of course they don't cut the blue super fabric, but the effect on the Girl of Steel is electric.  She leans against one wall, closes her eyes, and moans.  Her body shudders briefly.  The two villainesses look at the heroine, obviously having a small orgasm.  Even as Supergirl shakes from the tiny tidal wave of pleasure coursing through her body, Ivy and Catwoman move closer to her and begin to hug and caress her body.  They help stretch out the orgasm until it finally runs it course.

Supergirl pants heavily for a minute or so, then straightens up and looks at the two felons.  "That's enough," she tells them.  "I know <pant> what you've been doing ... to me and I want you to <pant> stop!"  As she slowly becomes a composed super heroine again, the Girl of Steel tells Catwoman to get into the first cell.  After the tall woman slinks into the cell, Supergirl abruptly closes the door with a heavy clang.  "Hey, why isn't she in here!" Catwoman blurts out.  "You showin' her special favorrrrrs?"

"I think we'll put Ivy into cell 4," Supergirl tells Catwoman.  "You know what happens to plants around cats - cats like to eat plush bushes!  And when cats eat plants, their widdle pussy tummies get upset!  I'm just looking out for your welfare, ladies!"

"I wouldn't mind being eaten by Catwoman," Isley says, smiling up at the Maid of Might.  "Or by you."  Supergirl blushes.

"Hunph!  I don't think so, Dr. Isley," Supergirl snorts.  She escorts the woman down the short hall and soon Ivy is looking through the bars at the Maid of Might, who's smiling smugly at successfully imprisoning the two women.   "I'll be right back, girls, I just want to get a chair and some water, then I'll keep you company until a Leaguer gets here."  The Maid of Might leaves the cell area, then rushes to one of the bathrooms in the Hall.  She quickly peels down her blue unitard and uses her heat vision to burn away all traces of the wetness her traitorous body deposited in the crotch area of her costume.

*  *  *  *  *

"Catwoman!" Poison Ivy hisses at the taller woman.  "She won't be gone long!  We HAVE to get her to get us out of here.  I have a plan, but for it to succeed, you MUST remain quiet and disagree with anything I propose AFTER I ask her to open the cell!"  Catwoman looks at the short scientist, then nods her head in agreement.

*  *  *  *  *

Nothing unusual happens for the next thirty or so minutes, except that Supergirl gets totally bored watching the two super villains.  Neither one is making any attempt to escape!  How can she foil a clever breakout?   The Maid of Might begins to think about Luthor's aide, Mercy Graves, and her amazing ability to make the Girl of Steel have multiple orgasms.  She's lost in reverie when Ivy's voice suddenly breaks the silence.  "Supergirl, darling, I want to make amends for my evil ways.  If you take me back to my lab, I'll get the Kryptonian plant so you can return it to the U.S. Botanic Gardens.  Maybe it will help clear my name and erase my robbery."*

"I don't think so, Dr. Isley," Supergirl replies.  For the next fifteen minutes, Ivy speaks to the Maid of Might in a soft, droning voice that seems to almost hypnotize the Girl of Steel, telling her about how much credit will come to her for returning the stolen plant, how it will help her recover her costume, how strongly the villainess wants to turn over a new leaf (pun intended).  Supergirl looks at Catwoman from time to time, but the feline felon seems to be just lying on her cot in a very suggestive pose.  She's stretched out on one hip and leg, propped up by her elbow, with her other leg bent at the knee.  Her crotch beckons seductively and from time to time Catwoman drags a claw across it, making <SCRITCH> sounds on the leather.

Some time later, the Girl of Steel rises slowly from her chair and approaches Ivy's cell.  The Maid of Might's eyes are glassy and the only sound she can focus on is Isley's droning voice, offering her fame, recognition, success, and even love.  Supergirl presses her body up against the cell door and her breasts squeeze through the bars as her hands grasp the bars.   Poison Ivy rises from her cot and approaches the heroine.  When Ivy reaches the door, she grasps the Maid of Might's breasts, caressing them through the soft blue fabric.  In moments, the heroine's buds begin to grow on her chest and she moans deeply from the attention.  Emboldened, Ivy steps forward and presses her lips against Supergirl's, first lightly, then with more force.  As the Girl of Steel responds to the kiss, Isley slips her tongue out and teases the woman's lips until they part.   Then Ivy and the Girl of Steel begin to tongue each other for dominance, a battle which Ivy quickly wins.  In her mind, Dr. Isley smiles at how easily her powers of seduction have worked on this super being, unaware that Supergirl is a willing participant in the seduction.

"Mmmnhh," Supergirl moans as her mouth is vigorously explored by Ivy's tongue.  Supergirl releases the bars and reaches her hands behind Ivy's back and pins her against the cell door.  Now Ivy groans from being pressed against the bars, but she still continues to seduce the Maid of Might.   Ivy's unique talent for making anyone fall in love with her is working its insidious charms against the mighty will of the Girl of Steel.

"Ooohhh," Kara thinks to herself, "this is ... wrong.  I should stop mmmnnnhhh stop this."  Once again her mind begins to craft images of being crushed against the bars by Ivy, of being weakened by the green K plant and taken by the woman.  "Uuunnhh!" she cries out as Ivy's tongue lunges and lashes inside the heroine's mouth.  Isley shifts her body slightly and raises her heels off the floor, making a new sensation flood into the mind of the Girl of Steel - her breasts and Ivy's are rubbing against each other!

"Let me out, darling," Ivy purrs.  "I want to hold you and caress you so badly.  I want to help you retrieve that plant before one of those League members gets here and foils our plans!  We can show them - we can show them all!  You're the most powerful super hero on the planet, Supergirl, and we want the world to know that, don't we?"

"I think not!" another voice suddenly says, booming into the whisper-filled stillness of the cellblock.  Ivy quickly pulls away from Supergirl and looks toward the steps.  If her eyes could fling daggers, a steady stream would be in the air now.  A tall, statuesque brunette stands at the bottom of the steps, her hands on her hips, her legs slightly spread.  She has a red and gold bustier that barely contains her large, 40C breasts.  Tight blue trunks, cut high on the hips and covered with white stars hug every curve on her hips and between her legs.  Her deeply-tanned, long, well-muscled legs end in red and white knee-high boots with low heels.  On each wrist she wears a shiny white gold bracelet made of feminum, an element found only on the island of Themsycira.

"Wonder Witch!" Catwoman snarls, jumping off her cot and lunging at the cell door.  She tries to reach an arm through the bars like a cat trying to retrieve a toy that's slid under a door, but her movement is limited by the cuffs on her wrists.  She waves and paws at the air, trying to mar the tanned and bare chest of the Amazon Princess.   Supergirl slowly struggles out of the stupor Ivy's created and slowly turns toward the newcomer.

"Wuh-Wonder Woman?" the Girl of Steel asks.  "Is that really you?   Why are you here?"  The Maid of Might moves slowly toward the tall beauty, unaware that her groin is again stained with wetness.

"I am here because Batman told me that you might need help, child," the haughty heroine tells the blue-clad vixen.  "I can see his caution was well-met.  What foolishness has been going on down here?"   One of the Amazon's eyebrows arches slightly but she says nothing about the small stain visible on the front of Supergirl's costume.  "Have these two been causing trouble for you?"

"No, uh, Diana, no, they haven't," the embarassed heroine replies.   "We were, uh, talking about recovering some stolen property."  Supergirl quickly tells the Amazon about the stolen plant and Ivy's plan to retrieve the plant to return to the U.S. Botanic Gardens.  "I feel responsible for failing Batgirl and this might be a way to make up for it," Supergirl finishes.  In her heart, the Maid of Might hopes that Diana didn't see much before she interrupted.

"Batman made a general call for anyone in the League to return here to help you," Diana of Themyscira explains.  "I called him from my invisible jet and said I would come here to help you.  I do NOT think that going after that plant is a good way to help you, though, Kara."

"Forget about her and open this cell, Supergirl," Ivy snaps.  "You and I can go after the plant and she can stay here to watch Catwoman.   Maybe they want to be alone, anyway!  C'mon, darling, open the cell door!"

"Hssssst!  Rrrraaoowwww!  Don't listen to the bitch, Supergirl," Catwoman snarls, recognizing Ivy's prearranged signal.  "She just wants to get out of the cells.  Besides, how are YOU going to bring back a plant made of green K?  You gonna carry it under your arm?"

"Shut up, Selina!" Ivy yells.  "Stay out of this!"

"Why don't you go outside for some fresh air, Supergirl," Wonder Woman tells the Maid of Might.  "I can keep my eye on these two for a while.   You must realize that, however noble your intentions, we can't go for that plant.  We can't let these two out of their cells."

"But we can, Diana," Supergirl says.  "If you don't want me to go with Ivy, you can come with us.  You can retrieve the plant and bring it back here.  We can go and be back here before morning.   We can take your jet down to Gotham City or wherever it is.  We can leave Catwoman here - what can she do from inside a cell?"

"She can't do anything, of course," Ivy says, supporting the Girl of Steel.  "She's up a tree."

"MMMeeerrroowww!!  Yes, why don't you thrrrree leave," Catwoman purrs. "I can find some way to amuse myself while you're gone."

"That would be foolish, girl," Wonder Woman says sternly to the ambitious Maid of Might.  "She would be out in seconds after we leave the room."

"Fine!" the frustrated Supergirl says, "then let's go, all four of us!  You ride in your jet with these two, I'll follow!  C'mon, Diana, please?   I really want to recover that plant and I'll need your help!"

"We don't need either one of them, darling," Poison Ivy says in a sexy voice.  "I can put it into a lead-lined box for you.  Wonder Woman can stay here to sit on the pussy.  I'm sure she'd like that, wouldn't you, Diana?"

The tall Amazon blushes at the suggestion, then relents to the whiney heroine.  "All right, but YOU carry Catwoman and Poison Ivy will ride in my jet - the Golden Lasso will keep her in line!"

*  *  *  *  *

Several minutes later, the invisible jet rises from the roof of the Hall of Justice with Poison Ivy sitting behind the Amazon.  Compelled by the lasso to obey, a still-chained Ivy remains in her seat, docile, and giving directions to the Princess of Themyscira.  Above and behind them, the Girl of Steel keeps station, carrying the still-shackled Catwoman, who apparently can't keep her hands off the Maid of Might.  "Stop <unnh> stop pawing me (again, pun intended)," Supergirl commands the felonious feline.   "So help me <mmnh>, I'll carry you by your ankles, if you <oooh> don't leave my breasts alone!"

A chastened Catwoman stops pawing the Maid of Might.  Anyway, the flight seems to be ending - they're dropping down toward a warehouse in the suburbs of Metropolis.  A heartbeat later, they land and join the Amazon and Ivy at a door.  "I will take her inside," Wonder Woman tells the Girl of Tomorrow.  "You should remain outside with Catwoman - who knows what kinds of traps are in here, especially since she has the green K plant.   Ivy, you must not try to escape, and you will obey me!"

"Yes, mistress," a docile Dr. Isley replies.  She opens the door and leads the statuesque Amazon into the building.  The Lasso of Obedience is still around her waist.  She won't try to escape, but she won't protect the Amazon, either.

"Take me to the green K plant, Poison Ivy," the heroine commands.   Ivy slowly leads her across the dark, fetid interior of the bulding past an incredible array of plant life.  "Who else was given a part of the plant?" Wonder Woman asks.

"Lex Luthor was given a pod from the plant.  The rest I used."

"How?" Diana asks.  "Where is it?"

As they pass a tall weeping willow tree, Ivy points at the tree and says, "There."  She starts to say more but the Amazon Princess raises her arm abruptly, silencing the villainess, who stands meekly at the edge of the earth-filled plant bed surrounding the tree.

Diana steps into the earth around the tree and moves toward it, looking for anything that might be a Kryptonian plant.  Suddenly vines snake downward from the overhead branches and wrap themselves around the heroine's arms, waist, neck and torso.  "Help <urk> me!" Wonder Woman commands.   Before she can utter another word, Wonder Woman's throat is squeezed tightly by the plant, cutting off her air supply and ability to speak.  She drops her end of the Golden Lasso and tries to rip apart the snake-like vines surrounding her body, twisting it and trying to pull it apart.  Her legs flail uselessly in the air until more vines reach down and wrap around her thighs.  The fast-moving vines swirl around her thighs and slither down to cover first the calf, then the ankle on each leg.  Ivy's plant was ordered to trap any intruders, whether ordered to do so or not.  Ivy led the Amazon directly to the plant and let it spring its own trap against the woman.

Freed from the compulsion of the lasso to not escape, Ivy quickly removes it from her body and rushes close to Wonder Woman, now dangling a few feet above the dank floor of the greenhouse/warehouse.  "I'll help you, bitch," Isley spits at the struggling captive.  "I'll help you AFTER I put this damned rope around YOUR body!"

By now the plant has the Amazon tightly restrained and she cannot, for some reason, break the thin green strands holding her.  As she quivvers in their clutch, Ivy moves closer and slips the Golden Lasso around its owner's booted ankle.  "Stop struggling, cunt," Ivy tells the helpless heroine.   Isley then uses her power to control plants to order the plant to loosen the grip around her lovely captive's neck.

"I brought the plant back here and tried to grow it but it didn't respond," Dr. Isley tells her prisoner.  "Then I thought, maybe it needs red light to photosynthesize.  After all, it came from a planet with a red sun.  Some lead shielding and red sunlight did the trick.   The plant seemed to grow by leaps and bounds - possibly due to the lighter gravity here on earth.  I went to re-plant it and discovered that it had grown a huge complex of roots, thin as hairs but incredibly long.   Under the red light, I crossed the plant with this tree and in days the Kryptonian plant took over this weeping willow like a parasite.  I found I could control it through the earth tree it bonded with.  And I found that, when the red light was removed, the tendrils became as strong, as indestructible as Supergirl.  The fact that you can't free yourself shows how incredibly powerful the tree has become.  Now, call loudly for Supergirl to help you, but don't warn her about this plant!"

Ivy steps back behind the tree as the Amazon cries out, "Supergirl!   Help me!  Ivy has me in a trap!"

There is a loud <CLANG> and the door of the warehouse flies inward, burst off its hinges by a single punch.  Supergirl uses her super vision and recoils at the sight of the Amazon Princess dangling several feet off the ground, held by a plant.  "Moons of Krypton!" the Maid of Might gasps.   She completely forgets about Catwoman and flies across the floor of the warehouse toward her companion.  Soon she hovers beside the tall brunette and reaches for the vines around her waist to snap them off the woman.

"Ooohhh ... guh-green <uunh>," is all she manages to say before terrible pains lance through her body, twisting it in the air, making her arms curl in to cover her belly.  The Girl of Steel slowly drops out of the air and falls to the ground beneath Wonder Woman's boots, helpless so near the green K strands around the Amazon's body and dangling from the large willow tree.  Supergirl struggles on the ground and manages to rise up on her elbows, her face in a grimace as she tries to ignore the pain wracking her super body.

Supergirl tries valiantly to crawl away from the plant but Ivy again commands the plant, ordering it to grasp the heroine's body.  More tendrils slither down from the top of the tree and surround the blue-clad heroine, pinning her arms to her side and then lifting her off the earth floor.  Under Ivy's orders, the tendrils wrap around the blue mounds on the heroine's chest and begin to squeeze them tightly.  Trapped by the powerful vines, the Maid of Might moans from the radiation's poisons and from images in her mind of being a captive of Poison Ivy.  Tighter and tighter the vines writhe around the Girl of Steel, spreading her legs apart.  Other vines slip between her legs and begin to press against her crotch, softly at first, then with powerful and painful effect.  Supergirl's love juices begin to flow, sparked mainly by the visions in her mind of her helplessness.   In seconds, the Maid of Might's struggles cease and her head drops to her chest as the poisonous radiation saps her consciousness.  She hangs from the vines and a large dark spot of wetness appears between her legs.

"Get over here, Catwoman!" Ivy shouts, running from behind the tree.   When she sees her newest captive, dangling spread-eagled from the tree, Isley gloats at her victory.  "I've GOT HER!" she roars.  Then she licks her lips at the sight of the Maid of Might's wet crotch.  "She either peed herself or had a mini-orgasm before she fainted," Ivy thinks.

"MMmeeerrrooowww!" the villainess cries as she nears Ivy.  "You've captured BOTH of them!  What a day for crime!  Whateverrrr shall we do with them?  Let's play with them, then kill them!"

"Pussies always place their own needs and interests against what should be done, eh Catwoman?" Ivy chides the villainess.  "Didn't you see the manhunt when Joker WOUNDED Batgirl?  Can you imagine what the Justice League would do to us if we killed these two?  We might *disappear* if they caught us, Miss Kitty."

"So what do you have in mind, Miss High-and-Mighty?"

"Oh, we can play with them, certainly," Ivy replies seductively, "but then we humiliate them, publically, so we can disappear into the woodwork as the media circus covers their shame, again!"*


*  *  *  *  *

Some time later, as the first rays of the sun pour through the skylights of Ivy's hideout, Wonder Woman slowly opens her eyes.  "What vile trap has that foolish, foolish girl gotten me into this time?" Diana asks herself.   She can feel something around her neck and someone pressed against her back.  She's lying on her side on the earthen floor of one of the plant beds in Ivy's humid greenhouse.  The Amazon Princess tries to look around but can't move her head.  She tries to raise her arms but they seem to be bound to her body.  When she tries to move her long, athletic legs, she feels them bound against the person behind her.   Obviously, she's bound to Supergirl.  When the Maid of Might moans a second later, Wonder Woman again tries to burst her bonds, then sinks down in defeat.

"Catwoman!  Our toys are awakening!  Get back in here!"

Seconds later the brown leather boots of Poison Ivy stand before Wonder Woman's eyes.  Through half-opened eyes, Diana can see that Ivy has removed the shackles from her ankles and wrists.  The evil botanist squats before the Princess of Power and slips two fingers under her chin.  "Don't try to struggle, Wonder Bitch," Ivy tells her captive.   "We've bound you to Supergirl with your own lasso, as well as some vines from my *Killing Willow of Death*.  Now," Dr. Isley continues, holding up one end of the Golden Lasso, "when we remove the vines from your body, we want you to use all of your powers to defeat and destroy Supergirl.  You must also obey any other commands I give to you.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, I must defeat and destroy Supergirl, and obey your commands," Wonder Woman replies dully, under the compulsive power of her own sorcerous lasso.  Catwoman (also freed from her chains) and Ivy free the two heroines from their bindings and help Supergirl and Wonder Woman rise to shaky feet.  Ivy places one end of the lasso around Supergirl's neck, the other around Wonder Woman's.  Ivy holds the middle section.  The vines are removed from Supergirl's presence and soon some of her star-fueled power returns.  She looks at Ivy with disgust and even hatred.  She wants to scream at the villainess but the Lasso of Obedience compels to await orders from her *mistress*.

"Supergirl, you must use your strength to defeat and destroy Wonder Woman,  and obey any other commands I give to you.  Do you understand?"

Compelled by the magical lasso, Supergirl must reply, "Yes, I understand, I must use my strength to defeat and destroy Wonder Woman. and obey any other commands you give to me."  Catwoman moves close to the two heroines and removes the lasso from around their necks, then returns to Ivy's side.

"Will they still obey you?"

"They'll battle each other, I imagine," Ivy replies.  "If Wonder Woman tries to escape, I'll have the Killing Willow's vines ensnare her again.  If Supergirl tries to escape, she'll have to cross those vines we put around their *ring* and avoid the willow's vines.   I don't give her much of a chance of doing that.  And perhaps they'll both obey any other commands I give them, heheheh.  Calm yourself, my friend, we can't lose!

"Begin," Ivy orders the enthralled women.  Both heroines immediately drop into a crouch as if they're a pair of wrestlers.  They circle warily, looking for an opening in the other's defense.  Suddenly Supergirl moves like a blur and slips behind the Amazon, grabbing her in a full nelson.   The Maid of Might presses her hands against the Amazon's neck, trying to cut off her air supply.  Wonder Woman's arms flail uselessly in the air.  She struggles valiantly, grunting and straining to break the hold.  The Amazon Warrior Princess finally stamps her left foot down on Supergirl's instep so hard that the building shakes.  Supergirl, weakened by the green K vines a few feet behind her, cries out in pain and loosens her grip on Diana.

The Maid of Might briefly raises her aching foot off the ground and the Amazon Warrior Princess uses this opportunity to break the full nelson choke hold and spin around to face the Kryptonian.  As she turns, Diana jabs her elbow into Kara's jaw, snapping her head backward and making her blond tresses flail in the air.  The tall brunette then slips her arms around the back of stunned Maid of Might and begins to bear hug the mid-section of her body.  Supergirl's body arches backward as the powerful Amazon squeezes harder and harder, gripping her hands together for greater leverage against her smaller foe.  Still weak from the green K, her super body spasms in pain from the Amazon's powerful grip.

"Nnnnnhhh, too ... strong ... hurts!" the Maid of Might cries out.  Even as the Amazon crushes her body, Supergirl can feel poisonous radiation from the green K vines.  They're too near for her to regain all her strength and invulnerability.  And yet, she MUST defeat and destroy this woman!   Valiantly, as she gasps from the shooting pains in her back, the Maid of Might drives both of her hands down onto the Amazon's shoulders like two karate chops.

"Ooohh!" Wonder Woman gasps as terrible pain stabs her shoulders.  Her grip on the Girl of Steel loosens enough for the blue-clad heroine to grab her foe's arms and pull them away from her body.  In a heartbeat, the two women stand face to face, hands locked together, fingers intertwined.  Each is squeezing the others' fingers, trying to drive her opponent to her knees.  For several minutes, the two women struggle to dominate the other and push her to her knees.  Beads of sweat form on their brows as the titanic struggle continues.  The sounds of their panting breath is the only noise in the huge warehouse.

"I am stronger than you, child, you must submit to me," the Amazon finally orders the blonde.  Suddenly Supergirl DOES drop to her knees before Wonder Woman and her chin drops to her chest in submission.  Her hands seem to melt like wax, sliding from Wonder Woman's hands to hang limply at her side.

"I ... must ... submit," Supergirl replies in defeat.  A defeat that traces its roots back to a battle she had with the Amazon in D.C. many weeks ago.   At that time, the Amazon Princess used the Golden Lasso on the Maid of Might and ordered her to "yield to me!" The Girl of Steel drops her arms to her side and stares blankly at the Amazon's crotch, the desire to be *taken* by the brunette overwhelming Ivy's command to defeat the Amazon Princess.

"What's going on?" Catwoman asks Ivy.

"I don't know," Poison Ivy replies.  "Something else is going on here.   Let's see how this develops."

Supergirl's mind becomes a blur of images: she must submit to the Amazon, she WANTS to be dominated by the tall heroine, she feels weak and vulnerable before the mighty Amazonian princess.  She meekly awaits orders from her mistress, hoping to show her devotion by performing well.

Wonder Woman smiles at the vanquished Girl of Steel.  "You may lick my boots, girl," the woman commands.   The blonde drops down onto hands and knees and lowers her face down to begin licking the red and white boots of Wonder Woman.  The Amazon smiles triumphantly at her easy victory over the Kryptonian heroine.  Diana can hear Kara's tongue flicking at her boots, slavishly cleaning the dirt off them.  

Supergirl feels warm inside her body at how well she cleans the dirt off Wonder Woman's boots.  Bits of dirt are stuck to either side of her mouth and the ends of her hair have bits of earth stuck to them.  "Stop now, girl, and rise to your feet," the brunette commands imperiously.   Supergirl meekly rises to her feet, standing with her arms at her sides, awaiting the next command of her mistress.

"Remove your costume, child, that I may see you better," the Amazon commands.  In seconds, Supergirl's blue, red and yellow costume lies at a heap beside her naked body.

"Wonder Woman, take off your costume and have Supergirl pleasure you," Ivy blurts out as she looks at the naked Girl of Steel.  Both she and Catwoman are amazed at the behavior of the two mighty heroines, now little more than slaves due to the power of the Golden Lasso.  Ivy and Catwoman gasp when the tall Amazon slowly begins to remove HER costume.   First, she removes her golden girdle and drops it to the ground.   Then she opens the back of her bustier and slips it off, baring her 40C breasts, two large, tanned mounds that seem to defy gravity.  Then she slides her star-spangled shorts down her long, tanned legs and steps out of them.  The parts of her costume she's removed lie beside her booted feet   Except for her boots, feminum bracelets, and tiara, the Amazon Princess's body is bare.  Both villainesses gasp at the sight.

"You may pleasure me, Supergirl," the enthralled Amazon commands.  She might try to break free from the compelling spell cast by Ivy through the Golden Lasso, but this command actually doesn't go against the Amazon's desires.  In fact, she has long wanted to take Supergirl as a lover!   The lasso's compulsion merely reinforces this deep-seated passion in the Amazon Princess.  She steps closer to the Maid of Might as the later wraps her arms around the tall woman.  Then the two women begin to caress each other's bodies, making long slow strokes of the hands down the other's back, cupping and squeezing buttocks, caressing the back of the other's neck, and kissing.  The two heroines find themselves aggressively tonguing each other, with Supergirl quickly submitting to the forceful Amazon's kisses.

"Ooohhhh," Supergirl moans.

"Mmmnnhhh," Wonder Woman moans.

"Rrrraaaooowww!!" Catwoman purrs as she becomes aroused by the sight of Earth's most powerful heroines pleasuring each other.

Wonder Woman slowly forces Supergirl down onto the dirt, on her back, and then lowers her nether lips toward the Maid of Might's lips, one knee on either side of the blonde's head.  "Make me cum, girl," the Amazon commands the Kryptonian as her nether lips press against Kara's face.  Supergirl begins to lick the Amazon's nether lips and tease her clit with rapid strokes of her tongue, swirling around the Amazon's love bud, pressing it against the woman's body.  "Oooohhhh, yyyeessss!" Diana moans as pleasure sweeps through her body.  Her hands begin to eagerly caress her own breasts and her fingers tease and pinch the swelling buds at the ends of her chest mounds.  She presses her nether lips harder against the blonde's lips for increased arousal.  "Yyeesss ... yyesssss ... OOOHHH, BY APHRODITE, YYEESSSS!!!" Wonder Woman cries out as a mind-numbing orgasm rips through her body.  Her juices flow freely and cover the Maid of Might's mouth and cheeks as the brunette's tanned body bucks and writhes on the blonde's head.  Supergirl tries to swallow the woman's love juices but the torrent is too great to capture all of it.

The two villainesses watching the Girl of Steel pleasure the Princess of Power slowly begin to remove their own costumes, their eyes locked on the sight of the two naked, controlled heroines.  Ivy and Catwoman begin to caress their own bodies as they watch their two puppets.  After the Amazon climaxes and drops down, placing her hands on the ground behind Supergirl's head, the naked Catwoman moves close to the two heroines and rolls Wonder Woman off the Maid of Might's face to lie on her side, curled into a tight ball of moaning musculature.  Catwoman drops down onto the blonde's face and commands her to do the same thing again.  The Girl of Steel meekly complies with the heinous villainess.   Again, she had fantasies about being dominated by Catwoman and suddenly they become true!

"Mmmmeeerrrroooowwww!!" Catwoman purrs as the Girl of Steel's tongue begins to flicker around the woman's love bud, teasing it, pressing it, nibbling lightly at it as it grows.  "Oooohhhh, yyyeessss, dooo iiittt!!" the feline roars as her own climax begins to build.

Meanwhile, Ivy has moved to the Amazon's body, rolled her onto her back, and dropped down onto her face.  "You must obey me, Wonder Woman," Ivy orders.   "Use your tongue on me as you were taught by your sisters in your homeland!"   The ensorcelled heroine begins to use her tongue on Ivy's vagina and clit, vigorously tonguing the villainess.  Ivy's hands roam on her own body, stroking her stomach, caressing her breasts, and pinching her own nipples.   "Oooohhh, yessss, mmoorrrreee!!" Ivy commands as her own body begins to get aroused.

"MmmmEEEERRRROOOOOWWWW!!" Catwoman cries out as Supergirl causes a powerful climax to thunder through her body.

"Yes, yes, YESS ... OOOOHHHH YEESSS!!" Ivy cries out when she too experiences a titanic orgasm from the Amazon's tongue.

As the spent villainesses crumble off the heroines' faces, Wonder Woman rolls over and grabs Supergirl's body.  The two heroines face each other in tight embraces and again begin to kiss and caress each other.  As each woman's breasts crush against the other's, the heroines begin to moan and groan from pleasure.  Supergirl desperately wants to cum but the Amazon isn't helping her.  Supergirl grinds her mons against the Amazon's, hoping to get release, but to no avail.  Harder and harder the Maid of Might rubs against the tall brunette's body, but nothing happens.  "Ooohh, please ... Diana ... I nneeeeddd yyoouuuu!!" Supergirl begs.  Suddenly she cries out as Wonder Woman slides her fingers into the blonde's pussy, rapidly stroking her vagina and using her thumb against the woman's clit.  "OOOhhhh ... yessss, MMOORRREEEE!!" Supergirl moans as her own climax finally begins to form.  Unconsciously, her own fingers find Diana's nether lips and she begins to probe and plunge into the Amazon's vagina.  Diana gasps at the renewed sensations flooding her powerful body.

With the two heroines again making love to each other, Ivy and Catwoman find themselves attracted to each other.  The two women move closer and begin to caress each other, using their fingers to probe each other's love canal and bud.  Catwoman's tongue savagely attacks Ivy's lips, forcing through them and into her mouth.  Ivy moans as her compatriot's hands roughly caress her breasts, sending new waves of pleasure through the botanist's body.  "Don't stop ... OOHHH, YESSS, SELINA, HARDER!!" Ivy begs.

"Ooohhh, Pam, MMOORRRRREEEE!!" Catwoman cries out as Ivy's fingers work their magic on the felonious feline's pussy.   Isley returns the pleasure to Catwoman, sticking her fingers into the taller woman's love canal and working it expertly.

The four women climax almost at the same time, each roaring as their bodies succumb to intense sexual release.  Each woman falls onto her back and moans as the aftershocks ripple through their bodies.

"Clean me," Wonder Woman finally manages to command the Girl of Steel.  Supergirl meekly climbs onto the Amazon's long legs, spreading them to bare the woman's pussy.  Supergirl drops down and begins to lick the love juices from Wonder Woman's nether lips, lovingly swallowing them.  Her lapping and slurping tingles the Amazon's cunt and as Supergirl caresses Wonder Woman's legs and hips, the brunette begins to feel the stirring of yet another orgasm.  Wonder Woman's hands rise to caress her own breasts to stimulate her orgasmic release.  Harder and harder Supergirl tongues the woman until Diana again cries out from her latest orgasm.  This time Supergirl manages to swallow most of the juices spurting from the heroine's pussy.

The Princess of Paradise Island lies on her back, spent, exhausted from multiple climaxes.  Supergirl kneels beside her, panting from her own exertions and climax.  Catwoman and Poison Ivy slowly rise to their hands and knees, looking at the two heroines.

"Well, that was nice," Catwoman says with incredible understatement.   "Now what?"

"Now we send these two women on their way," Ivy replies, her eyes still half-closed from her orgasmic releases.  With a powerful sense of purpose, Ivy rises and moves toward the Golden Lasso.  She picks it up and wraps an end around each super heroine.  "You must obey me, now," she commands the two women.  "I want you to get dressed, go to City Plaza in downtown Metropolis, and undress.  Let the citizens see who you are, first.  Then you will again continue to pleasure each other until two members of the Justice League arrive and try to stop you.  Then you will stop and forget about this warehouse, about where we are.  Do you understand me?"

Both women reply that they understand Ivy.  They then rise to shaky feet and begin to dress in their costumes.  Supergirl slowly pulls the unitard onto her body, then slips into her belt, boots and gloves.  The Amazon puts on her trunks and bustier, waving slightly from the effort so soon after her climaxes.  Finally, she slips into her magic girdle.  Ivy gives the Golden Lasso back to Wonder Woman and points toward the door.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl start to move toward the door.  As they near the vines surrounding the 'arena', Supergirl begins to collapse but the Amazon grabs her waist and lifts the stricken super heroine into the air.  Together they fly toward the door and daylight.

"Let's get out of here," the naked Dr. Pamela Isley says to the naked Selina Kyle.

"What about your plant?"

"It will die soon, or go dormant, in this yellow sunlight.  In any event, I don't want to be here when the two women finally remember where this is.  Just in case, Selina."

"But we don't have to leave right away, do we, darling?" Catwoman asks, pressing her naked body against Isley's bare back.

*  *  *  *  *

Outside the humid warehouse/greenhouse, the Maid of Might slowly recovers her strength.  She's still very weak, but she looks at Diana and without saying a word, wraps an arm around the Amazon's waist.  Supergirl slowly floats into the air and heads towards downtown Metropolis.

A few minutes later, the two costumed cuties land in the City Plaza, which is filled with early morning commuters.  They stop and stare at the two heroines who suddenly land in their midst.  A crowd forms around the two heroines as they stand near the fountain in the center of the plaza and gaze deeply into each other's eyes.

The crowd gasps as one when Wonder Woman removes her girdle.  Then she begins to remove her bustier.  Dropping it onto the ground the Amazon Princess then removes her trunks again, following Ivy's commands.  The trunks, bustier and girdle lie in a heap beside her red-booted feet.  At the same time, Supergirl removes her entire costume and lies it on the ground beside her.  The crowd begins to back away from the two heroines, unsure of what will happen next.

Both women drop to the ground and Supergirl climbs atop the Amazon in the classic *69* position, so that each one can pleasure the other.  The two women's tongues begin to work on each other's nether lips and Supergirl writhes atop the Amazon as waves of arousal begin to thunder through her body.  "MMnnnhhh," Diana moans as Supergirl's tongue expertly teases her nether lips and love bud.

"<slurp> Ooohhh," Supergirl moans as the Amazon's tongue does incredible things to the Maid of Might's crotch.

"Ooohhh!" the citizens gasp at the sight of the two super heroines working on each other's body.

For the next twenty minutes, the two heroines climax again and again as their tongues expertly work on each other's body.  Each is completely unaware that their audience has swollen to hundreds.  Cameras click and video cameras record each detail of the fuckfest.

Finally a loud voice fills the plaza.  "What the HELL are you two doing!?" Green Lantern bellows, his voice amplified by his power ring.   "Stop this at once!"  Lantern is floating over the two women, disgust on his face at the sight before him.  He had heard a police report about a disturbance in the plaza.

"C'mon, Lantern, give the girls a break," the Flash says.  He responded to the same report.  He's standing beside the heroines.  His red costume has a tent forming in his crotch as he watches and hears the two women.  "They can stop in a minute or two, can't they?"

Suddenly aware of the presence of Green Lantern and the Flash, the two women snap out of the compelling spell.

"Oooh, whu-what?" Supergirl asks dully, rising off the Amazon's body.  Multiple orgasms have left the heroine so weak she can barely get off the Amazon.  She kneels beside Diana and looks up at Green Lantern, her face smeared with the Amazon's love juices.

"Nnooo, not again!" Wonder Woman replies, suddenly aware of Supergirl's pussy lifting off her face.  As Kara rises to her knees on one side, Diana slowly pulls herself up to a seated position, her face smeared with the juices of the Kryptonian.  She rubs an arm across her face as she looks at the Flash.  "Athena, give me strength!" she pleads when she sees the erection tenting the man's red costume.

"Get your costumes and let's get out of here," Green Lantern abruptly orders the two women.  Meekly they rise to their feet and gather up their costumes.  Both women have difficulty standing up, each weaves from the effort and Supergirl totters enough to need the Flash's help to remain on her feet.  The disgusted Green Lantern forms an opaque green ball around the women and lifts them into the air.  Flash zips out of the plaza and returns to League headquarters.

*  *  *  *  *

"Luuccyy, you got some 'splainin' to do," the Flash kids the two women, now dressed and sitting at the conference table in League headquarters.  The face of each woman is a bright red, a badge of their shameful behavior.  Each woman is also tremendously exhausted from both their confrontation with the villainesses and their incredible sexual activities.

Both women blush but the Amazon breaks the silence first.  "I came to help Supergirl guard the two prisoners.  That's all I remember."

"I don't know why we were in the plaza, doing ... doing," Supergirl states.

"Give me your lasso," the Flash commands.  Wonder Woman hands over her prized posession and the Flash slips it over their shoulders.  "Tell me why you were in the plaza."

Both women suddenly begin to tell how they went to Ivy's lair, were trapped, and forced to obey Ivy's commands.  Lantern and even the Flash blush at the lurid tale of the heroines' sexcapades.  After the Flash removes the lasso from their bodies, Supergirl rises and says, "I guess I'd better leave."  The faces of the two heroines flush a deep red at the scenes their minds now recall, scenes of unbridled passion and sex.

"I think you should," a voice from the back of the room says.   Batman and Robin stand in the doorway, the lad's cheeks a rosy red from what the women have revealed.  "I've managed to talk to the police and convince them that what you did wasn't your fault, in the hope that what I said was true.  Nonetheless, I think you should leave here, Supergirl.  You seem to cause us nothing but trouble with your behavior, lately."

"It wasn't her fault," Wonder Woman protests, suddenly concerned about her young friend - and lover?.  The Amazon looks at the crestfallen Maid of Might and smiles thinly, hoping to reestablish a bond with the blonde.

"No, he's right, Diana," the Girl of Steel relies.  "I have been having some problems of late.  Perhaps I should go."  With that, the Maid of Might turns toward the door and heads out of the conference room, passing between Batman and Robin.  If she had a tail, it would be between her legs to reflect the shame in her mind.  "Why do these things happen to me?" she wonders as she leave the building and leaps into the air.   "How long will this go on?"  The breeze of her flight wicks a single tear from her cheek as she flies over the city.


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