The Legion of Virtue Does Marvel.


By Markus





I wrote this story for entertainment purposes only and I am receiving no financial remuneration for it. WARNING it contains scenes of aberrant perversions too numerous to mention, (many without even a proper scientific description as yet!) so if your easily offended, then please go and read something else. If, on the other hand, you want to read about three of the hottest babes in the Marvel universe being stripped of all their dignity, humiliated and defiled, then read on.




Phoenix, Storm and The Invisible Woman are all characters copyrighted to Marvel comics. And I suppose I should apologise in advance to them for the BRUTAL BRUTAL way their characters are treated in this story. Miss Prim and The Legion of Virtue are characters created by Orb. Check out his stories at Superstories and the Mr. X website; story section. They are all excellent. (As far as serious minded comic book fans, who may wish to know at what time period in the Marvel continuity this story takes place… don’t worry your pretty little heads about it.)


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            Early morning in the Baxter building, whilst her husband was, as ever, tinkering away with his inventions in his lab and Johnny and Ben were arguing below, grown tired of constantly having to act as peacemaker and deciding to get some peace and quite, Susan Richards AKA The Invisible Woman made her way to one of the many utility labs to review the most recent intelligence date that had been sent through to The Fantastic Four.

            A statuesque blonde who, although in now in her late thirties, still retained a figure a Las Vegas showgirl would be proud off. Sue wore her famous blue Fantastic Four uniform, the thin material of which looked as if it had been vacuum fitted to her voluptuous body. She was seated on a chair sipping a cup of coffee as she studied the many reports on a monitor in front of her. At the moment she was reviewing a new growing menace that the worried US government has asked the Fantastic Four to keep an eye on.

As if the world didn't have enough evil geniuses and super villains already, recently a new organisation had arose to spread terror and panic, particularly amongst women. The Legion of Virtue lead by the viperous Miss Judith Prim were on a self proclaimed crusade for a return to ‘Victorian moral values’. This meant, in practice, that any woman they felt was in violation of their puritanical code of conduct was kidnapped and then transformed into a hideously deformed she-male. The Legion then delighted in broadcasting videos and photos of their unfortunate captive’s ordeal on the internet. So far all attempts to apprehend this bizarre group of zealots had failed. Worse several super heroines had been captured and had also suffered the humiliation of being transformed into grotesque freaks. The legion of Virtue had recently caused pandemonium at the 2005 Alexandria’s Promise Lingerie and Fashion Show and, as a result, some of the world’s most famous super models were now chicks with dicks.

            On the computer monitor Sue was watching a replay of one of the latest victims of Miss Prim’s malice. A beautiful and talented young Hollywood starlet called Jessica Abba, who had played the lead in the TV series ‘Dark Avenger’ and appeared in the films ‘Sin Town’ and ‘Into The Deep Blue Sea”. Now captured and irreversibly transformed by The Legion of Virtue.

            Susan gazed with pity at the unhappy girl on the monitor screen. Her wrists were clamped to the armrests of her chair and her slim ankles manacled to extensions that projected from underneath the seat of the chair. The purpose of this apparatus was to raise her legs up and as wide apart as possible so everyone could see the horrific change in gender that she had been forced to undergo. Jessica's head was immobilised in a head clamp, leaving her no choice but to continually suck off her own gigantic cock.

            There had been talk of Jessica portraying Sue herself in an upcoming film of the Fantastic Four’s adventures, but, looking at her woe begotten, cum splattered face, there was no chance of that happening now. Jessica would have to retire to the seclusion of the Masterson Memorial Clinic with the rest of the Legion of Virtue’s victims. Until such time as someone could find a cure for her condition.

            Sue had visited the clinic once herself, accompanying her husband when he had been brought in to consult on finding a possible cure for Miss Prim’s growing number of victims. His prognosis however was not encouraging. The condition seems to be irreversible and the aberrant sex organs could not be removed without killing the patient.

            They had been shown two of Miss Prim’s first victims, Britney Sears and Beyonci Childs. Both girls now permanently confined to bed, hopelessly addicted to sucking away on their own cocks.

            Sue couldn’t help but feel sorry for the miserable ex pop divas, but at the same time she had to admit she found the spectacle of the two attractive young girls slobbering away as they compulsively performed oral sex on themselves strangely erotic, in a nasty, dirty sort of way. It made her feel soiled and guilty and yet highly aroused, all at the same time. She couldn’t take her eyes off the two she-males and began to wonder what it would be like to be in their place “Oh, how horrible!” Sue thought with a shiver.

That night her husband received the best blow job of his entire life.

            Sue was just about to switch the monitor off when suddenly she found herself surrounded by a nimbus of bright blue light and, a second after, remarkably, The Invisible Woman vanished.

            High up in the dark cloudy sky soared Ororo Monroe alias Storm. Using her mutant ability to control the weather to keep her aloft. Her slim dancer’s body twisted and turned as her large black cape caught the rising thermals, allowing her to gild like an eagle. She smiled with pleasure as the strong wind caught her long platinum hair and sent it furling out behind her like a flag. She seemed to be swooping and diving just for the fun of it, performing a graceful aerial ballet and lost in complete self absorption when, suddenly, she was aware of a bright blue light enveloping her and then all that remained was the empty sky.

            It was a quite day in the Xavier mansion and the graceful figure of Jean Grey AKA Phoenix slowly strolled along one of the walls of the main library, studying the fine tooled spines of the many books on the shelves. Jean Grey was a stunning looking young woman. She had a beautiful face and long mane of scarlet hair which flowed down her back. She also had the perfect body, tall, with large firm breasts, slim waist, a nice round ass and long, well toned legs, all this magnificently set off in a blue and orange outfit. Finally she selected one of her favourite poets and telekinetically lifted the expensive volume from it from its place and into her gloved hand. As she made her way to one of the large leather arm chairs her ripe ass rolled provocatively in its cellophane wrapped outfit with every step. She sat down in the armchair crossing her elegant legs, but then a strange simmering blue light appeared from nowhere and enveloped her, in seconds all that remained was and empty chair and a half opened book.

            With a bright flash all three women rematerialised. They now stood in the centre of a large circular room. The three super heroines look around in dazed confusion. “Jean how did we get here?” “I don’t know Storm... Susan what on earth are you doing here?” “I don’t know either. A second ago I was in the Baxter Building. I-I’ve no idea how I’ve got here.”

            “By matter transporter if you must know.” Came a sharp voice from behind them. They turn as one and saw a slim, severely dressed woman standing behind a high tech semi circular consol. “And I must say this little device works like a dream. In future I will be able to pluck the indecent and immodest from anywhere on the planet.”

“My God!” Said Storm. “It’s that lunatic Miss Prim! We’re in the clutches of the Legion of Virtue!”

“Correct! I am indeed Miss Judith Prim and these are my loyal followers.

 “Hmnn brainwashed morons more like!” Whispered Jean.

            “Why have you brought us here?” Asked Sue suspiciously. “Your own conduct is what has brought you here. Frankly Mrs. Richards, I’m surprised at you. As a married woman one would expect you to set a better example for younger women.”

“What do you mean by ‘younger women’?” Snarled The Invisible Woman visibly piqued. She starting angrily forward, but Phoenix laid a restraining hand on her shoulder. “Steady Sue, let’s hear this nut job out first."

            “I mean, of course, your shameful exhibitionist behaviour Mrs. Richards. Gallivanting around town in nothing but a skin tight outfit whilst everyone gawps at your big boobs bouncing up and down.”

            “Take no notice Susan.” Said Phoenix. “She’s just jealous because she hasn’t got your figure.”

            This comment obviously struck a nerve with the unstable Miss Prim, her face flushed scarlet. “H-How dare you make such an insinuation!” She spluttered. “I will not tolerate such impertinence, least of all from you Phoenix. You’re nothing but a pouting, ginger haired tart, running around in a gaudy circus outfit.”

            Storm turned to smile at her friend. “And that’s told you!” She said sarcastically.

            “And you’re no better Storm.” continued Miss Prim heatedly. “You're a disgrace to your race.”

            “What?” cries Storm, genuinely angry now. “How dare you…”

            Look Miss Prim” interjected Susan Richards. “Let’s stop all the insults and cut to the chase here. I assume we’ve been kidnapped because you intend to try and put us on trial for violating your stupid, prudish code of conduct... Yes?”

“Actually no.” Replied Miss Prim. “The very fact that you are here means that you have already been judged and found guilty. It now only remains for me to met out justice.”

            “You are insane.” Said Storm. “We’re three of the most powerful super heroines on the planet. You are the one about to face justice. Freeze her Jean!” Phoenix gestured towards Miss Prim, a look of fierce concentration on her face. But the leader of the Legion of Virtue just stood nonchalantly in front of them with her arms crossed. “Well?” She said. “Were you expecting something to happen?” Phoenix gazed at her companions nonplussed. Next Sue flung her arms forward as if throwing and invisible force blast, again, nothing happened! The three women looked at one another with baffled and alarmed expressions on their faces, and then Storm blurted out the horrible true.

“Some thing has robbed us of all our powers!”

            “That ‘something’ is this remarkable device here.” Explained Miss Prim, patting the top of a large box like device. “This machine is generating a huge inhibitor field that envelopes the entire building. It is completely harmless to normal humans, but, I'm afraid, it also totally nullifies all your powers. The only way to escape from its influence is to get out of its range, and I assure you that that is not an option.”

            “Now, we’ll speak again after you ‘ladies’ have been processed by the disrobing machine.” She pressed a button with one slim finger. Trap doors immediately open up under the feet of the three super heroines and with a shriek they vanished from sight.

            Miss Prim smirked to her self in satisfaction. “Staff on level three, prepare for new arrivals.” She barked into a microphone on her desk. Then she pressed another button and the whole raised consol started to lower itself through the floor, going down like an elevator, descending deeper into the bowels of the multi story complex.

            The whole platform finally it came to rest at floor level in a nearly identical room. Her followers were all busy around her tending computers and setting up recording equipment. Miss Prim raised her head to look up at the three metal tubes projecting from the ceiling. Muffled shouting and banging, plus the occasional outraged squeal could be heard as the three unfortunate heroines were processed through the disrobing machine.

            A rumbling, clanking noise started to issue from a separate shoot off towards the other side of the room, out of which, the torn shreds of brightly coloured costumes started to tumble into a large laundry basket which had been positioned directly beneath.

            These rags could be identified as; The ripped up remains of Phoenix's blue and orange uniform... Storm’s cape, black bikini and thigh high boots... And a badly ripped up blue leotard and some black boots and gloves, ex property of The Invisible Woman. Plus sundry equally tattered bras and panties which followed on in short order.

            A Sudden increase in the thumping and banging heralded the arrival of The Invisible Woman who shot out of the opening at the bottom of one of the tubes and landed in an ungainly heap on the floor. Now bruised and completely naked Sue picked herself up, quickly doing an impersonation of Bottichelli’s Venus as she realised her predicament. “To late for any false modesty now Mrs. Richards.” Sneered Miss Prim.

            The completely stripped bodies of Storm and Phoenix soon followed. And it could have been be noted by any observant witness that the two mutants pubic hair colour matched that of the hair on their heads.

            “As you can see” Said Miss Prim addressing her naked captives. “My assistants are busy setting up recording equipment. There are numerous Cameras placed around the room to record your corrective treatment. We’ll edit it all down for broadcasting late.”

            “Now, are the three of you going to line up quietly and take your punishment in a dignified manner? Or are you going to cause a scene?”

            The heroines immediately struck karate poses. Looking slightly ridiculous, as all three were stark naked, but looking hot, definitely looking hot.

            “Hmnn, I thought not. Please be aware that my Omni ring is the one exemption in this superpowers damper field. So I wouldn’t contemplate a physical assault upon me if I were you. I still have ten times the strength of any normal woman. Anyway, I think it’s disgusting that women should be prepared to brawl like vulgar pugilists. It’s so demeaning.”

            “Talking about demeaning... We have discovered that since we have started to target chiefly Superheoines in our program of moral rehabilitation that we have garnered a great many supporters from amongst what could be referred to as the ‘super villain’ community. Many of these gentlemen with minds of great intellect and ingenuity who have been instrumental in equipping us with the fruits of their genius to help further our cause. Not only have these patrons provided us with these inventions for nothing, but have been equally generous in sponsoring our organisation financially. Allowing me to purchase and equipping of this state of the art facility for instance.”

            “And they have asked for nothing in return save the satisfaction of knowing they have contributed in the humiliation and disgrace of, if you’ll pardon the term, ‘Super heroines’, vain and shallow women like yourselves.

            “I can well imagine how much they must despise you.” She said casting envious eyes over the three well endowed beauties before her. Her voice was tinged with jealousy as she continued.

            “You big titted whores really rile me. But we now have the means of correcting this vanity and curing you of the desire to flaunt your big udders in public.”

            “This device for instance…” She said lifting a large, complicated looking ray gun like contraption. “was invented by one of the more insane of the mad scientists currently equipping us with the weapons for our crusade.” The evident ease with which the slim woman picked up and handled this cumbersome and heavy looking device was proof that she told the truth, and that her own preternatural strength was unaffected by the damper field.

            “It’s a ‘Focused Cellular Disruption Vibra Field Emitter’ or, as I like to refer to it, a ‘Tit Melting Gun’. One blast from this baby will turn any firm pair of breasts into floppy, shapeless fried eggs. Allow me to demonstrate…”

            With this she aimed the weird looking contraption at Phoenix. There was a hum which grew quickly louder as the device charged itself up and then... ‘FWOMPH!!’ A blast of energy shot towards the startled heroine and, before she could dodge, it had struck her full in the chest, throwing her backwards off her feet so that she landed with a thump on her arse several feet away. Her two compatriots immediately rushed to her aid.

            Phoenix cradled her chest. “NoNoNo!” She cried as her breasts immediately started to tingle and burn. As this heat increased they seemed to soften and started to quiver and lose their shape. Susan and Ororo gazed in speechless horror as Phoenix’s once perky breasts started to wobble and melt in front of their eyes. Jean tried to clasp them tighter to support them, but their sagging collapse was unstoppable and they simply melted down through her grasp.

            In less than twenty seconds they had been reduced to long, flabby bags of wrinkled skin hanging down to below her waist. Jean gave a wail of shock and horror at the vandalism that had been wrought upon her beautiful body. The other two super heroines couldn’t help but draw back slightly, regarding their friends transformed mammaries with revulsion.

            “Excellent! This thing works even better than I hoped.” Exclaimed Miss Prim in delight as she slowly walked over to where a dazed Phoenix was sat on the floor, still holding the sorry remains of her breasts in her hands. “W-what have you done t-to me?” She stammered tearfully. “Oh don’t worry, my dear, you are otherwise completely unharmed, I’ve just liquidised your tits, that’s all.” Replied a triumphant Judith Prim as she stood gloating over her distressed victim. She then pointed down to Jean’s ruined tits with the nozzle of her ray gun.

“You won’t be showing those pathetic looking skin bags off in future will you? Good God, dear! I’ve seen eighty years olds with better tits than those!”

            “You bitch!” yelled Storm “Look what you’ve done to her!” She then noticed Miss Prim re-aiming the gun at her and quickly leaped to one side. “Split up Sue. Don’t let her get a clear shot at you. “She shouted.

            Miss Prim swung the gun around pressing the switch that charged up again and discharged a second blast. ‘FWOMPH!’ This one narrowly missing The Invisible Woman as she duck quickly out of the way, her arms wrapped protectively around her bosom.

            Miss Prim then started to stalk the two naked super babes around the large room. “You’re only delaying the inevitable! Why don’t you have the good grace to stand still and submit to you punishment with some dignity?”

“You live in your own little world, don’t you?” rejoinder Susan Richards as she weaved and ducked the ray blasts.

            Miss Prim was obviously losing her patience.” Enough of this! Time for phase two of the programme. Release the pheromone gas!” Instantly small vents spaced around the walls just above floor level started to hiss and emit a faint reddish mist.

            This soon began to curl around the shapely legs of our two naked heroines. Storm gave a sharp intake of breath and placed a hand over her suddenly throbbing pussy as waves of erotic arousal started to burn throughout her body. Susan also found that her own body was reacting strangely. She felt hot and feverish with unfocused sexual desire, her tingling nipples grew hard and a sheen of sweat appeared on her pale skin.

            Her nostrils flared wide and she felt her head going faint. “What have you done to us?” She demanded, swaying and caressing herself. “W-What is this ghastly stuff?’” Miss Prim smirked at the effect the gas was having on her two captives. “It is merely a pheromone laced chemical vapour, in other words a powerful air born aphrodisiac… Sex gas! The more of it you breathe in, the more you will be overcome by your own base carnal desires.”

            “Of course my disciples and I are immune to its effect, but as soon as you filthy sluts inhale a good dose you be crawling around the floor like the bitches in heat you truly are.” (Unfortunately it was just at that moment that a dizzy Susan stumbled, lost her footing and went sprawling down on all fours, gasping, writhing and uncontrollably fondling herself. Which did rather lend unwitting credence to Miss Prim’s statement.)

            “Now for ‘Phase Three’... release the Transmorph snakes!” Immediately a dozen mechanical snakes slithered out of holes in the corners of the room and began to wriggle swiftly towards the three naked super heroines.

            “These little robots are programmed to discharge their chemical spray into any aroused female vagina. Thus sending their victim on the fast track to she-male city. I’m sure that you’ve all seen the results of what a dose of this spray can do. Due to the pheromone mist I’ve just released into this room I’m sure that they will have no trouble at all in tracking you down by the trail of vaginal secretions dripping from between your legs. It is poetic justice that your own disgusting lust will seal your doom, you licentious whores!”

            “We are not whores!” Declared Storm, her right hand guiltily rubbing away at her wet pussy as she said it. “You just try to manipulate the situation to make reality conform to your twisted, repressed view of the world!”

            “Storm forget the feminist critique for now she’s aiming that gun at you again! See if you can get that door over there open!” cried Sue unable to keep her hands from massaging her own aching pussy. “And for God’s sake... look out for these snakes!” She said, kicking one of the mechanical menaces away from her.

            Meanwhile Phoenix AKA Jean Grey was still her knees weeping uncontrollably and oblivious to anything but the appalling sight of her own ruined breasts, so she failed to notice the approach of this new peril. “Jean look out!” cried Storm, but it was too late! The nozzle like head of one of the cyber snake pointed upwards and gave Phoenix a full blast of the mutagen sex change chemical right into her vulva.

            “Ow! That stings!” Cried Jean. She reached down and wiped some of the pale green slime off her pussy, then gazed bewildered at the sticky substance on her fingers. “What is this crap? Ohhh… what’s happening to me... I feel so hot and weird?” Her engorged clitoris had pocked out its head out of its protective hood and was already beginning its transformation into a miniature penis. Its fraenulum stretching as it expanded in size and stood erect. Jean reached down again in surprise and began to caress and stroke it. These ministrations soon had their effect and in seconds it grew to resemble a fair sized dong. Phoenix's eyes opened wide and she stared at this strange apparition in a delirium of lust.

            “I see that the first of you so called ‘heroines’ has just fallen from grace.” Commented Miss Prim “Jean... no! Don’t play with it! You’ll only make it worse!” Yelled Sue. But Jean seemed obvious to any warning and was now feverishly wanking away at her ever growing cock. Sue was about to run to her aid when Miss Prim stepping between them and she had to leaped back to save her own breasts from another blast from the tit melter.

            Storm heard her friend Jean’s continuous gasps and moans and knew her friend was rapidly succumbing to the insidious sex drug and was in serious danger of being permanently transformed into a she-male. But she couldn’t abandon her task to go and help her. She continued trying frantically to open the sealed door, but, without any kind of lock pick, it was proving to be an impossible task. She also knew that the cyber snakes were closing in second by second. But what she did not see was that Miss Prim had managed to skulk around to the side of to her and now had her ripe dusky melons right in her sights.

            Sue saw this and made a rush at Miss Prim as she was about to press the trigger. Alerted by the noise Miss Prim swung the gun back around towards Sue who, realising the danger she was in, jinked swiftly to the side. Storm had seized this opportunity this distraction afforded her to launch her own attack on Miss Prim. But, her adversary was too quick for her; she spun back around with the gun and ‘FWOMPH!!’ Storm was hit squarely in the chest and hurled backwards.

            Storm sat back up with a dazed look on her face. Her breasts suddenly felt very warm and heavy and as she looked down she could see to her alarm that they had already started to flatten out and droop. “No!” She wailed. Storm had always been justifiably proud of her superb figure and her fabulous breasts in particular, and now here they were, collapsing right in front of her eyes. Her nipples lengthening and sagging downwards as the smooth skin of her breasts started to stretch and wrinkle. In less than half a minute it was all over and her perfect breasts had been irreversibly melted into two flabby, low hanging saddle bags.

            Storm couldn’t stop the tears coming. “My beautiful breasts... they're ruined… ruined! Sob! They look so h-hideous!” She said as she lifted one of the flaccid, empty tit sacks in her hand. ”Sniff...H-How can I ever appear in public again?” She saw a sudden movement between her legs and quickly grabbed one of the robot snakes and hurled it back across the room.

            Across the other side of the room the naked body of The Invisible Woman back flipped out of the way of another blast from the tit melter. She had spent years training to avoid weapons fire, but she was tiring.

            It wasn’t just all the exercise that was making Susan sweat. The sex pheromone gas was really doing a number on the poor distressed woman’s over stimulated pussy. It demanded to be constantly massaged and this irritation was causing her to gasp and stagger around the room whilst furiously rubbing away at herself. Her bartholin’s glands were now producing so much pussy juice that it could be seen dripping out of her vagina and trickling down her smooth thighs. Each glistening droplet a tell tale lure for the dreadful cyber snakes.

            Jean meanwhile was writhing in a paroxysm of Paphian lust. Already a stiff two foot long penis was rising out of the reddish hair of her pussy. She had soaked up a massive dose of the pheromone gas whist she had lain on the floor and it was driving her demented with sexual desire. The drug kept her in an almost mindless state of over heated erotic stimulation whilst her treacherous hands were fondling and playing with this giant boner as if they had a will of their own. The ever growing penis was genetically pre-programmed to home in on its host’s mouth and was already making its way past Jean's flabby, deflated breasts towards its ultimate objective. If Jean was allowed to suck it off until it ejaculated this would irrevocably complete her transformation into a monstrous she-male.



















            Seeing her friend’s immanent peril with alarm Storm rushed to aid her, ignoring her own wildly swinging breasts. But in her haste she tripped over one of the writing robot snakes and fell heavily forward onto her already sore tities. ‘SPLAT!!’ This left her fine black ass sticking up in the air and behind her one of the transmorg cyber snakes reared up like a cobra and ‘HISSSS!’ got a good shot right into her snatch. Storm jumped to her feet with a yelp, but it was too late! She’d been got!

            Storm’s legs turned to rubber as the reality of this hit home, and she collapsed to the floor again. ‘Boink!’ A cock shaped clitoris shot up from amongst her white pubic hair. In seconds it had swollen into a long dark skinned snake over a foot long. As Storm watched in horror it writhed around with a life of its own growing further and further up her body, as if looking for a place to strike. Storm began pushing herself away from it, scurrying backwards on her elbows and heels as if she could escape from her own body.

            “No!” She thought “She was Storm! She would not permit this to happen to her!” but Storm had finally met her match, and it was her own cock. Eventually it was hovering above her chin and with terror filled eyes she realised there was nowhere else for it to go other than into her mouth. Every time she tried to push it away the determined appendage swung instantly back.

            Across the floor from her she could see Jean’s ecstatic face as she sucked down greedily on her own mutant cock. Then it stiffened in her hands and began to jerk. ‘SPLORT!!’ Jerk! Jerk! ‘SPLUBB!!’ Jean choked, her mouth flew open and huge amounts of white cum jetted everywhere. She gave one last scream of orgasmic pleasure as her throbbing cock went off again and again, spasm after spasm, until it had coated her face and breasts with an impossibly large amount of thick sticky cum. Across the room a deadly game of cat and mouse was temporality suspended as Susan Richards and Miss Prim paused in shock at the sight.

            Jean shrieked in ecstasy as the drug’s final stage began. ’SPLUB!!’ her pussy just seemed to quiver and then turn itself inside out. ‘SPLUNT!!’  A large testicle shot out of her abdomen into this fleshy sack. She screamed again and ‘FLUMP!’ Out popped another one. Sue turned green with nausea while watching the unnatural occurrence, but Miss Prim had a look of sadistic delight and satisfaction on her face.

            “One down... two to go. And I’d say that it won’t be long now before your coloured friend joins her.” Susan saw that she was right. Storm’s rock hard cock had by now forced its way past her lips and teeth and jammed itself up against the back of her mouth. Storm was helplessly sucking away on it with a look of desperate appeal in her terrified eyes.

            Susan saw with alarm that a second of her compatriots was now about to undergo involuntary sexual reassignment, Phoenix was finished, but Storm could still be saved. She rushed past Miss Prim and, putting aside her revulsion, dived forward and frantically grabbed Storm’s huge, rubbery cock, pulling its weaving head away from the bewitched girl’s gasping mouth. She could see pearlescent drops of pre cum dripping from its tip. “Just in time!” she gasped in relief.

            “Excellent Susan!” Crowed Miss Prim in triumph! “Such self sacrifice! Now... just hold that pose!” Susan realised that she was now directly in line of fire of the tit melter gun. But she had no way of moving without releasing her grip on Storm’s writhing pseudo penis. ‘FWOMPH!’ The weird beam hit her bang on target. Her breasts quivered with the impact and she let go of Storm as she went sprawling away across the floor.

            “No! No! That didn’t just happen!” Sue stammered in shock. But she could feel her breasts already starting to burn as the dreadful chain reaction began deep within her tit meat. As she clasped both her hands to her bosom she found the sensation of touching her own breasts revolting as she could feel them starting to soften and collapse in upon themselves like a pricked soufflé. Sue could only watch in speechless horror as they started to spread out and melt down her chest, just two wobbling masses of rapidly dissolving flesh. Finally they slid over to either side of her belly, reduced to thin, saggy bags of wrinkled up skin, their internal contents now nothing but liquefied fat, The Invisible Woman’s tits were history!

NOOO!” She wailed in anguish. “NOOO! My breasts! My beautiful breasts! They're ruined! Ruined!! You BITCH Prim! I’ll kill you for this!”

            Her mind was brought rapidly back to her present situation by the sight of a wriggling transmorg snake slithering towards her. Susan’s long leg flashed out, kicking the vile cybernetic device away. Just then she heard a “Glub! Glub! Glub!” sound behind her and, turning around, was horrified to see Storm’s dick was back in her mouth again, and from the way she was quivering and shaking, she was obviously approaching orgasm!

            As Susan watched in helpless horror Storm’s head jerked back in a last silent orgasmic scream as huge goblets of semen spat from her pulsating penis. She groaned again and her cock jerked a second time ejaculating huge fountains of cum that splattered all over her face and neck and into her long white hair. Storm screamed in humiliation and shame at what had been done to her. Her face, hair and upper body were now completely covered in white streaks of glistening semen which contrasted with her smooth dark skin.

            Susan felt sick for her, she knew what must follow. Immediately Storm began writhing on the floor, her body jerking up and down, then she let out a loud grunt “Urghh!” and ‘SPLUB!’ A sack of skin unfurled from out of her pussy. Seconds later ‘SPLORT!!’ A large round testicle also pushed its way out.

 “Noo Ohhoo! Nooo! Urghh!!” Storm screamed, as ’SPLORT!!’ It was joined by a second just as big. She looked down at her crotch, unable to believe what had been done to her. “I... I’m not a woman anymore!” She gasped in horror. “I’m a man!” With that her head fell back again and she mercifully fainted.

            Meanwhile Susan was putting up an impressive display of evasion despite being encumbered by her dangling floppy breasts. But there were far too many transmog snakes for her to avoid them all forever. Even as she leaped out of the way of two, she didn't see another one ahead speeding towards her. Only a frantic leap over it saved her, by just a few inches, from its squirting venom.

            “Congratulations Invisible Bitch.” Said Miss Prim as Susan jumped out of the way of yet another squirting snake. “You’re obviously in remarkably good shape... for your age. But you’re slowing down more with every passing minute; I can see you panting for breath. A very poor show, a real lady should never perspire like that.”

            The blonde amazon shot her a steely glare. “Who do you think your dealing with here Prim? Sooner or later I’ll...”

            “It’s ‘whom’.” Said Miss Prim with an exasperated sigh. “And by the way, you're surrounded.” It was true; there was no where left for Sue to run. Half a dozen of the deadly transmorgh robot snakes had backed her into a corner. And, despite a last ditch, rather ineffective, attempt to block them with her hands at least four of the cyber snakes let go at once with streams of super testosterone laced chemical aimed directly at Susan's unprotected vagina.

            “Nooo!” she screamed in despair, frantically trying to wipe the chemical gunk off her thoroughly squirted pussy. “Noo. This can’t be happening! I can’t be turned… I’m... I’m a married woman...” She yelled in panic. “And a mother!” Her hands were now pressed over her crotch for a different reason... to disguise her rapidly growing clit. The expression on her beautiful face was a portrait of wild desperation mixed with guilty sexual arousal.  She found her clitoris swelling into her hands into an already decent sized penis which was doubling in size each time she caressed it.

            Susan immediately let go of it. “No mustn’t… I must be strong... don’t think about sex... must resisted... Urghh… ummm NO! Don’t touch Uumm No! Mustn’t weaken.”

            “Quite right, Susan, quite right! But I’m afraid you will be found lacking in the necessary moral fibre. You see I’ve never seen anyone get so high a dose of the transmorg chemical before. It must be driving you mad with lust!”

            This was true, Susan's sweating body was burning up with uncontrollable sexual desire, and it made her forget about everything else as she slid to the floor masturbating her own growing cock furiously. The thick, vein covered penis quickly grew to a gargantuan size, rising past her long, flaccid breasts and up towards her mouth. “Hmm how flexible. Remind you of you husband, does it, Susan?”

            Sue didn’t even hear her; all she could hear was the blood pounding in her ears. Oblivious to anything but the irresistible need that demanded that she suck that huge cock in front of her. She licked her lips. “Oh Nooo... please… help m-me… No!! Must fight... it can’t.. Glomphh!!” She opened her soft mouth and swallowed the huge purple head of her penis whole. “Mmmmph! Slurp! Slurp! Mmmnn…”

            “That’s it dear, suck it like the two dollar whore you are.” Encouraged Miss Prim as she knelt down beside the rapidly bobbing blonde head.

             Susan continued working over her cock like a top class hooker. “Mmmmm! Slurp! Slurp! Mmmmm!!!” Lost in a red mist of total sexual abandon she only came back to her senses when it was seconds too late. Her eyes widened with terror as she felt her giant penis quivering, semen shooting along the length of its urethra and blasting up into her mouth. ‘SPLUBB!!’ Sue gagged and spluttered, sticky cum flying everywhere. Then she nearly blacked out as she had a second orgasm and spunked out another hot load all over her face and chest. ’SPLUTT!!’ ” Urghh Ummphh... Oohh… Gasp! NOOOO!!” ‘SPLATT!! She screamed as, for yet a third time, an explosion of cum geysered out of her jerking penis showering her with spunk. Further lesser spasms followed, until Susan's face and hair were completely soaked with her own sticky cum.

            Susan closed her eyes tight in disgust, frantically trying to rub her face clean with her hands. Her penis had temporally subsided, although it was still a prodigious size, quivering around and slapping her in the face. Then she felt cramps starting in her abdomen. “Oh God! No! No! Please… No…” She groaned through cum splatter lips. She felt organs shift and move inside her abdomen, vaguely similar to her memories of the sensations of going into labour and then. “ Noo! Oohh Urghh!!” ‘FLOMP!’ Out came one grapefruit sized testicle “Urghh Oh God! no!” ‘FLOMP!’ Out came a second equally as large. Sue staggered backwards, clutching her huge heavy scrotum in her hands. Her three foot long cock waggling around wildly. She bumped back into the wall and then slid down it, her legs spaying out in front of her.

            Susan continued to groan and writhe as she sat there. Occasional geysers of jizsim squirting out of the tip of her penis. Spraying up into the air and descending in a fine mist upon her shivering naked body. Somehow she knew she wasn’t finished yet, that something else was still going to happen. Impossibly she felt the same sensations building up in her again and “Urghh!!” ‘FLOMP!!’ Incredibly a third ball squeezed itself out and then “Arrghhh!! ‘FLOMP!!’ a forth. Susan gazed down in disbelief at the gigantic bulging hairy nut sack that now rested between her legs. It was the size of a shopping bag and filled to bursting with huge, semen producing gonads. A dark shadow fell over her and she looked up through tear blurred eyes at the figure of Miss Prim. She tried to speak, but all she could do was gargle through her own cum.

            “My my, I’ve never seen anything like that before. It must have been that double dose of pheromone spray you received. I imagine it took quite bit of effort to push all that out Mrs Richards.” but Susan had by then passed out with shock.


            A world wide cross media broadcast by The Legion of Virtue; Remember our mission statement “Virtue is its own reward!”


            “Good evening ladies and gentlemen.” Welcomed Miss Prim, attired in her best faux Victorian finery. “As per our agreement with our sponsors, I am delighted to be hosting this world wide show ‘The Legion of Virtue Hall of Shame.’ A morally instructive anodyne to the ghastly and sexist cattle market that is the Miss World Contest.

            Tonight you will see some fine examples of how we deal with the female trash that are such a bad influence on young women these days. We have rehabilitated them by curing them of their faults, the sins of vanity and pride, by the simple expedient of removing the cause. We have reshaped them in ways that will put an end forever to their wanton exhibitionism and selfish false vanity.”

            “Tonight we have for your delectation and edification three infamous, so called ‘Super heroines’, vain and shallow women with no sense of modesty or propriety. Whom, we have decided, needed to be taken down a peg or two.”

            “First up over here, we have a little piece of static performance art. An exhibition that I’ve entitled ‘Mutant 69’. The camera panned back to show the naked bodies of Storm and Phoenix. As you can see these two super whores have been extensively modified.”

            Storm naked body lay spread eagled on the floor. She was manacled hand and foot and her withered breasts had been tied with ropes that stretched them out from either side of her chest. Suspended about three feet directly above her was Phoenix. Since we had last seen them fresh indignities had been perpetrated on the two heroines. Their beautiful long tresses had been brutally hacked off, and they had then been shaved until they were completely bald. Someone had had tattooed the word ‘WHORE’ on Phoenix’s well muscled buttock and Storm had been fitted with nose and lip rings.

            Phoenix was hanging from the ceiling by chains. A main one attached to the back of an excruciatingly tight leather belt strapped around her waist and two more attached to manacles around her ankles which dragged her feet up behind her and pulled them wide apart. Her arms were bound behind her back to the waist clincher and her long, flabby breasts were dangling down pathetically.

            It was easy to see why Miss Prim had called this arrangement ‘Mutant 69’ as both girls had each other’s cocks stuffed permanently into their mouths.

            Storm’s erect penis rose up like a chocolate coloured pillar, a strap had been tied around its thick shaft towards its tip and this strap was then securely wrapped around Jean’s neck, effectively jamming Storm’s cock inescapably into her mouth. An identical arrangement fed Phoenix's cock back to Storm. Both girls had to breathe through just their noses as they continuously sucked mindlessly away.

            Miss Prim walked up till she was stood to one side of them, her hand patted Phoenix on her hairless head. “As you can see this little piece of white trash has developed quite a taste for black Meat.” Phoenix gazed into the camera, her tearful eyes now held far more fear and shame than anger or defiance; her sprit had been broken for good!

            Miss Prim bent down next to Jean’s face gloating. “That’s quite a mouthful you’ve got there. You know my dear; it’s such a temptation to pinch your nose. But I must resist. As you can see both girls are on what you might call a high protein diet.” She began to walk around by the side of Phoenix towards her ass and Storm’s head, deliberately stepping on the tip of one of Storms breast’s as she did so. The naked dusky body on the floor convulsed in her chains. “Of course any sharp pain...” Continued Miss Prim, and here she gave Phoenix a hard slap on her backside. “and they tend to bite down... which doesn’t endear then to their partners.”

            The camera was now focused between Phoenix's open legs. From this angle everyone could see clearly her huge balls, which seemed to grow large and heavier with each ejaculation, dangling down. The long shaft of her penis travelled all the way down to embed itself inside Storm’s ceaselessly sucking mouth.

            “Oh lucky us, it looks like we might have picked just the right moment viewers.” Jean wriggled, her buttocks clenching and unclenching spasmodically and then her penis convulsed along its whole length. ‘SPLOPP!’

            Storm gagged and struggled, jizsim overflowing out of her mouth and running down the sides of her face. Her newly shorn head was already resting in a pool of this gunk, created by the frequent emissions from Phoenix's cock.

            “I think that’s just her way of telling you how much she likes what you’re doing with your mouth.” Soothed Miss Prim. Storm’s eyes closed in complete disgust.

            Miss Prim strengthened up and walked to the side again. She began stroking her hands along Phoenix's back.

            “That’s it girls, keep sucking away for the cameras. You’re both stars now. Soon the compulsion to suck cock will be so deeply embedded in you psychic that you will be permanently addicted to constant auto fellatio...a fate you justly deserve.

            “Hmnn…” She said, walking around them with her hands on her hips. “I don’t know what they used to call you before... but you two are definitely ex women now!” She then slapped Jean’s bare ass once again and strode off chuckling at her own joke.

            “And now for our second exhibit.” She said, walking over to the next helpless captive on display. “This wretched specimen use to be called ‘The Invisible Woman’. But what you’d call her now? Well I don’t know. As you can see she also had been extensively modified.” And indeed she had, it was obvious that no trouble had been spared to offer Susan Richards up on a pedestal of shame and debasement.

            Susan had been strapped into a Chair, like her compatriots, she had also been shorn of all her long blonde hair. In fact she had been completely shaved all over, even her eyebrows, and she had had the word ‘SLUT’ indelibly tattooed on her forehead. Her arms were handcuffed behind her to the back rest of the chair, and her shapely legs hoisted up by long chains and pulled wide apart so that her manacled heels were above the level of her head and the giant ball sack between her open thighs was on prominent display.

            Her long, sagging breasts now hung down on either side of the chair. And just to add to her torment, their areolas had been pierced and fitted with metal rings. These in turn had then been attached to dangling lead weights which were now stretching her already elongated breasts even further out of shape.

            As with Storm and Phoenix a strap had been wrapped around the shaft of her elephant size penis and then tied behind her neck effectively locking it into position inside her mouth. It was so big and wide that Sue’s lips were stretched tight around it like an elastic band. In fact she was being gagged and half choked by her own cock.

            The chair’s single central support was a steel piston which kept sliding steadily up and down. The result of this constant pumping action was that it forced Susan into the act of continuous auto fellatio.

            Miss Prim stood proudly in front of this deformed and humiliated beauty and, for a few seconds, all she did was to allow the millions of viewer to take in the spectacle and fully comprehend the terrible transformation she had wrought upon the famous Invisible Woman, then she spoke.

            “Now, let this be a salutary warning to all you young mothers out there. Take heed! Be dutiful to your husbands. Be demure, bear children and then stay at home and suckle and nursed them as a good Christian wife should. Show some propriety, some dignity. Don’t go running around town flaunting your body like this trollop did or you run the risk of sharing the same fate.” She stepped to Susan’s side, whispering in her ear. “I don’t think there’s much point in you running home to your own husband, my dear, after all he’s not going to want you now. Is he? I think it’s safe to say that your marriage was annulled the second you changed sex. And just what is your little boy going to think of his mummy now? Hummm?” Susan shifted in her chair and an unintelligible murmur escaped from her cock jammed mouth. Tears started to trickle down her cheeks as she realised the true long term implications of what had been done to her.

            “If you want my advice dear…” Miss Prim continued. “It’s probably best in future if you cease trying to fighting nature and find yourself a nice young girl... one who’ll appreciate what you now have to offer.”

            Susan could do nothing but glare in impotent rage at her tormentor. “Hmnn... nice legs” commented Miss Prim as she ran her fingers lightly up and down Susan's leg. “...good muscle tone… a shame short skirts are out of the question for you from now on, what with that huge sack of gonads hanging down between your thighs.” She was now gently stroking the soft skin on the underside of Susan's upper thigh. With a malicious grin on her face Miss Prim turned towards the camera.

            “And did you know that all we need to do to get this little volcano to erupt is to give her a little tickle, like so...” She said, and then sadistically began to stroke and caress Susan's fleshy scrotum. Immediate the helpless woman began to franticly wriggle and struggle in her chair.

            Her breathing grew faster and louder and eyes blazed at the indignity that was being performed on her. One that she was helpless either to prevent or resist. After a few seconds her struggles suddenly increased. “That’s it dear, cum for the camera. Cum now...” Urged Miss Prim.

            Susan’s sweating body suddenly exploded into a series of violent, spasmodic jerks.’ SPLUTT!! SPLATT!! SPLUTT!!’ “Ha! There she blows... stand back everyone!” Susan jerked and jerked her cheeks bulged out to their maximum and her eyes goggled as ‘SLURT!!’ another huge load of hot spunk jetted into her mouth. Having no way to spit it out she had no choice but to screw up her face and swallow. Down it all slithered into her gullet. Fresh salty tears trickled down her cheeks at the knowledge that this obscene humiliation was being recorded and broadcast thought the world.

             “Ha! Now that’s what I call a money shot!” Smirked Miss Prim. “Okay girls, just take some more photos and make sure that their conditioning has taken. Then, in a few hours, we’ll cut these lady-boys down and dispose of them where they belong.”


            Early next morning the workers at the municipal junk yard garbage site were astonished by a bright blue flash followed by three naked bodies that appeared to fall out of nowhere onto a huge stinking pile of detritus.

            As they picking themselves up the watching men were surprised to see that these strange new arrivals (two light skinned, one dark.) appeared to be completely naked and bald. Their astonishment turned to open mouthed stupefaction at the sight of the enormous stonk on each of these she-males possessed. Getting over that shock they realised another peculiarity, in that although all three in every other aspect looked relatively young and were obviously in good physical shape, their breasts resembled the wrinkled, low hanging saddlebags of old pensioners. None of the witnesses were close enough however to discern that one of these bizarre apparitions still had rings piercing her breasts. The three figures began to slip and slid down the garbage mountain as they made there way to level ground.

             They then stood there getting their breath back. Literally stark bollock naked and completely covered in filth and bits of rotten garbage material.

            The workers had long since beaten a hasty retreat to spread rumours of an alien invasion. Chicks with dicks were one thing, but chicks with GIANT dicks were quite another!

            Well, at least we’re free now.” Said The Invisible Woman/Man, abstractly trying to brush the dirt and grime off her naked mutated body.

            “Yes! And now it’s too late I can feel my powers returning.” Said Storm as she lovingly fondled her huge erection.

            “My God! I can’t believe this is happening... it’s like some terrible nightmare!” Said Phoenix, as she stood there unconsciously scratching her balls in a very unladylike manner.

            “We’ve got to get back to the Baxter building...” Said Sue, peeling a rotten banana skin of her backside with a disgusted expression on her face. “And see Reed, maybe he can figure out some way to reverse this terrible aberration.”

            “It’s no use!” Sobbed Jean Grey, unconsciously working her right hand up and down her stiff cock. “You heard that woman. No one can help us now! Ummm…” She gasped, her hand going faster and faster. “It’s irreversible! We’re stuck like this! We’re going to be FREAKS for the rest of our lives... FREAKS!!” Sue noticed Storm was already furtively sucking away on her own dong next to her. “Stop that!” She yelled, slapping Storm hard across the face and knocking her cock back out of her mouth. “I have to!” Whimpered Storm. “It’s mastered me! I’ve got to suck…I can’t help it anymore!! (Sniff!)I have to suck NOW!!” She wailed, humiliated by her own confession.

            Susan realised that what Miss Prim had predicted had come to pass. All three of them were now compulsive cock suckers.

            “No! We mustn’t think like that!” Said Sue, but she found that she couldn’t take her eyes off the long purple headed glans of her own penis as it waved backwards and forwards in front of her eyes. Her blue eyes grew wide; it was so tempting to... “Oh God! It’s no use... I can’t resist it any longer…” She groaned. “You’re right... I’ve got to suck!” She cried despairingly, grasping the shaft and jamming it hungrily into her open mouth and then slobbering over it like a veteran porno star.

            “No...” She gasped between sucks. “I’m going to be… Ommm… Ommm... doing this… Slurp! For t-the rest of my life... Glomp! Got to stop... Mummphh…Slurp… Slurp... no good... can’t…can’t stop... Mummph Mummph! Mummph!!”

“Mumm Mummmph! Mummph” Said Storm.

“Mumpph Mu Mu Mumph!” said Phoenix.


The End