Fluffy the Vampire Hunter in;

Misspent Youth


By Marcus




          Any relationship between the characters in this story to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This story is for entertainment value only. I am receiving no financial remuneration. It contains VERY ADULT content and is not intended for children, if easily offended, please go read something else. It is, of course, purely a work of fiction with no possible connection with reality. So, if you're a thousand year old, shape shifting demon who likes to suck down breast milk and then pork cute little vampire slayers, you never read this story, Okay.


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          Fluffy lay helplessly on her bed, sweat poring off her naked, suffering body, her straining face purple with effort as she was forced to push yet another huge, slimy, writhing slug out of her raw and over stretched vagina. The thing was much too big for her! She gripped handfuls of bedding, flung back her blonde head and screamed in agony. Would this torment never end? Then, grunting and gritting her teeth, she finally managed to expel the disgusting creature, which landed with a ‘plop!’ between her legs amongst a wriggling pile of its fellows. Fluffy took a few deep breaths, then, catching her by surprise, the involuntary contractions started all over again. “Oh NO!! Nooo please!!!... I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE... NOOOO!! Then, she woke up.

          Fluffy sprang up in bed covered in sweat and shaking uncontrollably. “God! What a horrible nightmare!” She said, hugging herself, shivering and rubbing her folded arms. In the soft light of her bedside lamp Fluffy was an alluring sight. A tall, blonde girl of 21 she had the face of an angel, big blue eyes and the slim body of a dancer. Because the night was warm she was only wearing a pyjama top and some white panties. She had kicked down her bedclothes during her feverish tossing and turning and any watching voyeur could have admired the long, well toned legs on display. Also her top was unbuttoned and her small, shapely breasts could be seen, glistening with perspiration.

          She got out of bed, and made her way to the bathroom to get a drink of water to calm her nerves. After she had switched on the light and pored herself a glass, she studied herself in the bathroom mirror.

          Remembering her bloated belly in the dream she ran an exploratory hand over her smooth, tight abdomen as if to reassure herself that this was reality. As she cupped her pert, high breasts another part of the dream flashed vividly back to her. She and Kelly, her younger sister, had been compelled to yank upon each other’s breasts until they were dangling down to their hips. Hmm, that proved it was a dream. Things like that just couldn’t happen!

          As she walked back across the hall she noticed that her sister’s night lite was on, and she was sure she could faintly here the sound of sobbing coming from within. “Kelly are you okay?” She asked, poking her head around the door. Her younger sister was sat up in bed a pink negligee, Kelly was an 18 year old version of Fluffy, albeit with darker hair. Her pretty face was screwed up and tearful. “Oh Fluffy, ahh-huh, I just had the most horrid dream.” Fluffy rushed to the bed and put an arm around her sister’s shoulders “There, there, Kelly. It’s okay now. You’re safe now! I’m here I’m here!” This seemed to calm the distressed girl down a little and she laid her head on Fluffy’s breast. “It was awful! I was in bed... but I had this really big stomach and I was giving birth... but not to babies, to horrible, big, slug things, one after another, an- and this creep was filming it all... and there was nothing I could do about it. Ohhh and it was all so real. What a horrible dream!” Luckily for Kelly she couldn’t see the look of shock and concern on her big sister’s face. “Wow! So we’ve both had exactly the same dream. This can’t be good. Maybe it’s like a premonition or some thing. I’ll have to see Glenda about this tomorrow.”

          The next morning, inside a large Victorian style mansion in a quite part of Snowydale, an elegant looking, dark haired woman reclined in a large leather chair and studied a sheaf of papers. This was Glenda, as well as being Fluffy’s guardian and advisor in her battle against evil Glenda was also a powerful white witch. She was a strikingly good looking woman in her mid thirties with long black hair and a whistle worthy figure, all wrapped up tightly today  in a dark blouse and a charcoal knee length pencil skirt. At this moment she was studying the latest report from the Council of Guardians. It appeared they had received warning that a notorious incubus; Le Voleur (The Thief) has been summoned by Fluffy’s arch enemy The Countess to destroy the vampire hunter.

          As she re-read the report again, whilst sipping her morning tea, Glenda considered that there was little chance that Le Voleur could succeed in seducing her, as she was a confirmed lesbian. But the boy mad Fluffy and Kelly were another matter entirely. Those two would definitely need protecting, both from the demon and from themselves. She decided that it would be best to begin preparations by getting together all the amulets and charms necessary to vanquish this monster, in case it did decide to make an appearance. She was about to descend into her basement, which contained her arsenal of supernatural weapons, when the door bell rang.

          Answering it she was surprised and delighted to see Fluffy standing on her door step in what vaguely resembled a cheer leader outfit. “Ah Fluffy, just the girl I wanted to see, Come in. Come in.” As Fluffy stepped inside Glenda couldn’t help but feel that there was something different about Fluffy today. The way she walked seemed more sensual, her whole body language more assured and confident. Glenda suddenly found herself finding Fluffy even more mouth wateringly desirable than usual. Indeed Glenda had had a real problem from the very beginning with her assigned task of tutoring and training the nubile blonde college coed. In that her feelings for Fluffy, (that is to say her physical feelings for Fluffy) were very strong. Okay... let's be honest here... she fancied the pants of her! But being British and all uptight and reserved she had never done anything about it.

          These feelings weren’t helped when Fluffy nonchalantly bent over in front of her to pick a cookie from a low table thus treating Glenda to a front row view of her shapely thighs and prime ripe ass. In fact they came rushing back to Glenda at full strength and she found herself flushing with embarrassment and suppressed desire. The room suddenly felt very warm and closed.

          “Listen dear, I’ve just got to go and get some of my occult protection charms from the basement… (Actually this was just an excuse by Glenda to get some air and a chance to get a firmer grip on herself.) And then we need to talk.” “Uh huh.” said Fluffy, nibbling away on her cookie. When the attractive white witch turned back around again she was astonished to see that Fluffy had stripped off her top and Glenda was starting at two perky, up turned breasts. Glenda gawped in surprise at the half naked girl. “Fluffy! What on earth do you think you are doing? Put something on, girl, for goodness sake!” Fluffy’s only reply was to reach for the elasticised waist band of her short skirt. “I just want to show you something.” She then pulled her rah rah skirt straight down. “What do you think of this?” She asked. “Blarghhh!” replied Glenda.

          At eight that evening a tall figure made its way up the path to the Winter’s sister’s house and rang the doorbell. (Fluffy had been made legally responsible for her younger sibling after the tragic death of her mother.)

          Kelly open the door and her face immediately split into a wide chipmunk cheeked smile. “Hiya Glenda, come in. Fluffy... Glenda’s here and your taxi’s just pulled up and you’re STILL not ready!!” As Glenda stepped into the hallway she heard the rapid, heavy, Clump! Clump! Clump! of Fluffy running down the stairs.

          Fluffy was dressed in a silver micro mini that just about covered her knickers as long as there wasn’t any breeze. Her unsupported breasts jiggled merrily around, just about managing to remain inside the low cut halter top. She had clipped some big round earrings in and her hair was done up into two big blonde brunches on either side of her head which, combined with her high, squeaky voice had prompted Kelly earlier to liken her to a blonde Minnie Mouse. If this was the case, then this was a Minnie that would not be short of admiring Mickeys. “Hi Glenda... same routine as last Tuesday. Supper’s in the kitchen. I’ll be back around twelve. And make sure Kelly does her home work before she goes to bed.” this last instruction was greeted by a stuck out tongue by her kid sister.

          Fluffy had expected a look of disapprobation from her prudish guardian at her choice of outfit, but instead she was sure she caught a quick flash of some kind of weird, hungry lust in Glenda’s half closed eyes. No, she must have imagined it. (Truth be told Fluffy still had a lot of unresolved issues about her attractive guardian, a school girl crush that was showing no sigh of fading with time.) None of which was help when Glenda gave her a quick peck on the cheek as she was going out. Fluffy hoped she wouldn't notice how quickly she blushed red. “You have a good time, dear. I’ll baby sit Kelly for you.”

          “I’m not a baby” Sulked Kelly. “Indeed your not.” replied Glenda taking in the figure of the tall teen, scantily clad in a cropped, tight cotton top that emphases her pert, thrusting little breasts and snug white shorts showing off her long, slim legs.

          As Fluffy made her way towards the taxi she felt a trickle of pussy juice running down her long smooth thigh. “God! You are such a lezzie!” She mentally scolded herself. “Get over it!!” She flung herself angry into the back of the cab. “The Brass nightclub please.” She saw the figure of Glenda framed in the door way watching her depart and then darkness as the door closed and her taxi sped off into the night.

          Back inside the house Kelly lay on her stomach on the floor swinging her pretty legs back and forth and watching a pop video promo on MTV. She knew that her guardian disapproved of modern music so when she noticed Glenda re-enter the room and insert a CD into the music centre she thought “Oh no! She's going to force me to ‘appreciate’ some classical music again.” Her bottom lip turned down in a sulky pout. “Kelly dear, switch that off now please.” Kelly made a wry face, but obediently switched off the TV. “Now, I thought you might like to listen to this.” So saying she pointed the remote at the music centre. To Kelly’s surprise, instead of the Debussy or Chopin that she had been expecting what blared out of it was a sexy, hip hop beat that would be more at home in a lap dancing bar than a concert hall. Kelly regarded Glenda with a quizzical expression on her face as her guardian crossed her elegant legs, smiled at her and said “What do you think Kelly? Why don’t you dance to it for me, my pretty?” No sooner had these words left her lips than Kelly was seized by an irresistible compulsion to obey. Before she even knew what she was doing she had jumped to her feet and was swaying her lissom body to the beat, trying her best to out do her idols Britney or Christina in a provocative display.

          Kelly knew that as a white witch Glenda had the power to cast a spell of this kind, but she also knew that she was honour bound never to use her powers on innocent people. The panicking teen now had a horrible suspicion that the person on the settee was not the real Glenda. A suspicion confirmed seconds later by her next command. “Hmnn your doing great, Kelly. Very sexy. Shake that booty girl. Strip for me Kelly... STRIP!!” Now Kelly knew she was in REAL trouble! She was quite literally entertaining a stranger, compelled to obey her every command.

          As if they had a life of their own Kelly found her hands reaching for her skimpy top and pulling it off over her head. She shook her long hair free and found herself unable to stop them as they next the made their way down to grip the sides if her shorts and slowly began to peel them down.

          At the Brass disco Fluffy was perched unsteady on one of the high round seats by the bar, flirting with Brad, one of the Snowydale high quarterbacks. Fluffy thought he was a total hottie and judging by the way Brad’s squinting eyes kept flicking from Fluffy’s thighs to her décolletage and back he was equally enamoured of her. It was like SO unfair! Fluffy was a highly sexed young girl and had been gagging for a good screw for years, but her superhuman powers depended upon her purity and virginity. So, NO SEX. NOT EVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER!! Sometimes she could just scream with frustration. But to keep the world safe from vampires and werewolfs it was essential that she guard her own virtue all cost, and, of course, that of Kelly as well.

          At that moment what Fluffy didn’t know was that Kelly’s virtue was in extreme jeopardy. Like a modern equivalent of Salome's seven veils a trail of clothes; a Pink cotton top, white hipster shorts. White bra, white panties, white socks and pumps led across the living room floor to where a nude Kelly was performing a lewd display in front of a gloating Glenda. Kelly was bent over backwards, one hand resting on the floor for support, the other massaging in and around her vulva as her long legs thrust her gyrating hips high up in the air. Her long, brown hair was brushing the floor behind her and her upside down face was a picture of panic and confusion. The fake Glenda enthusiastically applauded this involuntary erotic performance.

          “My, my, Kelly, I would say that you had a great future ahead of you as a stripper, but... well... to be brutally honest... you have actually very little future left at all. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Stand up dear!” Kelly obeyed. “Go and stand over by the wall.” Again the entranced girl did as she was told. It would have been a hard heart then that would not have taken pity on the poor girl as she stood there, naked as the day she was born, shivering with fear, her eyes as large as a scared rabbit.

          “Well… enough fun and games Kelly, let’s get down to business shall we? In case you haven’t yet guessed, I’m not Glenda. Glenda is still at home, she’s feeling her age these days, I’m afraid. I am called Le Voleur; the thief, and what I steal is youth and beauty, and who I steal it from is silly little fools like you!”

          Kelly stood paralysed, her heart fluttering, trying desperately to send out a telepathic S.O.S to Fluffy “Come home Fluffy! Please come home! Please!” Le Voleur had arose from the settee and was removed her jacket. “Since you were kind enough to do that little striptease for me, I think it is only fair for me to return the favour. I’m sure you’ve always wanted to check out what your guardian’s body looked like anyway, it’s sort of a girl’s thing, right?”

          So saying she unbuttoned her silk blouse, pulled it out of her skirt and tossed it onto the settee. Next she unclipped her bra and shrugged out of it. Kelly couldn't help but admire the older woman's trim body and large firm breasts. “Of course, the real Glenda doesn’t look much like this anymore… I left her a little... the worse for wear so to speak, and I’m different from her in other respects as well…” She said, unfastening her skirt. “Let me show you." With that she whipped off her skirt. Kelly eyes goggled out of her head in astonishment. It was not the well toned, shapely legs in black stockings and suspenders that magnetically drew her gaze, but the gargantuan penis and horse sized testicles between them. Kelly’s mouth dropped open in shock, and out flopped a grotesquely long mutant tongue. “Blerghhh!!” Went Kelly, which said it all.

          Le Voleur had come, and gone; lying prone on the floor the naked Glenda now resembled her own grandmother. Her hair was grey, her tits were sucked out skin bags, and her body looked as if she had been on a starvation diet for the last six months. She groaned and rolled over slowly regaining her senses, she realised that she’d been ruined forever by the sex demon’s brutal assault. But that wasn’t important! Would she still be able to save Fluffy and Kelly who were obviously to be the main targets of its attack? Slowly she managed to crawl her way across the room towards the phone. Her every movement an incredible effort. Her ancient eyes could hardly make out the time on the clock. Was she still in time? With a great effort she levered herself to her feet by hanging onto a sideboard cabinet and seized the ‘phone. Luckily she had made a note of the ‘phone number of the ‘Brass’ night club where Fluffy had planned to go tonight. It was only when someone answered her that she discovered how difficult it was for her to speak with her new freakish tongue.

          “Come here Kelly!” Unable to disobey the naked teen walked slowly over to stand trembling in front of this bizarre composite creature. Something with her guardian Glenda’s body and the cock of king Kong. “Would you like to be a bit older than you are now...? Like, Fluffy’s age, perhaps?” “Yesp!” said the entranced beauty, struggling to enunciate with her new tongue and discovering that while under this creature’s spell she was compelled to tell the truth.

          “Well, I think I can arrange that for you. Time to pop your cherry, Kelly!” it spread its legs wide, the huge, rock hard penis jutting up towards the ceiling. Then Le Voleur took hold of Kelly's hips and positioned her lithe, compliant body so that the ugly head of its glans was directly below her tight virginal pussy.

          Le Voleur then wrapped its arms around Kelly’s slim, pale body and dragged her roughly down onto it. Kelly squeaked like a mouse as the huge tool penetrated all the way up to her cervix. The young virgin’s maidenhead was busted, but good. “Aww sorry darling... Did that hurt? Never mind!” It cooed in false sympathy. "Well, so much for your virginity. So much for becoming a big deal super heroine like your sister as well, I think. Bwhaw haw haw!”

          “And now I’m going to have my fun! I’m going to fuck you and fuck you, Kelly, and you're going to love it! However, at the same time, you’ll be rapidly ageing at the rate of about a year per minute. So I’ll leave it up to you to imagine what you’ll look like in an hour from now!” The creature was so incredibly vile that it even sniggered at the look of stark terror on Kelly’s pretty face as she realised the horrible fate that was in store for her.

          “Nbooo!!” moaned the helpless Kelly as she struggled feebly in the demon’s tight grip. The creature then began to pump her up and down on its massive cock and Kelly, gasping, her eyes tightly closed, shuddered at the waves of obscene ecstasy that began to run through her body. She tried to fight the mindless greed to be fucked like this that they awoke in her, but it was no use. Down through the ages, many young virgins just like Kelly had tried, and they had all failed. And so, finally, she collapsed, all resistance gone, in wanton surrender. Her arms encircled her violator's shoulders, her head resting on it’s neck giving little whimpers and mewls of pleasure as it shifted it’s position slightly, gripping Kelly's little peach of a backside tightly in it’s hands so that it’s now willing victim could spread her smooth legs wide apart and wrap them around her demon master’s waist, thus allowing it greater access to drive even deeper into her. “God I love this job!” murmured the demon.

          For the next ten minutes the insatiable demon continued fucking away, always inserting its ever growing cock further and further up into poor Kelly, stretching her vagina well beyond its elastic limit and filling her in a way no mortal man ever could. Kelly was completely gone by now, moaning and begging for further defilement, her mind and soul enslaved to this demonic spell of lust. In fact, so hopelessly in the creature’s evil thrall was she that she did every depraved thing she could think of in an effort to please her new master. Whilst all the time, a little voice in the back of her mind was screaming... “This is a nightmare! You're being raped! And you can feel yourself getting older and older with every passing second! Help! Fluffy where are you? Fluffy!?!”

          Kelly was starting to pay the price for her unholy pleasure ride. Slowly her slim teenaged body had filled out and she now had the voluptuous body of a fully grown woman in her late twenties. And that was not the only change in Kelly physique.

          “Goodness Kelly, what a big girl you’ve become!” Exclaimed the demon. And indeed she had! The youngest Winters sister looked down in dazed amazement to discover she now possessed a magnificent pair of 48 double D size breasts which were wobbling about as her uncontrollably writhing tongue coated them with slobber. Le Voleur’s magic had forced the helpless girl’s tits into a completely unnatural growth spurt. Kelly was alarmed to see that she was also lactating! White droplets of Milk leaking from her swollen nipples. "This is insane!” Thought Kelly “This can't be happening to me. It’s all a bad dream… It must be!” Kelly gave a little cry as Le Voleur squeezed on her left breast and a stream of milk shot out of her nipple and across the room. “Hmnnn, we’d better relieve some of the pressure in these big udders, don't you think?” Kelly didn’t understand what the fiend meant by that until she saw it bent its head to feed “Oh God! Oh NOOOO! Fluffy HELP!! HELP!! SAVE ME!!

          “Which one’s Fluffy?” yelled one of the bar staff to a regular “The hot little blonde over there in the mini dress and the brunches.” “Right” he shouted over the din “Tell her she’s got a ‘phone call.” They managed to attract Fuffy’s attention and she came scampering over. “Phone call for you. Someone called Glenba or something... Sounds drunk.”

          “Glenda." Thought Fluffy. “Had Kelly been misbehaving again? If she had, then non physical chastisement laws or not, she was going over Fluffy’s knee for a good bare bottomed spanking. (Now, just hold that image in your mind gentle reader.)

          “Hi this is Fluffy. Who is this? ” “Flubby… Kelli n daber” stammered a strange voice down the line. “Glenda is that you? Are you okay?” “Bo tim to eplaine...gob om...KELLI N DABER!!” Glenda’s voice sounded very strange and slurred, it was difficult to make out what she was saying, in fact, it sounded like she’d had a stroke or something. “Glenda what’s wrong? You sound...” “Nboo! don’t bover abut me... Gob... save Kelli!!” Fluffy finally got the message. A cold chill ran through her at the thought of her kid sister in danger. “Right, I’m on my way!” “Fubsy don’t look at iss...” But it was too late, Fluffy was gone.

          Kelly meanwhile, was trapped in a nightmare from which there seemed no awakening. One of her breasts had already been completely drained by this vile, horrible creature and was now hanging down to her waist, an ugly, deflated sack. The thing was now busy guzzling away on the second one “Ah Kelly, you're good to the last drop.” It chuckled, and as Le Volure/Glenda leaned back Kelly saw with disgust that its mouth was splattered with Kelly’s own milk. Kelly looked down at her ruined breasts and immediately burst into tears.

          Le Voleur laughed cruelly “Yes... all floppy floppy now, aren’t we? Still, there, there, Kelly...  never mind. Oh no, don’t cry, don’t cry, you’re in your late thirties now. Women of your age don’t cry.”

          So saying it flung it’s sobbing victim to the floor in an excess of passion and continued to fondle and caress her, sliding it’s long, thick, slimy cock in and out of Kelly’s, by now, over stretched and dripping pussy. Then Le Voleur grabbed hold of Kelly’s legs and began to hammer its self deeper and deeper inside the writhing girl. “Here comes the big 4.0. Kelly!” “Noooo! Fluffy save me!!” Screamed her rapidly aging victim.

          Fluffy was running down the street as fast as her high heeled slip-ons could carry her. As she neared her house and rushed up the path she could here her sister’s orgasmic gasps and moans. She kicking open the door and stood stock still, stunned by the bizarre tableau before her. On the living room floor her sister lay on her back stark naked, her legs up in the air, whilst a pair of shapely, female buttocks pistoned rapidly up and down between them. Fluffy was astonished to see that, regardless of whichever gender Kelly attacker appeared to be, they were equipped with a massive set of cock and balls which they were using to ream out her sister.

          Becoming aware of this intrusion Kelly’s violator slowly turned its head to regard this new arrival. It took Fluffy only a second to realise from the look of pure malevolence on its face, that this was definitely not the real Glenda.

“Ah, Fluffy the vampire hunter, at last we meet! Your sister was just keeping me entertained until you arrived.”

          The apparition arose and Fluffy gasped at the sight of the monstrosity between Glenda’s sleek thighs. She found she couldn’t look away. Fluffy felt her tongue swelling in her mouth and some instinct warned her that a powerful mind controlling magic was at work here. She quickly shut her eyes to blot out the hypnotic sight of that huge cock and balls and turning around made her way blindly out through the front door. “Time to retreat, and come back and save Kelly when I’ve got a plan.” She thought. Fluffy had not got half way down the path when a voice in her head commanded “FLUFFY... STOP!” and she was brought up sharp. Her legs would no longer obey her. “FLUFFY... RETURN TO ME!” the voice ordered next, and like a helpless marionette Fluffy had to turn around and walk stiffly back into the house.

          Having to once again confront this evil creature Fluffy tried desperately to stare it in the eyes rather than between its legs. This however, was no good, for the eyes held her prisoner with the same dominating hypnotic will that had caught her outside. Fluffy saw that behind this fake Glenda’s shoulder Kelly was crawling along the carpet trying to get away. Fluffy noticed not only the two large, empty tit bags that she was dragging along the floor but also that her sister’s face had been radically altered as well. Kelly now looked a good twenty years older than she should do, in fact, she now looked more like Fluffy’s dear departed mother than her younger sister.

          “What have you done to her?” She demanded. Well, actual, “Whab ugh dong wig blargh!” was what she actually said, as a two foot long tongue came lolling out of her mouth.

          “Ah, my dear, I’m afraid your conversational skills will be a little limited from now on. Still, who wants a pretty girl like you to speak anyway, eh?… KNEEL DOWN FLUFFY!” Like she’d been chopped at the back of her knees Fluffy helplessly complied. The ersatz Glenda walked towards her when, out of the corner of its eye, it spotted Kelly scrambling desperately away.

          “Kelly… SLEEP!” It commanded, and the naked girl collapsed into an unconscious heap.

          “Now then Fluffy, OPEN WIDE!” Fluffy did so, and without even being told to began to suck on the shaft of Le Voleur’s penis.

          “That’s a good girl….” said the demon as the blonde head began to bob backwards and forwards “What a sweet girl you are. I’ll bet you liked your guardian a lot, didn’t you? I’ll bet you never imagined you’d be doing this to her.”

“Gobble... Gobble... Gobble!” said Fluffy, her tongue snaking round it’s cock like a serpent. “Hmnn yes indeed, my dear, ‘Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!’”

          When Le Voleur decided that it had had enough of the Fluffy blow job special it drew back. “That’s enough, my dear. Now, take off you clothes.” Fluffy obediently arose, unzipped her tiny dress, shrugged off the shoulder straps and let it fall to the floor. Then she kicked off her shoes before peeling down and stepping out of her white panties. Now completely naked, she stood to attention.

          “Hmnn, didn’t go out in much, did we?” mused Le Voleur sarcastically. “Tramp!”

          It began walking around Fluffy “My! What a little beauty you are!” It said admiringly “But… not for much longer.” it add more ominously.

          “But where are my manners? We haven't even been properly introduced yet, have we? I am the arch demon, Le Voleur, and do you know what I do to little girls like you?” Fluffy shook her head, unable to take her eyes off Le Voleur’s approaching cock. “I suck out all their life force. I rob them of all their youth and beauty and leave them exhausted, shrivelled up old hags. And that is just what I am going to do to you!”

          Le Voleur stepped back, enjoying the look of shocked horror on the immobilised slayer’s face. “So tell me, just how much of a threat to the forces of darkness is an eighty year old vampire slayer with no super strength going to be, do you think?”

          The smirking monster then walked back over to where Kelly’s prone body lay “Now then, to answer the question you asked me before you were so kind as to give me some head. What have I done to your little sis here? Well…” It said, nudging one of Kelly’s deflated tit sacks with the toe of one black shoe. “For a start, I’ve sucked out your sister’s tits.” She looked up, goading the helpless Fluffy. “That’s right. I sucked out you're precious little sister’s tits! What do you think of that?” Fluffy could only glower at her in impotent rage.

          “I’ve also fed on her, which has aged her. Oh, not by much, only about thirty years or so.” She bent to caress the sleeping girl’s body. “As you can see, Kelly’s now starting to look a little bit long in the tooth as they say.” Le Voleur ran its hands along Kelly's now broad, heavy hips and grabbed a handful of fat on the full, flabby ass. “Over the hill, I’d say…” The hands then continued downwards, now stroking Kelly's thick thighs. “Hmm, and starting to get a bit of a cellulite problem here to. It’s not a pretty sight, is it? I think short skirts are definitely out for a woman by the time she gets to this age, don’t you? Le Voleur stood up again, continuing her verbal condemnation of Kelly’s transformed body. “Yes… I’m afraid your sister’s well past her prime now!”

          You biltch! Yu’ll pay fo wht you’ve dwon t’my slister! I’ll rip your wotten heart owt, (slobber!) yo ev’l cow!” Yelled Fluffy. “You're in no position to make threats, Fluffy bunny kins. I can control your mind just as easily as I control your body. Why do you think I chose this particular form before I made my move on you? It was because I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist me if I transformed myself into the image of your guardian. Come on, admit it, you’ve fancied her for years. Just the thought of making love to her is making you wet isn’t it?” Compelled to honesty by Le Voleur's spell Fluffy could only nod her head sheepishly in guilty assent.

          The succubus in the form of Glenda now stood in front of Fluffy, caressing her naked shoulders and continuing to hold her attention with its big hypnotic eyes. “Now, be honest with me, my pretty one, you don’t mind sacrificing all of your youth and beauty to me, do you?”

          “ Nbo!” Slurred the mesmerised Fluffy dreamily, her arms going around Le Voleur's shoulders in a loving embrace. “Hmnn” It purred. “That’s nice dear.” Kissing the entranced girl as Fluffy elongated tongue slavered disgustingly all over its face. “And I understand your powers depend on you being a virgin? Well, isn’t that’s just too bad!” It said. Seizing the pale naked girl in its supernaturally strong hands. The entranced fluffy wrapped both her slim legs around Le Voleur's waist as if eager for her own violation.

          The tip of the huge organ pressed up against Fluffy’s vulva as Le Voleur clutched her buttocks tightly and dragged her down onto it. Its cock was like a medieval battering ram besieging Fluffy’s castle portcullis. It drove up into her once, twice, something was bound to give. Fluffy could feel her hymen tearing as Le Voleur sank its sword up to the hilt inside her. She gave a little whimper of pain and Le Voleur patted her on the back of her head “There, there.” It said. “They all make that noise. That’s your super powers gone for good. Now for your youth. Hmnn you know Fluffy, you're every bit as tight as your sister was... I stretched her out quite a bit and now time to stretch you out to.” Fluffy felt the cock inside her growing larger and larger as she moaned in helpless ecstasy. She tried to resist, but I was no good, Fluffy’s body had been starved of a good screw for years and now it would NOT be denied. She began to wriggle around and hump her hips up and down clutching the false Glenda even closer to her. “Yes... that’s it, if defeat is inevitable, you may as well enjoy it, eh?”

          Time passed as the supernatural rape of our spunky young heroine continued. Now Le Voleur spoke again. “You're in your late twenties already, Fluffy. But you don’t care do you?” The blonde head swung swiftly from side to side, her eyes closed, Fluffy body was now slick with sweat and she was hopelessly lost in an orgasmic world of her own. “Good!” Gloated the evil arch fiend. “Because I’m going to fuck you right into your dotage!”

          Le Voleur's magic was having exactly the same effect on Fluffy as it had had on her sister. Fluffy’s modest size boobs had grown and grown until now they were a bra busting, 50 plus Double D pair of monsters, squashing against the demonic succubus’s chest as it fucked away at the blonde slayer. Fluffy’s breasts would never have grown this large naturally; it was all part of Le Voleur weird spell that had caused then to expand to such a gargantuan size. Their skin looked tight as a drum and they were obviously now straining to bursting point with milk.

          “Goodness, look at the size of these hooters!” exclaimed the fake Glenda, one slim hand caressing Fluffy’s huge aching mamalries. ”Hmmnn...Time to siphon out these swollen milk bags, I think.” It said, bending its head downwards towards our heroine's lactating left breast. Fluffy felt it nuzzle her, and then clamp its lips around the base of her nipple and the terrible suction began. Her whole breast seemed to feel the agonising pull and almost immediately Fluffy’s nipple exploded, squirting a jet of milk into the greedy vampiress mouth. Le Voluer then began sucking on her teat even more furiously.

          Aooww! Oh stolp.  Pleape stolp!!” Pleaded Fluffy to no avail, her tongue flickering around franticly in her distress, spittle flying everywhere. Looking down she could see the disgusting demon’s cheeks puffing rapidly in and out as it relentlessly sucked down Fluffy’s precious baby milk. To her horror she saw that her breast was already looking half deflated. The skin was wrinkling up and dark veins had started to appear on the once smooth skin. “Awooo... Owooo…  OWW! Stlop! Therp’s nofin leff… PLESP Stlop!  ARRRGHHH!!!” As her boob continued to shrivel up under the irresistible suction pressure.

          Less than two minutes later Glenda gave one final “Sluuurp!” and Fluffy gave one last despairing scream as her left breast was completely sucked out for good. Through tear filled eyes she gazed down at the ruptured, stretch mark covered skin sack now dangling down to her waist. Glenda looked up at her, her eyes glowing in triumph.

          ”One side will mock another; th’ other too.” she quoted bending her head and battening savagely upon Fluffy’s right breast. Fluffy hissed in pain as the internal contents of her last tit began to make their one way journey down Le Voleur’s throat and into its gullet. There was no escape for our distraught slayer she could only watch in helpless misery and despair as this supernatural monster destroyed her remaining breast. Finally it gave a very unlady like belch. “There... All done!” it said, releasing Fluffy’s evacuated boob so that it flopped down. Fluffy’s sagging, empty tit sacks were a pathetic sight, but at least they now both matched again.

          "Next I’m going to hump you all the way through your thirties and forties.” Declared the demon as it gripped the slim slayer tighter to its breast and began pumping away in her like some infernal machine. “A-Hugch... Hugch... Hugch!” cried Fluffy as she bouncing up and down her wet pussy being stretched wider and wider by the succubus’s ever growing cock.

          I suppose it is here, dear reader, all of you being so fond of our perky little slayer, that you are expecting some dramatic last minute rescue to take place... Well I’m afraid not! All that happened was that as the minutes ticked slowly away our helpless heroine was fucked older and older. She now appeared to be getting progressively more thin and skinny, the colour draining away from her skin, which was starting to shrivel and crinkle up, and wrinkles was starting to appear on her sagging ass and thighs. Forty five; Fifty; Fifty five; The terrible Fluffy destroying hump just went on and on. Sixty five; her body now seemed to be just shrivelling up and wasting away by the second, her sucked out, wrinkled breasts flapping about wildly as Le Voleur continued to bang the now almost skeletal Fluffy up and down on it’s hot demon cock.

          Le Voleur looked down on Fluffy’s aged lined face, her eyes were glassy and she seemed to be on the verge of passing out. “Looks like you’re just about done, Fluffy! It was a great ride, but you’ve gone way past your stop... Time for you to get off!!” “Nughh... Nughh... Nughh...” slobbered the semiconscious Fluffy, her tongue covering both of then with sliver. Then her head fell backward as she finally blacked out. Le Voleur eased the decrepit slayer off its massive, slimy, progenerative organ and lowered her almost gently to the floor. The sad wreckage of fluffy lay sprawled out on the floor, sulphurous vapours rising from her now grand canyon size cunt.

          Le Voleur then knelt down beside her and stroked her silver hair. “Well, I have to say Fluffy, you were one HELL of a good fuck!” With that it worked on the end of its throbbing tool until it shot out a huge load of demonic cum which then plastered itself across the unconscious heroine’s face

          Having come around just in time to witness her sister’s final downfall Kelly had managed to crawl her way across the floor and had began to creep quietly up the stairs. She froze as a voice behind her called out “And you needn’t think that I’ve forgotten about you, Kelly!” looking back Kelly gave a little squeak of terror and began hurrying rapidly up the stairs, encumbered by her floppy boobs. However when she reached the upper landing Le Voleur was already stood there waiting for her, a mocking smile on its stolen face. “I’ll tell you what Kelly, I’m not a cruel person, and your sister was the one I really wanted, so, just say the word... and I’ll let you go, how’s that?”

          “Pleze lub meuh gob... PLEZE!!!” Burbled the frightened girl. “ I’m sorry, my dear, but I can’t understand a single word your saying, the standards of elocution in schools these days, tut tut… shocking!” With that it grabbed the struggling girl by the arm, dragged her back down the stairs and flung her over the back of the settee. “Now... where were we? Ah YES! I remember... ” It then plunged its huge cock into Kelly’s still sopping pussy and began to thrust its hips violently back and forth. Kelly could only gasp and moan helplessly as she was jerked violently about. She began to experience once again the ultimate violation as she felt the remainder of her youth and vitality being slowly sucked out of her by this evil leech.

          Suddenly the door burst open and there stood an aged Glenda. For a few seconds she just stared aghast at the horrid spectacle before her. On the floor, her face covered in sticky sponge was an almost mummified looking body, which, judging from the brunches could only have been Fluffy. Glenda swallowed hard, she had come too late. Glancing past the recumbent body of the vanquished slayer she could see the demon Le Voleur, still in her own borrowed form, doggy fucking what must be, despite all appearances to the contrary, Kelly. As she watched stunned, the demon pulled on Kelly’s long, greying hair and she raised a imploring, heavily lined face to her would be rescuer. “Help me...Please!!” she groaned miserably.

          “Wewese hew d’ mond.” Glenda lisped, her wet tongue dangling and flopping about. “I cabbot undo the ewil you hav wougt, buft I now hawe the pover to banifhh you and conzin your ewil spwit to the defesft fiwes of hell!” So saying she drew out a small object and brandished it in front of the demon. “B’hold the talipm’n of Isphis and dispaire!!”

          At the sight of the talisman Le Voleur let out a snarl and flung Kelly away. “She’s done now anyway!” It sneered. Then its false Glenda disguise rapidly began to change and transform. Until finally it became a huge, muscular demon with red scaly skin, black horns, coven hooves and a hideous, leering face.

          “That’s no use against me Wicca bitch!” It bellowed “For the talisman to be fully empowered you have to speak the charm.” Realising this was true Glenda began to rapidly incant the charm. But unfortunately, because of her enlarged tongue, all that came out was an inarticulate “Gobble gobble” noise. Laughing the demon approached, sweeping Glenda up in its powerful arms.

          “What's the matter bitch? A bit tongue-tied are we? Never mind! I’m sure what you really wanted to say is that you’d love for me to give you another good seeing to!” It said, ripping off her clothes. “So... Let’s see what you’ll look like by the time you're TWO HUNDRED years old.”

“NBOOOO!!!” cried Glenda as Le Voleur impaled her on his huge, throbbing cock.

          Some hours later Fluffy slowly regained consciousness. Groggily she wiping her hand across her face and discovered it was covered with some sort of sticky, dried up substance which had also gummed up her hair and eyes. Dazed, she staggered painfully to her feet as she struggled to recall the night’s previous sequence of events. She felt very dizzy and weak, in fact her whole body seemed remarkably tired and every muscle and bone ached. Fluffy managed to grope her way into the kitchen and turned on one of the taps.

          Splashing some water onto her face seemed to get rid of most of the gunk. She felt round for a towel and, still rubbing her face and hair, she tuned to make her way back to the living room. Looking up she let out a piercing shriek of horror as she caught sight of herself in the tall mirror in the hallway. Starring back at her was a skinny old crone whose thin, frazzled grey hair was still tied in two brunches. Fluffy gazed in shocked revulsion at her wrinkled face with it’s two foot long, distorted tongue lolling out, and her scraggy, wrinkled body with it’s shrivelled, empty tits dangling down to below her bony hips.

          Now it all came rushing back… Glenda... Le Voleur… “Oh my God... KELLY!!” She cried, and hobbled back into the room as quickly as her atrophied leg muscles could carry her. On the settee lay Kelly, still fast asleep. Fluffy felt sick, her beautiful younger sister had been horribly transformed like herself. The once lovely girl was now all wrinkled and shrivelled up. Fluffy could hardly recognise her. What she was now gazing upon was the naked, emaciated, body of a very, very old woman.

          Suddenly Fluffy noticed something lying by the door way and made her way over to investigate. It was a gleaming skeleton, and it was only when she recognised the tattered clothing strewn around it that Fluffy realised who it must be. Dropping down besides the body of her mentor, she burst into tears.

          It was at that moment that Kelly awakened from her trance and, looking down in horror at her hideously altered body, she then began to scream and cry hysterically, the tears streaming down her deeply wrinkled cheeks.

          Meanwhile, in a dark subterranean crypt, the demon Le Voleur stood before the throne of The Countess making his report.

“You have done well, my friend. You have rid me of that troublesome slayer forever. What do you wish as your reward?

 “My Lady to feed upon the life force of such lovely and sensual young women is, in itself, reward enough.”

          “And you’re sure that that wretched Fluffy is finished for good?”

“Oh yes,” It replied. ”forcibly retired, you might say. Although I thought you might like to have this as a keepsake.”

          Le Voleur handed The Countess a small framed picture that it had procured from Kelly’s bedroom. In it the two beautiful young Winters sisters looked out smiling. Fluffy was licking some candy floss and Kelly had her arms around her sister’s shoulders hugging her.”

          The demon smiled “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’”


          THE END