Ms Americana, Got Gal, Lady Midnight and Green Spectre are the creations of Mr. X.  I came up with the villains -- King Pimp, Kid Rotten, Mistress Tabitha and Lord Pleasure.


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By Dark One


          "Hello, boys," Ms Americana said as she strode in.

          The four pimps jumped to their feet.  Two of them started to reach for pistols, then their eyes fell on her golden power belt and they dropped their hands.  And then their eyes widened, as Got Gal, Lady Midnight and Green Spectre strode in after the Queen of Justice.

          "Hello, pretty ladies," King Pimp said, standing tall and straightening his $2500 Armani suit.  "What do we owe the privilege of your beautiful presence?"

          Standing in line, the four super sexy costumed heroines struck classic super heroine poses.  Chins high, massive chests thrust out, statuesque bodies on exquisite display in their skimpy costumes.

          "When the four biggest, most powerful pimps in Delta City get together, we take notice," Lady Midnight said.  The purple and lavender clad African American beauty looked them over critically, revulsion plain even on her masked face.  "Between the four of you, you control eighty percent of the prostitutes in the city."

          The pimps also stood in line, on the other side of the large round table.  King Pimp stood opposite Ms Americana, Kid Rotten opposite Lady Midnight, Hector Gomez opposite Green Spectre and Lord Pleasure across from Got Gal.  Except for King Pimp, the pimps were as wildly attired as the super heroines.  Lord Pleasure wore a lavender suit, with purpled dyed mink and matching mink fedora, with a hot pink feather.  Kid Rotten was also dressed in purple.  But his silk suit was as expensive as King Pimp's.  Whereas Hector wore a black leather suit jacket, jeans and cowboy boots.  They all wore a ton of jewelry, mostly rings and necklaces.  Lots and lots of bling.

          "We're just getting together for a friendly game of poker, my super senoritas," Hector said with a thick Mexican accent.

          Green Spectre frowned at him.  He was born and raised in Delta City, of wealthy parents.  His accent was affected. 

          "More than just a friendly game, we believe," Green Spectre said, her hazel eyes fiery.

          "You boys get together once a month to work out your working arrangements, trade hookers and street corners," Got Gal said.  "We've noticed that after each game territories shift and hookers switch.  We don't know what your strategies are, but we're watching you closely."

          "Apparently so," Kid said, grinning.  All of the pimps were grinning, looking quite amused.  The super heroines were not so amused.  "But you're wasting your time if you are analyzing this game."

          "Game?" Lady Midnight said.

          "Poker," King Pimp said.  "We play once a month.  We wager girls, corners, streets.  Those are the shifts you see."  He grinned evilly.  "Nothing sinister.  Nothing illegal that you can PROVE."

          "Yeah, babes, nothing you got on us, so skedaddle," Lord Pleasure said.

          "Yeah, or we might file harassment charges against your fat asses," Hector said, making the other pimps laugh.

          "Unless you want to play," Kid said, indicating the table.  There were no chips on the table, just straps of paper and cards.  "The more the merrier."

          "We have no interest in playing anything with you scumbags," Ms Americana sneered.  "We're here to put you all out of business."

          "Bummer.  Poker is more fun," Kid said, shrugging.

          "You know," King Pimp said, thinking furiously.  "There is a sure-fired way to put one or even all of us out of business.  Win this game."

          "What kind of nonsense are you talking about?" Lady Midnight said.

          "We've sent a few pimps packing because they lost all of their girls and territories in this game.  We always honor the game," King Pimp said.  "If you ladies defeat us in poker, it is possible to take away all of our girls and territories.  And we will leave town if we lose it all."

          "Oh," all four heroines said, eyes wide.

          "How would that work?" Got Gal said.  She had a crafty look on her beautiful, white masked face.  She got her comrades' attention, adjusted her white bikini top and they all noticed how excited and distracted the pimps became.  All four heroines started nodding and smiling knowingly.  "Since we don't have territories or girls to wager."

          "Um, well," Lord Pleasure said, looking around.  The pimps looked confused, unsure.  But they had a hard time keeping their lusty eyes off the sexy super heroines' bodies.  "You could, I suppose, wager articles of clothing.  Pieces of your costumes, until you win some girls and territories.  Then you can wager anything you win from us."

          "Clothes?" Ms Americana said, looking startled and uneasy as her red gloved hands rose up to cross over her 38Gs, held prettily in her strapless, red, white and blue top.

          "Well, at first I suppose you could bet earrings, gloves and chokers," Kid said.

          "And when you win some girls and street corners, you start wagering those," Hector said.

          The four super sexy super heroines looked at each other, eyes big and faces looking nervous.

          "Oh, go away," King Pimp said, looking disgusted.  He waved his hand at them, shooing them away.  "You are such cowards.  We can't respect you.  Without the hearts of champions, you are useless, worthless.  Go away."

          "Cowards?" Green Spectre cried.

          "Worthless?" Lady Midnight cried.

          "You can't get rid of us so easily," Got Gal sneered.

          "Yeah, we'll show you the Hearts of Champions!" Ms Americana said, baby blues flashing.  "Let's play poker."

          Four more chairs were brought up and they sat down.  From left to right, it was King Pimp, Ms Americana, Lord Pleasure, Got Gal, Kid Rotten, Lady Midnight, Hector Munoz and Green Spectre.  Ms Americana grabbed the cards, and starting shuffling.

          "The game is five card stud, boys," the sexy super heroine said.

          "Ante up," Kid said, tossing in a sheet of paper.  "I wager the corner of 69th and Cummins."

          "I wager the corner of Anita and Cummings," Lord Pleasure said, tossing in his paper.

          "69th and Main," King Pimp said.

          "I wager Angelica Ramirez," Hector said.

          "Oh, she's good," Kid said.  "I want her."

          "Ladies, ante up," King Pimp said.  "Don't be afraid.  We don't bite."

          "I do," Hector said, and the pimps laughed.

          "Pigs," Ms Americana sneered, reached up and removed her blue satin choker, tossing it in the middle of the table.  "Choker."

          Three more chokers were tossed into the kitty.  The pimps all frowned, looking at their still covered titties.  Then Ms Americana started dealing the cards.

          "I'm in," Lord Pleasure said, studying his cards.  He threw two cards down.  "I wager Amy Phelps and Tamika Jamison.  And that, super babes, means you have to wager two items to stay in the game.  Two cards, Ms A."

          Got Gal threw two cards down, too.  "I'm in.  Two cards, please."  She pulled off both white opera gloves, and tossed them in.

          Kid Rotten threw three cards down.  "I'll see you with Cynnamon Sanchez and Alicia Beauchamp."

          "Damn," Lady Midnight said, scowling.  She threw down all of her cards.  "I'm out."

          "Ha!  Loser," Hector said.  He threw down two cards.  "Give me two, Ms Big Boobs.  And I wager Helene Strain and Adrianna Del La Cruz.  And raise you two, Peggy Bunns and Kelly Sanders."

          The others groaned.  Kid called tossed in two more names, Lord Pleasure gave another two, as well.  Got Gal added her earrings to the kitty.

          "One card," Green Spectre said, grinning.  She peeled off her black gloves, and tossed them in.  "Two gloves.  Two earrings."

          "Annette Borden, Leslie Topeka, Angel Simms and Beverly Beavers," King Pimp said.  "Two cards."

          "Whoa, betting your top girl?" Kid cried.  "Oh man, I want Beverly.  I'll put her sweet ass to better use that hosting at the Palace."

          The pimps all laughed.  The super heroines scowled at them.

          "Dealer takes two," Ms Americana said.  She tossed in her earrings and gloves.  "Lord Pleasure, you staying or folding?"

          "Staying," he said after a moment.  And after a glance at Ms Americana's tits.  "I bet two.  Cindy Samms and Angie Morehead."

          Got Gal gawked at him a second, then at her hand.  She started to threw them down, until Hector made clucking noises.  She started removing her white stiletto shoes.  "I'm in.  I see your two, with my shoes."

          "Cool," Kid said.  "I'm staying, see your two with Sylvia St Clair and Debby Romano.  And then I raise you Wendy Haffner and Lydia Hanks."

          "Son of a bitch," Got Gal growled.  She had to ante up.  So removed her top and bottoms, but removed the Got Emerald before tossing them into the kitty.  The pimps leered lustily at her nakedness.  "Happy?"

          "Very," Kid said smugly.

          "I see you with Heather Weathers, Heather Pearson, Marie Boone and Tammy Jo Fulton," Hector said.  "What about you, Green Coward?  You're looking mighty pale, pretty girl."

          "Shut up, Hector," Green Spectre said.  She had a good hand.  Four of a kind, but it was five high.  But still, four of a kind.  "Okay.  I'm in."  She added her boots, then her utility belt.  And finally, she pulled off her bottoms because sitting they couldn't stare at it.  Besides, she was still kinda covered by her fishnet pantyhose.  "Happy?"

          "Very," Kid and Hector said.

          "You're no fun," King Pimp said, grinning.  "I bet Americana would've tossed in her top.  She's one game bitch."  Then he looked at his cards.  "I'm in.  Let's see.  Four girls, huh?  Antoinette Jackson, Sylvie Paris, Sharlie Hickey and Charlotte Charles."

          "What's it going to be, Ms Americana?" Hector said.  "In, or cluck cluck?"

          "I'm out," she said, tossing in her cards.  The pimps all groaned.  Hector and Kid made chicken clucking noises.  "Back off, boys.  I'm here to play poker, not pander to your pornographic minds."  She glanced at Got Gal's naked body.  "Show your hands."

          Lord Pleasure had three of a kind, nines.

          Got Gal had two pair, seven high.

          Kid had a full house, twos and fours.

          Hector had two pair, jacks and sixes.

          Green Spectre grinned wickedly as she threw down her cards, "Read them and weep, boys.  Four of a kind."

          "Oh man, that's a good hand," King Pimp said amid the other pimps' groans.  But as she reached for the kitty, he said, "BUT, my four of a kind is all ACES.  I win."

          "I'm out," Got Gal said.  "All I have left is my mask and emerald, and I'm not going to give those up."  She stood up and looked at King Pimp, "May I have my costume back now?"

          "No.  I won it.  Your costume, if not won back by one of your comrades in costumed crime-fighting, will be mounted and displayed proudly at The Palace," King Pimp said.  He lifted her bottoms to his nose and inhaled deeply.  "I will treasure it always."

          "You pig!" she cried, and sat back down.  She was furious, but unable to do anything about it.  "You'll get yours."

          "My turn," Lord Pleasure said, scooping up the cards.  He shuffled.  Ms Americana cut.  And then he dealt.  "Ante up."

          Kid was first to his left, so he had to ante up first.  So he got to set the tone.

          "Elly May Payne," Kid said.  "Three cards, please."

          The three remaining heroines sighed.  They didn't have a lot of clothes left.  Heck, they never had many clothes to begin with.

          "Utility belt," Lady Midnight said.  "One card."

          "Oh man," Hector said, grimacing.  "Oh, what the fuck.  Give me four.  And I toss in Hermione LaPlante.  Bitch bit my dick last week anyways.  Hope I lose her skanky ass."

          "Good for her," Green Spectre said.  She threw down three cards.  "Three.  Pantyhose."

          "Damn, woman, give a pimp a break and give up the top," Kid said.

          "Go fuck yourself, Kid," she snarled.

          "Children," King Pimp said, chuckling.  "Give me two.  Lady La Femme."

          "Lady La Femme?  You're tossing in some of your best this game," Kid said.

          "What about you, Ms Americana," Lord Pleasure said.

          "One," Ms Americana said, tossing down one card.  "Left boot."  And tossed that up on the table.

          "Dealer is folding," Lord Pleasure said.

          "Well now," Kid said, studying his hand with a grimace.  "Man.  Okay, I'm in.  One girl.  Scarlett Jolie."

          "Whoa, your top girl?" Hector said.  "I like your style, my man."

          "Hey, if the King can toss out his best fuck meat then who am I to keep my best to myself?" Kid said.

          "I'll wager a glove," Lady Midnight said, tossing in her left glove.

          "Cluck cluck," Kid said, pissing her off.

          "Yeah, some daring heroine she is.  Well, I see I need to win this hand just to get my hands on all those sweet whores in the kitty," Hector said.  "Three cards, Lordie.  I put in my top bitch, Natalie Woodson.  Eighteen years old, big juice Americana sized tits, and hornier than a well fucked super heroine, she earns big bucks every day."

          Ms Americana scowled at him.  She knew Natalie.  The Woodsons were a wealthy Old Blood Family.  Natalie was blessed, or cursed, with the Aphrodite gene, and Lady Midnight had tried to recruit her as a sidekick.  It was looking good for a while, until she got a boyfriend.  She quickly descended into sex hell, and ended up turning tricks.  It was a crying shame, and a waste of a superior woman.

          "How about you, Greenie?" Lord Pleasure said.

          "I'm in," Green Spectre said, reluctantly removing her dark green bustier top and tossing it on the table.  "Two cards, please."

          "Wahoo, Spectre titties," Hector cried.  "Big fat titties.  Not as big as Got Tits, or Ameri-tits, but big uns."

          "You are such a raging pig," Green Spectre said, hazel eyes flashing.

          "I'll take two," King pimp said.  "I'll see your girl with Chantelle Casta, and raise you four.  Audrinna Monaco, Keisha Hightower, La Toya Fox and Megan Miles."

          "Oh shit," Green Spectre cried, tossing in her cards.  "Bastard.  I'm out."

          "Tough Break," Hector said.  "But I'm out, too."

          "I'm out," Kid said, tossing in his cards.

          "I'm in," Lady Midnight said, grimacing.  She had a good hand, but she didn't won't to get naked.  Why did they agree to that game?  "Four more, huh?  Damn.  Ok, both boots, and both earrings."

          Kid and Hector clucked at her a long moment, then all eyes turned to Ms Americana.  She looked around with big baby blues.  Everything was on the line for the Queen of Justice.  She wasn't sure she could handle those nasty pimps mocking her, clucking at her like she's chicken, a coward, too afraid to make a bold move, to timid to put it all out there and take a chance.

          "Five, huh?" Ms Americana said, looking at her cards.  Four of a kind.  Queen high.  How lucky was that?  She bit her lower lip.  "I'm in, dammit.  Boot."

          She tossed in the red stiletto calf boot.  The super sexy super heroine sighed, then removed her top.  Then stood and wiggled out of her bottoms.  She signed, and removed her tiara.  Then for the fifth one, she hesitated, then removed her power belt.

          "Wahoo, Ms Americana is de-powered and NAKED," Hector said, leering lustfully.  "You super babes are sucky card players."

          "I haven't lost yet," Ms Americana said, but looked very nervous.

          She'd just put her power belt in, and if she lost, the pimp that won it would NOT give it back.  It would take six months to create another.  If she didn't win, she could only pray Lady Midnight won.

          "Lay down your hands," Lord Pleasure said.

          "Four of a kind, tens," Lady Midnight said.

          "Flush, clubs," King Pimp said, sounding disgusted to have lost.

          "Four of a kind, QUEENS!" Ms Americana cried joyfully.  "I win!"

          Ms Americana immediately grabbed her costume, and put the top and bottoms, and the tiara back on.  Then she slowly put her golden power belt back around her narrow waist, savoring the feel of power surging through her spectacular body.

          Kid took up the cards and shuffled.  Lord Pleasure tapped the deck, and he dealt.  As Green Spectre and Got Gal just watched, sitting worriedly in nothing but their masks.  Ms Americana knew she came very close to being in their dire straights.  Her heart was still hammering.

          "Two cards, please," Lady Midnight said, and removed her bustier top.

          "Yeow, momma," Hector said.  "Nice chocolate titties.  Daddy wanna taste."

          "Touch me and I'll break your face," she said, dark eyes narrowing.

          Lady Midnight picked up her new cards, and almost gasped.  She had a royal flush.  So she placed her cards face down and put her trembling hands in her lap.  Only Ms Americana quirked a brow at her.  The pimps were too busy leering at naked tits or worrying about their hands.

          Hector said, "Two cards, my man.  I wager…let's see, Anita Ruthford."

          "That crack whore?  Please.  You insult us," King Pimp said, giving Hector a sour look.  "Hell, I don't want to win her skanky ass."

          "Hey, I won her off you two weeks ago, against my will, too," Hector said, laughing.  "I should've bet her first."

          "Ha!  I would've," King Pimp said.  "Give me three cards.  I'll put up Sammie Jo Higgins.  She's a pot head whore.  Pretty as can be, fucks like a tamed super heroine, but STINKS of pot all the time."

          "We can hear you," Ms Americana said.  Her baby blues flashed.  "Please stop insulting super heroines."

          "At least until the game is over," Lady Midnight said.  "It's just rude."

          "Inexcusable," Ms Americana said.

          The pimps shrugged noncommittally.

          "Fine," the sexy super heroine said sharply.  Ms Americana cut a sharp look at King Pimp, shook her head and returned her gaze to her cards.  "I'm in.  I guess I can actually play one of these nasty girls I won.  Let's see..."  She picked up a piece of paper.  "Hmmm, Natalie Woodson.  One card."

          She got her card.  The statuesque super heroine already had an Ace, King, ten and nine of diamonds.  Kid dealt her the Queen of diamonds, completing her full house.  Her heart skipped a beat, but she kept her composures.  Instead of rejoicing, she gave the tiniest of frowns and then cleared her face of all emotion.  She had to play this right.

          Ms Americana was feeling confident.  She had quite a bit of winnings.  Besides parts of Green Spectre's and Lady Midnight's costumes, she had eleven hookers.  Lady Midnight only had her top and bottoms left.  If she didn't win the next hand, then she would be out.  She looked a bit worried.

          Lord Pleasure said, "I'm in.  Two cards.  Stacy Burke."

          He didn't look pleased with his cards.

          "I'm throwing Hilary Fontaine into the kitty," Kid said.  "Three cards."

          Kid was so disgusted with his new cards he tossed them all face down.

          "Okay, back to me, I see," Lady Midnight said.  She stood and shimmied out of her bottoms, revealing her sweet triangle of bikini waxed snatch.  "Bottoms."

          "I fold," Hector said, throwing his cards down.

          "CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK," Lady Midnight and Ms Americana said as one.

          The other three pimps laughed.  Hector wasn't so amused.

          "I'm in, too," King Pimp said.  He pulled out a big cigar and lit it.  "And I'll wager, Beverly Beavers again.  And Raine Thane, Abigail Sergeant, Missy Masters, Nicole Schloss, Jessica Amos, Heather Weathers, Heather Pearson and Marie Boone.  That’s a raise of nine, boys and girls."

          "Dammit," Kid said, sullen.  He pushed cards away.  "I'm out."

          Lord Pleasure threw his cards down.  "Fold."

          "No fair!" Lady Midnight cried.  "You did that just to kick me out!   I have a good hand.  I could've won."

          "That doesn't inspire me to cut back on my raise," King Pimp laughed.  "You are out, Lady Midnight.  Live with it."

          "You can't intimidate me, King Pimp," Ms Americana said, grinning wolfishly.  "I'll see your nine, with Elly May Payne, Hermione LaPlante, Lady La Femme, Scarlett Jolie, Chantelle Casta, Audrinna Monaco, Keisha Hightower, La Toya Fox and Megan Miles."

          "That's all?" King Pimp said.  "You have all those pieces of costumes, why not raise me?  Are you afraid?  Is your hand so weak?"

          "Fine, I raise you Green Spectre's bustier, and Lady Midnight's gloves, boots, utility belt and her earrings.  Happy?"

          "Very.  I see your raise of eight items, with Natalia Acorn, Betsy Fines, Petra Becker, Tamisha Crane, Cynthia Tally, Fredrique Dion, Monique Miller and Sienna Polk.  Then…"

          'Oh no!" Ms Americana cried.  The other three super heroines gasped, all fearing Ms Americana had been suckered, and she would be wagered out of her ability to see it, so lose the hand.

          "…Holly Madigan, Kenda Wilks, Barbi Denton, Brandi Bryson, Simone Billings and Demi Long, which makes you put in everything but your mask, and then on top of that I raise you four more, Denise Roberts, Chelsa Hodgins, Molly Jones and Sapphire Simmins," King Pimp said, looking smug and satisfied.  "And that means you girls are OUT OF HERE.  Losers and naked."

          "No…wait…there's got to be a way," Ms Americana cried, looking at her royal flush.  "Let's make a deal."

          "Your four masks for the last four?"

          "NO!" all four women cried at once.

          "First off, before we negotiate, Ms Americana needs to ante up everything she's still wearing," Kid Rotten said.  "Otherwise, I don't believe she is serious."

          "He's right," King Pimp said.  "Ante up."


          "Ante up, or get out."

          The pimps wouldn't listen to reason, so Ms Americana slowly stripped for a second time.  Last, but with great dread, she removed her power belt and placed it upon the pile on the table.  Then the other three heroines crowded around her, and she showed them her hand.  That got them excited.

          "Okay, ante up your masks, and we'll be even," King Pimp said.

          "But even if we won, we'd lose by being unmasked," Ms Americana said, wishing she'd not given up her costume now.

          "If not the masks, then you as women become part of the kitty," King Pimp said.

          "What do you mean?" Ms Americana whispered.

          "If I win, all four of you will willingly submit to me, and be my whores," King Pimp said.  "I will own you."

          "You'll be his sex slaves at the Palace," Kid said.

          "Your other two options are walk out as you are, or put your masks on the table," King Pimp said.

          "Can we talk?" Ms Americana said, indicating the super heroines.  "In private?"

          "Sure, step outside if you want," he said.  "But we're staying here to guard the kitty."

          "Bastard," Ms Americana growled, looking longingly at her power belt on the table.  She led the other three over to a corner and in whispers they conversed.

          "It's a royal flush.  I can't lose," Ms Americana said.

          "Well, if he has a royal flush, too, of a higher suit, then you'll lose.  We'll all lose everything," Green Spectre said nervously.

          "What are the chances of that?" Ms Americana said.

          "Almost a billion to one, but still…," Lady Midnight said.

          "Do we want to just walk out of here, out onto those mean streets buck naked?" Got Gal said.  "We'll be helpless, and probably wouldn't last very long."

          "He's got us bent over a barrel," Lady Midnight snarled.

          "If he wins, he'll bend our sexy asses over a lot more than just barrels," Green Spectre said, and shivered.  "But we have no choice."

          "Mask or bodies?" Lady Midnight said.

          "Bodies," Ms Americana said

          "Bodies," Got Gal said.

          "Dammit, bodies," Green Spectre said.

          "You're right.  Bodies it is," Lady Midnight said.  "Masks destroys us win or lose."

          "It's agreed then," Ms Americana said, and grinned.  "But I have a good feeling about this."  She turned and led the super heroines back to the table.  The pimps just gawked at four sets of enormous, perfect pairs bouncing towards them.  "King Pimp, I see you with myself, Lady Midnight, Got Gal and Green Spectre.  We are in the kitty."

          "Excellent," King Pimp said.  "I am so going to enjoy pimping your fine asses at the Palace."

          "You have to win first."

          "I have your sacred word of honor that each of you will obey the results of this hand, and never try to escape?" he said.

          "If you win, I give my word.  I will be your slave, and I will never seek to escape, or allow myself to be rescued," Ms Americana said, a chill racing up her spine.  "Good enough?"

          "Good enough," King Pimp said, then turned to the other super heroines.  "And your oaths?"

          They each gave the same sacred oath.  Each felt a chill race down her spine as she gave her word to be a whore, if Americana lost.  The pimps grinned fiercely.  Lord Pleasure and Kid Rotten even high-fived each other.  Then they were forced to climb up on the table and kneel facing the center, all part of the kitty.  Even Ms Americana, who was still playing.

          "Let's see your cards," King Pimp said.

          Ms Americana smiled with delight.  She laid her hand down.

          "Holy shit!" Kid cried.  "A royal flush, Hearts!"

          "Damn," King Pimp said, looking stunned.  "There's only one hand that can beat that, and that is…"  he threw his hand down, and enjoyed the looks of shock and horror spread across the beautiful faces of the four super heroines, "…a royal flush, SPADES!"

          "Aaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhh!" four super heroines screamed in despair.

          King Pimp reached between the kneeling super heroines on the table, snatched up Ms Americana's power belt and threw it across the room.  Then he pried the Got Emerald out of Got Gal's fist, and stuffed it in his back pocket.

          "Ms Americana, call me 'master' and put your mask in the pile," King Pimp commanded.

          "I-I….oh, Goddess, I am defeated and enslaved," Ms Americana said, head hanging.  Trembling hands reached up, pulled off her mask, and dropped it on the pile before her.  "I am Brenda Wade, master.  I am yours."

          "Fucking A!" King Pimp cried.  "Brenda Wade?  Man, what a coup!"

          The other pimps congratulated him.

          "Lady Midnight, call me 'master' and put your mask in the pile," King Pimp commanded.

          "Oh Goddess, this is not RIGHT!" Lady Midnight cried in despair.  She just reached up and ripped off her mask in fury.  "I was stupid, and deserve to fall like this!  I am Angela Grear, master, and I am the Assistant D.A.  And now I belong to you.  Enjoy your sleazy victory."

          "Oh, I'll enjoy it very much," King Pimp said, as the other pimps slapped him on the back.  His eyes roamed her naked, shapely body.  "Very much."

          "She will, too," Lord Pleasure said.  "Notice how her nipples have risen, and look how wet her cunt looks."

          "They all are super horny super sluts right now," Kid said, looking at all of the vanquished vigilantes' nipples and cunts.

          "Green Spectre, call me 'master' and put your mask in the pile," King Pimp commanded.

          "I hate you, and will always hate you, MASTER," Green Spectre hissed.  She lifted shaking hands, and pulled off her mask.  "I am Axanna Morgan, and I belong to you now."

          "Got Gal, call me 'master' and put your mask in the pile," King Pimp commanded.

          "You won't get away with this," Got Gal said with a trembling voice.  "The people won't stand for it.  If one hereoine falls, they accept it.  But four?  And they will know you are holding us, so.."

          "So they will line up in the hundreds for the chance to pay one hundred dollars to FUCK each and every one of you," King Pimp said.  "Now, call me 'master' and put your mask in the pile,"

          "Master," she spat.  "I am Tanya O'Donnel, of the evening news."

          Got Gal removed her mask and dropped it on the pile with the others.

          "Good girls.  Okay, slave sluts," King Pimp said, looking very smug.  "Lay on the table, face up, legs dangling off the sides.  Reach back over your heads, and locked hands and arms with your sisters in super heroine sexual slavery."

          King Pimp walked up to Got Gal first, stepping up between her legs.  His big hand immediately plunged into her sloppy wet pussy, and he leaned over her until his nose was almost touching hers. 

          "I own you, Tanya."

          "I know, master."

          He kissed her deeply, then stepped over between Lady Midnight's legs.  His fingers plunged into her wet snatch, and he leaned over her, face to face, and kissed her deeply.

          "I own you, Angela."

          "I know, master."

          He tweaked a nipple, then moved over to Green Spectre.  Moving up between her legs, he started rubbing her engorged clit.  She gasped, writhed and arched her back, with the prettiest look of astonishment on her gorgeous face.  He leaned over and kissed her, lingering a long moment since she kissed back.

          "I own you, Axanna."

          "I know, master."

          King Pimp noticed that Ms Americana was writhing, rubbing her thighs together, and panting furiously.  He smiled with wicked delight. The infamous pimp always knew Ms Americana would prove to be the most profoundly horny of them all.  She would be his best whore, his top earner, and she would ENJOY her job more than any other whore in the Palace.

          The vanquished vigilante's mile long legs spread wide as he approached, so he unzipped, pulled out his long, thick cock and dropped it with a thunk across her wet twat.  It almost reached her navel as it lay there on her quivering white belly, black as night and throbbing with need.  He ran his hands up and over her silky smooth thighs, and then rubbed her pussy lips with both of his thumbs.  She gasped and started making tiny animal noises.

          "You know how many years I waited for this moment?" King Pimp said, sliding his huge cock between her slippery wet nether lips, and up into her vagina.  His hands slid up her sides, to her titanic tits.  He got two big handfuls of fat titty meat, and leaned down to her face.  "I own you, Brenda."

          "I know, master."

          As he kissed her, King Pimp thrust deep.

          "Uuuuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she cried into his mouth.

          King Pimp never released her lips.  He fucked her long and hard, kissing her the whole time.  She returned his kiss with passion and lust to match his own.

          Ms Americana bucked and writhed, and fucked him as hard as he was fucking her.  She never really had to think about it.  Her spectacular body knew instinctively what to do.  She just let go and went with it.  Within just a few minutes she started screaming her climaxes into his mouth.

          "Great Liberty, I have been TAMED!" she cried when he released her lips after forty minutes of nonstop, furious fucking.  She just lay limp beneath him.

          "Boys, please, fuck them stupid.  My gift to you for this momentous night," King Pimp said.  He sat back in a chair and pulled Ms Americana into his lap.  Turning her around to face the table, so she would watch her friends being fucked into submission, too, he thrust his still hard cock up her tight ass hole.

          "Uuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhh!" she cried.

          Once Ms Americana was well mounted, and bouncing with glee up and down his long black shaft, King Pimp turned to regard his fellow pimps.  They were also well mounted, and fucking their curvaceous foes with relish.  The heroines were already glassy-eyed and near full subjugation.  After that night, there would no will to fight left in them.  They would be in their pre-destined places, as working prostitutes in a notorious brothel.

          "You know, boys, I think I've enjoyed this Game Night more than any other," King Pimp said, and laughed.  "A toast, to THE GAME!"