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By Dark One


          Ms Americana smiled roguishly.

          “Finally, after all these years I have her!” the Queen of Justice said, smiling victoriously.  “She will know my wrath.”

          Across the street, through the large front window, Ms Americana watched the dark figure quickly and efficiently clean out the display cases of the jewelry store.  The store had super hard shatterproof glass on all external windows, and on the display cases.  Indeed, the display cases were reputed to be second only to steel safes.  With those display cases they weren’t supposed to have to put up their highly valuable merchandise every night.  They were proof against most thieves, but Esha was not most thieves.

          Ms Americana sneered at the sight of the notorious cat burglar.  Esha wore her usual black leather bikini, matching mask and stiletto pumps.  She also wore black leather opera gloves.  Her silky, bouncy golden locks fell in shimmering waves across her bare shoulders and halfway down her back.  The sexy arch villain possessed a magnificent body -- 5’9” tall, with a statuesque 39-24-38 figure.  The shapely super heroine had captured her once, several years earlier, and knew her secret identity was Barbara Cummings, internationally renowned bikini model.  But the wily cat burglar had turned it around on the Queen of Justice, with the help of the US Government, she suspected, and made it look like she was framed by the real Esha.

          Ms Americana knew better.

          The sexy super heroine shifted on her stiletto booted feet and glared at her hated foe.  Esha had chloroformed and stripped the statuesque super heroine several times in the past, leaving her naked and trussed up for the police to find and free.  She was fond of humiliating other beautiful women, especially super heroines.  Fortunately, Esha hadn’t captured her since the super heroine unmasked and arrested her, otherwise her secret identity would also be known.

          Ms Americana licked full red lips, her heart rate ramping up.  Esha had bested her, outwitted or outmaneuvered the Queen of Justice every single time, except their last encounter.  Truth be told, Esha tended to win with shameful ease.  Ms Americana had to be on her toes when dealing with her.

          Touching the golden tiara crowning her raven-maned head, Ms Americana next adjusted the matching power belt cinched around her narrow waist and resting comfortably across her well rounded hips.  That belt made her a super heroine, giving her super strength, speed and endurance, while providing other necessary services, like stopping projectile weapons.  Her bikini costume was as legendary as the Queen of Justice herself -- red, white and blue, one half blue with white stars and the other half red and white stripes.  Her blue mask was star spangled, and she finished out her costume with red star earrings, blue choker, red gauntlet gloves and red stiletto calf boots.

          Seeing that Esha was nearly finished cleaning out the display cases, Ms Americana slipped back into the night shadows and circled around to the back of the jewelry store.  Thanks to her golden power belt, the stunning super heroine could run long and fast, even in five inch stilettos.  She arrived at the jimmied open back door before Esha emerged, with just a touch of sweat glistening in her deep cleavage.  She found a black nylon sports bag beside the door, filled with advanced electronics and other insidious devices for breaking through locks and security systems.  The beautiful cat burglar was always well prepared.

          “Not prepared for me,” she muttered, grinning.

          Hearing the soft clatter of heels on tile from inside, Ms Americana moved to the side of the door and waited with bated breath.  Tonight she would finally end Esha’s reign as the world’s top cat burglar.  Her breath caught as Esha emerged into the dark alley from the darker interior.  A second later, Ms Americana reached out and seized Esha’s left upper arm.

          “Gotcha!” the exultant Queen of Justice cried.  She jerked Esha hard, staggering her briefly.  It was enough.  She pounded a fist into the cat burglar’s rock hard belly, then backhanded her brutally.  Esha cried out as she spun completely around, staggering on her feet before the joyous baby blues of Ms Americana.  “I caught you red handed, Esha.  You are going down for real this time.”

          “Red handed?” she said.  “But it is your hands that are all red.”

          Ms Americana hesitated.  She glanced down at her hands.  Of course they were red.  She was wearing red gloves.  But that was all Esha needed.  She lashed out with a savage roundhouse to the side of the super heroine’s head.  Ms Americana grunted and staggered back, hurt but not down.  Thanks to her power belt.  But instead of running away, Esha followed and kicked the sexy super heroine in the left tit next.

          Yyeeoow!  Bitch!” Ms Americana cried, grabbing and rubbing her tortured tit.  “That hurt.”

          “Good, super slut,” Esha growled.  “Fool.  You know you cannot defeat me.”

          “Not true.  I have your number now, Esha.  I defeated you the last time we tangled,” Ms Americana said, assuming a super heroine pose and glaring arrogantly at the gorgeous blonde.  “This time, though, I will ensure no one comes to your rescue.”

          “That’s right.  You unmasked me and told the world my secret identity,” Esha said, bright blue eyes blazing.  “You will pay dearly for that insult, Ameri-bitch.”

          Ms Americana looked the smaller woman over contemptuously.  At six one, Ms Americana was a good four inches taller, shapelier, with bigger tits and rounder hips.  She was bigger and stronger.  Just a fact.  And on top of that, she had a power belt to give her super strength, speed and endurance.

How did she ever allow THAT pathetic piece of feminine fluff to defeat her?  If it wasn’t for her terrible susceptibility to drugs, especially to knockout drugs like chloroform, Esha would never defeat her.  But she’d learned her hard lessons well.  Esha would not be allowed to get the drop on her.  Not ever again.

          Esha was easing closer and closer.  Ms Americana  pretended not to notice.  Then the attack came, sudden and violent.  But not unexpected.  Esha tried for a swift and brutal kick to the most sensitive spot on the statuesque super heroine -- her clitoris.  Esha was exceptionally gifted at finding that most intimate and sensitive spot on other women when she fought them, whether she wanted to masturbated the other woman into submission or she wanted to kick it.  She rarely missed.  The sexy cat burglar fought dirty.

          “Ha!” Ms Americana cried victoriously, catching the anticipated kick.  She held onto Esha’s foot, forcing the beautiful blonde to hop on one foot before her.  “Oh, problem, don’t you think?”

          “Let go of my foot, so I can kick your fat ass,” Esha commanded, blue eyes blazing.

          “I kind of like it like this,” Ms Americana said, chuckling.  “You look so helpless and frustrated.”

          “Really?” Esha snarled, reaching for Ms Americana’s gloved hands around her ankle.  Ms Americana forced her back a few hops when she touched her hands, to keep her off balance and helpless.  Then her eyes flashed in fury, and she reached out and ripped off Ms Americana’s strapless costume top.  “You look NAKED.”

          Sometimes girl instincts trump survival instincts.  Ms Americana released Esha’s ankle with a startled gasp, and promptly crossed her arms over her exposed chest.  Instantly, the Queen of Justice realized her mistake.  But it was too late.  Esha was too fast, and a second later a brutal foot connected with her chin.

          “Ugh!” she cried, falling back two steps.  Esha followed up with that promised kick to the cunt.  As usual, her aim was flawless, and the kick savagely hard.  Ms Americana’s knees slapped together, both hands dropped to cup that most abused spot and her baby blues went wide in surprise and fear.  Yeeooowww!”

          Esha seized the vivacious vixen's silky, shimmering black hair and jerked her into a run, and ran her straight into a brick wall.  Ms Americana collapsed at the base of the wall, moaning and groaning.  Esha laughed, reached down and ripped off her mask.

          “No!” Ms Americana cried, whipping her head around.  Glossy black hair wrapped around her face as she rolled to her feet and lashed out with a foot.

          Esha leapt back so fast she stumbled into the wall across the narrow alley, Ms Americana’s blue, star-spangled mask clutched greedily in her hand.  But her little victory brought frustration as well, since it was so dark in the alley she didn’t get a look at her foe’s face.  She still didn’t know Ms Americana’s true identity.

          “Such a pretty face, Ms Ameri-twit.  Why cover it up?” Esha mocked.

          “You are so not funny, miscreant,” Ms Americana growled.  She glanced around, noting the few spots where moonlight seeped down into the alley.  She would have to avoid those like the plague.  Esha would go on the talk show circuit if she had to just to crow the true identity of Ms Americana, if she learned it.  The fact she wasn’t calling her Brenda Wade meant Esha hadn’t gotten a good look.  Point to Americana.  “Give me my mask, or I’ll beat you stupid before I toss your sleazy, criminal butt in jail.”

          “You don’t scare me, Americana,” Esha sneered.  “I’ve defeated you five times to your one.  Odds are in my favor, sweet tits.  Remember the first time I captured you?  I played with those monster tits for a whole hour, bring you to five orgasms.  Then I tied that wonderful vibrator between your legs and left you tied to a chair, experiencing machine gun climaxes, for the police to find.”

          Ms Americana felt her face flame up.  Oh, she remembered it vividly.  For that Esha would pay as well.

          “I should charge you with rape for that, Esha, but I don’t care to allow your sleazy lawyer to rip me to piece on the stand,” Ms Americana.  “Or to besmirch my good reputation.”

          “Good reputation?  Ha!  So funny.  You’re street rep says you are a frustrated WHORE in denial,” Esha said, laughing maliciously.  “And I agree.  I’ve PROVEN it five times already.”  Then she pointed and laughed.  “Look, even in the dark I can see your nipples getting hard and erect at the memory of my firm, demanding hands on your eager body.  I think you are here for more of that same naughty treatment, BEGGING to be dominated and exploited.  You sleazy slut.”

          The legendary Queen of Justice gasped, her breath sucked out at that most biting accusation.  Her red gloved hands reached up to cup her 44DDs and cover her vulnerable nipples.  Her shock forced her to retreat two steps, heart racing, baby blues wide and shaking her head in denial.  Those vile words stung, and she didn’t understand why.

          Esha moved at the same time, charging the confused super heroine.  She smiled cruelly as she closed in on the sexy super heroine.  She’s waited a long time to get her revenge for the insult of being unmasked.  As usual, she was dominating and would quickly take out the arrogant goodie-two-shoe super slut.  As Ms Americana reeled back, startled by her unexpected attack, Esha kicked out and caught her red booted ankles.  But Americana surprised her by reaching out and grabbing her bikini top.

          “Bitch!” Esha cried, her black leather bikini top ripped off and damaged as the super heroine fell before her.

          “Nice tits, Babs,” Ms Americana sneered.

          Esha kicked at Ms Americana’s chin, but the raven-haired beauty rolled aside and back to her feet, dangling the tattered top in one hand.  Esha kicked at that hand, and Ms Americana again caught her foot.  This time, though, she immediately pushed the sexy cat burglar straight back, forcing her to hop furiously, until she slammed into a brick wall.  Then Ms Americana punched her in the face once, twice….Esha ducked….and the third fist slammed into the wall.

          “Yeow!” Ms Americana cried, stepping back and shaking her hand.

          Esha smashed a brutal roundhouse to Ms Americana’s head, then swept her feet away.  The hapless heroine hit the concrete with a gasp and grunt.  Esha snapped a hard foot into her chin, then two more into her side.  Ms Americana groaned miserably, trying to roll away, but Esha was on top of it.  She pounced upon the sexy super heroine, grabbed her thick, silky black hair with both hands and started slamming Ms Americana's head over and over into the unyielding concrete until her baby blues rolled up into her head and her incredible body went limp.

          “Whew!  Ameri-bitch was tougher to take down this time,” Esha said, sitting back on Ms Americana’s taut, flat belly and wiping the sweat off her masked face.  Feeling the mask upon her own face, she grinned wickedly and looked around.  Ms Americana’s mask was across the alley, next to the wall.  The sexy super heroine was unmasked!  She now OWNED her.  “Let’s see who she really is.”

          Esha crawled forward and pushed her face up to within inches of the unconscious super heroine's unmasked, naked face.  But it was just too dark to make out any real detail.  Looking around, she spotted the closest pool of dim moonlight.  Of course, there was her van further away.  The gorgeous cat burglar was too eager to know the truth to waste time dragging the limp body all the way over to her van, so decided on the pool of moonlight just ten feet away.

          “Ugh,” Esha groaned as she rose up to her feet above Ms Americana.  She’d taken a worse beaten than she thought.  Now that the adrenaline was gone, she was feeling all of her aches and pains.  She would have to relax the next few days…maybe a week.  Of course, she’d be busy TRAINING her new sex slave during that time.  Nothing too physically demanding.  She laughed, reached down and grabbed Ms Americana’s wrists and started dragging her toward the light.  “Ugh, you could stand to lose a few pounds.”

          As she neared the moonlight, Esha’s butt ran into something warm and cloth covered.  Pants.  A man!

          “Oh!” Esha cried, standing straight and starting to turn around.  But a hard fist slammed into her back, right over her right kidney.  The pain was incredible.  A second later her arms were pulled back and twisted up to hold her firmly.  “Oh!  How dare you touch me!”  Her silky blonde hair was yanked hard, jerking her head painfully back.  Blue eyes wide, she saw the dark shadowy man’s face descend upon hers.  A second later she was trapped in a passionate lip lock.  Mmmmmmm!  Uuuummmmggghhh!”

          Esha heard other men shuffling around as another pair of hands grabbed her naked tits with some enthusiasm.  Seconds later a hot, greedy mouth clamped down on one of her nipples as he mauled her big breasts.  The rancid stench of unwashed men assaulted her nose at that time, and she realized with distaste and horror that she’d been captured by homeless men.  Men who hadn’t fucked in years, and were probably desperate to get their hands on a hot young babe like her.

          Mmmm,” she moaned, desperately struggling to escape.  The man mauling her tits stopped long enough to pull her bikini bottoms down and off.  Then she was dragged to the ground and he forced her legs wide, with the man sucking face with her never losing sweet contact.  When he mounted her, she grunted loud and wantonly, “Uuugggghhh!”

          Once the second bum was well mounted and happily humping her, the kisser released her lips, unzipped and promptly shoved his cock down her throat.  Esha, body awash with erotic heat and already panting and gasping, suddenly found herself sucking dick while upside down, on her back in the alley.  Hairy, rancid smelling balls slapping her face, Esha sucked cock with some enthusiasm.  She was a lesbian, but not fanatical about it.  She enjoyed the occasional romp with a bad boy.  Of course, she liked to be on top and in control of any session, whether with a man or a woman.

          “Great Liberty!  I’m being molested!” Ms Americana suddenly called.  “Oh, Goddess, save me…so good.”

          <SLUT!> Esha thought, amused to hear her despite her own sexually submissive situation.

          Ms Americana couldn’t believe what happened.  She’d been unmasked and defeated in personal combat with Esha.  Shameful!  Esha probably knew her secret identity now, and would blackmail her into submission.  On top of that, she awoke to find a stinking bum between her legs and fucking her for all he was worth.  Her oversexed and underused body was already sweating with erotic heat.  The butterflies were being burned away to make room for that searing buildup to orgasm when she came around, so the bum between her legs was going at her for at least several minutes before she woke.  She could hear Esha off in the shadows also being royally reamed, which pleased her for some reason.

          “He’s cumming inside me!” Ms Americana screamed a second later, feeling the bum’s hot seed spurting deep inside her body.  Her back arched and she lost it.  The climax ripped through her shapely body.  “Sweet Goddess!  No!  Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, my Goddess!  Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeee!”

          Ooooooooooooogggggggghhhh!” Esha cried.  Hearing her hated enemy climax was more than the sexy cat burglar could handle.  “Son of a b --aaaahhh…Oh, no, not again!….aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!”

          The bums all started laughing.  Ms Americana realized there were a good ten men abusing them, or waiting their turns in the dark.  To prove her point, she was flipped over to all fours facing Esha’s dark, doubled teamed figure a few feet away.  Then two men mounted the Queen of Justice from both ends.  The man mounting her doggie-style was huge, but the man shoving his cock into her mouth was only average.  Still, to be forced to give oral pleasure to an unwashed bum was beyond disgusting and humiliating.  Worse still, her body quickly took over and she found herself enthusiastically sucking on that nasty cock, licking, kissing and sucking on his balls, too.  It was small consolation to hear a bum comment on how eagerly Esha was doing the same for him.

          The two women were passed around and around for the next six hours.  Every orifice of their luscious bodies were reamed out multiple times.  The bums, to Ms Americana’s chagrin and surprise just sort of started wandering off as they were sated.  She noticed before Esha, and when they were down to just two bums, the Queen of Justice jumped up and started kicking butt.  She kicked Esha in the head, too, leaving the cum covered cat burglar sprawled unconscious on the concrete.  Then she chased off the remaining bums, reclaimed her mask and costume.  In short order Ms Americana was back in full costume.

          Esha was handcuffed and then secured to the door of her van.  Ms Americana called the police on her cell, and soon ten patrol cars raced up.  Esha was prompted turned over to them.  As she was held between two cops, Ms Americana walked up, smiled at her smugly, and pulled off her mask.  In the bright lights from the patrol cars, everyone got a splendid view of Barbara Cummings beautiful face.

          “Ah, it would seem I was correct the first time.  Esha IS Barbara Cummings,” Ms Americana said, baby blues afire as the sexy cat burglar sputtered and spewed ineffectually.  She’d defeated Esha twice now.  “This time, I intend to ensure no one comes to your rescue, Babs.  Rot in prison.  Take her away, boys.”

          “I will have my vengeance, Americana!” Esha cried as they dragged her away.  “Mark my words, slut!  I will OWN you one day.  Own you!”

          “Not today,” Ms Americana said, smirking.

#                    #                    #

          Esha glared balefully at the cell door three days later.  Thanks to the testimony of Ms Americana, Flag Girl and half the other super heroines of the city, including such notable citizens as Brenda Wade, Axanna Morgan, Tanya O’Donnel and Dana McQueen, Esha was denied bail.  She would not be allowed out of jail pending trial.  They said she was a threat to society, and that she was a flight risk.  Hell yeah, but still.

          “Brenda Wade?  Axanna Morgan?” she muttered.  Okay, she did rob both of those women.  And she did tied them up and sexually molest them…but, both women actually really enjoyed everything she did to them.  They denied it, but she knew when one of her victims was having a good time and when they weren’t.  Those two stuck up society whores were as big of closet harlots as most super heroines.  “It’s all Ms Americana’s fault.  I know she spoke to them and encouraged them to testify against me.  She bragged about it to me outside the courtroom.  Bitch.”

          “Excuse me?  You have a problem with me?” a pretty Latino woman said.  She was about Esha’s height and body type, big breasts, small waist and flaring hips.  But she had long dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and lovely brown eyes.  She showed little concern with her incarceration, too.

          “Not you.  The bitch that put me in here.  Ms Americana,” Esha said.

          “Oh, HER,” the woman said, face screwed up in anger.  “I despise that woman.  She broke my nose once, back in my streetwalking days.  One of these days I will get her.”

          “Why are you waiting?” Esha said, not really expecting an answer.  “No time like the present.”

          She shrugged.  “No profit in it.  Unless you want to hire me to take her down.”

          Esha was suddenly alert.  Could that woman really take down Ms Americana?  She seemed confident she could.

          “You really think you could take out the Queen of Justice?”

          “Sure.  No problem.”

          “And yet you haven’t tried, have you?”

          She shrugged.  “I only do what I do when I’m well paid,” she said.  “I was well paid to take out Ms Confederate and Southern Girl two months ago.  I got Puritan by sheer luck and threw her in as a bonus.”  She smiled wickedly.  “Three months before that I captured Power Lass and Champion Girl for a client.”

          “You’re responsible all of their disappearances?  Wow!  I am in awe of you,” Esha said, blue eyes bright.  "I am Esha, and you are…?"

          “It’s a job,” she said.  “I have many names, none of them my real name.”  She smiled at Esha.  “But I’m called Savant by most of my clients.”

          “What if I wanted to hire you, Savant?” Esha said, licking full red lips.  “What would I get, and how much?”

          “It depended on what you wanted.  If you simply wanted me to assassinate her – one hundred thousand for a super heroine,” Savant said.  “It you want her to suffer, it’ll be more.”


          “Sure.  Anything you want.  Torture.  Public humiliation.  Destroy their secret identities very publicly.  Reduce them to pathetic wretches, then kill or capture them,” she said, shrugging.  “Whatever you want.”

          Esha’s shapely body began to tingle and she felt wet warmth between her legs.  She was dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit and flip-flops.  To be forced to dress so atrociously was paramount to torture.  Ms Americana had to suffer even worse.

          “I think I can afford to pay whatever you charge, Savant.  I’m very wealthy,” she said, smiling and bright blue eyes flashing.  “I want you to publicly and privately vivisect Ms Americana and her alter ego.  Then I wanted her broken and delivered to me to serve as my personal slave and cunt candy.”

          In less than ten minutes they worked out the details and the price.  Esha wrangled a phone call from the jailor, by giving a very long blowjob.  She had the requested funds transferred to Savant’s numbered account.  Two hours later Savant was released on bail.  Esha watched the beautiful Latina depart with growing excitement, starting to rub her thighs together in her arousal.  The jailors noticed, leering hungrily at her.  Then she got up, gave the horny guards a sultry look, then headed over to the other women.  One of them had to be a lesbian. 

#                    #                    #

          The Queen of Justice pursed full red lips as she studied the street below.  She was in a warehouse district between the city's largest university and Sugar Town.  No one was to be seen anywhere.  No unusual sounds, either.  Where were the smugglers her best informant told her about?  Erica Sambino smuggling the sex drug Climax out of the country was just the thing she needed to bring the city’s Boss of Bosses down, for once and all time.

          A late model panel truck slowly came down the street.  The sexy super heroine stood atop a nearby warehouse, striking a daring super heroine pose as she watched it approach slow and cautiously.  To her great pleasure it stopped in front of the warehouse she stood atop.  Moments later a long, black limo started down from the opposite direction.  It was followed by another panel truck.

          “Ah, Erica,” Ms Americana said, her pleasure rising.  Her heart raced as she considered the possibilities.  She’d had an incredible streak of luck since she captured Esha two weeks back.  King Pimp was in jail.  Kid Rotten and Mistress Tabitha, too.  Sugar Town was rocked to it’s foundation by those arrests.  Plus, she and Got Gal, with their sidekicks, captured a notorious heroin smuggler a week back, along with fifty million is heroin.  And now she was about to shutdown all Climax production and shipments with the capture and arrest of Erica Sambino herself.  “This is going to be a month for the history books.”

          The sexy patriotically clad super heroine watched with rapt pleasure as the two groups got out of their vehicles and met in the bright glare of the headlights.  Erica did not get out of her limo, though.  But when the doors opened and her agent got out, Ms Americana spotted the long legs of a woman in a mini skirt through the tinted windows.  From her angle and the windows tint, it was impossible to prove it was Erica.  So she would have to make sure she caught the beautiful boss of bosses.

          Ms Americana felt lucky.

          A suitcase was pulled from the Sambino panel truck and brought forward, then opened.  They opened it up and one of the men squatted to check it out.  That was all the sexy super heroine needed to see.  She turned and moved a small ways back, then took off running full tilt.  She launched herself off that roof, legs together, arms wide like wings, and back arched.  She gave every indication she was doing a nose-dive into the pavement, when she suddenly shifted and ducked.  The back of Ms Americana’s hands hit first, she curled them under and her whole body just “rolled” over and launched her into the air again.  Her power belt allowed her to absorb the hard contact with the ground without pain or penalty.

          “The gig is up, miscreants!” Ms Americana cried, landing in the middle of them.  Fists and feet lashed out all about as the Queen of Justice started beating the vile smugglers to a pulp.  One of them pulled an Uzi, and pulled the trigger point blank.  She grinned at him, as he gawked at her.  Her power belt protected her from the bullets.  “Idiots.  You cannot stop Ms Americana with bullets!”

          “No, drugs work better,” a female voice said.

          Ms Americana whirled around to find herself facing a pretty Hispanic woman in back latex mini dress with a plunging neckline and no back.  Very tight and sexy.  She promptly lifted an aerosol can and sprayed it into Ms Americana’s face.

          Eeagghh!” Ms Americana cried, staggering back.  Then a monster climax RIPPED through her shapely body.  Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  She dropped to her knees, legs too weak to support her as she felt her suddenly overheated and utterly aroused body, baby blues wide in shock.  “Great Liberty!  I’ve been dosed with CLIMAX!”

          Ms Americana knelt in the middle of all those men, afraid to move because every movement was unadulterated erotic pleasure.  Her heart was thundering in her ears, and her blood pressure was high.  She took a deep breath, to steady herself, and the feel of her 44DDs rising within that satin stop was amazing.

          Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Great Liberty,” she cried.  Without thought, her hands rose up and squeezed her 44DDs together.  Hard.  She squeezed her breasts through her top a long moment, moaning and groaning, eyes closed and full red lips slightly parted.  Her head rolled back, back arched and her left hand dropped between her legs.  "Ooooooggghhhh, Great Liberty, so horny…oooohhh, I need…I need….I need."

          One of the thugs stepped up before her and unzipped.  She didn't hear him approach, but her baby blues popped open at the sound of the zipper.  Her mouth began to water and it became even harder to breathe.

          "This is…so wrong," Ms Americana said, eyes locking on the man's exposed cock.  As it grew hard before her eyes, her desire and need grew as well.  Ms Americana rose up on her knees, took the cock in hand, and licked it hard.  "Mmmmuugggh, delicious."

          Cameras flashed and she saw a man with a video camera, then another.  Ms Americana didn't care.  She was cock starved.  Hungry beyond belief, and she wasn't giving up her cock.  The sexy super heroine licked that cock from head to balls, sucked and licked the balls, then licked her way back to the head.  Then she gobbled it down, and started sucking in earnest.  The thug groaned as her head started bobbing up and down his hard shaft.

          "I love Climax," Savant said, grinning as she watched her pretty prey performing better than they anticipated.  They were getting some damn good porn footage of Ms Americana having sex.  One of the other men went up behind the sexy super heroine, dropped to his knees and removed the strapless top, releasing her titanic tits at last.  He ripped off her bottoms in his eagerness, rendering them useless.  So Savant picked them up to send to Esha in jail, to show her it was all going according to plan.

          "Uummmggghhh," Ms Americana groaned, regaining Savant's attention.  The thug had shoved his cock up her ass.  The shapely super heroine was groaning and grimacing as she sucked cock, indicating some pain, but at the same time she was grinding her butt against her rear-end assailant.  "Uuuuummmmmmm-uuggghhh."

          The henchman reached around and starting squeezing Americana's huge tits.  The Queen of Justice groaned and moaned, writhing in pure pleasure.  And then, she obviously lost it.


          The man fucking her face suddenly gasped and thrust deep into her mouth.  Ms Americana redoubled her sucking, and he exploded inside her, ballooning her cheeks.  Her throat worked hard, sucking it all down greedily.  He was replaced by another man.

          They spent two hours recording the Great and Mighty Ms Americana getting joyfully fucked in every orifice of her gorgeous body.  Once all of the men were sated, and Savant had all the video they needed, those wicked men and woman piled back into their trucks and limo, and left.  They left the Queen of Justice writhing, moaning and groaning on the ground, slathered in sticky cum.

          Staggering to her feet, Ms Americana looked around for her clothes.  Both her top and bottom were missing.  She saw the pretty Latina take the bottoms, but didn't know who claimed her top as a battle trophy.

          "No bother," she groaned, rubbing her aching pussy.  It ached from overused and abuse, and from need for more.  She staggered away, heading for her car.  She had extra costumes in the trunk.  "Oh, Goddess, what did I do?"

          The problem was she was still horny as hell.  The men that dosed her with Climax got all that they wanted, but she was still wanting.  Without men around, or constant stimulation, Ms Americana could start to think rationally.  She had to get home, where it was safe and she could wait for the drug to finally leave her body.

          "Hey, look there!  A drunk hooker," a male voice called.

          Ms Americana turned and staggered a few steps sideways.  She blinked and squinted at the approaching young men.  College age.  They were coming from the direction of the nearby college.  She didn't even realize her hands were caressing and massaging her own tits as they watched with growing hunger.

          "What do you want?" Ms Americana said, looking back and forth as the young men surrounded her.

          "God, she's one skanky whore," one of them said.

          "Ha!  She's trying to look like a super heroine."

          "Yeah, if Ms Americana catches her, she's toast," another said, laughing.  "But I like her version of Ms Americana's clothes!"

          "I agree!  Much better."

          "Maybe she should call herself, Ms Naked Americana."

          "Or Ms Naked Justice."

          They all laughed as they reached out and cupped her 44DDs, pinched her ass and tits and otherwise acted like chauvinistic pigs.  Normally, Ms Americana would have been outraged and gone off on them very violently.  But at the time, all Climaxed up, she thought it felt great.

          "How much for all of us?" one of the young men said.

          "What?" she said, stumbling and barely keeping her feet.

          "How much to fuck us all?" he said.  "Five dollars each?"

          "Five dollars?" she repeated, confused and getting horny at the mention of fucking.  "You want to fuck me?"

          "Yes.  Five dollars."

          "Oooh, okay," Ms Americana said, grinning stupidly.  "Fuck me."

          One of the college boys stepped up behind her, stuffed a five under her power belt and unzipped.  A second later, she relaxed her sphincter as he pushed in deep.  She groaned and fondled her own boobs.  Then another young man stuffed five under her power belt and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to bend over, knees locked straight, and she immediately began sucking on his cock.

          "Mmmmmm," Ms Americana groaned, sucking that cock all the way in on the first stroke.  Everything felt right with the world again as the two college boys began to fuck her hard.  Soon, the only sounds were the slapping of flesh on flesh and her loud slurps as she sucked cock with relish.  Being young, and her incredibly enthusiastic, the two young men quickly lost their wads inside her eager body.  The feel of their cocks spewing inside her pushed the oversexed and Climax dosed super heroine over the top as well.  "Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiieeee!"

          Two more college boys stepped up, each stuffing a five under her golden power belt.  The one in front paused long enough to fondle her titanic tits.  While he played with her tits, sending wave after erotic wave of pure sexual pleasure through the loopy Queen of Justice, his compadre moved up behind her and impaled her butt upon his cock.

          "Ooooooo, yes," Ms Americana sighed.  "Fuck me hard, boys.  Harder and harder."

          After a minute or so of that, the man behind her reached around and grabbed her monster tits.  He pulled her back, so that her feet came off the ground.  The man in front grabbed her shapely thighs, spread her knees wide and immediately thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

          "Uuuuggghhhh," she groaned wantonly.  "So good."

          Neither Ms Americana nor the college boys realized cameramen were atop nearby buildings video taping everything with powerful zoom lenses and powerful microphones.  They got a perfect view of her firm, globular white tits bouncing and jiggling as her luscious body was bounced up and down upon those two cocks, front and back.  They got incredible shots of her beautiful masked face glowing with wanton delight as the college boys took turns fucking her willing body.

          Savant smiled.  "This is working out better and better.  Ms Americana accepted payment for sex.  Five dollars a man, too.  What a CHEAP slut she turned out to be."

#                    #                    #

          Sneering contemptuously, Ms Americana strode down the hooker infested street deep in the heart of Sugar Town.  In the week since her most humiliating defeat, where she was fucked stupid and ended up turning tricks for the rest of the night, she'd been spending every night in Sugar Town chasing off hookers and beating up pimps.

          After the college boys finished with her, she forgot about her car and going home.  She headed into Sugar Town and ran into some bums.  They had their way with her, and they unmasked her, too.  Fortunately, none of those five men recognized her.  Afterwards, they stripped her down to boots and earrings.  She completely lost her power belt, and had no idea where it was.  Probably tossed in a dumpster.  Fortunately, she had spares.

          Anyway, the bums sold her to a small time pimp for a case of beer.  The pimp made her whore the rest of the night.  He took her home "after work," where the pimp and his friends passed her around for a few hours before bedding down.  She escaped by waking up before the pimp early the next morning, and slipping away.  Naked.  A phone call home before she left his apartment got Lydia there in less than an hour.

          "The hookers aren't nearly as afraid of us as they should be, Ms A," Flag Girl said, not pleased at all.  Her lovely blue eyes narrowed and her nose crinkled.  "We're going to have to stop being nice to them, and start kicking their butts, too."

          "Yes.  Even the pimps are getting braver," Ms Americana said, eyeing an especially vile pimp up ahead.  Kid Rotten was the district's top street pimp.  He was tall and blonde and arrogant in the extreme.  And worse, he was OUT OF JAIL.  "How did he get out so fast?"

          "Holy Injustice!  They let Kid Rotten out on bail?" Flag Girl said, shocked.  "Even after your testimony?  That just isn't right."

          "And he went straight back to exploiting women, too.  Filthy pimp," Ms Americana snarled.  "Maybe catching him pimping while on bail will be enough to convince the judge to deny bail."  She smiled wickedly.  "Let's go get him."

          They strode off purposely, straight at the pimp surrounded by his girls.  Kid didn't look too concerned, but wariness started to creep into his eyes.  His hookers, though, took on belligerent postures and looks.  They looked pissed and defiant.  But the two sexy super heroines were not concerned with those inferior women, since a mere man had cowed them all and forced them to sell their shapely bodies for his profit.

          "Kid, you are going down!" Ms Americana called as she approached.  "You should never have come back here, perv."

          "Leave Kid alone!" Baby Blue called.  She was an older hooker, in her late twenties, and dressed in all blue (blue latex mini dress and thigh boots) with electric blue hair.  "He's not hurting anyone, Ms Ameri-jugs."

          Ms Americana's baby blues flashed.  Ameri-jugs?  Suddenly, her wrath was focused on that hooker.  Kid wasn't the only one going to jail that night, or the only one getting his ass beaten.

          "You're going down too, Blue," Ms Americana snarled.

          Instead of running away in fear, the tall, shapely hooker balled her dainty fists and marched out to meet the sexy super heroines.  Indeed, she was joined by ALL of Kid's hookers, all angry and defiant and not backing down.  The two super heroines had dealt with mobs of hookers before, and were confident they would prevail easily.

          Seconds later, Ms Americana and Baby Blue met.  Flag Girl rushed past, deep into the midst of the unhappy hookers.  The Queen of Justice grinned as she backhanded Baby Blue, causing the hooker's knees to buckle.  The blue clad and maned beauty dropped to her knees with a yelp of pain and surprise.  Before Ms Americana could finish off the hooker, though, her coworkers surged around her.

          Delicate feminine hands grabbed at her hair, arms and breasts.  Tiny, dainty fists beat at her back.  None of it meant anything to the statuesque super heroine, not with her power belt resting atop her well rounded hips.  She grabbed two of the girls by their hair, and slammed their heads together.  The two hookers collapsed atop Baby Blue, and she started kicking hookers with her powerful legs.

          "Having fun yet, Flag Girl?" Ms Americana said, kicking another hooker into the nearby wall.  She collapsed atop the other three already laying unconscious there.  Between her and her pretty protégé, they had taken out ten of the twenty hookers in less than a minute.  It was going well.  "I know I am."

          "Having a blast, Ms A!" Flag Girl called joyously.  She really loved to fight.  "We'll be through them in another minute, and then we can take turns pounding Kid."

          A car slowed beside them.  Ms Americana ignored it.  Rubber-neckers!  Probably men getting horny by watching girl-on-girl fighting.  Catfight royale.  Let them watch, they would spread the word to fear the super heroine duo.

          Poof!  Sssssssssssssssss!

          "What?" Ms Americana said, looking around as a thick cloud of purple smoke blossomed in the middle of the fight, over near Flag Girl's feet.  Her first thought was that Lady Midnight had arrived.  "Who did that?"

          "Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!" Flag Girl cried, lost from sight within that growing cloud of purple.

          "Flag Girl!" Ms Americana cried, forgetting her battle and rushing into the cloud to save her sexy sidekick.  Just before she entered that thick cloud of smoke, she heard numerous feminine voices cry out in ecstasy.  Then she was engulfed, and realized her mistake.  "Climax!" she cried, smelling the distinct, powerful aroma of roses too late.  The Climax was thick in the smoke, and powerful.  She climaxed immediately.  "Aaahaahhhhhhhh!  Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

          Flag Girl climaxed again, and again, and so did the sexy super heroine as she dropped to her knees on the sidewalk.  All around she heard the hookers falling to their knees and climaxing over and over.  She even heard Kid and other men cry out as they came in their pants.  Ms Americana couldn't stop her own hands from starting to feel and fondle her own magnificent body, pushing her over the top again.


          The smoke drifted away on the wind within minutes, causing sexual havoc all down the street.  Ms Americana found herself facing Flag Girl on the sidewalk, just a couple feet away.  Flag Girl's eyes were closed, her head back as she masturbated vigorously, sending herself into orgasm after orgasm.  Her erect nipples pushed at the satin of her top, obvious and enticing.  Her full red lips were slightly parted and quivering, begging to be kissed and enjoyed.

          Without thought, Ms Americana crawled over and seized her pretty protégé's beautiful, masked face.  Her beautiful, bouncy, silky pigtails framed her face perfectly, and still those trembling red lips called to the Queen of Justice's most base heart.  They locked eyes, then Ms Americana pressed her sweet red lips into Flag Girl's.

          'Mmmmm," they groaned wantonly as one.

          Within seconds Flag Girl had Ms Americana's top off, and Ms Americana had the sidekick's top pushed up and over her perky 36Cs.  They sucked face for five minutes, when Flag Girl broke contact, and sucked in one of her mentor's rock hard nipples.

          "Oooh, yes!" Ms Americana cried, and climaxed again.  "Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieee!  Don't stop, please don't stop."

          As Flag Girl reached down and pushed her hand under Ms Americana's costume bottoms, to go at her sopping wet pussy, the Queen of Justice noticed all of the hookers had paired off as well.  Some were with male bystanders, but mostly it was girl-on-girl.

          <Great Liberty, we're in a lesbian orgy in the middle of the street,> she thought, but lost that train of thought as another climax claimed her.  "Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeee!"

          Suddenly wanting a taste of Flag Girl's twat, Ms Americana maneuvered her sexy sidekick around.  Ms Americana laid on her back, and Flag Girl crawled atop her -- 69 achieved as they both pressed their hungry lips to the other's quivering pussy.  The statuesque super heroine spread Flag Girl's bubblegum pink nether lips, all glistening with sex juices, with her thumbs.  She licked those wet lips clean for a few minutes, then plunged her tongue into that hot slit, eagerly lapping up her flowing love juices.

          Flag Girl did the same to her mentor, and they were quickly turned into moaning and groaning, wantonly wicked sex machines, eagerly eating each other out.  After about fifteen minutes of licking pussy and sucking on clit, a man knelt over Ms Americana, straddling her head.  He promptly shoved his cock up Flag Girl's ready ass, his stinky balls bouncing on Ms Americana's face.  So she alternated between eating pussy and licking and sucking on balls.

          That went on another ten minutes, until he came.  When he pulled out, a flood of hot, sticky cum flowed into her face and mouth.  Ms Americana eagerly lapped it up, then sucked greedily when he shoved his cock into her mouth.  She sucked him clean so hard and eagerly, he came again in her mouth.

          A pair of big, fat black men pulled Flag Girl off, and forced the sidekick to bend over at the waist, while one pushed up her pussy from behind and the other made her suck his cock.  She accepted that eagerly, and Ms Americana looked at the scene with lust and envy.  Fortunately, Kid walked up, forced her legs wide and knelt between them.

          "I'm really going to enjoy this," he said, eyes filled with dark lust.

          Ms Americana took his huge cock in hand, guided it to her pussy as she lifted her hips off the ground to accept him more easily.  She locked eyes with the once hated pimp, smiled as she licked cum off her lips and groaned as she pushed deep inside her body.

          "So am I.  Oooooooh, soooo good," she said.  "Great Liberty, you're big, Kid."

          "The better to tame you with," he said.

          "Ha!" she said, back arching.  "I'm already tamed."

          He rose up on his knees, pulling her up with him.  Impaled on his cock, she started bucking and gyrating her hips, to maximize her pleasure.  Her Climax-dosed, sexually super charged body was soon having climax after climax.  Kid, also dosed but not nearly as lost in it as her, savored his victory over his enemy, savored cementing his claim to her body and soul as he pounded her stupid with his bitch taming cock.

          Finally, after he emptied his cock into her body, and she collapsed in exhaustion on the sidewalk before him, Kid leaned over her and grinned wickedly.  Then he reached down and pulled off her mask.

          "Brenda," he whispered in awe, then pushed the mask back down.

          "Oh no," she gasped, suddenly frozen and frightened.  "You recognized me?"

          "Oh yeah, Miss Wade," he said quietly.  "Shall I tell the world?  Or will you be nice and cooperative?"

          She gawked up at him a long moment.  "Do I have a choice?"


          Her throat tightened.  "W-what are you…you going to do?"

          "I'm going to put your fat tits to work for me," he said.  "Any problem with that?"

          She looked at Flag Girl, five feet away and sucking face with Baby Blue and getting her ass reamed by a big Hispanic man.  She would also be under Kid's power now.  The impossible had happened, the Queen of Justice and her sexy sidekick had fallen victim to a mere pimp.

          "I-I don't have a choice," she said miserably.  "You have me over a barrel."

          "Good," he said.  "You'll do what I tell you, or else."

          She nodded.  Truth was, even though realization and fear had won out over the drug, it was proving a short lived victory.  Her mind was beginning to drift, to think about sex.  As a hooker she would get LOTS of sexy sex.  That thought pushed her over the top again.

          "Uuuuuuugggggghhhh, Great Liberty, I've been tamed by Climax and Kid," she groaned.  Misery and arousal warred in her shapely, overheated body.  And she came again, "Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeee!"

          Kid managed to get his libido under control long enough to get Ms Americana and Flag Girl into the back seat of his pink caddy.  Then he drove away, across Delta City to another red light district.  It was called Lower Saxony, because it was deep in a depressed area, in a flood plain and the main street was Saxony Avenue.  Lower Saxony was the place the really poor went to buy pussy from crack whores and hookers in the twilight of their illicit careers.  Kid ran a couple dozen crack whores down there, kept in line by a junior pimp in his employ.

          The super heroine duo had no idea where they were going, either.  In fact, they quickly forgot their predicament and Kid.  Once alone in the back seat together, they locked eyes and went to town on each other.  It was pure torture for poor Kid up front driving, his newest whores lesbian fucking like sex crazed minx in the back seat, gasping and groaning, moaning and panting, and softly begging for more, more, more!

          Ms Americana found herself yanked out of the back seat suddenly.  Seeing Kid, she remembered her problem.  His victory over her.  She stood straight, topless and her bottoms askew, and spotted the hardest eyed men and women she'd ever seen.  They were truly amid the dregs of society.  Then she glanced at the corner, at the street sign.

          "You brought us to Lower Saxony!" she cried, incredulous.  "We can't sell our bodies here.  They'll eat us alive!"

          "Oh, yes they will," Flag Girl said with a sultry voice.  She was eyeing a big, burly black man as he walked up.  "Hey big boy, looking for a good time?"

          He ignored her, looking at Kid instead.  "These the real thing?"

          "Yep," Kid said, chest puffing out.  "I cock tamed them.  They belong to me, now."

          He looked them over with hard, fierce eyes.  Then he sniffed and grinned.  "Yeah, with the help of Climax."

          Kid shrugged.  "You have a problem with that, Big John?"

          Ms Americana's eyes went wide.  She'd never met Big John, but knew of him.  He was the founder and president of a very vicious street gang that all but owned Lower Saxony -- the Savages.

          "Genius," Big John said.  "I'm surprised someone didn't think of that before."

          "Do you want me, or not?" Flag Girl said, glancing at the other men approaching.  She bit her lip, seeing that she would be very busy.  And liking it.  "Otherwise….."

          "Pick me," Ms Americana said.  She thrust out her 44DDs, pressing them against the big gang banger.  Then she grabbed his cock through his pants, and squeezed.  "I'll give you the ride of your life, Big John."

          So Big John chose the Queen of Justice.  He handed her twenty dollars, which is what the top girls in Lower Saxony made for a trick.  The average girl charged five.  He took the sexy super vixen by the hand and almost dragged her into an alley, where some of his gang banger cohorts watched with a glint in their dark eyes as she was prompted forced to her knees to suck him off.

          Ms Americana sucked that ten inch cock until he creamed her mouth, then pushed her to her back and fucked her into la-la land.  After him, the members of the Savages all took their turns, but they only gave her five each.  Ms Americana barely cared if she was paid or not.  She was in sexual heaven.

          Ms Americana and Flag Girl enjoyed their life of debauchery well into the night.  But the next day, the Climax had worn off.  Reality set in, and they had to obey Kid stone sober.  And obey they did.  There was no other choice.  After waking up, per Kid's directions, "Brenda and Lydia" officially left on a suddenly, protracted vacation.  So no one would miss them, leaving all that time open for Ms Americana and Flag Girl to turn tricks in Lower Saxony.

          The first week was the hardest.  Their luscious bodies adapted right away.  They really were capable of tremendous amounts of sexual abuse without problem.  It was the utter humiliation of being CHEAP whores, and servicing the worst sort of men, that hurt the most.

          Their power belts relied upon their abstinence from sex.  The belts were fueled by their enormous amounts of sexual frustration and need.  Working as cheap whores ensured they were climaxed dozens of times on a daily basis.  They had no super strength or endurance.  They remained Kid's property, and his playthings.

          After two weeks, they walked the streets of Lower Saxony by day, and worked high paying call girl gigs by night.  Some of the richest, most respected men in Delta City were hiring their erotic services -- either as a team or individually -- or to put on rousing sex shows for parties.

          That lasted another month, until Kid had the idea of forcing Brenda Wade to ruin her reputation by holding an orgy.  That night Brenda and Lydia officially returned home.  The next day the invitations went out to all of Brenda's friends, both male and female, in her precise, feminine handwriting, to attend her first any "Bang Cock Orgy" at Wade Manor.  Word was "leaked" that she and Lydia spent their vacation in Bangkok, and developed a taste for kinky sex while there, and that they were ready to have their friends come over and "Bang Cock" into their shapely bodies.

          Over a thousand men and women showed up.  Okay, three hundred fifty were male invited guest, with a surprising fifty-two of the women accepting.  The rest were hookers and other sex industry professionals who were eager to participate in and watch the descent into debauchery of Delta City's most respected goodie-two-shoe.  Since there were almost three women to every man, it was a rousing success.

          Both Brenda and Lydia were fucked stupid, flipped over and fucked stupid seven more times that night.  They put on sex shows with friends and business rivals, male and female, and each other, and with sex show professionals.  Brenda sucked so much cock she had to go to the bathroom at least once an hour to purge her stomach.

          But afterwards, once everyone had either left or passed out in some corner, Kid took Brenda and Lydia upstairs to Brenda's master bedroom.  There he fucked them both on Brenda's huge bed.  They fucked until they passed out.

          "Oh, my aching body," Brenda groaned, sliding out of bed in the wee hours.  She glanced back up on the bed.  Kid was awake.  Barely.  He smiled, grabbed Lydia's silky blonde hair and made her start to give him head.  "You've ruined me as Ms Americana and as Brenda Wade.  What more do you want?"

          "I'm thinking…oh, yes, keep it up Lydia," he said, then turned back to Brenda.  "I want you to sign over your fortune.  I'm going to make Wade Manor a high class cathouse, with you and Lydia the main draw.  We'll call your lawyers to write up the paperwork later this morning.  After you have your breakfast cock."

          "Wonderful," Brenda muttered and headed for the bathroom.  The secret door into her secret Americana dressing room was inside the closet, next to the bathroom.  Kid was distracted, so she veered into the closet.  Minutes later, she was in her secret room and standing before the open refrigerator in nothing but red stiletto heels.  She pulled out a small bottle of a clear drug, and a syringe.  "The gig is up, Kid."

          Returning to the bed, the syringe hidden behind her back, Brenda slipped up beside him while Lydia continued her intense head.  The sexy blonde didn't like sucking Kid off every morning, first thing.  But she was good at it.  Better than Brenda, if truth were told.  That fact strangely annoyed Brenda.

          "Oh, yes," Kid cried, clutching desperately at Lydia silky locks.

          "This is better," Brenda snarled, stabbing the syringe into the street pimp's body.  She injected him with the serum, which acted almost immediately.  He tensed up, then went completely limp.  "It is over Kid.  You will forget all about pimping Ms Americana and Flag Girl off, of having sex with Ms Americana, Flag Girl, Brenda Wade and Lydia Wills.  By the time I'm through with you, the last six weeks won't even be a memory, and we'll be out from under your thumb."

          "Thank the Goddess," Lydia said, sitting back and breathing a sigh of relief.  "I was afraid he would find the secret room and take away the memory drugs.  We'd be doomed forever then."

          "I know.  But we got him, and life will go back to normal shortly," Brenda said.  She frowned.  "It'll take years and a lot of work to repair our sterling reputations."

#                    #                    #

          "Ms Wade, a Maria Alcala here to see you," Brenda's secretary said through the intercom.  "She's with CNN, and wants to interview you on film."

          Brenda smiled.  The last week had been more successful than she anticipated.  While everyone seemed to LOVE the fact she had an orgy, that she was a bad girl deep down, they also seemed eager to accept her explanation.  A true tale of woe and betrayal.  They were eating that elaborate lie up with gusto.

          "Send them in, Nancy," she said.

          She rose up and walked out from behind her desk, to meet her guests halfway.  The reporter was a beautiful Hispanic woman, with long dark brown hair and sharp eyes.  She wouldn't be easy to fool.  There were three men with her, a camera man and two assistants.  All three men were tall and muscular, and really kinda dangerous looking.

          "So pleased to meet you, Ms Alcala," Brenda said, shaking her hand firmly.

          "And you, Ms Wade," Maria said.  "Please, call me Maria."

          "Only if you call me Brenda."

          "Deal," Maria said, looking her over.  Brenda fought the urge to strike a super heroine stance.  She never dressed sexual as Brenda, but she'd even toned it down more since her debacle.  Brenda wore a starched white blouse, high collar, with a red jacket over that to try and hide her titanic tits.  Her skirt was woolen, black and dropped to below her knees, while black hose sheathed her shapely legs, ending shiny black high heeled pumps.  "You look perfect."

          "Thank you, though my appearance is not an issue," Brenda said.

          "Of course it is," Maria said, an evil glint in her dark eyes now.  Brenda sucked in her breath.  This wasn't an interview.  She knew bad things were about to happen.  Then Maria pulled a DVD out of her pocket and walked over to Brenda's office TV.  She put the DVD in the player and turned it on.  "Let's uneven the playing field first."

          Video of Ms Americana being banged that night in the warehouse district, after being dosed with Climax.  Then it changed to video of her accepting money from the college boys, followed by a night of turning tricks without coercion.  That was followed by her Climax-dosed capture by Kid, and more video of her and Flag Girl being pimped off in Lower Saxony.  Then the kicker, a clear as day shot of her with Kid, on the hood of his car in an alley, while he removed her mask and she fucked him.  THEY KNEW FOR A FACT WHO SHE WAS!

          "You're going to blackmail me," she whispered, heart hammering and frozen in place.

          "Yes, Brenda 'Ms Americana' Wade, we are going to blackmail you," Maria said.

          "How much?" Brenda asked bitterly.  She raised her chin, trying to be brave and not act defeated and pathetic.  "Give me twenty-four hours, and I'll have your blackmail money."

          Twenty-four hours was more time than she needed.  Later, Ms Americana and Flag Girl would hunt them down, and use their memory drug to erase their memory of their secret identities.  By the next morning the blackmailers would be clueless, and probably in the hospital from the ass beating she planned for them.

          "We'll talk about that later," Maria said.  The lovely Latina really wanted to tell her she was Savant, and hired to bring her down.  But that would have to wait.  She didn't want Brenda to bolt and go into hiding.  "First, we want to give you a lesson in humility, an object lesson in power."

          Brenda's baby blues widened.  That didn't sound good.

          "I…I don't understand."

          "I know.  Bimbo," Savant said.

          The men set up the camera, aimed at Brenda's desk.  That looked like they still wanted to do the interview.  She found it very confusing.

          "I have a text message on my phone," Savant said.  "Addressed to a dozen men.  All I have to do is push SEND, and those men will get the message to give the large envelope containing ALL of the video we shot, including your unmasking.  They will delivery them to people like King Pimp and Erica Sambino, and other mobsters, pimps and drug lords.  Anyone with a grudge against you or Ms Americana, or both."

          "I'll be dead by lunch," Brenda murmured.

          "And so would Lydia/Flag Girl," Savant said, grinning victoriously.  "Unless you do exactly as told.  Exactly."

          Brenda grimaced and nodded.  "What do you want from me?"

          "We are going to make a porno, starring Brenda Wade and Lydia Wills," Savant said.  "Then, tomorrow, Ms Americana and Flag Girl are going to star in another, called Super Lesbian Lick Down."

          "Oh, my," Brenda whispered, rubbing her thighs together under the skirt as her twat started to ache and go all hot and wet.  "You're going to finish us off.  Destroy us completely.  Why should we cooperate in our further debauching and ultimate destruction?"

          "Actually," Savant said smoothly, prepared for that argument.  "We only want to destroy and put out of commission Ms Americana and Flag Girl.  The Brenda and Lydia porno is to keep you in your place.  It won't be released.  We want you to regain your status, power and prestige, so you can keep paying up lots of blackmail money for years to come."

          Brenda nodded.  She'd have to accept the defeat and vanquishing of Ms Americana.  It was bound to come about one day, but she'd hoped to retire with honor.  So few super heroines do, so it would've made that accomplishment all the sweeter.

          Brenda was handed a script she had to memorize.  There weren't a lot of lines.  Basically, a short exchange and then get down and dirty on camera.  Soon, she was seated behind her computer, tapping as she stared at the monitor through her glasses, black hair piled high with a couple artistically arranged wisps falling about her beautiful face as she pretended to be harried and frustrated.

          "Ugh!" she cried, and pounded the keyboard.  "So frustrating."  She reached up and tugged, and then whipped her head around.  Her freed black tresses tumbled down and then were whipped about.  "It's not easy being me.  Brenda Wade is always so prim and proper.  How am I expected to keep that up, AND have any fun in life?"

          There is a knock.  She looked up, annoyed.  She crinkled her nose and narrowed her baby blues.

          "Who is it?  I'm busy," she called.

          "Contractors," came the muffled response.

          She sighed gustily.  "Come in."

          The camera panned around the office until it picked up two blue jean and t-shirted men walking towards the beautiful businesswoman.  Then another camera zoomed in close to catch the hunger in Brenda's face and eyes, watched her lick full glossy pink lips.  She moaned wantonly as her baby blues ran up and down the two men.

          Her voice dropped an octave as she rose sensuously from her chair and walked around to the front of the desk.  She paused to let the camera rake up and down her shapely body.

          "Hello Hank," he said, then glanced at the other man.  "Billy Bob."  She bit her lower lip sexily, then her voice dropped another octave as she sat back on the desk and leaned forward.  "How can I help you?"

          "The job you hired us for is done, Ms Wade," Hank said.

          "Yep, we're here to get paid," Billy Bob said.

          "Oh yes, I saw that.  You boys did a splendid job," she said, eyes teasing and mischievous.  "So good, in fact, I think you deserve a bonus…a big thank you."

          "On, that isn't necessary…," Hank started to say, then stopped when she smiled wantonly and removed her jacket.  Brenda loosened her high collar and unbuttoned the blouse down past her bulging bosom.  "Um….ugh."

          She laughed and stood up, then walked around the two men.  Her bold hand trailed behind, across their crotches and butts as she circled them once.  Then she stepped between them, reached down and squeezed both of their dicks through their jeans.

          "I have something special in mind, it you boys are UP to the job," Brenda said.

          "Oh, yes," they both said, and leaned into her.

          And the scripted dialogue ended.  It was all "action" after that, so to speak.

          Brenda let them strip her to her lacy garter belt, black house and stiletto heels.  All of which she'd been wearing all along that day.  Her blackmailers thought that funny.  In short order she was on her knees and alternating their cocks in her mouth.  She eagerly sucked and licked cock and balls until they both creamed her face and tits at once.

          "Wow, what a great money shot," Savant called.  "I love cum-shots in super heroine faces."

          On camera, Brenda had to moan and groan wantonly as she scraped off the cum with a finger and gobbled it all down.  Then they moved to the couch and the two men double teamed her for the next hour.  After that, they moved production to Wade Manor.

          Savant had twenty porn actors lined up.  Brenda filmed a sex scene with each of them, in different rooms of her mansion.  Finally, she finished her day in her own bed, with four cameras filming her in bed with a pair of over-endowed men.  She was screaming her tenth climax when Lydia walked in.

          "What's going on here?" she cried.

          Savant cleared the room, except for her three associates.  Everyone else went downstairs for dinner break.

          "Lydia, they have us," Brenda said.  "They have us being unmasked by Kid, of us hooking….everything."

          "Oh my Goddess!  No!" she cried, then looked over Brenda's cum stained sheets and body.  "They were filming you having sex in your own bed?"

          "We are making a porno," Savant said.  "In fact, we are almost finished with Brenda Wade's fourth porno film today.  We thought we'd do some Ms Americana and Flag Girl porno scenes tonight."  She looked at Brenda and winked.  "You know, start Super Heroine Lick Down."

          "I thought you said the movie was called Super Lesbian Lick Down?"

          "Oh, did I?  Hmmm, maybe Super Heroine Lesbian Lick Down?" Savant said, eyes glinting.

          "You agreed to this?" Lydia said, shocked.

          "Yes," Brenda said, face burning with shame.  "I agreed we would both do porno, both as Brenda and Lydia, and as Ms Americana and Flag Girl.  In return, they will use the super heroine porno movies to destroy our alter egos but we'll be allowed to continue on as Brenda and Lydia."

          "But we'll be their sex slaves."

          "I know, but it is still better than being dead."

          Lydia had no choice.  They were both sexed up prettily in the sexiest clothes from their closets, and then forced to have sex on film in Brenda's bed, Lydia's bed, the living room couch, the back of the limo, the front yard and finally in the pool.  That ended their day on film, and began their personal service to the men and woman that owned them.

          The two top society beauties starred in a dozen films over the next week, and Ms Americana and Flag Girl twice that many.  It was eighteen hour days of constantly fucking, in every position conceivable, sometimes in bondage, with men and women of every shape, size, race and description.

          "Oh my Goddess!" Lydia cried, staring the TV.  "They released the Brenda and Lydia movies yesterday!"

          "What?" Brenda cried, jumping to her feet.  "They were supposed to leave us alone!  We've been ruined!"

          It got worse.  As the day progressed and word spread, Wade Enterprises stock plummeted.  By the end of the week she was ousted as Chair of the Board of Directors, her personal fortune laying in ruin.  Stockholders were suing her, her friends abandoning her.  Even her lawyers wanted nothing to do with them.  The next day, the bank demanded she pay off her mortgage, or move out.

          Brenda's small, remaining monies were frozen by court order, so she couldn't pay.  They moved out and into a house off Saxony Avenue, in deep Lower Saxony.  An hour later there was a knock at the door.  When Brenda opened it she was smashed in the face.

          "Uaagghh," she cried, falling straight back.  She looked up to see Kid Rotten.  "Rotten!  What do you want?"

          "You," he said.  "You've lost everything.  No friends to help you.  So I'm taking what I want.  You and pretty little Lydia now work for me."

          "Well, we lasted an hour before a pimp took control of us, Brenda," Lydia said miserably, falling to her knees with teary eyes.

          Kid and four of his men came in, and spent the next four hours "initiating" the two women into his world.  They were completely cowed and tamed by the time the sun went down, and they emerged from their rented house in short skirts, high heels and way too much makeup

          Oddly enough, Brenda's first paying customer was Ms Americana's first, Big John.  With no choice any more, the two women worked long and hard for Kid.  They gave it their all, and as superior women they excelled at whoring.  After a week learning the ropes in Lower Saxony, they were moved to Sugar Town, and business picked up for the gorgeous duo.  Not more customers, but better paying customers.

          Brenda walked out of the hooker hotel around midnight, her luscious body still tingling from the sound fucking she'd just experienced.  The man was so good she almost gave his money back and then some.

          "Hmm, Lydia must be upstairs," she said, not seeing her friend.  Then a long, black limo pulled up and the door opened.  "Oooh, big money for little ole me.  Kid will be thrilled."

          She might hate and despise the street pimp, but her number one priority in life was to keep him happy.  When Kid was happy, everyone was happy.  When Kid stopped being happy, Brenda got beat up.  So she headed for the limo, expecting it to be one of her old friends or rivals, eager to get their greedy hands on the fallen star.

          "Hey, Honey, looking for a date?" Brenda said, poking her head in the door.  She froze at the person smiling at her.  "Esha!"

          A pathetic noise brought her gaze around to find Lydia hogtied behind the front seat, across the back from Esha.  She froze again.  Bad.  Very bad.

          "Hello, Brenda, long time no see," Esha said, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her into the limo.  The door closed and the car pulled out.  "I've been waiting a long time for this day, Ms Americana."

          "No!" she cried, horrified.  "How?"

          "Babe, do you think your life went down the shitter without help?" Esha said, laughing merrily.  "No, I HIRED Savant to destroy your life and reputation as Ms Americana, discover your secret identity, and then destroy your secret identity as well.  It worked out wonderfully -- for me!"

          "I don't understand," Brenda said.  "What do you want with us?"

          "Oh, that's easy.  I want everything you have to give," Esha said.  "I want YOU."  She smiled cruelly.  "Remember, when you arrested me and gave me over to the police, I told you I would own you one day.  Today is that day.  You are mine now."

          Esha took them to her new home -- Cummings Manor.  Formerly, Wade Manor.  She got it cheap at auction.  Completely furnished and decorated.  Everything that once belonged to Brenda Wade and Lydia Wills now belonged to Barbara Cummings, except for all their jewelry.  Savant took that as a bonus.  But their old designer clothes were there, and more important, their NEW clothes were there.

          First thing, Brenda was forced to show Esha her secret room, with all of her costumes, masks and spare power belts.  Esha had plans for all that "memorabilia."

          "Now what?" Brenda asked bitterly.

          "You work for me now," Esha said.  She handed each of them a large white box.  "Put those on."

          They opened the boxes to find tight, black latex "French maid" costume, which left their tits exposed.  The skirts barely dropped down enough to cover their naked twats, with latex garter belts that held up black fishnet hose.

          Before their minds could wrap themselves around their new station in life, the sexy duo were in their new uniforms, kneeling at Esha's feet.  With a signal, then both leaned forward and starting licking her black booted feet.

          It would prove a long, hard and humiliating sexual slavery for the once proud and respected super heroine duo.  A fate that Esha relished.