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By Dark One


          The Queen of Justice knelt, hands behind her head.  Her chin was held high and proud, and her legendary 44DDs were thrust out.  Behind her blue, star-spangled mask the sexy super heroine glared defiantly at her old enemy -- Mistress Tabitha.  Ms Americana was in her legendary costume -- red, white and blue strapless top and matching bottoms, red stiletto calf boots with white stripe up the front and around the top, red gauntlet gloves, blue choker, red star earrings and golden tiara with a red star.  Everything was in place, and perfect, except her power belt.

          Ms Americana was meeting her hated foe under a flag of truce, and one of the conditions set down for the meeting was that the Queen of Justice come sans power belt, or remove it during the meeting.  Since she feared they would try to steal the all important belt, Ms Americana chose to leave it in the truck of her car.

          The kneeling part, of course, hadn't been part of the bargain.  But once there, it was either comply or leave.  Though, her immediate departure would likely have been contested.  Besides, she was the one to ask for the meeting, the one needing Mistress Tabitha's help.

          Mistress Tabitha was a tall redhead with sapphire blue eyes and a super heroine body -- 33DD-24-36.  At five foot eleven, her red leather clad body was two inches shy of Ms Americana's height.  She was a lifetime denizen of Sugar Town, born there of a prostitute mother and pimp father.  Like her mother and three younger sisters, Tabitha became a prostitute, but she veered off the family path around twenty, when she trained to be a dominatrix and found her true calling.  Soon, she was Delta City's top dominatrix, and then showed enormous business savvy when she saved and invested her money, and opened the House of Joy Brothel by the age of twenty-five.  After five years in business, she owned many brothels, strip clubs and other sex industry businesses in Sugar Town and other red light districts in Delta City.  She was second only to King Pimp, who was her pimp at one time, in the Delta City sex industry.

          "Of all our many meetings over the years, Ms Americana, I'm enjoying this one the most," Mistress Tabitha said, leering down at the legendary super heroine's submissive pose.

          "I bet you do," Ms Americana said contemptuously.  "But I'm not here to be leered at by you or your minions.  I'm here on mutually beneficial business."

          "What could possibly be of mutual benefit to both you and I?"

          "You're ex-husband escaped from prison," Ms Americana said, smiling to see the look of shock and fear spread across the gorgeous redhead's face.

          Mistress Tabitha's ex-husband, Trevor Trent, was a brutal pimp that Ms Americana put behind bars eleven years back, freeing up his ambitious top girl and wife, Tabitha, to pursue other roads to success.  Besides being a pimp, he was a raging misogynist, who routinely beat Tabitha and all of his girls, whether they performed to his demands or not.  Ms Americana finally got the goods on him when he beat one of his girls to death, in front of witnesses.  Tabitha was one of the witnesses, and she testified for the state to put him away.  He was supposed to spend life in prison without parole, but apparently he proved clever enough to escape.

          "When did Trev get out?" Mistress Tabitha said, gnawing on her dark red lower lip.

          "He escaped about six o'clock this morning," Ms Americana said.  It was noon.  The prison was five hours drive away.  So there was the possibility he had been in Delta City for an hour, at most.  "We both know he'll head straight back to you."

          The normally cool and in control dominatrix hesitated, pale and swallowed hard.

          "Perhaps.  I doubt it, though.  He's not stupid, you know," Mistress Tabitha said, regaining her composure.  She turned her eyes to Ms Americana and smiled wickedly.  Delicately placing her red, shiny spike-heeled boot on the Queen of Justice's chest, so that the five inch stiletto vanished deep into her old foe's deep cleavage, she smacked her matching riding crop into her ungloved hand and said, "Why are you here?  Surely you don't care what happens to me."  She laughed.  "No, not little ole me.  No, I suspect you remember how brutally you beat him, how publicly you HUMILIATED him, before you arrested him.  Now THAT is something Trev would brood about, something he would seek vengeance for.  You want me to help save your skin."

          The sexy super heroine harrumphed.  <How absurd!> she thought.

          "My…uh, 'skin' is safe enough, Tabitha," Ms Americana said, baby blues flashing.  She was not humiliating herself to be scoffed at by Sugar Town riffraff.  "I am more interested in capturing him and returning him to prison than your health and welfare.  But I believe he will make a beeline straight back to his beloved wife.  I know he contested the divorce.  I suspect he believes anything you own belongs to him, because he believes YOU still belong to him."

          "I’m sure he knows that I am surrounded by security here, too," Tabitha said.  "I am safe enough, even if he does try to 'take me back.'  Besides, I told him in no uncertain terms we were through."

          "He's obsessed with you," Ms Americana said.  "I have it on good authority that he wrote you almost every day, telling you of his plans for the two of you."

          "I returned the letters unread."

          "He is still obsessed enough to keep writing."

          "Then he's a fool and delusional."

          "Yes!  But he is also brutal and merciless, and he holds a grudge," Ms Americana said.  "You insulted him worse than anyone, even more so that what I did to him.  You divorced him.  You REJECTED and left him.  That, I don't see him forgetting or forgiving."

          "And I don't see it as a problem," Mistress Tabitha said, and thrust Ms Americana to her back with her foot.  The statuesque super heroine pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked up at the hated brothel owner.  "But I see you as an asset.  Another warm body to PIMP out and make big bucks."

          Ms Americana's arrogant glare vanished, replaced by a look of confusion, then outrage.  The drop dead gorgeous femme fatale tried to roll to her feet, but Mistress Tabitha's boys seized her and held the hapless heroine down easy enough since she foolishly agreed to meet without her power belt.

          "I do have to thank you for handing yourself fucklicious self over to me on a silver platter like this," Tabitha said, smirking.

          "You can't do this to me!  I came here under a flag of truce," Ms Americana declared, baby blues flashing.  She paused to struggled a long moment, but couldn't break free of the men's determined grip.  "You can't break the truce."

          "Did anyone see a flag of truce?  See ANY flag?  I didn't think so," Tabitha said.  "Okay, no flag, no truce.  I win.  You lose.  Now you are mine to do with as I see fit."

          She signaled her men and Ms Americana was pulled to her feet.  Once again, the beautiful, statuesque super heroine struggled, fighting with all she had, but the big, muscle-bound men held fast and she accomplished nothing but tousling her silky black hair.  Well, and aroused Mistress Tabitha and the other men watching.

          "I like the way your body moves," Tabitha said, tapping the super heroine's 44DDs with her riding crop.  Then she used the crop to lift Ms Americana's chin.  "Pretty lips, too.  I can't wait to see them wrapped around a cock, sliding up and down that meaty shaft."

          "You won't get away with this, Tabitha," Ms Americana declared angrily, baby blues flashing.  "No one will believe your word is good anymore."

          "Um….I'm a madam, Ms Ameri-TWIT.  A criminal.  I think everyone will shake their head in disbelief that YOU trusted me," Tabitha said.  "That was pretty stupid."

          "But your clients expect discretion and secrecy," Ms Americana said.

          "Ah, true.  But I've NEVER betrayed a client, and they know that," she said.  "I spent six months in county, thanks to YOU and my refusal to turn state's evidence against some of Delta City's social and business pillars.  The DA was REALLY Jonesing for a shot at prosecuting a big name."

          Ms Americana grimaced.  She didn't know the DA offered that deal.  It didn’t surprise her, though, for the DA was a glory hound who didn't care who he hurt to achieve his political goals.  Unfortunately, he didn't seem to care about the letter of the law either.  He even went after her alter ego, Brenda Wade, once, but failed miserably.

          "You're making a big mistake, Mistress Tabitha," Ms Americana said when the red leather clad dominatrix and brothel owner rubbed her suddenly hypersensitive pubic mound with her riding crop.

          "Perhaps, but what a delicious mistake, don't you think?" Mistress Tabitha purred prettily.  Her left hand reached out suddenly, and unsnapped the fastener between the sexy super heroine's titanic tits.  A second later her massive mammaries popped out and dropped before the brothel owner's excited eyes.  They all enjoyed how the full, firm white globes jiggled.  "Oh, yes, you are magnificent!  I'll make a fortune whoring you off."

          "Monster!  I will not be whored off, as you so crudely suggest," Ms Americana growled.  "I am the premier super heroine of Delta City.  I am the Queen of Justice, Ms Americana!  My body is NOT for the pleasure of oversexed men, or for the PROFIT of vile brothel owners."

          "I beg to differ on that, Ms Amazingbody," Mistress Tabitha said, and gave another signal.

          The sexy and topless Queen of Justice felt hands on her hips, then her bottoms were yanked down to her booted feet.  A second later she was lifted out of the bottoms, and borne backwards.  Seconds later she found herself atop a bistro table, and one of Mistress Tabitha's big goons between her legs.  He was naked.  Her jaw dropped and her baby blues widened at she locked on the sight of his ten inch cock, already dripping pre-cum in his excitement.

          "No!  It's too big," Ms Americana cried as he snugged up between her thighs and guided that monster cock straight to her glistening pussy lips.  She gasped when he rubbed the cock head up and down her cunt lips, then pushed into the hot, wet slit and rubbed it some more.  The pleasure was almost more than she could believe.  Why was her body reacting at all?  Why did butterflies erupt deep in her belly, while her shapely body was infused with erotic heat?  Then he penetrated about three inches.  "Great Liberty, I've been impaled!  My beautiful, sacred body is being VIOLATED!"

          "Lord, Mistress, she's TIGHT," the goon groaned happily.

          "You're doing a splendid job, Bull," she said.  "Now fuck her stupid for me."

          "My pleasure, Mistress."

          He started pumping.  Ms Americana gasped and groaned, feeling what little strength she had draining from her body the deep her pushed.  Her perfect pink nipples hardened and jutted out to everyone's delight.  Soon, the butterflies were burned away as liquid heat consumed her beautiful body.  The sexy super heroine's back arched and she writhed helplessly beneath him.  Within a dozen strokes Bull was fully inside her, and began a slow, deep stroke that drove her wild.

          "Great Liberty!" she cried.  "You have to stop before you destroy me!"

          Instead, Mistress Tabitha commanded Bull fuck her harder and faster.  Ms Americana cried out as that additional stimulation hit her.  The beautiful brothel owner leaned over and began to fondle Ms Americana's big, jostling tits.  She cried out with pleasure when Tabitha rolled her hard nipples between thumb and forefinger, then leaned down and sucked in a nipple.

          "OOoooooh," Ms Americana cried.  "Not….right…..oooohhh."   Then Mistress Tabitha reached down between her legs, and found her engorged, highly sensitive clitoris.  The oversexed super heroine's eyes went wide when she started rubbing the clit.  "Don't touch me….ah….THERE!  Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

          Her clit had always been way too sensitive.  Now Mistress Tabitha knew.

          That orgasm sucked all of the vivacious vigilante's strength.  Sucked her completely dry.  Sex and climaxes were her Achilles' Heel.  Everyone knew it was the easiest, best and FUNNEST way to bring a super heroine down and to heel.  That climax definitely took the fight out of Ms Americana, leaving her feeling all tingly good and weak as a new born kitten.

          Mistress Tabitha continued to suck on the shapely super heroine's nipple and masturbate her for another five minutes, ripping another seven climaxes from her quivering, sweat-soaked body.  Then she took Ms Americana's face in both hands and looked into her longtime nemesis's glazed over eyes.  Ms Americana's full red lips were slightly parted and trembling.  Too delicious to pass up.

          "You belong to me now, Ms Americana," Tabitha said, and kissed her long and hard.  "Mmmmmmmmmmm."

          "Mmmmmmmmmmm," Ms Americana groaned wantonly.

          That wet, wicked lipstick kiss pushed Ms Americana over the top again, and she screamed her orgasm into Mistress Tabitha's mouth.  But it didn't break the kiss, and their full lips continued to slide greasily over each other for long, long minutes.

          Ms Americana knew it was wrong, but she so LOVED that kiss.  She felt so good, so loved, especially due to Bull's big cock hammering her cunt so long and hard.  Between the dominatrix and the good sound fucking, they were pulling a climax out of her every thirty seconds or so.  And it felt DIVINE!

          "Ooooh, yes," Bull finally grunted, and the helpless heroine felt him gusher deep inside of her body.

          "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….Uuuugggggggggghhhhhh," Ms Americana groaned, consumed by a pair of climaxes in quick succession.  "Great Liberty, I've been TAMED!  Tamed!  I am ruined."

          "So true," Mistress Tabitha said.  She stepped back and pointed to the floor with her riding crop.  "Kneel and submit, Ms Americana."

          The Queen of Justice was pushed off the bistro table and fell to her knees before the once hated, now feared, brothel owner.  Her baby blue locked on that wicked looking riding crop as she licked full, tingling lips.  She understood that in her weakened state that application of that riding crop upon her shapely body would be devastating.  Her throat tightened as she rose up on her knees before the sexy redheaded dominatrix.

          "Mistress Tabitha….I….I ….submit," she stammered, the admission a gut punch to her body and her previously indomitable spirit.  "M-Mistress, I am yours."

          Mistress Tabitha grinned victoriously and moved one booted foot forward.  Ms Americana looked down at it, licked her trembling lips and leaned over it.  They all watched with bated breath as the legendary Queen of Justice struggled with performing that utterly submissive, slavish act.  To do it was to admit total defeat and subjugation.  If she licked that sexy boot, then it meant she had accepted her fate, that she KNEW in her heart she was a pathetic sex slave.

          A single tear rolled down Ms Americana's cheek as she gently pressed her lips to the toe of that shiny boot.  Then her pink tongue slipped out for a tentative lick.  The evil men watching sucked in a hard breath.  She licked again.  And again.  Then she started licking harder, going from toe to ankle with each lick.

          "Uuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned, climaxing as she licked.  And she began licking with gusto.

          "You are mine," Mistress Tabitha said.  She reached down and buckled a very wide leather collar around Ms Americana's slender neck, then attacked a leash.  "My fuck toy."

          The vanquished vigilante spent the next two and a half hours answering all the needs, desires and yearnings of Mistress Tabitha's goons.  Every bouncer, bartender and handler in the House of Joy came back to her private room to enjoy Ms Americana's defeat and subjugation into sexual slavery.

          Once they were through, Ms Americana was cleaned up and her makeup fixed.  Then Mistress Tabitha led her out into the main parlor on leash and chain.  The reaction of the whores and johns was immediate and intense.  They were all thrilled to see the woman most responsible for fighting prostitution in Delta City finally brought down and forced into the profession she so despised.

          "Boys and girls, I'd like to show you my newest plaything," Mistress Tabitha said.  "Behold, the former Queen of Justice, Ms Americana.  See how the mighty has fallen, from premier super heroine, to Tabitha's toy."

          Ms Americana was led to a table, and ordered to kneel atop it.  Once there, her mistress conducted a short auction, to see which john got to HIRE her first.  Which paying john would truly initiate her into the world and profession of prostitution.  A local banker, about fifty, balding, rail thin and tall, won the bidding with twenty-four hundred dollars cash.  He paid Mistress Tabitha and Ms Americana was hired.

          "Hello, Master," Ms Americana said.  "H-How do you want me?"

          He dropped his pants and boxers, to reveal a raging hard-on.  Then he sat down and grinned lustily as he stared at her 44DDs.

          "I want a lap dance that ends with you fucking me," he said.

          "DJ!  Play a long, sensual dance song for Ms Americana!" Mistress Tabitha called.  "Let's see what kind of whore she's been hiding behind that costume and mask."

          Mistress Tabitha held onto the leash as the song started and Ms Americana lifted her arms overhead and closed her eyes.  Once she knew which song was playing, she understood what the tempo of the dance would be.  Then she began, writhing sexily before the banker, giving him the show he paid for.  And thus she began her first 'sex show' at the House of Joy.

          The debauched and cast down super heroine danced around the seated john, ignoring how his hands reached out to squeeze her huge, jiggling tits and pinch her shapely ass.  She made sure her 44DDs brushed against his face as she moved behind him.  Then back in front she straddled his lap and really began a sensuous dance of need and lust.  Her needs and lust were very powerful at that moment.

          Ms Americana rubbed her warm, silky soft titties in her hungry face, squealing whenever he licked or nibbled on them.  Once he was into squeezing, fondling and otherwise manhandling her super sensitive tits, she lowered her body until her twat was rubbing up and down, back and forth across his rock-hard cock and balls.

          "Mount me.  Quick," he groaned.

          The Queen of Justice, now Tabitha's Toy, reached down and took hold of the banker's cock, then guided it up and into her pussy.  She slowly lowered herself upon that cock, impaling her statuesque body.  Once he was half inside her, she began to bounce up and down, driving him deeper and deeper as she went, making the strokes longer and longer.  Her own body was at the brink of climax the second she impaled herself, but it was all about HIM having pleasure, not her, so she fought it back as best she could.  She understood she couldn't last long, though.

          "Ugh!  Oh, yes!  Yes!  I fucked Ms Americana!" he cried, spurting deep inside her body.  "Oh, it was worth every penny, too."

          "Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she cried, the climax finally bowling her over.  "Ooooooooh."

          "Ok, boys, it's one hundred dollars a pop on Lil Cock Candy Girl here," Tabitha said, patting Ms Americana's jiggling tits as both she and her first john panted from their exertions.  "Who's first?"

          "Me!" a big Hispanic man called.

          He gave Mistress Tabitha one hundred dollars, then pulled Ms Americana off the banker's lap and cock by her silky black hair.  She was forced to bend over a chair and grab hold of the arms while he unzipped and pulled out a huge cock.  A second later it plunged deep into her still quivering pussy.

          "Uuuugghhh," she groaned.  "Ooooh, so gooood."

          "You like that, huh?" he said.

          "Yes, Master."

          "I thought you would, puta," he said, and pulled out.  "Then you'll really love THIS."

          He shoved his oversized cock straight up to, and into her ass.  She wasn't expecting that.


          It felt like she was being ripped in half.  The pain was incredible.  She was incapable of moving for the first couple of minutes, then the pain transformed into pleasure.  Pleasure almost as intense as the pain had been.

          "Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned wantonly.  "Great Liberty, I am such a WHORE."

          Her back arched and he reached around to grab her 44DDs.  He buried his face in her silky hair, starting to nibble and lick her ear as she exploded with one climax after another for the next five minutes, until he finally lost his battle and creamed her ass good.  Then she was led around, from man to man, john to john, for the next eight hours.

          The Great and Mighty Ms Americana obediently, even eagerly, pleased every john that paid for the singular pleasure of her luscious body.  And there were a lot of men, especially as word went out that she was plying the world’s oldest profession at the House of Joy.  Excited men flocked to the infamous pleasure palace, and sexually satisfied men left.

          It was late, past Mistress Tabitha’s usual bedtime.  The main parlor was packed with lusty men, enjoying the show as Ms Americana sucked and fucked all comers.  Some remarked that is was the best show in town, ever.  She had to agree, but she was growing tired.  And the coup de grace still had to be performed, to seal the Queen of Justice’s ultimate fate as her fuck toy and whore.

          Ms Americana had to be unmasked, and her True Identity revealed to the world.  After that, she was fuck meat.  Period.  No going back.  No salvation.  Fuck meat, pure and simple.

          “Boys and girls, it is late.  Your mistress and hostess is tired from an especially satisfying day of sex, domination and degradation of her most hated enemy, Ms Americana,” Mistress Tabitha called loudly to the room.  They suddenly looked disheartened, and groaned miserably.  “Fear not, my boys!  Ms Americana will be back tomorrow, bright and early, to entertain and delight you all in the most sexual, most delightfully demented manners imaginable.  But first, it is your great honor to witness the final nail in her super heroine career’s coffin.  The UNMASKING of Ms Americana!”

          Wild cheering and dancing erupted.  Ms Americana, exhausted and still discombobulated from over ten hours of sexual used and abuse licked sore red lips and swallowed hard.  She knew it was bad, that she’d regret that night for the rest of her life, but she just didn’t have the wherewithal to fight her mistress.  And, shamefully, she was afraid of Mistress Tabitha.  She was terrified of displeasing her mistress.

          <Great Liberty, she’s brainwashing me into accepting sexual servitude and slavery,> Ms Americana thought.  She felt a little oomph at that thought, a little of the old defiance.  A little of her old fire and grit.  But then two bouncers seized her arms and dragged her over to stand before Mistress Tabitha, and held firm.  <I’m too weak.  Goddess, forgive me.  I am tamed and deserve this terrible ignominy she is forcing upon me.  A fit punishment for being a pathetic, wanton whore.>

          Tabitha locked sapphire blue eyes on Ms Americana’s baby blues, reached out a perfectly manicured hand, and slipped long delicate fingers under the edge of the sexy super heroine’s blue, star-spangled mask.  Under the most famous mask in the world.  The brothel owner smiled as her newest human sex toy’s expressive blue eyes widened in fear and dread, the knowledge of her fall and degradation was about to be made permanent, absolute

          “Ms Americana is….!” Mistress Tabitha cried and ripped off the mask.

          “Tabitha!  You bitch!” Trevor’s voice cried from the door.  “I’ve come for YOU!”

          Ms Americana slapped her hands over her eyes, hiding herself as Tabitha and everyone else in the main parlor gawked at the newest arrival.  He was six foot eleven inches of muscle and rage.  Mistress Tabitha squeaked pathetically, consumed in mortal terror.  The image of his fiery, murderous glare as she testified against him ten years back flashed before her mind’s eye.  Suddenly, bouncers leapt at him from both sides.  Patrons cried out and scrambled for the exits.  It was chaos, and Ms Americana struck fast.

          Lashing out with a foot, she caught Tabitha’s right wrist with a painful kick that sent the blue, star-spangled mask flying across the room.  The Queen of Justice whipped her head, causing her silky black hair to wrap around her naked face, then stomped down with sharp five inch stilettos at the feet of the two bouncers still holding her.  They released her and jumped back.

          “Mercy!” Ms Americana cried, cowering as she dropped to her knees between them and feigning terror.  That did the trick, for the bouncers immediately disregarded her as a threat and dash into the fray with Tabitha’s ex.  Baby blues flashing, the sexy super heroine scrambled on all fours through the chaos.  No one paid her any heed, all fearing for their own health and welfare.  “Fools.”

          Finding her mask, Ms Americana pressed it back to her beautiful face.  The double sided tape held it fast, and she smiled evilly.  Despite being thoroughly degraded and debauched, she felt energized and good.  She might not have her power belt or costume, but she had a chance.  Indeed, her car was just out front of the House of Joy, with a spare costume and her much needed power belt.

          The Queen of Justice did something she truly hated doing.  She ran out a side door instead of rushing into the thick of the fight.  But there were too many of them, so she would need her power belt to win.  Within minutes, as the battle raged inside, she reached her car.  Seconds later her trunk was open and she was pulling on her spare costume.  Then came the golden power belt.

          “Great Liberty!  I’ve such a fool!  All that sex DEPOWERED me,” she cried, fists clenched.  She took a deep breath and grimaced.  There wasn’t anything to do about it now.  The evil, woman-hating man she wanted to capture more than any other was inside tearing up the place.  If she ran now, she might as well hang up her costume, mask and belt, for no one in the criminal world would fear and respect her.  Her reputation put fear and doubt in her enemies hearts, given her an advantage.  Without it, she was just another bimbo in a brightly colored bikini and heels demanding attention.  “Fortunately, I am a superior woman, and no mere man is a match for my quick mind and cunning.”

          With that thought of bravado, the Queen of Justice closed her trunk and rushed back into the House of Joy.  By the time she returned, all of Mistress Tabitha’s bouncers were down and out, littering the floor like the trash they were.  Trevor had his former whore and wife by the throat, slapping her stupid as he raged at her betrayal.

          Ms Americana rushed him, cried out a battle cry, and when he turned to look, she smashed a brutal roundhouse into his face.  Trevor grunted and fell back, releasing Tabitha.  The statuesque super heroine then snapped a vicious kick to his groin, doubling him up.  He fell to his knees, shaking his head and clutching his man parts.  She picked up a chair and smashed it over his head.  And another.  And another.  After five chairs to the head, the huge brute finally succumbed and collapsed at her red booted feet.

          “Great Liberty, that was harder than I thought it would be,” she said, panting and clutching the stitch in her side.  She hadn’t been that tired in years.  “Now back to the slammer for you, miscreant.”

          Ms Americana looked around.  Mistress Tabitha lay on the floor, gasping and clutching her throat five feet away.  She so wanted to haul her into jail, too.  But the battered super heroine was too tired.  Besides, maybe if she didn’t do anything to Mistress Tabitha, left her alone, people would doubt all the stories about her subjugation and degradation that night.  Surely someone as powerful and proud as the Queen of Justice would not allow such an outrage to go unpunished.

          The sexy super heroine smiled, liking how that sounded.  She would have her publicity people start to work on it right away.  By the end of the week, the men that actually paid for the pleasure of her body might even start to doubt their memories of the evening.

          “Come on, Trevor,” Ms Americana said, snapping a pair of cuffs on the huge ex-pimp.  And she took him away before anyone woke up.

#                    #                    #

          Brenda Wade paused outside the door.  Baby blues eyes glanced both ways, as her heart hammered and her breath became labored.  Butterflies erupted deep in her belly and she wondered if she was doing the right thing again. 

          <What if someone found out?> she thought for the one thousandth time.  But that now familiar, insistent ache deep in her belly and soul reasserted itself.  <Just this one time.>

          Brenda had traded in her trademark eyeglasses for dark sunglasses.  Where she normally wore her shimmering black hair piled atop her head, now it was loose and curled in rings down to her waist.  Her usual designer business suit was replaced with a tight, short sheathlike red dress that left little to the imagination.  Her long, shapely legs were sheathed in black hose, held up by a lacy garter belt.  Her feet were stuffed into red stiletto pumps that matched the dress, her lips and fingernails.

          In a word, no one had ever seen Brenda Wade in such attire, so no one would recognize her.  She hoped.  Few locals went to the Royal Arms hotel between downtown and Sugar Town with good intentions.  Indeed, in was the favorite for the rich and powerful to have their illicit tryst with hookers, gigolos, mistresses and other assorted lovers.

          Taking a deep breath, and once again promising herself it was just this one time, Brenda reached up and knocked firmly.  A sexy, feminine voice from within bade her enter.  She took another breath, nodded to herself, and opened the door.

          "Good afternoon, Ms Wade," Mistress Tabitha said with a cool, professional demeanor. "Punctual.  I like that in my clients."

          A nervous smile flashed across Brenda's beautiful face.  She paused just inside the hotel room, closed the door and locked it, and then struck a sexy pose so the black leather and latex clad dominatrix could get a good look at her, head to toe.  Mistress Tabitha, as usual, gave every indication of being highly aroused and eager to have unsavory and illegal relations with the beautiful billionaire businesswoman.

          "I see you got my message," Brenda said, trying to act nonchalant.  It was obvious Mistress Tabitha wasn't fooled.  "D-Do you understand what I want?"


          "And you are agreeable with the stipulations?"

          "I wouldn't be here if I wasn't, Brenda," Mistress Tabitha said, taking a step closer and slapping her shiny black thigh boots with her riding crop.  Brenda's baby blues locked on that instrument of pain and pleasure and she swallowed hard.  Then licking full red lips, she smiled tentatively again.  "It's my job to make your BDSM experience is the best it can be, and only you know what you really want.  We'll start per your requests, and go from there."

          "You will be discreet?" Brenda said.  "I-I mean…if word leaked out that I…."

          "That you hired ME to dominated and humiliate you?" Mistress Tabitha said.  Then she smiled cruelly, slapping the riding crop in her left palm.  "Oh, and don't forget your need to be spanked."

          Brenda sucked in a breath.  She nodded, and dropped to her knees before the infamous dominatrix to the rich and powerful of Delta City.

          "I've….I've been a very, very bad girl," Brenda said.  The butterflies started to be consumed by the longed for liquid heat of high arousal as she dropped to all fours and crawled to Mistress Tabitha.  Finally, she lowered her lips and pressed them sensuously to the toe of Tabitha's right boot, then began to lick that boot with her eyes closed and groaned wantonly.  "Soooo naughty."