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By Dark One


          Ms Americana stood front and center as the news media took pictures.  Flag Girl stood to her right, smiling brightly for the cameras.  Next to her were Got Gal, Got Chic, Champion Girl and Amazing Babe.  To the Queen of Justice's left stood Lady Midnight, Green Spectre, Spectre Girl, Jungle Babe and Azure Angel.  Delta City's eleven remaining super heroines.  Indeed, the last of Delta City's "Daring Dozen" some said, after the capture of their twelfth member.  Power Lass's capture the previous week was the final straw.  The sexy super heroines were coming together to put an end to Sugar Town, and the evil denizens that inhabited that most vile and unsavory of red light districts.

          "Too many vivacious, virtuous and justice loving super heroines have been captured and forced into the most depraved forms of prostitution in Sugar Town," Ms Americana declared.  "King Pimp has let the word go out that he has Power Lass working in The Palace now.  That is unacceptable!"  Baby blues narrowed.  "Why haven't the police gone in?  You're guess is as good as mine, but we the super heroines of Delta City will no longer sit back and wait for the police."

          Power Lass was only the latest of many super heroines to vanish within the environs of Sugar Town.  Night Raven was captured by Kid Rotten six weeks back, unmasked and exposed.  After working her for a month as a whore, he sold her overseas on the lucrative white slavery market.  A month ago Omega Woman went after King Pimp, and was never heard from again.  They said she was the newest "star" hooker in The Palace's Super Heroine Lounge.  Two weeks after that, Wild Girl and Shield had teamed up and gone into Sugar Town looking for Omega Woman, never to be seen again.  Word was Wild Girl ended up in an African tin horn dictator's private harem, while Shield was bought by the Abernathy Family, and put to work in one of their many brothels in Sugar Town.

          "We were kept in check at the request of the police, but since they are proving unable or unwilling to move, we have no choice but to act," Ms Americana declared.  "Good citizens of Delta City, it is time we took this city back for good, honest, hard-working people like you.  Sugar Town is on notice as of today!  We vow to clean that cesspit of humanity up by the end of the year."

          The assembled people cheered wildly.  All of the super heroines beamed with pleasure, soaking in the adoration they so longed for and needed.  They all knew it was a tall order they'd accepted, really they imposed it upon themselves.  They intended on showing the police up, for their perceived inaction at the loss of all the other super heroines.  No Delta City police officer had EVER rescued a captured super heroine from a pimp or brothel.  Ever.

          Ms Americana continued, "Furthermore, we have decided that the self-proclaimed 'King' of Sugar Town, King Pimp, will go down first.  And to make your Thanksgiving Day even better, and something to truly be thankful for, we will have King Pimp in jail before you sit down to eat this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day."

          It was Monday.  That gave them just four short days to catch King Pimp and haul him into jail with the necessary evidence to send him away.  The District Attorney wouldn't hold him, much less prosecute, unless the super heroines provided irrefutable evidence of crimes committed.

          Ms Americana cut a look to her left.  Commissioner Borden was there looking quite displeased, along with the Mayor and Police Chief.  Only the DA didn't appear miffed by the super heroine vow to clean up Sugar Town, because the POLICE couldn't.

          "Broadcasting your intentions is not the best idea, Ms Americana," Commission Borden said.  "King Pimp knows to prepare for you, and he will."

          "The best idea, Commissioner, is for King Pimp and his ilk to hightail it out of Delta City before WE get our hands on him," Ms Americana declared, baby blues flashing.  "Watch and learn, gentlemen, this is how super heroines take care of a notorious pimp!"

          Ms Americana, in her red, white and blue strapless top and matching bottoms, led the assembled super heroines down City Hall's wide marble entry steps and into the crowd.  They strode through the crowd in a double line, cheered all the way to their cars and motorcycles.  They wasted no time getting in, revving up their engines and roaring away towards Sugar Town.

          The sexy super heroines weren't going in blind or unprepared.  They'd already met ahead of time and made their elaborate plans to invade The Palace and capture the owner, King Pimp.  The Palace was huge, taking up an entire block with all the additions.  The main section, though, was an old ten story hotel.  King Pimp was known to live in a penthouse apartment atop it.  They weren't sure if he had the top two or three floors though.

          Ms Americana and Flag Girl went in the main entrance.  Each super heroine or super duo had their own entry point.  They were to check all rooms as they moved toward the main tower, and up.  If all went to plan they would corner him in his apartment and take him down.

          "To the right, Ms A!" Flag Girl cried.  She was dressed in her blue, star spangled top, with the large round cutout over her deep cleavage, red and white striped micro-mini skirt, red calf boots and blue gloves.  Her mask was a plain blue, making her blue eyes pop.  "I think I just saw King Pimp slip around the corner."

          The statuesque super heroine thought fast.  She'd studied the blueprints of the vast, sprawling brothel.  That section next to the tower was square.  Theme rooms lined the four walls, with a hallway that went all the way around.  The inside rooms were also theme rooms.  Themed as in -- lingerie room, bondage room, Hawaiian room, naughty stripper room, etc…  Rooms to fulfill ever pervert's fantasy.

          "That hallway circles around," Ms Americana said.  She pointed to her left as she headed after him.  "You go that way and cut him off, and I'll chase him down like the dirty dog he is."

          "All right, Ms A!  We're going to catch him in record time!" Flag Girl cried, then took off running.  Ms Americana watched her running away a second, her firm round hiney swinging and silky blonde pigtails bouncing.  "Miscreants, beware!"

          "Beware indeed!" Ms Americana said, grinning.  It was going much better and faster than anticipated.  The MEN at city hall would be humiliated and humbled when she hauled King Pimp into jail in less than an HOUR after proclaiming her intent.  So she took off running, that thought paramount in her mind.  "About time a superior woman put them back in their rightful places."

          As she ran down the hall, the sexy super heroine glanced in all the doors.  They were all open, and the sights within were disturbing.  Sexy young women were lap dancing in almost no lingerie in the lingerie room.  In the cheerleader room the pretty young things were all wearing cheerleader outfits, with no panties and their tits exposed, doing naughty cheers and having sex at the tables.  As she rounded a corner, a door closed.  Ms Americana smiled, since the hallway was empty and he didn't have time to round the next corner.

          "You can run, but you can't hide from Ms Americana," she said, striding purposely to that door.  Flinging it open, she stepped in and went into her most arrogant super heroine pose.  "Surrender now, miscreant, Ms Americana is here!"

          "About damn time!" a thirtysomething balding man in a brief leather harness and exposed cock said.  "You know how long we've been waiting?  Jeeze, King Pimp will hear about this unprofessional behavior, mark my words."

          "Huh?" she said, looking around to find no sign of King Pimp.  She was in the bondage room, full of dominatrixes and submissives.  The vigilant vigilante noticed she was surrounded by dominatrixes in leather -- red, purple, blue and black.  They were coming at her with handcuffs and gags and collars.  "No."

          "Silence, super slave," the red clad dominatrix snapped, and slapped a riding crop across her upper thighs.  In a flash a red rubber ball gag was pushed into her mouth and buckled behind her head.  The black and blue clad dominatrixes pulled her wrists back and cuffed them.  And the purple clad dominatrix buckled a collar around her slender throat and attached a leash.  "The evil Dr. Leather has captured you, and now you must pay for your incompetence!"

          Baby blues wide in shock and realization, Ms Americana struggled with the cuffs.  She could not break them.  And worse, she was in the bondage room of a major brothel, where everyone thought SHE was a common PROSTITUTE dressed up as Ms Americana.  She was about to fulfill some perv's capture and fuck fantasy about Ms Americana.

          The john, the aforementioned "Dr. Leather," was the bald man.  He moved up close, smirking evilly.  The john had a very pleased look on his face as he admired her masked and ball gagged face, titanic tits and shapely body.

          "This is the best Ms Americana yet," he said.  He pulled off her strapless top, releasing her 38Gs to bounce before his awestruck eyes.  "Well worth the wait."

          'Uuuugghh," she groaned as he began sucking, stroking, kissing and squeezing her tits in the most wonderful, erotic way.

          She felt her body start to change, start to get ready for sex.  Ms Americana writhed in her bonds, loving what he was doing and hating it at the same time.  She was terrified and aroused.  The Aphrodite gene she had gave her the body to be a super heroine, but it came with a curse.  As the name implied, she was very susceptible to sexual stimulation.  And once her libido was fully aroused, she became a sex starved, wanton whore.

          Ms Americana HATED her weakness, so avoided sexual activities at all costs.  Besides, the golden power belt around her narrow waist was powered by her pent up sexual frustrations.  Her admittedly spectacular body NEEDED lots and lots of intimate attention.  She craved sex, so badly, that every morning she woke up in tangled, sweaty sheets.  But by denying herself that pleasure she assured Ms Americana was super strong and fast and America's premier super heroine.

          "Mmmmm," she groaned as tingly butterflies erupted deep in her belly.  Her pussy began to heat up and excrete moisture, natural sexual lubricants.  She was getting very wet very fast.  The tight bondage and ball gag were just making things worse, because anything that incapacitated her, that made her feel weak or helpless aroused her libido, made her horny.  "Uuuummmmmmmmm."

          <Wouldn't King Pimp LOVE to find me down here already working for him!> she thought dismally.  Two of the dominatrixes started stroking and caressing the silky soft skin of her shapely rump, making it wonderfully worse for her.  Her hypersensitive nipples were rock hard in Dr. Leather's demanding mouth and hands, and even her tits had begun to swell and become firmer with her growing excitement.  <If I have to be RESCUED it will be so humiliating!>

          Suddenly, her "master" stepped back and picked up her leash.

          "Time to show off my prize," he said, and led her all around the room.  He let everyone admire her beauty and body.  Most took the time to fondle her.  All they were doing was pushing her closer and closer to climax, and ultimate defeat.  Once climaxed, she would be de-powered and helplessly horny.  She would, in truth, be his sex slave, and that terrifying thought only aroused her more.  <My Goddess, I am sooo fucked!> she thought as he led her over to an empty piece of bondage furniture, what they called a play station.  "Time to consummate our master and slave relationship, Ms Americana."

          The bondage device was really just a tall stool, with thick padding on top.  Ms Americana's bottoms were pulled off, and she was bent over backwards atop it.  Her red booted ankles were bound tightly high up the device's legs, and then her wrists were tied to the ankles.  She was hogtied backwards atop the device, with all three of her sexual "holes" at waist level to Dr. Leather.

          "I love a nice bikini waxed puss," Dr. Leather said, fingering said pussy.  "Wow, she is sopping wet!  I've never met a whore that loved her job this much.  Well and wetly met, Ms Americana.  You are proving once again what a natural born WHORE you are."

          He started finger fucking her, starting with one finger, then going to two.  The red and purple clad dominatrixes, both gorgeous brown haired babes, knelt beside her and started sucking, licking and fondling her huge tits.  They were good.  Really, really good at their job.  Between the two dominatrixes and the john, the helpless heroine was panting through her nose in less than a minute.  A climax was barely being suppressed, and she groaned low and long with pleasure and stress.

          <Must…be….strong,> she thought, feeling her strength waning, bleeding away faster and faster.  <Flag Girl, where are you?>  Suddenly, she felt her body change.  The butterflies were burned away in the liquid heat of a building monster climax.  It started down the mountain, unstoppable.  <Flag Girl, save me!  Please, before…it…is…TOO LATE!>

          "Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhuuummmmm!" she screamed into the red ball gag.  It was the biggest orgasm the sexy super heroine had ever experienced.  All of her pent up sexual frustrations were wiped away.  <I am de-powered!>  Dr. Leather chuckled, and lowered his mouth to her clit.  Seconds later, he was sucking on the engorged clit and flicking it with his tongue.  She exploded again.  "Nnnnnnnnauuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Uuggggggghhhhhhhhhh!"

          <I am TAMED!>

          Meanwhile, across the building, Flag Girl rounded the first corner just as Ms Americana entered the bondage room.  King Pimp was striding purposely towards her.  Her heart filled with joy and triumph.  They had done it!  Ms Americana was a genius.

          "Halt, miscreant!" she called, assuming a classic super heroine pose.  "You are under arrest for pandering, prostitution, solicitation and anything else we can think of."

          "Anyone ever tell you how annoying you can be?" King Pimp said, coming to a halt just three steps in front of her.  He was a huge and intimidating African American, despite knowing she was stronger and faster thanks to her power belt and the Aphrodite gene that enabled her to utilize it.  He wore an Armani pin stripe suit and lots of bling.  His dark eyes raked her nineteen year old, shapely body.  "But you are very beautiful.  You'll make me a ton of money."

          "What?  You think I would prostitute myself for YOU?" she said, aghast.

          "Not for me, huh?  Who do you want to work for?  Kid  Rotten?  Mistress Tabitha?" he said, and laughed.  His voice was very deep, and so was his laugh.  "No, after I tame you, you'll gladly work for me.  I already have several super heroines working in the Palace, so you'll be among friends."

          "How dare you!" she cried, blue eyes flashing with fury.  She attacked him, quick and vicious.  And not thought out.  "I'll beat you to within an inch of your life!"

          King Pimp blocked her punch, and stepped inside her guard.  Her eyes went wide, then he smashed his forearm into her pretty face.  Flag Girl grunted and fell back.  He knew her power belt gave her greater endurance, so she would take a greater beating than a normal woman.  No she wasn't invulnerable.  She could be beaten down, and she was only half as strong as her mentor, Ms Americana.

          A combination to the beautiful blonde's face, and then to her belly kept her stumbling back, grunting with each impact.  She knew she was in trouble.  If he didn't let up she would be beaten down, defeated.  Ms Americana would be so disappointed in her.  She would be the laughing stock of the city's super heroines.  And she might not shake her sidekick status for years to come.

          Flag Girl dropped low.  King Pimp's "final blow" passed over her head.  She kicked out, and around, sweeping his feet away.  He rolled right back to his feet, but she was there, and sent a roundhouse to his head.  The huge pimp fell back, grunting in pain.  She grinned and moved in for the debilitating blow, the kick that would take him down for the count.  And then she would be the heroine of the moment, the super heroine to garner all the praise and glory.

          "Time to go down, King Pimp," Flag Girl cried, eyes shining with glee.

          "Exactly, YOU go down on my COCK," he said, and picked up a straight back chair.  It was one of many lining the hallway.  She froze, not seeing that coming.  King Pimp smashed it atop her head.  The sexy sidekick grunted and collapsed to her knees before him.  "Good start, super bimbo."

          Flag Girl was barely coherent.  He understood that instinctively, and he had studied all of the super heroines to find their weaknesses.  King Pimp knew exactly what to do.  Leaning over the sexy teenager, he reached down and unfastened her power belt.  She let out a tiny gasped of fear and surprise.

          King Pimp seized Flag Girl's bouncy blonde pigtails and pulled her up high on her knees, her face at his crotch level.  He unzipped, pulled out his ten inch, thick cock and pressed it to her full, red lips.  Still dazed, she acted instinctively.  Flag Girl parted her lips and let the cock into her mouth.  Delta City's top pimp laughed, took hold of both pigtails again, and pulled her all the way down his thick, black shaft.  And he enjoyed the sight and feel of it immensely.

          As Flag Girl started to slurp and suck on King Pimp's cock, Ms Americana wasn't that far away.  Back in the bondage room, Dr. Leather pressed his cock to her slippery wet nether lips just as King Pimp was pressing his cock to Flag Girl's lips.  Two hard cocks entered two submissive super heroines at the same time, just fifty feet apart but unknown to anyone what was happening.

          "Uuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhmmmm," Ms Americana cried into the ball gag, climaxing upon penetration.  It felt that damned good.  Then the red clad dominatrix couldn't stand it any more, so unzipped her costume so that her shaved pussy was exposed, then she removed Ms Americana's ball gag, and mounted the sexy super heroine's face.  Without thought, the Queen of Justice started licking and sucking on that sweet pussy.  "Mmmmm.  Uuummmghhh."

          King Pimp shot his wad into Flag Girl's mouth at that time.  He pulled off her top, then dragged her over to a supply closet.  It was a supply room full of bondage gear.  Inside, he pulled an electric blue rope off a shelf.  He wrapped the rope three time around the discombobulated sidekicks neck, then pulled her arms straight up over her head, bent them back at the elbows and bound the wrists to either side of her neck with the same rope.

          "Looking better and better all the time, Flag Cunt," King Pimp said viciously.  She was pushed against the wall, her skirt pulled down her shapely legs, and finally he grabbed her firm butt and lifted her off the floor.  A second later, Flag Girl, Delta City's most beloved sidekick, was impaled upon King Pimp's cock.  "You don't know how long I've waited to do that to you."

          "Nnnuuuuuuugggghhh," she groaned.

          Cock in cunt had a reviving effect on Flag Girl.  The last cobwebs in her head were swept away.  Her back arched as liquid heat infused her shapely teenage body.  Big blue eyes wide with disbelief, she gawked open-mouthed at her capture and most hated enemy as he started ramming his monster cock in and out of her most sacred and intimate feminine organ.

          "Not right!" Flag Girl gasped.  She licked full red lips, just starting to pant, and tasted his cum, and remembered what she just did.  "Eewww!  Oohhh, this shouldn't feel so…..ooohhh."

          He kissed her.  She didn't respond at first, but after he lifted one hand up to fondle her firm, young tits, and pounded her pussy with his long, thick dick, her eyes crossed and she began panting and gasped, and finally making little helpless animals noises.

          "Ms Americana, forgive me," she moaned.  She was still fighting the climax that threatened to de-power and enslave her body and soul, but it was becoming harder to remember why she should.  "I am weak.  Too weak to resist."

          "Surrender to me, Flag Girl, and I will treat you good," King Pimp promised.  "I will make you one of my top girls, and men will flock to your bed."  He kissed her hard, demanding.  "It can be like this, feel this good, every day, all day."

          "Oh, so good," she groaned.  Flag Girl gave up the fight.  "I am yours, King Pimp, be gentle.  I was a virgin before coming here tonight."

          He kissed her again, their tongues meeting and teasing each other.  Flag Girl climaxed seconds later.

          "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I am tamed!"

          After that, he flipped her around, pressing her face first into the wall, and mounted her butt.  He pulled three more climaxes off her spectacular body before he finally came inside her.  Then he pulled a cell phone and called his staff.

          "Clean up outside of the Fem on Fem bondage room," he said.  "I need a pair of girls to escort Flag Girl to the Super Heroine Lounge."

          Moments later two redheads in shiny latex French Maid costumes arrived to take custody of the sexy debauched, defeated and de-powered sidekick.  They took her and her costume away, but informed King Pimp that at least four other super heroines were inside the Palace.  None of them knew that Ms Americana was just as helpless as her sidekick, just around the corner in the bondage room, being fucked up the ass by Dr. Leather while another john got a blow job from her and two sexy dominatrixes did incredible wonderful things to her 38Gs.

          "Security, King Pimp here, what is the situation?" he said, calling on his cell.

          "Numerous super heroines rampaging through the halls, chasing away patrons," his security chief said.  "Biggest problem is Got Gal and Got Chic are up in your penthouse, tearing everything up."

          "I'm on my way," he said.

          Meanwhile, on the tenth floor above, Got Gal frowned.  She stood before five burly bouncers, all dressed in dark gray suits.  She crossed her arms beneath her 38Gs and shook her head woefully.  She stood in the middle of the room, under one of many massive chandeliers.  Every room seemed to have one.  And lots and lots of gold-plated EVERYTHING.

          "You boys are making a seriously big mistake," the ultra glamorous Got Gal said.

          She pursed her full, firm lips and shook her long, golden blonde hair out of her face.  Her perfect hair was now tousled from fighting King Pimp's seemingly endless stream of brainless bouncers.  There was a sheen of sweat between her titanic tits, all nice and snug in her white bikini top with gold trim.  The all important Got Gem was clipped between those monster melons, glowing brightly in the bright light of King Pimp's living room.  She took a step towards them, taking the time to reach down and tug up on her skimpy, white thong with gold trim.  She was a little miffed, since her silky white cape had been ripped off, and one of the goons had bled on her white strappy shoes.

          Got Chic was one level below her, fighting more goons.  Or she was supposed to be.  Got Chic was guarding the entrance, giving Got Gal time to find and subdue King Pimp.  Since goons were now up with her, she could only assume Got Chic had fallen and was their captive.

          Got Gal was only too familiar with what that meant for a sexy super heroine.

          Since she now knew King Pimp was not in his penthouse, Got Gal needed to rescue her sexy sidekick and head back down to meet up with the other super heroines.  The thought that King Pimp slipped through their fingers sickened her, but it happened sometimes.  They would still get him.  Another time.

          "If you little boys really want a fight, I'm the girl to give it to you properly," she said, tugging on her while silk opera gloves, with gold trim at the top and a pair of gold bangles around each slender wrist.  She noticed spots of blood on her right glove's knuckles and frowned.  She'd have to buy a new pair now.  She went through so many gloves she was considering switching to latex.  Latex didn't stain.  "Who is going to be first?"

          Being filthy criminals, they cheated and all rushed her as one.

          Got Gal leapt over them effortlessly.  She had the power of flight, thanks to her Got Gem.  She spun around and kicked the middle goon in the nuts, then grabbed the closest bouncer on her left and threw him across the vast room.  Then next bouncer connected with a powerful blow to the left cheek, spinning her around.

          "Got her!" he cried, moving in to finish her off.

          Got Gal spun back, and slammed the back of her heel into the side of his head.  Then she kicked straight up and sent him flying backwards.  The last two bouncers charged her from different sides, so she grinned and flew straight up.  Looking down as she streaked up at the last possible second, she smiled as she waited for the two goons to smash into each other.  Instead, she crashed into the massive chandelier above her.

          "Oooff," she grunted, crystal raining all around her.  Then the chain supporting the chandelier snapped, and it all came down upon her, slamming the sexy super heroine head first into the hard marble floor below.  "Uughh."

          "Damn, the stupid bimbo took herself out," one goon said as she forced herself to hands and knees, head spinning.

          "Yeah, just like her stupid sidekick did down stairs," the other said.

          "I think Got Chic flying straight back into a wall was dumber," he said.

          "Yeah, maybe so," the other conceded, both laughing.

          Each man grabbed an arm and pulled the sandy blonde beauty to her stiletto heeled feet.  She snarled and looked left, then right.

          "Fools!" she sneered.  "Super heroines aren't so easily defeated."

          A third goon stepped up before her, surprising the sexy super heroine.  He immediately ripped off her bikini top, taking the all important Got Emerald with it.  Got Gal gasped as she felt her super strength and powers leave her body in a cold rush.

          "Great Goddess of Got!  I've been de-powered!"

          "Great Goddess of Got, you're about to get FUCKED!" the goon said, and they all laughed.

          Got Gal's bikini bottoms were ripped off of her shapely body.  She was forced to bend over until her face was just inches from the crotch of the man that de-powered her.  He unzipped, pulled out a large cock, and sank his fingers deep into her silky blonde tresses.  A second later Got Gal's face was impaled upon his rod.

          "Mmmmmm!  Uuggghhhhhhmmm!" she cried, struggling helplessly.  Then a fourth bouncer joined them, coming up behind the vivacious vigilante.  She heard him unzip, then felt his cock pressing against her shamefully wet nether lips.  Then he thrust hard, and impaled her from behind.  "Uuuuuuuuuuuuggggghhhh."

          Got Gal moaned and groaned wantonly.  The men laughed at her, taunted her and continued to fuck her furiously.  She found herself sucking her assailant's cock with the same gusto he was fucking her face with, and couldn't stop herself.  The Aphrodite curse had hold of her, and she knew it.  Her insides were burning with need and pleasure, sucking the air from her lungs and the strength of will from her soul.  Her big blue eyes crossed and Got Gal surrendered to the inevitable.

          "Uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed her climax around that pumping cock.  "Ugh!  Ugh!  Uuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhmmm!"

          The goon came in her mouth, ballooning her cheeks and sending another climax ravaging her body and soul.  Her back arched and she threw back her head to scream, all that creamy cum flooding out of her mouth, down her chin and neck, to drip off her bouncing tits.

          "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!  Oh Goddess of Got, I've been TAMED!"

          Ten stories below, Ms Americana was on all fours, licking the stiletto pump of another hooker while a dominatrix strap-on fucked her up the ass.  The climaxes were coming fast and furious.  She no longer even realized who or what or where she was.  They had turned her into a sex hungry fuck machine.  She took on all comers, male or female, and the more the better.

          "The alarm!" the dominatrix in black cried.  "Everyone, we're being raided!  Get out!"

          Ms Americana found herself on all fours, cum dribbling down her inner thighs, dressed in only her boots, gloves, power belt, choker and mask.  The rest of her costume had vanished.  Including her tiara, which the black clad dominatrix was wearing when she ran away.  She struggled to her feet, wobbly after so long tied up and then on all fours.  Finding a black leather trailduster, she put it on over her nudity and left.  As she went, Ms Americana removed her mask and stuffed it inside the trailduster.  She didn't think she would rate a second look like that, but with a mask on they might realize who and what she was, and she was in no position to put up any kind of fight.

          Five minutes later, Ms Americana was in her car staring with dread at The Palace, the place of her worst humiliation.  People were flooding out.  She spotted Lady Midnight and Azure Angel striding out, angry and frustrated.  They knew it was over for the night.  King Pimp escaped.  They left.  Then Champion Girl was seen high above, flying away.  Moments later she saw Jungle Babe drive by with Amazing Babe riding with her.  Both were topless and looked tousled and shocked, so they didn’t fare any better than her.  Last to leave were Green Spectre and Spectre Girl.

          Flag Girl did not come out.  Ms Americana waited for an hour, but her sexy sidekick did not return.  She understood Flag Girl couldn't leave.  King Pimp had her, and had probably removed her from the premises.  Insult on top of humiliation, Ms Americana had LOST her sidekick.

#                    #                    #

          Ms Americana glared at the hated edifice of depravity and decadence.  The Palace's existence had always irked her, but now she knew it as the place of her ultimate humiliation.  And worse, Flag Girl was captured and inside working as a prostitute, something King Pimp and all of Sugar Town reveled in.

          "You want be laughing after tonight," Ms Americana said, baby blues narrowed as she stood there in a classic super heroine pose.  King Pimp had posted pictures of Flag Girl, Got Gal and Got Chic working in the Palace, rubbing the remaining super heroines' noses in their failure to fulfill their vow to capture him and close down the Palace.  Strangely enough, he hadn’t posted pictures of them unmasked, but she couldn’t imagine him not taking a peek.  "Are you ready?"

          Lady Midnight stood next to the Queen of Justice, decked out in her famous purple mask, bikini costume and thigh boots.  She was a gorgeous African American with a spectacular body that screamed Aphrodite gene down every square inch.

          "Ready, willing and able, Ms Americana," Lady Midnight said.  "Jungle Babe and Champion Girl are atop that vile brothel, ready to go."

          Ms Americana looked up to see the other two super heroines working with her that night.  The two blonde beauties got up there thanks to Champion Girl's ability to fly.  She just carried Jungle Babe up.  Jungle Babe was an experienced super heroine, though possessed no super powers.  Like Lady Midnight, she relied on superior cunning, fighting techniques and experience to defeat her foes.  Despite no super powers, both women were extremely successful in all of their crime fighting endeavors.  While Champion Girl was the newest, though not the youngest of all of Delta City's super heroines.  That blonde bombshell of justice did have super powers, like strength, limited invulnerability and flight, but she was painfully inexperienced.

          "Let's go," Ms Americana said.

          "Operation Take Down is a go," Lady Midnight said into a small radio.

          "Roger," Jungle Babe said, her voice tinny in the tiny radio.  "We have the go, and are going in now.  Radio silence initiated."

          Lady Midnight powered off her radio and put it back into her utility belt.

          "Let's crush them!" Ms Americana snarled, and took off running.

          "Yes!" Lady Midnight cried, running shoulder to shoulder with her.

          They had a classic two prong attack.  But each team had a very different objective.  Ms Americana and Lady Midnight were looking for the legendary Super Heroine Lounge, to free all of the captured super heroines.  While Jungle Babe and Champion Girl were looking to capture King Pimp himself.

          The super sexy super duo hit the front door with a crash.  Both double doors slammed open when they kicked them.  They charged through, scattering johns and whores.  Men cursed and women screamed.  They wanted to catch a junior pimp, or a bouncer, and force the location of the Super Heroine Lounge out of him.  A dozen such men attacked them immediately.

          "We're in luck," Ms Americana said, baby blues alight with wicked delight.  "King Pimp provided us with guides."

          "Yeah, we just have to choose one," Lady Midnight said.

          The men were big and burly, like all of King Pimp's bouncers.  They were also experienced, vicious and merciless fighters.  But they were no match for a pair of bona fide super heroines.  Ms Americana and Lady Midnight spent five very enjoyable minutes tossing them around, until there was only one left standing.  He was barely standing.

          "Where is King Pimp's Super Heroine Lounge?" Ms Americana demanded.

          "Eat me, Ms A-hole," he said, grinning.

          "That's no way to speak to a lady," Lady Midnight said, reached down and unzipped him.  His eyes went wide as she scooped his cock and balls out.  She seized them close to the body, and pulled as she removed a switchblade knife from her utility belt.  She placed the razor edge of that wicked blade just below his manhood, ready to slice it off in one stroke.  "Now, miscreant, do you want to GIVE us the location of the Super Heroine Lounge, or do you want to GIVE us your cock and balls?  We're leaving with one or the other."

          "You wouldn't dare!"

          Her dark eyes narrowed, and he felt the blade touch his skin way down there.  The sting of sliced skin hit him next, and he panicked.

          "I'll tell!  Don't cut it off!  Please, don't cut it off," he cried.

          "Where is it?" Ms Americana said.

          "Upstairs, sixth floor of the tower."

          "Thanks," Ms Americana said, and cold-cocked him.  Then she looked at Lady Midnight with a questioning look.  "Would you really have…?"

          Lady Midnight graced her with a roguish grin.  "I guess we'll never know."

          Hurrying over to the elevator bank, Ms Americana said, "You take the elevator up.  I'll take the stairs.  We can't let them evacuate the captures heroines via the stairs."

          Ms Americana also knew that her super powered body would get her up six floors almost as fast as the elevator.  Lady Midnight nodded, and stepped onto the elevator that just opened up.

          "See you upstairs, but don't expect me to wait for you," she said, grinning as the door closed.

          Ms Americana's eyes widened, and she turned to the stairs.  Seconds later she was racing up them, two and three at a time.  She was determined to beat Lady Midnight up.

          Meanwhile, Lady Midnight was wound up like a spring, ready to pounce as soon as the doors opened.  Then sooner than she expected, DING!  The doors opened, and the sexy super heroine charged out, bowling over a john and a whore.

          "Oh shit," the man said, and jumped on the elevator.  It closed and left.

          Lady Midnight was left with the angry hooker.  It was obvious she wasn't on the Super Heroine Lounge floor.

          "What floor is this?"

          "My floor, bitch," the hooker said.  She was a pretty blonde of about twenty, dressed in red bikini and matching patent red thigh boots.

          Lady Midnight didn't have time for her stupidity.  The stairwell was next to the elevators, so she jumped up and ran over.  Just as she turned the knob, the hooker slammed into her back.  She was thrust violently through the door.

          "Ugh!" Ms Americana cried, slamming into that suddenly opened door.  Her eyes crossed, and she fell straight back down the stairs.  "Ooooghhh."

          Furious, Lady Midnight tried to backhand that vile little whore.  She ducked, and the super heroine's hand hit the door jamb.

          "Aaiie!" she cried, clutching at her brutalized hand.

          "I'll teach you," the hooker said, and kicked the sexy African American super heroine between the legs.  It was a perfect kick, too.  The pointy toe of her sexy boots found the clit, any super heroine's ultimate weak spot.  Lady Midnight dropped to her knees, and the hooker grabbed her hair and forced her head next to the door jamb.  Then she slammed the door over and over until Lady Midnight collapsed unconscious.  "Great, King Pimp will be so proud of me for getting him another super heroine for the Super Team."

          Meanwhile, Ms Americana rolled to hands and knees, aching all over.  Her head was spinning, with a big knot on the back of her head.  She heard some banging above, and then an unfamiliar voice.  Woman's voice.  Sounded smug.  Then the door closed and she heard a DING.  She didn't realize her friend and comrade was on her way to JOIN the other captured super heroines in the Super Heroine Lounge.  Hell, she could barely recall where she was located, and why.

          "Not going well tonight, either," she groaned, managed to get to the door and went through.  There was a junior pimp standing by the elevator impatiently.  "What floor is this?"

          "About time!" he snapped.  "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?"

          <Not again?> she thought.

          He shook his head woefully, anger building.

          "It's not your fault, but I TOLD them an AMAZON, not a super heroine," he said.  He reached over and ripped off her mask, then the tiara.  "Not that you don't make a great Ms Americana, but still.  Customers get what they want.  Exactly what they want."

          Ms Americana couldn't move, couldn't speak.  Hell, she couldn't think.  He UNMASKED her.  She numbly let him remove her gloves, earrings and choker, before he pulled off her costume top.  The stunned super heroine, afraid to give him cause to truly look at her, and maybe recognize her as Brenda Wade, followed his directions to the letter.  She removed her bottoms and boots next, tossing them on the pile with the rest of her costume.

          He reached for her power belt.  It didn't come unfastened.  Everyone knew her belt couldn't be removed unless she willed it so, or she was de-powered and/or unconscious.  His inability to unfasten it would likely set off an alarm and then he would know who she was, and really look at her face.  So she relaxed and let it come unfastened.  The rush of power from her shapely body was disconcerting and frightening.

          Ms Americana was half dragged by the hand to a closet.  Inside were assorted articles of fetish clothing.  In short order she was dressed in shiny black thigh boots with spurs, black leather thong, matching corset that left her 38Gs exposed and free to bounce, leather opera gloves, thick slave collar and big hoop earrings.  Then she was lead to room 310, and pushed inside with a whispered command to, "Do whatever you're told."

          There was a Hispanic couple inside.  He was about six foot six, lean but muscular and heavily tattooed, and naked.  She was short, shapely and dressed much like Ms Americana, expect in all white.

          "We asked for a blonde," she said, frowning.

          "Oh, sorry, I'll let them know," Ms Americana said.

          "Wait," he said.  "Carmen, look at those fat titties!  They are huge.  Like Got Gal huge."

          Got Gal?  Ms Americana felt a bit disrespected.  Her tits were easily as big as Got Gal's, and perhaps a bit firmer and prettier.  She didn't see how Got Gal's tits got to be the big titty standard.

          "Yes, you're right, Felix," she said.  She looked at Ms Americana, "You can stay.  Kneel."

          Ms Americana hesitated.  She could hear the junior pimp outside the door.  Since she knew what to look for better than most, she also spotted at least three hidden cameras.  There could be a staff member watching, making sure the girls were performing as expected.  Her insides melted and her libido exploded, for she knew she was in for another night of sex and debauchery.

          "Yes, mistress," she whispered, eyes downcast.

          "Mistress Carmen, slut," she said.

          "Yes, Mistress Carmen," Ms Americana said, then bit her lower lips as her mistress placed her right stiletto heeled platform boot on her left shoulder.  Her exposed pussy was just inches from Ms Americana's face, as the sensual feel of butterflies danced in her lower belly.  Then she lifted full red lips, slightly parted, up to that glistening pussy.  The sexy super heroine gave her mistress's cunt an open mouth kiss, then she sent her tongue in.  "Mmmmmm."

          Ms Americana knelt there, kissing and licking and sucking on Carmen's cunt, her hands caressing Carmen's soft, smooth ass and thighs.  She ate that lovely Latina out with growing lust and enthusiasm, as her own shapely body responded in kind.  Carmen's climax was loud, enthusiastic and WET.

          "Ummmm," Ms Americana groaned, feeling pussy juices flowing down her chin and onto her heaving 38Gs.

          Once Carmen's orgasm subsided and Ms Americana was permitted to stop licking and sucking, Felix stepped up and took control.  He had an odd looking bondage toy.  It was shiny silver, with four circles within it.  Two larger circles on each end, with smaller circles inside.  Ms Americana knew it looked familiar, but couldn't figure it out until he opened it up.

          "Oh," she said, as he locked her wrists before her body inside the two inner, smaller rings.  She was stood up and forced to bend over double, so he could lock her ankles into the two outer, larger circles, or shackles.  "This can't be good."

          Ms Americana stood there doubled over, unable to move without tumbling over.  Too late she realized just how open to sexual exploitation her pussy and ass were while bound in that position.

          "No, very good.  For ME," Felix said, and slapped her shapely rump.  He pulled her black leather thong to one side and then pushed fingers up both her sphincter and pussy.  He smiled when she groaned, low and wantonly.  He liked it when the hookers enjoyed their job.  Finally, once she was loose enough for him, he guided his erect cock straight into her pussy and thrust hard while steadying her by hanging tightly to her shapely rump.  "Oh, Carmen, this whore is TIGHT."

          "My Goddess, help me!" Ms Americana cried.  "I can't….Aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiieee!"

          While Ms Americana was enjoying the beginning of her long day's night, Lady Midnight was waking up to find she was in quite a pickle, too.  She was in the middle of what could only be described as a garish brothel parlor.  She was stretched out atop a coffee table, her arms pulled over the end and up under, then bound tightly in place.  Her long, shapely legs hung off the other end, pulled back under as well and her ankles bound by ropes to the legs under her shoulders.  She never felt stretched so tight before.

          Lady Midnight's purple costume top and bottoms were off, being passed around among the assembled johns and whores.  All of the whores were familiar to her.  Bat Babe.  Power Lass.  Omega Woman.  And, Flag Girl, Got Gal and Got Chic.  Just to name a few.  The vanquished super heroines didn't look too happy, but the johns were all thrilled.  King Pimp looked pleased, too.  She could tell, since he was standing astride her and naked.  His huge cock was at full staff.

          "Nice of you to join us," King Pimp said, smiling down at her smugly.  "If you super babes keep showing up like this I am going to be forced to expand my operations."

          "You won't get away with this, King Pimp," Lady Midnight said, brown eyes fierce and defiant.  "I'm not the only super heroine here tonight.  You're going down."

          "No, you are," King Pimp said, and plopped his cock between her large tits with a meaty thunk.  Then he grabbed both fat tits, squeezed them together, and started titty fucking the sexy super heroine as everyone watched with wicked glee.  Even the super heroine whores were licking their lips hungrily as she was sexually abused and debased.  "Nice tits, Lady Big Tits."

          While he titty fucked her, he directed Got Gal to sit on her face.  Lady Midnight was forced to eat her old comrade out, and was soon doing just that with growing lust and hunger.  While she was eating the beautiful blonde heroine's snatch, Flag Girl knelt between her legs and began licking, sucking and thoroughly enjoying her rip pussy.  In no time they had the midnight avenger panting, gasping, moaning and groaning, pushed closer and closer to a career ending climax to end all climaxes.

          It all ended for her when King Pimp came, spraying her neck, tits and chin with hot cum.  Got Gal stood up, lifted her head and he thrust deep into her mouth.

          "Uuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed around the cock.  Her eyes crossed, then rolled up as Flag Girl's tongue and lips pushed her over the top again.  "Aaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

          While all that was going on, Jungle Babe and Champion Girl swept through King Pimp's penthouse apartment.  They found nothing and no one there.  So they went to Plan B.  Champion Girl used her power to zap out the elevator electrical system.  There were two sets of stairs.  They each took one and headed down.  Each would be responsible for one side of the tower.

          They slowly worked their way down, floor by floor, until they reached the sixth floor.  The Super Heroine Lounge floor.

          "What do we have here?" Jungle Babe said, stepping out of the stairs to see very realistic, life-sized drawings of super heroine in compromising positions.  There was even one of her being strap-on fucked my Ms Americana.  Very prominently displayed, too.  Above the black doors, written in red, white and blue letters, was written very ominous words.  "Welcome to Super Heroine Purgatory."

          The hazel eyed twenty-two year old scowled at the door.  She knew she should wait for Champion Girl, but behind those doors wicked men used and abused super heroines, her friends and comrades, in the most vile, despicable ways imaginable.  She thought of Flag Girl and Got Chic, both so young and enthusiastic, and legendary Got Gal, all laid low and forced into the world's oldest profession despite being superior women and obviously above such crass activities.

          Tossing waist length, platinum blonde locks back over her shoulder, the leopard skin clad super heroine squared her shoulders and marched through those doors.  She walked in to see a room full of eager eyed johns, surrounding sweating, panting super heroines impaled on hard cocks, and all watched over by cold eyed bouncers.  In the middle of it all was Lady Midnight stretched out atop a coffee table and bound tightly.

          King Pimp was sitting on at throne overlooking everything.  Got Gal was sitting on his lap, facing away from him.  Jungle Babe was shocked to see the look of utter bliss on her beautiful, white masked face, while she bounced up and down upon his massive cock, her huge tits jostling sexily, silky blonde hair bouncing.  That cock was reaming out the sexy super heroine's poop chute, too.  And she was making little animals noises of pleasure the whole time.

          "Got Gal, no!" Jungle Babe cried.  She looked around.  Flag Girl was bouncing up and down on the cock of a seated man, facing him while he molested her bouncing tits, and another man took her up the ass.  Power Lass was naked save for her blue thigh boots, on her knees giving head to a large black man.  Got Chic was making out with a Bat Babe on a small stage, going after each other with vibrating dildos.  "No!  No!  NO!  This is all wrong!"

          "Another super heroine?" King Pimp said, looking surprised.  "This is turning out to be a very good week for me."

          "How DARE you do this to good, proper super heroines," Jungle Babe snarled, stalking towards the hated pimp.

          A bouncer stepped in front of her, blocking her path.  She snarled at him, and kicked him in the nuts.  He doubled up and she threw him into the bouncer trying to sneak up behind her.  She was too good to fall for that trick.  But he surprised her by leapfrogging over him, and tackling her.

          "Ooff!" Jungle Babe grunted, slammed into the floor.

          Her head bounced off the hard floor, leaving her dazed and confused.  The bouncer dragged her to her feet, doubled her up with a fist to the belly, then sent her reeling backwards with a knee to the face.  Another bouncer was waiting, with a fist to the face that sent her reeling back towards the first.

          "Halt!" Champion Girl cried from the door.  "Leave her alone, or know my wrath!"

          King Pimp gawked at the golden blonde super heroine, in red two piece costume with black and gold decorations and black stiletto calf boots.  She looked remarkably beautiful despite the golden yellow mask.  Champion Girl was tall and shapely, and that tight costume did little to hide her curves.

          "Get her!" King Pimp commanded.

          Champion Girl growled at him.  So many super heroines were in that room, most of them getting fucked in some manner at that very moment.  Few of the johns had ceased their sexual activities, but all were watching eagerly.  She realized they all expected her to fall, and join her super heroine sisters in sexual slavery.

          In a rage Champion Girl summoned her power.  It surged inside her, eager to escape.  She stepped forward, and pointed at King Pimp.  She was going to give him a jolt so strong he would piss and poop all over himself.  So strong he wouldn't wake up for a week.

          Almost too fast to see, Champion Girl saw the bouncer move as she hurled her power at the infamous pimp.  He seized Jungle Babe's wrist, and flung her at Champion Girl.  Before she realized it, Jungle Babe was between her and King Pimp, and she released her power at that instant.

          "Yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!" Jungle Babe screamed, still streaking towards Champion Girl.

          "No!" Champion Girl cried, losing her concentration in the middle of expending enormous power.  It seemed to want to backflow into her in some strange way, but she fought it, distracted by it and the sexy super heroine flying at her.  She opened her arms to catch her friend and comrade, and Jungle Babe plowed into her unprepared body.  "Ooofff!"

          Champion Girl was slammed straight back into the door jamb, and Jungle Babe's head struck her in the face, then the back of her head slammed into the door jamb.  Both super heroines dropped bonelessly to the floor.  Everyone watched, awestruck, as Champion Girl's hoarded power expended itself harmlessly and faded away, all used up.

          Jungle Babe was quickly stripped.  It didn't take long to remove her skimpy attire.  Then she was carried over to long couch and placed in the middle.  King Pimp directed his bouncers in binding her left wrist to her left ankle, and right to right ankle.  She was then tied to the couch, tied to either side of the couch and leaving her spread wide in that very open, very exploitable position.

          Champion Girl's red bikini bottom was pulled down long, shapely legs.  They left the golden sash around her narrow waist, but removed the red top with back sleeves and big round cut out over her deep cleavage, reminiscent of Flag Girl's top.  Now stripped down to black boots, sash and mask, she was tied up just like Jungle Babe, and set next to her.  Jungle Babe's left wrist and ankle were then tied to Champion Girl's right.

          To keep that theme going, King Pimp had all of the super heroines tied up the same way, in a long line, bound together.  Then he gave the johns freedom to use and abuse any and all of them for a one time payment of one hundred dollars.  And the orgy began.  There were three johns for every heroine there.  It would prove a long and exhausting night for all of those vanquished vigilantes.

          But unbeknownst to the King of Sugar Town pimps, Ms Americana was just a few floors below him.  The Hispanic couple were finished with her, and were quite pleased with her performance.  She was given the five hundred dollars agreed upon by the Palace, placed between her teeth since she was still tightly bound, and then gave Ms Americana a tip of one hundred dollars, pushed half up her aching bung hole.

          The junior pimp came in to release her a moment later, but liked what he saw so much he pulled his dick out and mounted her from behind.  She was forced to endure two more orgasms, before he took all of her money, including the tip, and released her wrists and ankles.

          "Good job, babe," the pimp said, dropped her costume beside her, all bundled up in a grocery shopping bag, and left.  "Get back to work."

          Ms Americana groaned and climbed to her feet.  She'd been climaxed so much already there was no using her power belt.  The Queen of Justice thought it best to make good her escape.  So she picked up her bagged costume and headed for the elevator.  It wasn't working for some reason, so she headed down the stairs.  By the time the sexy, statuesque super heroine reached the ground floor she was exhausted.

          "Hey, you," a beautiful redhead called.  It was Bethany Beavers, King Pimp's official girlfriend, the Palace's hostess and head of hookers.  "About time you got down here."

          Bethany was agitated and stressing out big time.  The elevators being down was killing her.  The johns couldn't go up to their favorite girls, so were stuck downstairs while most of the hookers were upstairs.  She had ten men to every girl and they usually had more girls than men.  She was desperate.

          "What?  I don't…"

          "Can it, sweetheart," Bethany said, pausing to give Ms Americana a curious look.  "Do I know you?  Are you new?"

          "Yes, this is my first day," she said.

          "Well, sweetheart, you should've reported to me first thing," she said.

          "A pimp saw me, and led me up to a Hispanic couple," she said, figuring the truth was the best route.  "I've been up stairs getting royally reamed."

          Ms Americana was taken by the arm, led to the Stripper Room, and pushed inside.  The place was packed with horny men and frantic women.  Ms Americana's baby blues went wide.

          "Goddess save me," she whispered.

          "Everyone is being comp'ed for all sex until the elevators are fixed," Bethany said.  She pulled the bag with her super heroine costume out of Ms Americana's hand, and took it away.  "You'll get this back when the elevators are working."

          "Hey, babe, nice rack," a young Asian man said, unable to take his eyes off her naked 38Gs.  "Let's hook up, okay?"

          She looked over her shoulder.  The two big, burly bouncers to either side of the door glared at her.  She swallowed hard, humiliated yet again.  After all she'd been through that night, she was too weak to fight them.  Plus, Bethany took her costume away, and wouldn't return it until they were ready to release her for the day.  She didn't have another power belt, so she absolutely had to get that bag back.

          "I'm all yours, baby," Ms Americana managed to say, and even mustered up a smile.

          "Great!" he said, taking her by the hand and dragging her through the crowded room.

          He found a chair next to the main stage, and sat down.  Ms Americana straddled his waist and began an erotic lap dance.  That seemed to be what the other women were doing, slowly evolving into actual intercourse.  As soon as she started gyrating above his waist, her john reached up and grabbed her swinging, jostling tits.  She let him lick and kiss, caress and squeeze her tits to his heart's content.  Once that song ended, she removed the thong bottoms, placed them at the edge of the stage and unzipped him.

          It didn't take much to get him hard and ready, and soon the Queen of Justice was well mounted on his erect shaft.  She rode him like a professional, very quickly forcing him to release deep inside her.  He was quickly replaced with a large white man, then a middle-aged man, then a skinny street punk.  And she stopped keeping track of the parade of johns that filed between her legs.  After four long hours that elevator still wasn't fixed, but the number of men was thinning out.  Finally, a man she knew and despised beyond belief, both as Ms Americana and as Brenda Wade, sat down in the chair, whipped out his hard cock and grinned up at her with evil delight.

          "Hello, Brenda, moonlighting?"

          "Chief Wessel?  Oh my Goddess!  No!" she cried, horrified.  He was absolutely the LAST person, outside of King Pimp, she wanted recognizing her inside the Palace, working as a hooker.  She was ruined.  Her sterling reputation was destroyed and in shambles.  She'd be lucky if he didn't arrest her for prostitution.  "W-W-What are you doing here?"

          Chief Andrew Wessel, or more commonly called "The Weasel" was a dirty cop.  A dirty vice cop, to be exact.  It was widely believed he accepted bribes to ensure brothels didn't get raided.  Both Brenda Wade and Ms Americana had been trying to catch him and send him to prison for years.  Brenda all but begged the city to fire him at least once a month.  Now she was the one caught red-handed, caught performing illicit and illegal sex acts in a known brothel.  And the Weasel was known to be cruel, vindictive and spiteful.

          "Sampling," he said.  He reached out and caressed her silky thighs, then gave her shapely rump a firm slap.  "I like what you are offering up, too.  I want some of that, babe."

          She had no choice.  She straddled him, reached down and guided his cock to her pussy, and slide down upon him.  They both groaned when she impaled herself upon his cock, for different reasons.  Ms Americana was utterly humiliated, yet again.  The Weasel was utterly turned on and bursting with triumphant joy.

          "Take it slow and easy, Brenda," he said, reaching up and starting to molest her massive tits.  She grimaced and groaned, for his treatment of her highly sensitive tits was rough by any standard.  "I've dreamed of this so many times."

          "I bet you have," she said, sickened by his touch.

          He spent thirty minutes savoring every square inch of her spectacular body, especially her titanic, firm tits.  Unfortunately for Ms Americana, The Weasel wasn't such a prize.  Chief Wessel was tall, at six foot four, but the forty-five year old was going to seed quickly.  He had a hard, lined, surly face, short brown hair and a growing paunch.  He always looked disheveled in his rather expensive suits.

          Despite all that, or maybe because of it, Ms Americana was quickly aroused and her body was soon burning with need and desire.  She hated herself for what she felt, what and who she was doing, but the sexy super heroine had no choice.  She was his to command, and he knew it all too well.

          <I might be better off handing myself over to King Pimp on a silver platter,> she said as he slurped joyfully on her tits, nipples and neck.

          "Kiss me," he commanded.  "And I better believe you mean it, too."

          "How can you make such a command?" she said.

          "Just do it, and tell me you love me, too," he said, smirking cruelly.

          "I-I love you?"

          "Not a question," he said, and twisted her left nipple with all of his strength.  She gasped and groaned.  "Start telling me how much you love me, between deep, loving, adorning open-mouth kisses."

          "You are a monster," she whispered, her throat too tight to speak properly.  "I hate you with every fiber of my existence.  I loath you.  I absolutely LOATH you."

          "I know.  I loath you, as well, and that is why this is so great," The Weasel sneered.  He looked at her massive, naked tits, and back in her eyes.  "You may begin, or I will arrest you and haul you into jail.  Make your choice, Ms Wade."

          The statuesque super heroine stared at him a long moment, weighing her options.  In truth, she had none.  Her chest tightened, and her throat did, too.  She felt her hands and lips begin to tremble.  Eyes burning, she swallowed to clear her throat.

          "I love you," Ms Americana whispered, a single tear rolling out of each eye.  She leaned down and pressed her full red lips against his lips, then opened her mouth to thrust her hot, wet tongue deep into his mouth.  "Mmm.  Oh, baby, I love you so much."

          She spent the next five minutes kissing that hated man, willing herself to "feel" love for him, speaking the words.  To sound convincing, she had to trick herself into really feeling those feelings.  Soon, she wasn't trying so hard, it was coming naturally, and her body was building incredibly fast towards climax.

          "Oh, Goddess, I love you!" she cried, and exploded.  That climax consumed her, body and soul.  "Aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Oh, I love you!  Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!"

          The Weasel laughed, pulled her off his cock, turned her around, then impaled her poop chute upon his cock, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her all the way down with brutal force.


          He forced her to bounce up and down his cock, hard and fast, taking it up her super tight butt.  She didn't have a choice any more.  The shapely heiress and secret super heroine did as commanded, her body absorbing the pain and quickly turning it into immeasurable pleasure.  Then he forced her to bend backward until it hurt, so he would have full access to her bouncing tits and her full, red lips.  Once again, between deep, lingering kisses, she had to say she loved him, over and over and over until she started to wonder.

          <Goddess save me, the bastard is starting to brainwash me,> she thought, horrified.

          The Weasel used her in every orifice of her statuesque body, including titty fucking her in front of those other, disgusting cheering men.  When he couldn't get it up any more, he tossed her aside and she had to return to the long line of johns eager to experience her gorgeous body.

          It was late when the elevator was finally fixed, and still another hour and a half before Bethany would release Ms Americana and return her bag.  She took it and headed for the door, looking around with fear filled eyes for The Weasel.  He was waiting outside the door.

          "Where is your limo?  Or did you drive that pretty little Mercedes Benz up here?"

          "I-I…," she stammered, seeing her Ms Americana mobil not so far down the street.  "I walked over from my office.  I didn't want anyone seeing my car or me driving to know anything about this…this…dark secret of mine."

          "Some secret, huh?  Brenda Wade, the most uptight, goodie-two-shoe busy body in the whole damn city, likes to sell her body on the sly," The Weasel said, laughing.  He took her by the arm and led her away, heading down the street and deeper into Sugar Town.  "God, is that irony?  I'm never sure.  I didn’t go to no fancy college, like you.  Anyway, you have to admit that it is incredible to find that the very woman with the biggest boner to stop and vanquish all sexual depravity, all illicit sexual businesses, is in fact a part time hooker."

          "Where are we going?"

          "Anita and 69th," he said.  "I want to watch as you turn tricks on a real street corner, not in the safe, clean environment of the nicest brothel in the city."

          He took her to his unmarked squad car.  She dropped her shopping bag with her Ms Americana costume on the floor by her feet.  Ms Americana was still wearing the all black leather ensemble, now with a black leather bikini top.  She could only pray he didn't peek inside the bag, otherwise she was worse than toast.

          "You better earn me some major bucks, babe, or else bad things will happen."

          "You're the worst kind of male chauvinistic pig."

          "Who do you love?"

          "I love you, baby," she said automatically.  Her face started to burn with shame.  But a disgusting part of her now believed it.  And that was the true crime he was committing upon her.  "I love you so much it hurts."

          Half a block away from the most infamous hooker corner in the city, The Weasel dropped the black-haired beauty off.  From her years as Ms Americana she'd learned more than she cared about how hookers operated.  So first thing, she found a hooker hotel and rented a room.

          Then Brenda Wade went to work, hooking for a man she despised.  She worked hard, strove to please her johns as best she could, maximize both of their pleasure, and get it done as fast as possible.  Just so she could fuck more and more men, so she could earn as much as womanly possible for her vice cop PIMP.

          Once business died down to nothing, Chief Wessel took Brenda home to Wade Manor.  Of course he spent the night.  He loved fucking Brenda Wade in her own bed.  He relished fucking Brenda Wade in her own shower.  Then after she was dressed for work, he enjoyed his first ever limo ride back into town.  Of course, it was hard to not enjoy such a ride, what with Brenda Wade sucking your dick the whole time.

          "I have to work late tonight," she said.  It was kind of a lie.  She had no Wade Enterprises business, but she had Ms Americana business to conduct at the Palace.  She had all of her friends and comrades to rescue, and King Pimp to arrest.  She knew her life as Brenda Wade was ruined, but at least she could salvage Ms Americana's reputation.  "And I can't explain your sudden appearance at my Thanksgiving Day dinner, so we'll have to lay low until after the holiday."

          "Okay, I have my own shit to do the next few days, Sugar Babe," he said.  He gave her naked tits another firm squeeze.  "So I'll meet you for breakfast Friday morning at Big Earl's Grill across from Babe Bazaar.  Do you have red patent thigh boots?  No?  Buy some before then.  Get a matching leather mini dress, and be wearing it Friday morning for breakfast."

          "You're going to make me prostitute myself again, aren't you?"

          "Heh, you're pretty smart.  Are you one of them there 'superior' women?" he said, and laughed.  "See you Friday morning.  Don't bother with panties, either."

          It was a long, hard morning.  Brenda had to suppress her raging emotions.  Flag Girl was still being held by King Pimp, forced to whore herself day in and day out.  All of her super heroine friends and comrades, except a few, were also with Flag Girl in that hell hole.  On top of that, The Weasel was blackmailing her into illicit sex and prostitution, pimping her out like a crack whore.

          "I can take care of The Weasel with memory drugs," she muttered, sitting at her massive desk in her cavernous office suite.  "But first I have to save my friends, and take King Pimp down."

          She made a few phone calls, and it was all arranged by noon.  Green Spectre and Spectre Girl were a go for that night.  Amazing Babe was a little more difficult to contact, but she agreed to help as well.  At least they were going in wiser, thanks to her previous unsuccessful trips into the Palace.  She knew exactly where the Super Heroine Lounge was located.  First priority, save her friends and comrades.  Then go after King Pimp.

          "Now I have to go home and take care of myself," she thought with a grimace.

          There were very naughty ways to build up her pent up sexual frustrations quickly.  She'd used them the previous day, after being fucked stupid Monday night.  Now she'd have to go home, get in bed and drive herself crazy with a vibrating dildo.  She had to take herself to the brink of climax, and then squash it.  Over and over, never allowing herself that ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.  Within a few hours she would be back to full power.

          "Ms Wade?" her secretary said through the intercom.  "Chief Wessel is here to see you."

          "What?" she said, incredulous.

          "Let me in, Brenda.  That's an order," he said.  She heard her secretary gasp and another man chuckle.  "Now."

          "Let them in," Brenda said.

          This wasn't going to go well, of that she was sure.

          The Weasel sauntered in like he owned the place, followed by one of his vice cops.  Jerome Benton was a massively built black man.  He was only on the force about five years, but had already pissed off Brenda once by making a crude sexual offer, and that was enough to get tossed into Vice when she complained.  Of course she tried real hard to get him fired, but the cops protected their own.

          "Have a seat, gentlemen," Brenda said.  "I only have a few minutes to spare you.  I'm very busy today."

          They settled into the chairs facing her desk.  Both wore shit-eating grins, full of triumph and lust.  It was enough to make her heart race and chest tighten.

          "Step around in front of the desk, Brenda," Chief Wessel said in a very commanding tone.

          She froze for a second, gawking at him.  Then she glanced at Jerome, and stood up.  Facing burning, she stepped around the desk and stood between them and the desk.  Brenda stood before them with hands on well rounded hips, and tried to look strong and imposing.

          "Lift your skirt up," he said.


          "Lift your skirt and show Jerome your waxed pussy," he said.  Her humiliation as she complied was profound.  She felt her deep blush burning all the way down to her chest.  Jerome licked his lips at the sight of her exposed nether regions.  "See, I told you I owned her.  She has no choice but to obey my every command.  I told her to wear the garter belt and hose, no panties today."

          "Sweet," Jerome said.

          Brenda was forced to obey all of The Weasels commands.  He made her remove her glasses, then let her hair down.  She had to remove her suit jacket, and open her blouse.  Then The Weasel let Jerome remove her bra, and suck on her tits a long moment as she leaned back on her desk and groaned wantonly.  Finally, her perverted, vengeful master ordered her to call her secretary in and told her exactly what to say and do while she was in the office.

          "Yes, Ms Wade…oh!" the secretary said, startled and shocked just inside the door.

          "It is time you knew," Brenda said.  She dropped to her knees, took Jerome's long, thick cock in hand and gave it a firm lick.  "That I am a raging slut whore, that I've always been a skanky piece of cock candy…," she paused to lick Jerome's sweaty balls a second, then swallowed his cock completely into her mouth, bobbed her head a few times, and then turned back to her secretary.  "And I'm about to let these two hunks fuck me stupid ten times over, so don't be alarmed when I start screaming in supreme ecstasy."

          "Y-Yes, ma'am," she said, gawking.

          "That is all," Brenda said, and started sucking Jerome in earnest.

          Brenda sucked and licked Jerome for a good five minutes, before he exploded in her face and across her 38Gs.  Then she titty-fucked him until he creamed her face and tits yet again.  Then he bent her over her own desk, and fucked her ass long and hard.  Brenda starting screaming from the first penetration until he finally climaxed twenty minutes later.

          After cleaning herself up in her private bathroom, she did the same for The Weasel.  It all took a little over an hour, then she was allowed to put on a red latex skirt and matching halter top The Weasel brought her.  He buckled a collar around her slender neck, and let Jerome lead her out of her office.

          "Clear my schedule," Brenda said as she was led through the office and onto an elevator.

          To Brenda's deep relief, The Weasel and Jerome only made her turn tricks on the street for two hours.  They wanted to continue, but they got a call they couldn't ignore.  So she was released.  To her shame, Brenda turned one more trick after then left before returning to Wade Towers, her office and getting back into her own clothes.  Then she took her private elevator down to go home.

          Back at Wade Manor, she stripped down to garter belt, hose and heels, and pulled out her dreaded, ten inch dildo.  It vibrated at ten speeds.  She climbed into bed, spread her mile long legs wide, and inserted the dildo.  It slid in without effort.  After a long  minute of pumping it in and out, she turned it on to the first setting.

          "Oooooohhhh," she groaned.  Her body was still afire from her noon sexual abuse, and the two hours of illicit sex for money that followed.  In less than a minute she was at the brink of climax.  At that point she rolled out of bed and raced to the shower.  Turning on only the cold, she doused her sexual fires.  'Aaaahhhhh."

          With her traitorous libido subdued, Brenda stepped out of the shower.  She left that icy water running.  She sat at her vanity, and inserted the dildo again.  It was already set to five.  Didn't take long before she was at the brink again, and jumped back into that frigid shower.  That went on from 3:30 in the afternoon until 7:30.  Then it was time to dress up as Ms Americana, and go kick butt.

          "Great Liberty!  I did it!" she cried joyously.  "I'm back to full power.  Praise the Goddess!  Now, time to save my friends and put King Pimp in his rightful place."

          Meanwhile, across the street from The Palace, Green Spectre, Spectre Girl and Amazing Babe stood around and glared at that hated edifice.  It was a glaring monument to depravity and the suppression of women.  It was Delta City's largest, most notorious temple to debauchery.  And hate burned deep in their breasts as they looked upon it, all lit up and doing booming business.

          "She'll be here," Amazing Babe said, starting to sound as if she wasn't so sure anymore.  "Ms Americana is just tied up on something, that's all."

          "For all we know she's already gone in, and is TIED up in the Super Heroine lounge while we cool our heels down here," Green Spectre said, hazel eyes roaming up and down the ten story brothel.  Ms Americana was the only one of them that knew the location of the Super Heroine Lounge.  "It's 7:30.  She said to meet her here at 6:00 straight up.  Ten minutes is late.  This has gone beyond late."

          "I won't go in without her," Amazing Babe said, firmly.

          Green Spectre looked Amazing Babe over.  The sexy teen super heroine was five foot eight, green eyes and ash blonde hair that fell silkily to brush her shoulders.  She had the body of a woman with the Aphrodite gene: 36D-24-36.  But she was barely eighteen.  Spectre Girl was older and more experienced, and she wasn't ready to be a full-fledged super heroine.  She was working behind the scenes to get Lady Midnight to take the beautiful teen heroine on as a protégé, before that sexy African Americana super heroine vanished the night before.  But Lady Midnight was hesitant to take on a sidekick who was stronger, faster and possessed super powers, which included flight.

          Amazing Babe was Delta City's newest super heroine.  She was gorgeous in her two piece super heroine costume: blue mask with single five-point star between her brows and a gold band along the top edge, blue star-spangled top with long sleeves and white breasts cups and gold cuffs, matching short-shorts with gold trim on both top and bottoms, and blue calf boots with a white, gold trimmed band around the tops.  She also wore something most super heroines with actual super powers didn't bother with -- a utility belt.  One look at her, and there was no mistaking what she was, even if many of the criminals and citizens of Delta City had never heard of her, much less seen her.

          Green Spectre wore her traditional dark green costume:  bustier top and a large G over her left tit, matching bottoms, black calf boots and fishnet pantyhose.  She accessorized with black opera gloves going almost to her arm pits, choker and green mask and utility belt.  While Spectre Girl's costume was based on hers, only with a bare-midriff and the top wasn't strapless and had a big circle cutout over her deep cleavage.  Spectre Girl's gloves barely covered her up past the wrists, and she didn't wear fishnets or a utility belt.

          "Good idea," Green Spectre said.  She motioned to her daughter.  "Let's go, Spectre Girl.  Amazing Babe can wait for Ms Americana, and let her know what is going down when she arrives.  If she arrives."

          "Sweet!" Spectre Girl cried, smacking her left palm with her gloved right fist.  "She better show up fast, because I doubt it'll take us an hour to clean up that cesspit and rescue all the captured heroines."

          "Wish us luck," Green Spectre said as she led Spectre Girl down an alley to circle around the hated brothel.

          The super sexy super heroine led her curvaceous sidekick around to the side of The Palace.  She'd already prepared the spot.  The other super heroines had failed because they either went in on the ground floor, or down from the roof.  Most super heroines were creatures of habit, so could be anticipated.  King Pimp would have his best defenses at those entry points.

          "There it is," Green Spectre said, finding her rope still hanging down the side of a four story addition to the brothel.  There was a recessed section of wall in deep shadow, which would enable the dynamic duo to climb up unnoticed.  Unfortunately, there was no windows in that section of wall until they reached the fourth floor.  "I'll lead."

          And up the wall they went, the sexy sidekick following her mother and super heroine mentor up the wall using the rope.  With the rope's help, they all but walked up the wall.  Being in tip-top shape and practicing doing just that allowed them to climb up relatively fast.  Within minutes Green Spectre's sexy stiletto boot kicked out a fourth floor window, and they rushed inside.

          "Oh," Green Spectre said, assuming a fighting stance.

          "Oh," Spectre Girl said, in a fighting stance beside her.  "What is this?  The pimps' break room?"

          "Two more super whores for the King's harem," one of the big men said.  They were all leering at the surprised super heroines.  None of them looked concerned.  "But we'll have some fun, first."

          There were ten of them.  All over six five and looking like experienced fighters.  One of them got out a bottle of chloroform, while another fetched some stun guns.

          "Attack!" Green Spectre cried.

          The super sexy super heroine duo had contingency plans for attacks with chloroform and stun guns.  They just never thought they'd use both against them at once.  Didn't matter now.  They couldn't retreat, so had to move ahead.  Attacking put the bad guys on the defensive, and let the green costumed heroines control the tempo and direction of the fight.

          Of the ten men, four had stun guns and one had chloroform.  They formed up so that every other man was "unarmed."  Green Spectre raced straight at the closest pimp on her side armed with a stun gun.  The centermost man had the chloroform.  She had the impression they had been practicing this tactic.

          The man Green Spectre chose was second from the left.  Spectre Girl was to her right.  The left most man was moving to flank her, to get inside her guard and take her down.  Letting any of them actually lay hands on her was dangerous in the extreme, since she didn't have super powers and it would mean he was inside her guard.  But she had a plan, and almost smiled when the pimp under attack lifted the stun gun and took aim on her.

          "Haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiie-Hhhhaaaaaaa!" the sexy super heroine screamed with battle lust, as she cut left, seized the endmost pimp by the collar, spun around and flung him bodily into the man with the stun gun.  "Take that!"

          A second later the startled pimp pulled the trigger, and zapped his comrade in depravity.  Then the screaming man slammed into the shooter, and they both went down twitching and groaning.  She glanced left, just in time to see Spectre Girl execute an impressive martial arts and acrobatic move.

          The sexy sidekick dodged to the right just as the pimp pulled the trigger, forcing him to miss.  Then she pounded the unarmed pimp at the end with a powerful roundhouse.  As he staggered, she spun around to face away from him, but used her momentum to do a back flip, landing on his chest, and did another back flip to land on the shooter's shoulders.  Then she jumped backwards as she grabbed his jaw from behind, let her weight pull her back and down, and drove her stiletto boots into his lower back, continued to the floor as she flipped him completely over her.

          "Well done!" Green Spectre cried.  She picked up a chair and hurled it at the pimp with a stun gun aiming at her sexy sidekick, striking him in the head and taking him down.  She had to duck and dodge right to escape the last stun gun bearing pimp.  "Ha!  You can't touch this, stinking pimp!"

          "Is that an MC Hammer reference?" Spectre Girl said, and laughed.  She ducked under a brutal right cross, punched the offender in the throat and grinned as he staggered back clutching his windpipe.  "Oh please!  You are sooo dating yourself."

          "Hey!  I'm not that old!"

          "Yeah, right."

          There was an unopened can of malt liquor on the table beside the vivacious sidekick as she noticed the last man with a stun gun take aim at her mother and mentor.  Green Spectre was kicking the shit out of two pimp thugs at the same time, and they were almost down for the count.  So Spectre Girl picked up the overlarge can and threw it with perfect accuracy, hitting him in the temple and knocking him out.  The unfired stun gun fell from limp fingers as he collapsed.

          That left three junior pimps, one with chloroform.  Then King Pimp's number one girlfriend, top call girl and hostess of the Palace, Bethany Beavers, walked in.  The stunningly gorgeous redhead took in the carnage with wide blue eyes.  Her 38D-24-36 body was well displayed in a black Playboy bunny costume, with black fishnet hose and six inch stiletto pumps.  She even wore the white cuffs with bows at her wrists, but a slave collar around her neck.  No bunny ears or tail.

          Her arrival caught them by surprise, so the two unarmed pimps rushed them.  Green Spectre saw the pimp slam a brutal upper cut into her sexy sidekick's jaw, sending her reeling backwards with a tiny grunt of pain.  She turned to go to her rescue, and the second pimp crashed into her back.  One of his hands went around her narrow waist, the other clamped down on her right tit.  Hard and painfully.  The force of his momentum drove the statuesque super heroine face first to the floor beneath him.

          Green Spectre twisted beneath him, drove a brutal elbow into his cheek, then a fist into his belly.  She slipped free, but he pulled her top down.  Both tits plopped out and bounced before the amused eyes of the remaining pimps.  Out of anger, two black booted feet flew up in savage kicks, connecting with two jaws, and putting two pimps on the floor for the count.

          Green Spectre and Spectre Girl reached out and shook each other's hand.

          "We're kicking major butt tonight, Green Spectre!" the perky blonde sidekick said, blue eyes a-sparkle with triumphant delight.

          "Halt," Bethany said.

          They turned to find Bethany holding the one unused stun gun on them.  The stun guns were one-shot wonders.  Green Spectre wasn't pleased Bethany entered the fray.  It didn't take a burly brut to shot one.

          "Split up!" Green Spectre cried, darting aside.  Spectre Girl moved the other direction.  "Get Bethany, and I'll get the last pimp."

          As expected, Bethany heard and turned with wide eyes toward Spectre Girl.  That meant Green Spectre was free to take out the pimp with the chloroform.  He looked confused, about ready to toss the chloroform to free his hands.


          "Uugghh!" Spectre Girl cried.  "Aaaggguuhhhh!"

          "No!" Green Spectre cried, spinning around.  Bethany was holding the stun gun aimed at Spectre Girl, with the sexy sidekick standing before her with arms thrown wide, back arched and head tossed back.  "Spectre Girl!"

          A second later a wet cloth was pressed over Green Spectre's mouth and nose.  The junior pimp wrapped his other arm around her, pinning one arm down.  The sexy super heroine immediately stopped breathing, and started slowly blowing air through her nose, to keep the fumes from rising up into her nose and taking her out.  Her free hand grabbed the wrist of the hand pressing the chloroform to her face, trying to pull it down with all she could muster.

          Bethany, seeing what was happening and noticing that Green Spectre was starting to pull the chloroform holding hand away, panicked.  The stun gun was useless to her now, so she tossed it aside and raced over to Green Spectre.  She grabbed both tits savagely and dug in inch long red nails.  When that didn't work, she drove her knee hard into the statuesque super heroine's crotch.  And when that didn't get the job done, Bethany stepped back and kicked her with all of her strength in the twat.

          "Uuuggghh!" she grunted, sucking in a deep breath involuntarily.  The effects were immediately since she was already oxygen deprived.  Everything started to spin and darkness began to creep inside from the side.  Bethany kicked her in the pussy again, even harder.  "Uuuuggghhhh"

          Green Spectre's hand fell limp at her side as she groaned miserably.  Bethany smiled evilly, then kissed each of the sexy super heroine's heavy tits before turning back to the groaning, moaning sidekick.  The gorgeous redhead quickly got a pair of handcuffs, and snapped them on Spectre Girl's wrists.  The pimp removed the cloth from the chloroform-dazed super heroine, and she helplessly fell to her knees with a groan of misery.

          She felt the pimp unzip and remove her top, then pull off her utility belt.  He snapped a pair of cuffs on her wrists, and stepped in front of the sexy super heroine.  She looked up into his unmerciful face, her mind still reeling and foggy.  But she understood what was happening.  She swallowed hard when he unzipped and pulled out his thick cock.

          "You won't get away with this," Green Spectre said when he pulled her up high on her knees by her soft blonde hair.  Then he pressed his cock to her firm, full lips, and pushed.  She groaned as he penetrated her mouth, shoving his dick deep inside.  "Mmmmm.  Uuuuuuuuggghh."

          With the chloroform pad taken away, Green Spectre's senses began to return.  Too late.  Those sexy butterflies were already dancing in her belly, and her twat was wet and aching.  She understood as well as any super heroine the price she had to pay for failure, for being captured.

          "No!  What are you…?" Spectre Girl cried.  Green Spectre cut her eyes to see her sexy sidekick and daughter had been stripped of top and bottoms by Bethany, and the depraved redhead was trying to shove a monster dildo up Spectre Girl's virgin twat.  "No!  No!  No….Uuuugggghhhh!"

          Green Spectre's eyes went as big and round as Spectre Girl's eyes when that ten inch long, thick shaft of greased rubber slipped inside.  Spectre Girl gasped, her back arched and she screamed when Bethany ripped through her hymen tissue, de-flowering the teen beauty.


          Spectre Girl's scream caused the other pimps to stir.  Green Spectre felt a sense of dread consume her.  As the butterflies in her belly melted into something more erotic, more sinister, she watched as Bethany forced the first of many climaxes out of her sexy sidekick's body.  Then the pimp fucking her mouth exploded in her mouth, ballooning the vivacious vigilante's cheeks.  Green Spectre swallowed as fast and as much as she could, but still lost some that dribbled out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her naked, bouncing tits.

          "You all are going to pay dearly for this outrage," Green Spectre said as she was pulled to her booted feet.    Her bustier and bottoms were quickly removed, and a long rent was torn in her fishnet pantyhose from pussy all the way back over her crack.  She was forced to bend over at the waist, knees locked and another long, thick cock was thrust in her face.  "No!  Oral sex is degrading to women!  I am a superior woman, a super heroine, and I demand your respect."

          "Green Spectre, help!" Spectre Girl cried.

          Spectre Girl was straddling a seated pimp, his huge black cock pointing straight up at her vulnerable nether region.  She had her back to him, and he began to slide his cock back and forth, up and down her butt crack.  Despite the valiant vixen's best effort, she was quickly impaled upon that thick shaft, and forced all the way down.  Seconds later she was forced to bounce up and down upon that rod, big blue eyes crossed and heavy tits bouncing.

          "Great Goddess!  Spectre Girl can't take much more before she is tamed," Green Spectre cried.  A pimp impaled Green Spectre on his cock from behind, starting to pound her pussy with wild abandon.  She groaned and shuddered, feeling that her climax wasn't far off, either.  "Ooooooohhhh."

          Meanwhile, outside in the alley across the street, Ms Americana finally arrived.

          "Where are the others?" Ms Americana said.

          "They went in about fifteen minutes ago," Amazing Babe said, eyes brightening up as her personal heroine arrived.  "Where have you been?"

          "Sorry, my personal life interfered with my duties as Ms Americana.  Sometimes you can't do anything about it without betraying your secret identity," Ms Americana said.  "Work related."  She felt her face heating up.  "The super heroine lounge is on the sixth floor.  Let's go."

          Ms Americana led the beautiful blonde, teenage super heroine around to the opposite side of the Palace as Green Spectre and Spectre Girl went inside.  They found the kitchen door open, and slipped inside.  The kitchen staff froze, gawking at them.  Ms Americana held a red gloved index up across full red lips and gave the sign for SHHHH.

          The two super sexy super heroines slipped through the deathly quiet kitchen, the only sound their clicking heels.  Ms Americana was used to that kind of reaction from men, but it kinda freaked Amazing Babe out a little.

          The kitchen opened out into the room called Stripper Heaven.  That was the only room patrons could order a meal.  There were ten stages, all occupied by beautiful young women willing to do ANYTHING.

          "Men come to strip clubs and brothels to eat?" Amazing Babe said.

          "Actually, I've heard the Stripper Heaven kitchen serves one of the best, and cheapest, steak dinners in Delta City," Ms Americana said.  She shrugged.  "Go figure."

          They strode out of the kitchen and into The Palace's main stripper room.  The music didn't stop, but everyone that spotted them stopped and gawked.  Except the two bouncers at the main door.  The door Ms Americana and Amazing Babe were heading towards.

          "What do you think, Amazing Babe?  Do you think they'll let us pass without a fight?"

          "Doesn't look like it, Ms Americana," she said.

          They stopped before the two bouncers, both having moved to block the exit.  The two curvaceous vigilante crime fighters struck arrogant poses before the bouncers and looked upon them with utter contempt.

          "Well, lookie there, Burt," the big black bouncer said.  "Looks like Ms Americana has already replaced Flag Twat with a new sidekick."

          "Yeah, I see that, Dion," Burt said.  Burt was an inch shorter than Dion, but heavier muscled.  Both were body builders.  Burt also had long blonde hair and baby blue eyes.  Ms Americana's first though, "Such a pretty boy."  The blonde bouncer sneered.  "She seems to have a tasted for fat titted blondes."

          "Don't we all, Burt," Dion said, laughing.  "Don't we all."

          "You BOYS should save yourselves a severe beating and step aside," Ms Americana said, baby blues fierce.

          "Yeah, and go practice your jokes.  They are like, so lame," Amazing Babe said.

          "I have a better idea," Dion said.  "You two get up on the main stage, take your tops off and give us all a lively lesbo sex show."

          "You know you want to," Burt said.

          "Just for that, I'm kicking both of your stinking butts," Ms Americana snarled.

          "Ha!  Too funny," Burt said.  "Either one of us is twice as big as both of you together."

          "But we both have super strength," Ms Americana said smugly.  "I personally am as strong as ten men."

          "Good thing we have eleven men, then," Dion said, and pointed behind the super heroines.  Both shapely vixens slanted looks over their shoulders.  Nothing.  But when they turned back to face the bouncers, they found two big fists streaking straight into their faces.  "BAM!"

          "Ooff!" they cried, feet coming off the floor.

          The two super heroines hit the floor, but rolled opposite directions.  In a flash they were both on their feet and in fighting stances.  Ms Americana blocked Dion's follow up, and threw him over her hip.  Amazing Babe ducked under Burt's right cross, and pound three quickly shots to his ribs.  Two more kicks, and the bouncers were down and out.

          "Arrogant fools," Ms Americana sneered.

          "Yes, you are," Bethany Beavers said, standing in the door now.  "You're almost as arrogant as you are ignorant."

          "Oh look, King Pimp's top bimbo bunny," Amazing Babe said with superior airs.  "Shouldn't you be upstairs, legs spread and getting banged royally?"

          "I'm going to go out of my way to ensure you get most of the really nasty, kinky johns," Bethany said to Amazing Babe.

          "You and what army?" Amazing Babe said.

          "Why this army," she said smugly, and snapped her fingers.  Two notorious junior pimps at the Palace stepped through the door and took up positions to either side of the gorgeous redhead.  JJ Rod and Mr. Cocks were huge, black pimps.  Former street pimps and gang-bangers, they had well earned reputations as vicious fighters.  "Any other questions, blondie?"

          "You are seriously understaffed if you wish to defeat us," Ms Americana said.

          "Really?" Bethany said.  "Mr. Cocks and JJ Rod are each worth three men.  Agreed?"  Ms Americana had fought both before, so nodded her agreement.  "Good, and the two bouncers behind you are each worth 2 men.  So, that's 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 equals ten, and then add me.  Eleven.  We outgun even you, Ms A."

          "Hmmm, somehow I don't like your math," Ms Americana said, fully confident she could take them all out all by herself.

          "You do have one other disadvantage," Bethany said, stepping up close and leering at her.

          "Which is?"

          "I don't think you fight as well….TOPLESS!" Bethany cried, ripping off Ms Americana's red, white and blue top.  The sexy super heroine immediately crossed her arms before her naked tits.  "Get them, boys!"

          Before she knew what was happening, JJ Rod stepped up and smashed a right cross into her face.  "Ugh!" she cried, spun around, arms flying wide, and staggering two steps.  Dion was waiting for her, and slammed a fist into her face.  "Ooff!"

          While Dion and JJ Rod played super heroine ping-pong with Ms Americana's face, Amazing Babe had her own problems.  Burt had wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms down.  Mr. Cocks didn't hesitate, and was soon treating her face and boobs like boxing speed bags.

          Within minutes both super heroines were on their knees before them, heads spinning and groaning pitifully.  Four men unzipped.  The two bouncers knelt behind the helpless heroines, pulled their costume bottoms down, and inserted hard cocks.  It took just seconds, and the curvaceous beauties were impaled before they realized the danger.

          "Uuuggghhh!" Ms Americana cried, back arching and baby blues wide.

          "No!  I've been DEFLOWERED!" Amazing Babe cried.

          "You will not get away with…MMmmggghh," Ms Americana cried, stifled when JJ Rod thrust his long, thick black cock deep into her hot, wet mouth.  Entwining his thick fingers within her soft, black hair, he forced her to start bobbing up and down his shaft, baby blues wide in disbelief. "Hmmmggghhhh!  Ugh!  Mmmmmmmgghhh."

          "Oh Goddess, Ms Am….Mmmmmmmmmgggghhhh!"

          "Don't you love it when they ignorantly cry out, so you can stick your cock in their mouths?" Mr. Cocks said, chuckling.  "I think they WANT to suck cock."

          "Of course they do," Bethany said matter-of-factly.  "They don't call it the Aphrodite gene for nothing, you know.  They were born horny, and will only find bliss in sex.  Scientific fact."

          By this time, the liquid heat of building climax had already burned away the butterflies in her belly.  Ms Americana groaned low, trying desperately to clear her mind.  It was so damned hard to think while being fucked.  So hard.  So hard.  And so easy to just stop fighting, and let it happen.

          Unfortunately for Ms Americana, she'd been fucked so much and so thoroughly over the past week, on a nightly basis, that her body was responding with super speed.  Her body and will were already trained to submit after the previous three nights of failures, captures and hours and hours and hours of sex for money.

          "Americana is starting to suck me," JJ Rod said, very pleased.  SLURP!  "And this bitch is GOOD."

          The super sexy Queen of Justice heard him, and felt a twinge of both shame and joy.  She had to be REALLY good to impress a pimp with her BJ, and she always wanted to be the best at everything she did, but at the same time she HATED pimps.

          "Mmmm," she said.  SLURP!  "Tasty."  SLURP!  "Hhmmmuugghh."

          "Ms Americana is almost tamed, boys," Bethany said, eyes bright.  "Fuck her harder!"

          "This bitch is going down fast," Dion said.  "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been here fucking her at the time."

          Dion doubled the rate he was fucking Ms Americana.  She groaned wantonly, her mind all but scrambled now.  The sexy super heroine understood, deep down, that she was in dire jeopardy, but couldn't quite wrap her mind around the danger.  All she could think about was the two cocks reaming her out splendidly.  And that promised climax was almost ready.  Almost ready.  Almost…..there.

          "Aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she cried.  Then came again.  "Aaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

          "I'll take this," Bethany said, and unfastened Ms Americana's golden power belt.

          Ms Americana was fucked by the two bouncers and the two junior pimps for the next two hours.  So was Amazing Babe.  Really, they two statuesque super heroines were passed around between them.  Then Bethany started finding them customers, making sure neither of them went more than a few minutes without a cock deep inside.  After a few tricks, neither super heroine needed Bethany to find them johns.  The men were lined up waiting.

          About two o'clock that night, most of the johns were gone.  It was Thanksgiving Day the next day, after all.  They had family get-togethers to attend, after all.  Bethany placed thick black slave collars around their slender necks, attached leashes and gave the leashes to the two pimps.  Mr. Cocks took Ms Americana and JJ Rod took control of Amazing Babe.

          "Now it is time for you to meet King Pimp, your new lord and master," Bethany said, grinning with wicked glee, and snapped handcuffs on the two captured super heroines.  "There, you're perfect now."

          Bethany led the way, with both heroine's costumes bundled in her arms.  The two pimps led the captured beauties proudly, giving their leashes just enough tugs to keep them stumbling.  The stumbling made their huge tits bounce even more, and thus put on a better show.  With their wrists cuffed behind their backs, there really wasn't anything either could do about it.

          "What do we do, Ms A?" Amazing Babe said.

          "Not much choice right now -- " she said, when a black and blue figure dropped down from above.

          "Hai!" Azure Angel cried, kicking left, then right.  "Know the wrath of the NINJA!"

          "We're saved!" Amazing Babe cried out joyfully.

          Azure Angel started a series of non-stop roundhouses.  The super sexy Asian Avenger pushed JJ Rod and Mr. Cocks back, back, back.  Then JJ Rod tried to dart inside her guard, but she took him down with  her next roundhouse.  She continued after Mr. Cocks.

          "Wow!  She's like a little blue and black tornado!" Amazing Babe said, eyes big and impressed.

          "Ugh!" Mr. Cocks cried, and dropped.  Unconscious.

          "Bethany, I suggest you release us now, before our friend feels obliged to kick your sweet round ass, too," Ms Americana sneered.  "I warned you we would be avenged."

          "Oh…I…um…," Bethany hemmed and hawed, not sure what to do.  She was a lover, not a fighter.

          Then they all noticed something unusual.  Azure Angel was stumbling around.

          "What's the matter?" Ms Americana cried.

          "Dizzy," the Asian Avenger said.  "Ooooooo."

          Bethany's eyes widened, she whooped with joy and ran over to Azure Angel.  She picked up a straight back chair, and smashed over the hapless heroine's head.  The pint-sized super heroine dropped, moaning and groaning.  Seconds later, cuffs bound her wrists behind her back and a collar encircled her delicate neck.

          "Oh no!  I'm shamed my honor and have been captured!"

          "What is it about super heroines and stating the obvious?" Bethany said.

          The bunny costumed redhead took up all three leashes and led the dejected trio of shapely beauties to the elevator.  There was a car waiting, and they were quickly on their way up to the Super Heroine Lounge. 

          "Welcome to Super Heroine Purgatory," Bethany quoted the sign above the doors.  "But don't worry, you'll all fit right in."

          Ms Americana, Amazing Babe and Azure Angel were pulled into the main parlor of the Super Heroine lounge.  They gawked a long minute at the sexual depravity on display.  On stage, Got Gal was strap-on fucking Spectre Girl, Green Spectre was strap-on fucking Got Chic and Lady Midnight was strap-on fucking Flag Girl.  Wolf Woman was pole dancing, while Shield, Champion Girl and Jungle Babe were sucking and fucking johns in the audience.

          "Well, well, well, look at this," King Pimp's deep base voice boomed out joyfully.  "The last three of Delta City's top super heroines, the Daring Dumb Dozen, have arrived."

          "Ms Americana and Amazing Babe are already broken in, King Pimp," Bethany said.  "In fact, we've had them working pretty hard all evening down in Stripper Heaven."

          "I know," he said.  "I watched on closed circuit TV.  Hell, we ALL did."

#                    #                    #

          "Welcome, my friends, and Happy Thanksgiving!" King Pimp's voice boomed.  "As you see, your positions at the table are marked.  Please take your seats, and the meal will begin."

          The dining table was a huge circle affair.  The middle was open, so staff could serve from there.  At each place setting was a display, a center-piece if you will.  There were twelve large lazy susan, flat round servers that spun around.  Atop each knelt a fully costumed super heroine.

          Before Esha was Jungle Babe, and Mistress Tabitha was given Flag Girl.  Kid Rotten was blessed with Green Spectre, while her daughter Spectre Girl was given to JJ Rod.  The Chief of Vice wasn’t forgotten, though grumpy about losing Brenda Wade to King Pimp, so the magnanimous pimp let him have Amazing Babe for the day.  Dragon Queen was given Champion Girl to play with, while Lady Midnight was turned over to Erica Sambino.  The mob boss had more than a few axes to grind with the costumed Assistant DA.  Milk Man got to indulge his lust for big, fat titties with Got Gal.  Mr. Cocks got Got Chic, and Bethany got the super heroine she wanted the most, Azure Angel.

          And of course, Ms Americana knelt on the lazy susan before King Pimp.

          "These vivacious, vanquished super vixens are yours to use and abuse for the rest of the day and night!  Trade, share, whatever.  Just have FUN!"

          His guests cheered and clapped.

          "Happy Vanquished Super Heroine Thanksgiving, to one and all!"