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By Dark One


          Glory Woman scowled at the computer screen.  She'd been confused when she returned after a month long "vacation" to visit her mother back in her homeland.  Now she stood in her home office and watched the computer screen, dumbfounded.  She'd heard almost immediately upon her return that all of Star City's super heroines had been captured in one fell swoop.  And worse, they'd all been unmasked live on the internet, on, and the video of their capture and degradation was also posted there.

          The red, white and blue costumed vigilante stood in a super heroine pose before the computer and watched the unfolding scene.  The raven-maned beauty watched as Solar Woman led Comet Girl, Puritan, Glory Girl, Leopard Lady, Ebony Avenger, Mrs. Confederate, Southern Girl, Green Hornette, Star Dust and Mystique Maiden into what looked like a dark warehouse.  They spread out before a dozen big, burly men in all black, also wearing masks.  The Amazing Amazon's heart swelled with pride as they struck super heroine poses and Solar Woman demanded the men surrender.

          "Oh!" Glory Woman yipped, one hand rising to cover her mouth as the other was laid across her breasts in shock and surprise.

          Hidden jets suddenly spewed thick clouds of gas as the wicked henchmen all quickly donned gas masks.  It was obviously a powerful and fast acting gas, for Southern Girl, Ebony Avenger and Puritan all dropped less than three seconds later.  Then Solar Woman and Comet Girl dropped bonelessly to the floor, followed by the others seconds later.  Green Hornette and Star Dust managed to get halfway to the evil miscreants laughing at them.

          Within seconds powerful fans cleared the gas and the men removed their gas masks.  They quickly and efficiently collected all the unconscious super heroines and lined them up on the floor for inspection.  Then the villainess showed up.  Glory Woman's bright blue eyes flashed fire upon her entrance.  Madam Felina was tall and shapely, with a magnificent mane of flame red hair that fell halfway down her back.  Her eyes were brightest green.  She wore a black latex catsuit and corset, with thigh boots and matching latex gloves.

          The diabolical villainess went straight up to Solar Woman, who was center in the line of helpless heroines.  She directed the removal of that icon of vigilante justice's silvery bustier top, whereupon she spent a long moment fondling her unconscious victim.  Next Madam Felina went to Comet Girl, and did the same thing.  But while she molested Solar Woman's sexy sidekick, one of her men stripped Solar Woman the rest of the way and began fucking her.  Soon, she moved to Puritan while a henchman began fucking Comet Girl, and she continued so down the line.  Too soon, she came to Glory Girl.

          "Monster!  How dare you desecrate Glory Girl's sacred body like that!" Glory Woman cried, sickened at first by the sight of her younger sister being fondled, quickly followed by actual intercourse.  Glory Girl was deflowered, dishonored and debased by nameless, faceless masked men of evil natures.  "Oh, know you will suffer the vengeance of the Amazons!  You will suffer MY vengeance!"

          Once all the super heroines were stripped and fucked, Madam Felina took Glory Girl's magic lasso and wrapped it around the teenage Amazon.  That gorgeous, blue-eyed blonde eighteen year old was suddenly awake, a look of shock and fear on her mobile face.  Then that most evil of villainesses used that stolen lasso to Compelled poor, innocent, sweet Glory Girl into becoming an obedient, sex-crazed harlot.

          "That is sooo wrong!" Glory Woman gasped as she watched Glory Girl eagerly, joyously give herself to those evil men, while Madam Felina moved down the line Compelling all of the super heroines in the same wicked manner.

          The capture video ended with all of the super heroines kneeling in line, sucking off Felina's henchmen, and then Madam Felina when down the line removing their masks as they sucked.  Glory Woman went through all of the sex videos the captured super heroines were forced to make.  They were all under the gallery name, Cathouse Fun.  Though watching strong, superior women forced to engage in the vilest, kinkiest sex acts imaginable sickened the Glorious Amazon Avenger, she had to find a clue as to where they were being held, so she could rescue them.

          The first video she clicked on was of Glory Girl and Ebony Avenger.  Both were in full costume, but Ebony Avenger was playing a dominatrix to Glory Girl's submissive sex slave.  They were in a beautifully appointed room that looked vaguely familiar.  But she quickly forgot the room and furnishing, when Glory Girl was commanded to her knees, and proceeded to obey Ebony Avenger's oversexed commands eagerly, and to the letter.  It started with groveling and boot licking, and ended with hot lesbian sex.

          Glory Woman watched all the videos made over the past month.  It took almost two days and nights.  Yep, those sexy super heroines were busy babes.  Watching the videos left her spent, emotionally and physically.  Strangely, she found herself highly aroused by it, and that shamed her intensely.  But it wasn't until after she'd watched all forty-two hours of kinky sex videos that she realized the clue was right before her eyes all the time.

          "They are at the Armstrong Estate," she said, realizing the brothel was Jessica Armstrong's family estate just outside of town.  She and Glory Girl had been there once.  "You are mine now, Madam Felina, you vile villainess."

#                    #                    #

          Glory Woman watched the brightly lit Armstrong Estate.  She could hear feminine laughter and sassy music playing.  It was near midnight, and the infamous Cathouse was open for business.  When she first arrived, she found Jessica Armstrong in the middle of the front lawn being banged by five horny old men, that Glory Woman could only describe as morally challenged johns.  From what she overheard, they were all members of Star City's city council getting their "just rewards."

          The Cathouse was Madam Felina's latest entry into the world of prostitution.  Word was that the sexy villainess own over two hundred brothels around the world.  She spent most of her time traveling the world to kidnap the sexiest, most beautiful young women she could find to work inside all of those brothels.  Beside all of the super heroines inside The Cathouse, she had another forty-two local girls, all gorgeous and eager to please thanks to Glory Girl's golden lasso.

          Moving around to the back, Glory Woman eased through the night shadows to the back door.  The kitchen door.  To her surprise, she heard the clink and clank of people cooking.  It never occurred to her they would serve food at a skanky whorehouse.  It just seemed….unsanitary.  So removing her lasso from her power belt, Glory Woman rushed in and quickly rounded up the kitchen staff.  Then she used the lasso to make them all just sit down and be quiet.

          "That went well," she said, grinning.

          "Hey!  What's going on here?  Mr. Peabody is getting impatient," one of Madam Felina's henchmen said.  He was a good six foot five, and burly.  Big and burly thug.  "What the….?  Glory Woman?  What are you….oh shit."

          "Oh yes, miscreant!" she said, and ensnared him with her lasso.  "Be still, listen and obey."

          And he did.  She smiled victoriously as she looped another couple of coils around his thick, muscular chest.  He gasped and jumped as each coil encircled him.

          "Tell me, miscreant, where is Madam Felina?"

          "Out in the main parlor."

          "Is she expecting me?"

          "Yes, and no."


          "Madam Felina expects you will show up, but not tonight.  Glory Girl said you would be gone three months," he said.

          Glory Woman nodded, pleased.  Originally, she had intended to be gone three months.  But when she couldn't contact Glory Girl she returned to investigate.

          "Excellent.  The element of surprise is on my side," Glory Woman said.  "And she will be very surprised."  Then her bright blue eyes narrowed at him.  "Tell me, miscreant, have you molested Glory Girl?"



          "I have fucked her at least a dozen times.  I have fucked all of the super heroines."

          "Really?" she said, and he nodded.  Glory Woman kneed him in the groin.

          "Uugghh!" he grunted, falling to his knees.

          "Disgusting pig," she growled, removing the lasso.  She scowled down at him as she coiled the lasso.  The pain had broken the lasso's spell.  Fine by her.  She would put him asleep the old fashion way -- by beating him unconscious.  After what he did to her sexy little sister and sidekick, a severe beating was too good for him.  But it would have to do.  She'd let the justice system take care of him after tonight.  After coiling the magic lasso, she hung it off her power belt without taking her eyes off her captive.  "Now, miscreant -- "  Someone yanked off her lasso.  "Hey!"

          Spinning around, Glory Woman found herself facing another henchman, maybe just a little bit bigger and burlier than the first.  He had her magic lasso in hand and was grinning evilly at her.  She reached for the lasso, and he spun around and sent a brutal roundhouse into the side of her head.

          "Ugh!" Glory Woman grunted, the powerful blow sending her reeling backwards.  She crashed into the kneeing henchman behind her, and tripped over him.  She landed head first on the hard tile floor.  "Oooff."

          The henchman she tripped over reached out and grabbed her costume between her massive mammaries.  To her horror, he yanked down savagely and her titanic tits plopped out.

          "How dare you!" Glory Woman cried.  She backhanded the thug and leapt to her feet.  "How dare you strip my royal teats."

          She was so enraged she forgot all about the other thug.  Well, until her very own lasso was looped around her and pulled tight.  Glory Woman's eyes went wide, and she let out a tiny yelp.

          "Freeze, bitch."

          Glory Woman stopped, freezing in place.  She had no choice.  The lasso Compelled her to obey.  She couldn't even cut her eyes over to look at the man that had so insidiously captured her, the man that now CONTROLLED her completely.

          "Ha!  Love these magic ropes," the henchman said.  "The bitch has to do anything I tell her now.  Don't you, Glory Slut?"

          "Yes, I must obey of all your commands."

          "Gotta love it," he said.  Then he turned to the first henchman.  "Hey, Jake, you okay now?"

          "Yea, Hank, just a little embarrassed I let this goodie-two-shoe cunt get the drop on me," he said.  "Let me tell you, pal, that magic rope has some kinda power.  Wow."

          "I know," Hank said.  "Watch this."

          Hank looped the lasso a couple more times around her upper body and tightened it up.  Glory Woman gasped and groaned with each loop, her full red lips slightly parted and big blue eyes wide in fear.  She understood what was coming.  She'd seen the capture video of the other super heroines.  Her body was preparing itself for the coming humiliations, degradations and sexual exploitations.  Heat infused her pussy, and she felt herself growing hot and moist.

          "Glory Woman, jump up and down," Hank commanded.  Glory Woman began hopping in place, feeling her titanic tits bouncing and flouncing all about.  Her beautiful face burned with humiliation.  "Gotta love it.  Glory Cunt, stop.  Now, shake your ta-tas, babe.  Yeah, that's it.  That's how you do it, babe.  Shake 'em harder!"

          Glory Woman shook her upper body back and forth as hard and fast as she could, sending her naked tits flopping back and forth.  The two henchmen gawked, spellbound, for a long moment.  Her face burned.

          "Wahoo!" Jake said, finally breaking the spell.  "She's got Solar Woman sized tits, dude.  I want a taste."

          That excited her body, to her shame.  Butterflies erupted, anticipating being molested by the two men.  It was getting harder and harder to breath normally.

          "First things first," Hank said, and removed her power belt.

          Glory Woman felt super strength evaporate the instant he removed the golden power belt.  She gasped and closed her eyes, knowing she was truly in trouble.  Then both goons moved to either side of her, and they slowly stripped her costume off her super shapely body.  Within minutes she was only wearing her tiara, bracelets and boots.

          "Hey, look, she's completely shaven down there," Jake crowed, caressing her hairless, silky smooth pubic mound roughly.

          That rough treatment felt amazingly good.  She ground her teeth and tried to think of something sour and bitter.  Nothing helped.  The butterflies in her belly transformed into something more frightening, something more erotic.

          "Waxed," Glory Woman corrected.

          "Really?  Why?" Hank said, grinning wolfishly.  "Cause it is sexy?"

          She cursed herself for saying anything.  She did not want to speak to those vile men.  They enjoyed molesting and forcing pretty young women in white slavery.  They were evil incarnate.

          "No, my costume doesn't cover much, so I thought it prudent," she said.

          "I like it.  Kneel," Hank commanded.  Glory Woman dropped to her knees before him and licked her lips.  She knew what was coming now.  The bulge in his pants broadcast his intentions for all to see.  The only question, which orifice of her body would he enjoy first?  "Suck me off, Glory Whore.  I command you to LOVE sucking my dick."

          That last command hit her like a bat to the forehead.  Her world reeled for a brief second, as she fought the compulsion.  But the Amazon Princess had no chance against the power of the lasso.  She would obey, to the letter.

          Before she even started, her body was heating up.  The butterflies were morphing into an erotic, liquidy heat between her silky thighs and deep within her lower belly.  The thought of sucking his dick made her mouth water profusely, and her throat tightened as she felt her tits began to tighten and tingle, too.

          Glory Woman reached out with trembling fingers, unzipped Hank's pants and pulled out his cock.  It was huge and like a steel rod after she released it.  The Amazing Amazon gave his cock a couple of firm strokes, then guided the head straight between her full red lips.

          "Mmmmm," she groaned with pleasure, savoring the urine stench and taste.  It was better than chocolate to her at that moment, thanks to the power of the lasso.  In the back of her mind, the Amazon railed against this outrage, but all her conscious thoughts were of giving her captor supreme pleasure with her lips, tongue and hands.  "Umm, Uuuummmm, mmmmmmm."

          "Wow, look at her go!" Jake cried, eyes shining with wicked glee.  "Me, too.  Have her suck me too."

          Glory Woman cut her eyes up.  She locked eyes with the man that commanded her every action.  He smiled and nodded.

          "Do it."

          "Mmmmm," she groaned as she obeyed with rising ardor and need.

          Glory Woman reached over with her right hand and unzipped Jake, then pulled him out.  He wasn't as tall or burly as Hank, but he was slightly better endowed.  She shifted so that she knelt between them -- Hank to her left and Jake to the right.  She began stroking one man while she sucked the other, alternating every thirty seconds or so.  Per Hank's command, before beginning to suck when she switched, she spent a few seconds rubbing the cock all over her face.

          Soon, the virgin Amazon Princess was licking and sucking on two sets of hairy, sweaty balls as well, and loving every second of it.  Per her captor's commands.  When they noticed her nipples were erect and rock hard, the goons began fondling her, pinching and rolling her sensitive nipples between two fingers.  After five minutes of that she was panting.  After ten, she was sweating and that heat in her twat was a raging inferno that spread throughout her statuesque body.

          "Ooohhh, Hera help me," Glory Woman groaned, sitting on the brink of climax for almost ten minutes.

          "Quick, suck me off," Hank cried as she was licking Jake's balls.  "I'm about to cum!"

          Glory Woman obediently wrapped her ruby reds around his shaft and slid all the way down until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.  She groaned wantonly as he ejaculated deep inside her mouth.  The virgin Amazon savored the taste and swallowed every last drop hungrily.  Then Jake cried out urgently.

          "Hurry.  I'm going to lose it."

          Glory Woman gave Hank one last suck, then turned around to Jake's cock just in time to get that first spurt right between the eyes.  That surprised her so much she froze, and got two more spurts in the face -- one across the left cheek and the other across the upper lip, so it oozed down across her full red lips.    She licked her lips clean, and quickly swallowed Jake's cock to milk him of every drop of cum he had.

          "Now, Glory Woman, masturbate until you climax," Hank said as the two men stepped back to watch the show.

          The raven maned super heroine reached down between her legs with her right hand, while her left began to fondle, squeeze, toy with her own tits.  Just because she was a virgin didn't mean she didn't know how to masturbate, or where and how to touch herself for best effect.  Within three strokes of her clitoris Glory Woman was pushed over the edge.

          "Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!  Oh Hera!  I've been debauched and degraded," she cried, still masturbating hard.  She came again, "Yyeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooaaaaaaaa!"

          Hank forced Glory Woman to masturbate for twenty minutes, then they freed all the kitchen staff and let them run a train on her mouth as well.  Finally, two hours after she entered that kitchen, Glory Woman was dressed back up in her complete costume, placed face down on a very large silver platter and hogtied with her own golden lasso.  Then Hank inserted a red ball gag and a large cover was placed over her.

          "Let's take her up to Madam Felina," Hank said, grinning.

          "Want she be surprised," Jake said.

          "And happy."

          Glory Woman was promptly delivered to Madam Felina on a silver platter.  The beautiful madam was sitting on her throne in the main parlor, formerly Jessica Armstrong's Great Room.  They sat the platter at the cathouse owner and white slaver's stiletto booted feet and grinned at their mistress.  Madam Felina looked at the covered platter, then at her supremely happy henchmen, and then back at the platter.

          "What do we have here?" Madam Felina said in a thick, sexy French accent.  "A present for me from my pretty boys?"

          "A beautiful present for our beautiful mistress," Hank said.

          "Oh, I am intrigued," she said, leaning over to see better.  "Let me see.  I want to know what my pretty boys gave me."

          A dozen of the wealthiest men in Star City sat around the main parlor, enjoying the company of The Cathouse's most gorgeous women.  Four of Madam Felina's super heroines were with them, all eager to get them upstairs for more intimate activities.  Solar Woman was topless and unmasked, sitting on her former banker's lap.  Ebony Avenger was giving a very naughty lap dance to her former boss.  Puritan was being very un-pure, letting two elderly millionaires feel her up at the same time.  And Southern Girl was making out with a pretty Latina, putting on a rousing sex show for everyone.  There were also another thirty of the city's sexiest young socialites and celebrities vying for the johns' attentions.  Everyone turned and watched intently.

          "Madam Felina, I am pleased to give you….GLORY WOMAN!" Hank cried, removing the cover with a flourish to reveal the hogtied Amazon Princess.  "Ta-da!"

          "Oh zat is ze best present!" Madam Felina squealed in delight, clapping her latex sheathed hands.  "You have made me very, very happy tonight."

          "Jake and I captured her sneaking into the kitchen," he said.  "I'm afraid we got a little excited, and made her give everyone in the kitchen a BJ.  We really should've given her to you first."

          "Ah.  Zhen that explains all ze cum on her face, chin and big fat titties," Madam Felina said.  "She looks good in cum, don't you zhink?"

          "Very good," Jake said.

          "I've already used her gold rope to make her your mind slave," Hank said, eager to please.  "Notice she isn't even struggling against her bonds?"

          "I see zhat," Madam Felina said, smiling evilly.  "But…I was thinking, zhat maybe it would be fun to remove ze lasso, power belt and compulsions, and zhen tame her ze old fashion way."

          "You want us to break and tame Glory Woman without her lasso?" Hank said.

          "Yes.  Do it for me, my pretty boys."

          "Anything you want, Mistress," Hank said, grinning.  Then to Glory Woman.  "Glory Whore, I am going to free you.  You will forget all the compulsions I put on you and just be yourself."

          "Mmmmm!" Glory Woman screamed into the ball gag, struggling in her unbreakable bindings.  She was furious.  All of the memories of the past couple of hours flooded her mind.  Her belly felt full of cum and that disgusted her.  She was a VIRGIN Princess of the Amazons before her capture.  "Ugghhmmmm!"

          "Zhis will be so much fun," Madam Felina said, squirming atop her throne.

          Hank and Jake began untying Glory Woman.  She calmed down, since she wanted to be untied.  In fact, she would normally fight them every step of the way, but she noticed what no one else did, that they were making a terrible mistake.  The two goons should remove her power belt FIRST.  Once she was untied she had no intentions of letting them remove it.

          The two goons were professional white slavers, so knew how to tie up and untie women, quickly and efficiently.  Before she knew it Glory Woman's ankles and wrists were free, and the golden lasso was handed up to Madam Felina.  But more important, nothing was binding Glory Woman any more.

          "Fools," Glory Woman snarled as she ripped off the ball gag, jumping straight up to her red booted feet.  She promptly kicked first Hank, then Jake, in the nuts, doubling them up on the floor at her feet.  "That is for violating my royal person with your nasty little peckers."

          "Oh my God, ze beetch is free!" Madam Felina cried, suddenly afraid.  "My boys, protect me!"

          Her "boys" were easy to identify.  Like Hank and Jake, they all wore black t-shirts and black dress pants.  They all stood along the wall, keeping a watch on everyone and everything.  As one they rushed towards Glory Woman.

          "Men are such fools," Glory Woman sneered.  "You are no match for my superior Amazon strength, speed and endurance.  I will mop the floor with you, then I'll drag your evil mistress to jail."

          But first, she had the head villainess to deal with.  Glory Woman jumped on Madam Felina immediately.  A simple backhand left the white slaving madam sprawled unconscious upon her throne.  The Amazing Amazon was a bit disappointed the villainess didn't put up more of a fight, so she could beat her some more.  Then the goons arrived.

          The first thug to reach her tried to tackle Glory Woman.  But the Amazon Princess was alert and ready.  She did a back flip just a second before he plowed into her side, and he crashed to the floor empty-handed as she landed perfectly behind him.  A savage roundhouse took out the next two henchmen, then she dropped to one knee and punched the fourth henchman in the nuts.

          "Six down, six to go," Glory Woman said, smirking at the remaining men.

          The johns didn't like the look of things, so they vacated the premise.  Ran for the hills, so to speak.  She scowled after them.  Glory Woman would've loved to catch them, then parade those despicable, oversexed millionaire morons before the media so the whole world could see what soulless, depraved monsters they were.  Visiting whorehouses was bad enough, but going just to have sex with a super heroine you knew was captured and forced into prostitution was beyond belief evil.  Of course, there were still the johns upstairs enjoying the company of vanquished super heroines and other enslaved women, so she'd get some satisfaction in that area.

          "Come on, boys, why the hesitation?" Glory Woman said, grinning.

          In answer, they encircled her and started moving in as one.  Six against one.

          "Ah, you're getting smarter," Glory Woman said.  "I'm impressed.  Your types usually can't think for yourselves."

          All the hookers, captured super heroines included, just stood around and watched passively.  They didn't really look all that interested, either.  But Glory Woman's fight was the only "entertainment" available, and captured every one of their attention.  It wasn't like there were any johns around to vie for or anything.

          The men all rushed her suddenly.  Glory Woman backhanded one, then kicked a second in the chin.  Two down, but then a henchman wrapped his arms around her chest from behind and lifted her off the floor.  The Amazon Princess lost all of her leverage, so her super strength was of little use.  But her arms and feet were still free.  She managed to kick a third man down, and was left with three more to contend with.

          "Wait!  No!" she cried, as one of the remaining goons came up from her right rear, and reached around to pull her top down off her titanic tits.  "How dare you expose my royal teats!"

          It was the second time a man had pulled her top down that night.  She couldn't count the number of times in fights the criminals took the time and opportunity to strip her tits.  What was men's obsession with breasts?  Even in a do or die fight, they couldn't resist grabbing her boobs or, better, stripping them naked.

          "Nice titties, Glory Tits," the goon laughed.  She tried to backhand him, but he blocked it, caught her arm under his arm and held on tight.  Then he reached over and squeezed her right tit, before pinching and twisting the hard, erect nipple.  "Looks like someone is excited about being captured and fucked."

          While he distracted her, the other thug snuck up and grabbed her left arm and held on.  He also started fondling her left tit.  At that time, though, the thug on the right tit reached down and slipped his hand up under her costume between her legs.

          "Oh!  Hera!" Glory Woman cried, eyes wide and back arching as his thick fingers caressed her most intimate spot.  "Don't touch me there.  I must stay pure until I assume the throne of my people.  An Amazon Princess is not for the likes of you filth."

          "Wow, she sure is full of herself," the man said as he caressed her slippery nether lips, so hot and firm.  They all chuckled darkly.  "And, she is sopping wet down there.  Despite what she says about being pure and chaste, this is one horny bitch."

          To prove his point, he slipped a finger between her protective pussy lips.  The stunning Amazon super heroine gasped and struggled to escape as she profoundly felt his finger slide up her slit.  Her body was still aroused from all the sexual abuse in the kitchen.  She knew she had to escape their clutches fast, or she'd be lost.  Then he found her clitoris and started to rub furiously.

          "Yyeeeeeeeeoooooooooooowwwwwww!" Glory Woman cried, throwing her head back.  "Forbidden!  Forbidden!  You must stop…before…I…I….CUMMMMMMM -- Aaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

          "Too late," he said, and the men all laughed.

          Orgasms always left Glory Woman feeling weak and drained.  Her arms and legs went limp and she was held there in a daze, gasping for breath.  The evil henchman continued to rub her clit, driving her body wild.  Her mind was too jumbled to think, to confused to figure out how to escape their clutches.  She was a virtuous Amazon Princess, the ultimate Good Girl, so didn't know how to deal with the aftermath of an orgasm.  Then the other henchman began sucking on her left nipple, sending wave after wave of incredible pleasure radiating through her shapely body.

          "Oooooohhh," she groaned.  "This is all wrong."

          The man abusing her clit suddenly sucked in her other nipple.  Her body convulsed and she felt that rush to climax begin.  She tried to fight it.  Glory Woman couldn't handle being climaxed over and over.  No Amazon could.  They needed chastity to maintain their superiority over lusty men.  The climax rolled right up to the edge, but she maintained it there, until he bit her nipple.

          "Ouch!  Watch it," she cried, then realized her mistake.  "Oh no!  Oh…oh….OOoooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

          "Listen to her sing," the man holding her said.  "Hold onto her, I'm going to set her down and have some fun, too."

          Glory Woman was plopped back on her feet.  She teetered a second atop her sky high stiletto boots, then forgot all about balance as she felt her costume being pulled away from her butt crack.  Her eyes went wide as she realized he wanted to violate the darkest taboo.

          "No!" she cried, and used her super strength to twist free of their grasps.  Swinging elbows, fists and kicking Glory Woman put the last three henchmen on the floor, moaning and groaning with the rest of them.  "Wicked men!"

          A few looked like they were about to wake up, so she kicked them in the head.  Not the nicest thing to do, but they were filthy white slavers.  A kick in the head was too good for them.

          Collecting her magic lasso, Glory Woman found Hank and Jake first.  She wrapped her lasso around them.  That always woke them up.  Then she commanded them to forget they had captured and sexually abused her.  She commanded them to sit quietly and wait for the police, when they would confess all of their crimes.  After that, she went from henchman to henchman, giving the same commands.  Finally, there was no one left but the head villainess herself, Madam Felina.

          Glory Woman stood over the beautiful redheaded Frenchwoman, so sexy in her black latex catsuit.  The Cathouse in Jessica Armstrong's mansion was just the latest in countless brothels she owned around the world.  All were full of enslaved young women.  So Glory Woman was about to be the savior of thousands and thousands of pretty young women around the world.  It could very well be her most spectacular, most celebrated victory yet.  The whole world would be singing her praises by the end of the day.

          "Wake up, Madam Felina," Glory Woman said as she wrapped the magic lasso around her black latex sheathed upper body.

          Madam Felina's bright green eyes popped open.  She looked up into the victorious face of Glory Woman and froze with fear and dread.  The gorgeous Amazon Princess smiled down and opened her mouth to give her first command.

          "My girls!" Madam Felina cried.  "Save me!  Protect me from zhis super heroine!"

          The other women in the room didn't hesitate.  Madam Felina was still their absolute mistress.  They obeyed her commands without question, without hesitation.  As one, four captured super heroines and thirty normal women cried out in anger and rushed the Glorious Amazon.  Glory Woman froze, eyes wide in surprise.

          "No.  Wait," she called, but they didn't obey her.  A second later Puritan smashed into her full tilt.  "Ooff!"

          Ebony Avenger grabbed the Amazon Princess's long, silky black hair and yanked her head back, while Solar Woman smashed a knee into her ribs and Southern Girl grabbed her around the knees and held on.  All the former heroines just grabbed something and hung on, trapping her beneath their warm, mostly naked bodies.

          "Get off me, you fools!" Glory Woman cried.  "Can't you see I'm trying to rescue you?"

          They held her quietly.  Their mistress's command didn't mention conversations, so they just remained quiet.  Of course, Felina's command didn't forbid speech, either.  It was painfully obvious they were Felina's girls, body and soul.  And the evil villainess had collected the magic lasso and was heading her way.  So she head butted Puritan.

          "Aaaiii!" Puritan cried, falling away.

          Solar Woman and Ebony Avenger were holding her arms tightly, but she still wore her power belt.  Her strength was more than twice all four super heroine whores' strength combined.  Glory Woman thrust both arms forward and together, slamming Solar Woman and Ebony Avenger into each other.  Then she threw her arms wide, smashing the two weakening heroines into the hard floor.  The Amazon Princess easily jerked her arms free of their grasps after that, then pried Southern Girl off her legs.

          "Uh oh!" Madam Felina squeaked, holding the golden lasso just feet away.  "Girls, protect your mistress!"

          "Yes, Mistress," Solar Woman said.  "Girls, work together."

          "Solar Woman, are you mad?  I'm your friend and comrade.  You cannot betray me like this," Glory Woman said.

          "No, I am loyal to Madam Felina," Solar Woman said.

          "We all are," Ebony Avenger said.

          "But you are being mind control by her," Glory Woman said, glancing at Felina with her own lasso in hand.  She really needed to get that back, so that she could break the evil madam's magic hold on their minds and sexy bodies.  "Don't you understand that?"

          "Oh yes," Southern Girl piped in.  She smiled brightly at the raven-maned Amazon.  "We aren't stupid.  We know she has absolute control over our minds and bodies, and it is sooo sexy.  I get wet just thinking about it."

          The other vanquished super heroines nodded agreement.  Glory Woman shook her head woefully.

          "I had hoped, as superior women, you could break free of the lasso's Compulsions, but I see I am wrong.  But fear not, my friends, I will free you soon enough," Glory Woman said, and struck a classic super heroine pose.  "On my word of honor as Glory Woman, I will save you all and put Mistress Felina behind bars."

          "Madam.  It iz 'Madam' not 'Mistress,'" Madam Felina sneered in her sexy French accent.  "You are such ze bimbo, oui?"

          "Yes, Madam Felina, she is very much the bimbo," Solar Woman said.

          "And you are all very much out of TIME," Glory Woman said, and seized Solar Woman by the wrist.  Using her super powered body, the Amazing Amazon hurled Star City's FORMER premier super heroine head first into Ebony Avenger, the two women she considered the greatest threat.  Then she backhanded Southern Girl and kicked Puritan in the chin.  "Now it's just you and me, Felina."

          Without super strength, the four captured heroines were no match for super powered Glory Woman.

          "Oh my, zhis iz not good," Madam Felina said, but didn't look too concerned now.  Then she smiled cruelly.  "I hope zhis hurts a lot."

          Glory Woman narrowed her blue eyes at the French villainess.  She seemed too pleased.  Something was up, but what?  All four super heroines were down, and the other girls were standing back out of range, forming a large circle around the combatants.

          "You hope what will hurt?"

          "This," a familiar voice said from behind the Amazon.

          Before she could turn to face the new threat, Green Hornette slammed a fist into her back, just above her left kidney.  The pain was incredible.  Green Hornette was super strong.  Glory Woman grunted in pain and staggered forward two steps.  She heard the click of Green Hornette's stiletto boots following, and suddenly surged backwards and sent a brutal backhand across the sexy Asian American heroine's face.

          "Ooff!" Green Hornette cried, her feet coming off the floor.

          "Ooff!  Oooohhh," Glory Woman cried, as Star Dust's fist ripped into her belly.  She hadn't realized that giant woman was behind her, too.  Star Dust then smashed a right cross into the side of the Amazon's head, sending her reeling across the room.  "Aaaiiee!"

          Glory Woman got four steps before Ebony Avenger lashed out with a foot and tripped her.  She fell flat on her face.  A second later, Solar Woman and Ebony Avenger pulled her off the floor and held her between them.  Green Hornette stepped up, scowled at the Amazon Princess and started punching her in the belly and face.  After a long moment, Star Dust pushed her aside, and started punching Glory Woman.  Southern Girl came next, then Puritan finally finished her off with a combination to the face.

          As Glory Woman slumped helplessly between Solar Woman and Ebony Avenger, Green Hornette removed her power belt and gave it to Madam Felina, who had returned to her throne.  Then Glory Woman was dragged before the cathouse madam and stripped by Southern Girl and Puritan.  She regained consciousness to find herself stripped to boots, bracelets and tiara again.

          "She iz awake.  Bring her to me, my pretty girls," Madam Felina said, smirking at Glory Woman's surprised face.

          Star Dust and Green Hornette grabbed her arms and dragged her to their mistress.  She tried to fight them, but they were super powered women.  Without her power belt she was no match for either of them, much less both.

          "You won't get away with this, Madam Felina," Glory Woman said, blue eyes fierce as she struggled helplessly between the two super-strength former super heroines.  "Another Glory Woman will be chosen once word reaches my mother that I have fallen, the Queen, and that Glory Woman will surely bring you down."

          "Oh, goodie, we will get more Amazon beauties for my cathouses!" Madam Felina cried, eyes lighting up.  "Now, my pretty girls, please tame zhis naughty girl for me, the old fashion way."

          "My pleasure, Mistress," Solar Woman said with a sultry voice.  "Hold her tight, my friends."

          Glory Woman gawked at Solar Woman, who was now decked out in a black leather corset and matching thigh boots, dog collar and opera gloves.  A wicked looking riding crop was held lightly in one leather gloved hand.

          "Don't do this," Glory Woman called, big blues eyes wide with fear and dread.  "We're friends!"

          "Submit, and acknowledge Madam Felina as your mistress, your goddess and your life," Solar Woman demanded, blue eyes fierce.  "Give her all of your love and obedience."

          "That's sick," Glory Woman sneered.  "I am an Amazon Princess, I will never submit to a mere…."  And the riding crop lashed out, striking her across her large breasts, right across both nipples.  The sound of that fleshy impact was like a rifle shot in the dark.  "Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"






          "I can't!"



          And then in frustration, Solar Woman started slapping that wicked riding crop across the Amazing Amazon's lush body, from her knees to her neck, first the front and then the back.  Then she had Glory Woman forced to her knees, her face shoved just inches above Solar Woman's black booted feet.

          "Kiss my boot, Glory Bitch."

          "I am a Royal Princess!"

          "Mrs. Confederate?  If you please," Solar Woman said.

          Glory Woman looked around, trying to find Mrs. Confederate.  But the busty blonde was behind her, wearing nothing but a pair of fire engine red thigh boots and a matching ten inch strap-on dildo.  Seconds later the Amazon Princess heard the other captured super heroines footsteps approach, then felt her feminine hands on her rump.

          "Oh, wait!  What are you doing?" Glory Woman cried.  She felt that hard rubber dildo shoved up her already well reamed out cunt.  "Yeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooowwww!  This so wrong!"

          Ms Confederate quickly got into a sweet rhythm, pounding that strap-on deep into her amazing pussy hard and fast.  Madam Felina enjoyed the show, since the women were facing to her left, so she had a side view of the action.  She loved the way Mrs. Confederate's tits bounced, and her shapely ass quivered with each stroke almost as much as Glory Woman's sweet butt she her abuser's hips smashed into her butt cheeks with each stroke.  And Glory Woman's mammoth tits were swinging enticingly below her body, jostled with every stroke.

          The look of pure incredulousness on Glory Woman's face was the sweetest sight of all.  She could not believe that SHE, a Warrior Prime and Crown Princess of the Amazons, was being raped into submission by other sexy super heroines.  She couldn't believe how great it felt to be fucked.

          Glory Woman wanted to fight them.  She wanted to deny the feelings in her belly and radiating throughout her statuesque body.  She wanted to, but couldn't.  She was tightly held and impaled upon wickedness.

          "Hera, they are dragging me down into wretchedness and debauchery!" she cried, fighting the orgasm that was pressing so hard against her willpower, demanding to be allowed to explode.  She knew that if that grandmother of all orgasms escaped her will power, it would sear away her resolve and she would be tamed.  It was that big.  "Give me strength!"

          "Lick my boot, Glory Cunt," Solar Woman demanded again, sliding her sexy stiletto heeled foot below her face.  "Lick it.  Kiss it.  Make it pretty for our mistress."

          "No," she choked out, using all her thoughts and strength to hold back that threatening climax.  So hard.  "I will…not ….submit."

          "If you kiss and lick my boot, I won't make you submit," Solar Woman said.



          "Oh….oh…okay," Glory Woman groaned hoarsely.  "Uuuummmgghh.  I will if she stops pounding that thing into me."

          "No, you first."

          "Oh…oh…okay," she groaned.  She lowered her lips and pressed them into the toe of that shiny black boot.  She groaned, then gave it a hard lick.  And another. And another, another, another.  "Uuuggggghhh!  Oh, Hera, Nnnnnoooooo!" and the climax was free, slamming brutally into her, searing her soul and mind.  "Aaaaaaaaaaahh!  Oh, not again…Aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Yeooowwww!  Oh!  Please!  Oh…Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeee!"

          Glory Woman licked boot some more, then climaxed again.

          "Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!" she cried.  "Oh Hera, I am TAMED!"

          With that proclamation, Glory Woman stopped fighting the women and the erotic feelings in her gorgeous body.  Once Mrs. Confederate finished fucking her into submission, Madam Felina's "pretty boys" had recovered enough to take over.  And they fucked her every way imaginable, long, long into the night.

          "She's soundly and thoroughly fucked," Hank announced to his mistress as Glory Woman's cum-stained body was dumped bonelessly at her booted feet.  "As per your wish, Mistress, Glory Woman had been tamed and broken Old School."

          Just to make sure, though, Madam Felina wrapped Glory Woman's own golden lasso around her shapely body.  The Amazing Amazon accepted her Compulsions and new station in life quietly.

          "Madam Felina, I am yours," Glory Woman said.  "Command me."

          "You are my whore, Glory Women, go earn your keep," Madam Felina commanded.  "Be my best hooker, my highest earning girl if you can."

          "I will, my mistress, I will do anything to please you," Glory Woman said, smiling lovingly up at the beautiful French dominatrix and brothel owner.

          And thus the Amazing Amazon, the Amazon Princess and Heir became a wanton harlot and professional whore.  She worked many years for Madam Felina, until sold overseas to never be heard of or from again.