The Perils of Supergirl-Part 1


Prologue. Scene: A hideout for a group of criminal thugs.


"Hey Louis, quit lookin' at that computer and get over hear. We want to play some cards."


"Boss, there's some big news. You know that Supergirl has been in our hair-making it hard for decent crooks to make a living. Well, there's a message sent out on the web that may make it easy to take care of blondie."


"yeah, yeah, we've heard it before."


"No, get this-you know that Lex Luthor has been playing around with synthetic kryptonite."


"yeah, but everyone knows it's been a bust. The synthetic stuff don't pack the wallop of real kryptonite-it barely slows her down. And real kryptonite is rare and expensive.  Supergirl knows she's invulnerable."


"yeah, but it says here that when you  suspend the synth K in a chloroform solution, you get something that will act on supergirl just like chloroform on an ordinary woman. It says that a good dose will keep her out for about an hour, and leave her without her powers for 36-48 hours."


"yeah, but how do you know this is on the level?"


"hey it's worth a shot. The responses indicate that every crook who uses chloroform is putting in some synth k, just in case-after all it's cheap and easy to make."


"well, just to be safe, we'll make sure we have some with us next time we pull a job."



Scene: The office of FBI agent William Danner


Danner can't help himself from looking up and down at the glorious sight before him: Supergirl is tall, well proportioned with large breasts, and long slender legs. Her sweet face, big blue eyes and mane of blond hair make it hard for Danner to concentrate.


"Supergirl, we need your help. A number of young women have been going missing, including a Senator's daughter. There are two patterns to the disappearances. First, each of the women had taken a flight shortly before her disappearance. And second, a disproportionate number of the missing women are stewardesses, er, I mean "flight attendants."


"What do you want me to do?"


"We thought you might pose undercover as a...flight attendant on one of the routes that seems to be most commonly hit. We have it all set with the airline. No one will know who you really are."


Scene: Linda (supergirl) is smiling at the passengers as they disembark. She is wearing a flight attendant uniform: short blue skirt, modest heals, and a tight fitting top with vest.


Well so far this has been a bust. Two weeks of flying around the hard way and all that has happened is a few proposals, and a few pats on the rear. Supergirl began to think that they should try a new approach.


As she was about to leave the plane, an elderly woman named Madge who needed some help getting on and off the plane spoke to her.


"Thank you so much for all your help. I want to pay you back somehow. Where do you live?"


Without thinking, Linda tells her that she is staying at the excelsior hotel.


"why that's grand-I am here to visit my grandchildren, and they live right near by. I will drop off some home made fudge for you later."


Shortly after Linda reaches her hotel, she has a phone call. "Dearie, it's me-my sons picked me up and I decided to introduce you-my Peter is single and I notice you don't have a ring-and I wanted to drop off that fudge for you."


Supergirl debated making an excuse, but decided that it would do no harm-peter was probably just as unenthusiastic about his mother's match making as Linda.


Two strong, young men showed up with Madge. She handed the fudge to Linda. "Linda this is Peter and this is Paul. Paul is married." Paul asked if he could use the restroom and Linda showed him where it is, while trying to think of ways to get rid of her "guests."


"Linda you are just as pretty as mama said you are."


Linda blushed. "That's kind of you."


Madge said, "Not really, dearie. It's just an honest appraisal of our newest merchandise."


Linda looked confused. Just then, Paul grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth and nose with a handkerchief covered in chloroform. Linda took in a big breath in surprise.




This will be easy, she thought. I will play along and finally get to the bottom of these disappearances. She began to act as though she were feeling the effects of the chloroform when she realized, she didn't have to act. She actually was feeling weak and sleepy. She began to struggle with all her strength, but she no longer seemed to have enough strength to break free.


"Grab her, she's putting up a heck of a fight."


Peter grabs her arms as Paul continues to hold the chloroform soaked cloth in her face.


Eventually her fighting subsides and her eyes roll up and her eyelids flutter. She lets out a soft moan as the last vestiges of consciousness slip away.


"Quick, tie her up and bring that laundry basket in here. Our newest catch is going for a ride."




Supergirl woke up to find herself in the back of a van. She is still wearing the flight attendant's uniform she used to go undercover. She tried to move, only to find that she was tightly bound at the wrists and upper arms (behind her back) as well as her ankles and just above the knees. She tried to complain, but she had a rag stuffed in her mouth and held in place by a tightly tied scarf. All that came out was "mmmf sppmfgmm." She began thrashing and trying to get free and was panicked over the loss of her powers.


"gee whiz, she really is a tiger."


"hold her steady."


"here, this will calm her down." One of them removes a brown bottle and pours the chloroform onto a handkerchief. He grabs supergirl and holds her head in his lap as he applies the cloth to her nose and mouth. She writhes and screams into her gag, but eventually the sounds softens to a low moaning as her eyes loose focus and slowly roll up into her head. The last thing she hears before losing consciousness is one of the men, Peter saying "man, we'll get a fortune for her. Wait till the sheik catches a glimpse of her."




Supergirl woke again to find herself inside some kind of warehouse. Her clothing had been completely removed. She was glad she decided against wearing her supergirl uniform under her flight attendant outfit. She found herself tied to a large X frame with cuffs holding her wrists and ankles. She was at least no longer gagged. Bright lights were shining directly on her and hurt her eyes. She struggled to get free, but to no avail.  Suddenly a door opened and in came her three kidnappers along with two men wearing turbans and a large swarthy man wearing a dark suit. They walk up to supergirl and the two men in turbans begin examining her like a piece of meat.


"She is as beautiful as you described," one of the arab men exclaimed.


"Yeah, her tits are big, but they are so pert, it's like she was raised on the moon" said Peter.


Everyone looked at him puzzled.


"You know, low gravity," he explained. Eveyone agreed.


Supergirl had had enough.


"Let me down this instant. You don't know who I am, but trust me, you are in for a world of trouble if you don't let me go right now." She was trying not to panic at the loss of her powers and had no idea what had happened to them. She assumed that the chloroform worked on her because she had lost her powers, and could not figure out what had happened to them.


The taller of the two arabs turned to Madge and said "we agree to your price."


"Great, we'll throw in this bottle of chloroform."




Supergirl tried to keep the panic out of her voice. "Hello... aren't you listening? I have friends that you really don't want to mess with. If you don't let me mmmmf" the shorter arab had soaked a rag in chloroform and put it over supergirls face. She once more yelled into the rag, but to no avail. She tried holding her breath, but she now seemed to need oxygen. Eventually she sucked in the fumes and once more found blackness creeping in around the edges of the world.




Supergirl once more awoke to find herself in bondage. This time she found herself dressed in a "harem" outfit. A light, see through cloth covered her top and bottom, and her midriff was bare. She tied to a seat in a small private jet with a red ball-gag in her mouth. The taller man in the turban was sitting reading. The shorter arab, the one who had chloroformed her, sat down in the seat next to her. He stroked he thighs, eliciting a muffled yelp. He began to speak to her.


"I don't know what your name was in your old life, but it doesn't matter. You no longer have a name. You are not a person, you are a thing. Your sole purpose is to please our master, who you will refer to only as Master. I am Mustafa. I will be charged with disciplining you if you should ever displease your Master. Remember you are a toy to amuse, a decorative object, and nothing more."


Supergirl's blue eyes opened wide at his description and she began shaking her head and trying to scream.


"That's enough-now keep quiet or you will be punished." Supergirl continued to struggle in her bondage, willing her superpowers to return, but found her efforts unrewarded.


"Very well, we will do this the hard way."


He slapped supergirl across the face. He then pulled out two small alligator clips and after playing with her breasts to stimulate the nipples, attached the clips to the end, biting in to her now tender flesh. Supergirl cried out and tears filled her blue eyes.


"Now will you be silent." Supergirl closed her eyes and nodded her head. It would be a long, humiliating flight.




Supergirl slept for much of the flight to the middle-east. She was very uncomfortable bound in the same position for most of the flight. Mustafa fed her and gave her water and took care of her needs, but the rest of the time she was kept bound and gagged.


Eventually they landed. Supergirl is untied and ungagged and covered with a trenchcoat. Mustafa tells her, "Do not try anything. The Master rules this land and there is no where you can go that you will get any help. You will join others who also serve the Master."


Supergirl considers trying to make a break for it-but her chances don't look great, and she wondered whether any of the missing girls and especially the Senator's daughter might not be among the "others" who serve the Master.


She is driven to a palace and taken in to a large room, with dozens of women. Mustafa tells her she will be called when needed. Supergirl walk into the room and quickly recognized the Senator's beautiful daughter Allison.


"Hi Allison, I'm , uh...Kara. I'm here to rescue you."


"Great...but who is going to rescue you?"


That night, Mustafa comes to collect supergirl.  By now she has had enough. She hits him in the groin and makes a break for it.


"Allison...'s our chance to get out of here." None of the women move. "You're just going to get in trouble... and you don't want to do that."


As supergirl looks exasperated, several guards arrive and help Mustafa up. "Get her." Supergirl puts up a terrific fight, using some moves she learned from Batgirl. But the larger, stronger men, with the advantage of outnumbering her, soon have her arms pulled up behind her back. Mustafa comes at her with a chloroform soaked rag.


"This will damped  your spirits."


" more chloroform...please no..mmmmh."


Once more supergirl screams and writhes, trying desperately to break their grip on her or to pull her head away. It is no use and she succumbs to the cloth.


Supergirl awakens to find herself tied down to a bed, he legs and arms spread wide and tied to the four posts and each corner of the bed. She is cleave gagged. Her beautiful blue eyes spread wide as she sees the Master come toward her. He is naked and has a huge erection. She tries to scream and call upon her powers but they are still missing in action. Supergirl has never had sex-her powers make it too dangerous for her to have sex with a normal human under most circumstances-and this is not how she envisioned loosing her virginity.  The Master begins by removing the fabric covering her lovely breasts. He lets his hands roam over her curvaceous body. He then begins to focus on her breasts, caressing them, pinching them, sucking them. Supergirl finds her body responding to the stimulation. He reaches between her legs and begins stimulating her further. She finds herself moaning in spite of herself, her body betraying her. Eventually be penetrates and drives in and out of her inviting nether region, reaching climax at the same time she does. After spending himself, he smiles at her...but he says nothing to her. She is not a person to him, but a thing. Supergirl cries as he pulls out a handkerchief and a bottle.




He covers her mouth and nose and smiles as he watches her slowly breathing in the fumes, her breath becoming deeper as her eyes lose focus and soon flutter and shut.


As he leaves, Mustafa and two guards enter and take supergirl back to the harem, where they unceremoniously dump her limp form.



The next day Mustafa comes for supergirl.


"The Master is away for several days, so he has given me permission to deal with your punishment."


Supergirl is taken by the guards to a dungeon where her wrists are shackled and then raised over her head until she is on her toes. He then takes a whip and begins striking her, especially in the buttocks. He is shocked when there are no bruises. He begins whipping her all over. Supergirl cries out and struggles and begs him him to stop. She is soon whimpering. But there are no marks on her perfect, unblemished skin. Curious, Mustafa picks up a blackjack and begins to strike her with it. Again he clearly can hurt her, but she shows no signs of injury.  No bruises and no bones seem to break.


"Woman, you are a devil sent to tempt men and drive them crazy." He has a wild gleam in his eyes and as her grabs her and kisses her passionately, his tongue penetrating her mouth. "No..mmmmh."  Supergirl recognizes her one chance to hurt him, and she takes it, biting hard on his tongue.



"AIIIIEEEE" Mustafa screams as he pulls his bloody tongue out of her mouth. He grabs the blackjack and beats her again and again, until he realizes that she has been hanging limply, unconscious, for his last few blows. He stares at her with hatred-he will have vengeance.



Supergirl awoke in pain. She was sore from her beating and had a terrible headache.  She found herself naked once more. She was shaped like and X with each wrist and ankle cuffed to chains that seemed to be tied to a pully.


"Ah, you ah awa.." Mustafa said, though it was difficult to make out with the bandage on his tongue. "I will have my weveg" (at least that's what it sounded like).


He began to turn a crank which began to pull the chains holding supergirl tighter and tighter. She cried out in pain, but he continued to turn, until it was not possible to turn any more. Supergirl was in agony as she was stretched to her absolute limit.


Mustafa then pulled out a long phallus with a strap. He grabbed supergirl by the hair at the back of her head and held her tight while he shoved the phallus in her mouth and down her throat. Supergirl nearly choked as he shoved it down and strapped in tightly around her head. He then pulled out some rope that he tied around her neck in a noose, pulling it tight and then pulling back and tying it off on something behind her. She found that she could barely breathe between the noose and the gag.  She could see that he was not done. He pulled out what looked like a phallus or dildo of some sort, only far larger than anything that could fit into a human. He dipped it in some kind of lubricant and placed it into her vagina-but it barely went in. Then he pulled out a large rubber mallet and began to bang it in place.


"HHHMMMPH" She cried as best she could, but could barely be heard through her gag.


"You won't last more than a couple of days like this" Mustafa said with grim satisfaction. I will tell the Master that you were more fragile than we expected and died at the first bit of discipline.


He left a tortured, suffering supergirl trying hard to breath, though each breath brought renewed agony.




For the next 36 hours, supergirl suffered alone in silence, her misery growing worse by the hour. Each hour brought new misery, beyond anything she thought possible. She new she would soon die. Then something strange happened. After about 36 hours, though still miserable, she began to feel a little better. For the next 6 or 7 hours she felt stronger and stronger. Her powers were coming back! Then Mustafa entered the room.


"You are still alive! How is that possible?" He held the bottle of chloroform and the rag. Supergirl felt her self recovering and wasn't sure what the chloroform would do to her-but she didn't want to take a chance. She concentrated and a beam of her heat vision flashed out and a moment later the bottle exploded, engulfing Mustafa in a quickly dissipating cloud of ether. He quickly passed out. Supergirl used her vision on the chains and quickly freed her self. She was growing stronger by the second. She broke the door to the dungeon and as soon as she entered the sunlight of the hallway began to feel even better.  She raced to the harem and grabbed Allison.


Guards came after her, but with her returning powers they were no match for supergirl. She flew out of the palace with Allison and soon returned to the U.S. With the information she provided, the FBI quickly arrested Peter, Paul, and Madge, and were able to obtain records indicating the whereabouts of the other missing girls.


As supergirl came for her final debriefing with Agent Danner, she decided not to mention the mysterious loss of her powers. She hoped it was only temporary-though she planned on talking with her cousin Kal as soon as possible to determine the source of her "power outage."