Jenny in 'For Queen and Country'

By Brummie



Chapter 1.


Jenny Richards was unemployed again. She'd decided to leave her last job after

being seen naked in just stockings and suspenders by the entire staff. (You'd

probably have decided the same, especially if you're a guy).


She had been looking through the small ads for a while when she came upon one

that wanted 'Adventurous People for an adventurous opportunity' with just a

phone number. She called and had a stimulating conversation with an answering

machine before leaving her details. She was eventually called for an interview

and low and behold Jenny had been accepted as a trainee for MI5, The British

Secret Service.


John was so surprised that it was so easy to get in that he gave up his boring

job, applied as well and was also accepted. The fact that they were husband and

wife wasn't considered a barrier in fact the 'Firm', as it was known

colloquially, seemed to think that this might be an advantage on some occasions.

The training began and went well. John became particularly adept at picking

locks whilst Jenny's forte seemed to be in distracting the men and annoying the

women. The only problem was that as ex-army and Air Force chaps mostly staffed

the Service the atmosphere was quite macho. Women had their uses but the men

thought they did the real work. This led to some of the men treating the women

with less respect than they should have and they would often play tricks on



About five weeks into the training Jenny was just finishing her lunch when she

was approached by two youngish men who introduced themselves as James and Roger.

The ID cards, that they proffered, both said 'Armourer'. 'Mrs. Richards?' said

James. 'That's me' said Jenny 'How can I help'. 'We've had a report that you

haven't been fitted for a sidearm yet'. 'Is that correct?' 'Yes' said Jenny.

'Well regulations state that all staff members must be fitted with a holster and

gun'. 'Well no time like the present, will you follow us please' said Roger.

'May we call you Jenny'?


Jenny followed them to a small office where she sat down. James and Roger talked

for a few seconds in hushed tones before producing a standard shoulder holster.

Jenny had chosen a pretty white blouse to wear that day with large ruffs and

puffy Sleeves. They gave it to Jenny to try but not surprisingly her enormous

breasts just got in the way.


'Hmmm' said James. 'This could be a problem'. 'I'm awfully sorry Jenny, but if

we can't find a way to fit you for a holster you won't be allowed to graduate

from the Service'. Jenny was crushed. 'Surely there's a way' she said almost

pleading. 'Hmmm' said Roger. 'We could try a western style I suppose, but that

blouse will get in the way. You'll have to remove it I'm afraid'. Jenny was

taken aback but she was determined to serve her country. 'Well if it's the only

way' she said and rising removed her shirt.


She sat down again as both men stood staring at her upper body in just her

bra. She wore a very pretty white lace one today that only just managed to

contain her bountiful breasts. Roger produced another set of straps and tried to

fit this new holster only to be thwarted again. 'This really is a poser Jenny'

said James. Again they went into conference in low voices until Jenny finally

caught the statement 'She's not that patriotic'. 'What do they mean not

patriotic' she thought indignantly. I would do anything for my country.


'Gentlemen, what's the problem'? 'Well Mrs. Richards' said Roger 'we only have

one more option, the cross your heart holster, but it's one that we hesitate to

try. 'Don't be silly' said Jenny 'I insist we give it a go. I'm not going to be

drummed out of the service by a bloody holster'. 'Well all right but I'm very

sorry to say your going to have to remove your bra' Roger said his voice

trembling slightly. Jenny blanched taken aback. 'See I told you she wasn't' said

James. Even more indignant now Jenny said 'Well alright then, if it's the only

way'. She stood and as she removed her bra she thought to herself 'the things I

do for Queen and Country'.


Jenny stood with her arms across her chest waiting. James said 'I'm sorry Jenny

but we can't fit the holster with your arms there'. Jenny sighed and slowly

lowered her arms to her sides. Both men stood transfixed at the sight of the

best looking pair of breasts either of them had ever seen. Large, high, firm and

spherical with huge light brown areolas and sticky out nipples.


'Ahem' coughed Jenny. Both men jumped and James said 'Ah yes, sorry Jenny, sit

down please, roger if you're ready'. Roger produced a number of new straps. The

first was placed over Jenny's left shoulder, crossed between her breasts and

under her right armpit then buckled at the back. The second strap the opposite.

The third went across her chest just above her breasts and under her armpits

again. The last strap was quickly thrown over her head, placed across her back,

brought round the front, and buckled tightly beneath her boobs. It was only

after all this was completed the Jenny commented, 'are you sure that last one

should have gone round the outside of my arms? I can't move them now'.


Roger looked surprised. 'I'm dreadfully sorry Jenny I'll fix it now. James I

can't see what I'm doing would you be so good'. With a nod James stood behind

Jenny and said 'I'm awfully sorry about this Mrs. Richards, I'll just need to

help my partner'. So saying he reaches round Jenny and softly cups a breast in

each hand and pressing them together so she can't see past them, lifts them up a

couple of inches. Jenny gasps and says 'Is that really necessary'. 'I'm sorry

Jenny' says James 'but if we can't fit you you'll be dismissed, regulations you

know'. 'Well alright then I suppose, but be as quick as you can please' replies



Roger reaches under Jenny's breasts and began to tinker with the buckle. After

ten seconds he comments, 'Tricky little devil seems to be stuck'. James

meanwhile is still holding Jenny's breasts, which he imperceptibly begins to

squeeze. He makes idle chatter trying to distract Jenny as he gradually

increases the rhythmical squeezing. After twenty seconds he comments 'Jenny I'm

awfully sorry about this, can I say, though, that these are the finest breasts

I've ever held'. 'You must be very proud of them'. 'Er..Thank you' said Jenny

'can you hurry up down there'. 'Especially these' says James as he slowly drags

a thumb across each nipple. Jenny gasps again at the pleasurable sensations that

course through her breasts. James continues to gently squeeze her breasts and

circle his thumb around her areolas. Jenny's nipples show their patriotism by

very quickly standing to attention and saluting.


Roger seems exasperated that he can't fix the buckle and looks up. He

absentmindedly places his hands on top of Jenny's breasts. She now has four

hands gently squeezing her boobs. 'I'm sorry Jenny the buckle just won't shift'.

we may have to try some grease or even tastier, I mean better, some butter'.


Jenny's face is starting to become flushed when the office door bursts open and

a man wearing a chef's hat (presumably because he' a chef) enters. 'What the

bloody hell's going on here' he bellows. James and Roger drop Jenny's tits like

they're hot potatoes and they bolt for the door. 'Damn it' thought James.

'Another ten minutes and we could have been using the thigh holster trick on

her. We'd have had that bimbos skirt around her waist and her knickers round her

ankles, who knows how far we could have got'.


The chef, meanwhile, helped unbuckle Jenny and then physically threw her out of

the office. 'Don't let me catch you in here again' he says. 'Next time I'll tell

the Catering Manager what you've been doing in his office'.


Jenny stands clutching her blouse and bra in the corridor. It takes a couple of

seconds for her to realize that half a dozen people are staring at her topless

state and with a shriek she covers her bosom with the shirt and runs to the

Ladies toilet to re-dress herself.


Later that week John and Jenny were called in to see Commander Holt, the head of

the Special Projects department. 'We've got a job we think you two could be used

for' he said. 'A top-secret formula for a new fuel derivative has been stolen.

We have reason to believe that it's in the house of Miss Larue. Now Miss Larue

is a distant relation of the royals so we can't just burst in mob handed and

turn the place over, we need something more covert.' he said.


'We have discovered that Miss Larue is expecting two new members of her

household staff to arrive soon, a maid and a butler. There seems to be a high

turnover of staff, particularly maids. We intend to replace them with you two.

The job is a simple one really. You go in and as quietly as possible search the

house. There's no rush as it takes time to sell on this sort of merchandise.

You are not to take any undue risks so as long as you're not caught you should

be safe'.


'Apart from Miss Larue the house is occupied by a gardener called Kurt and his

twin brother, Gunter, a driver. We suspect they are also her bodyguards and they

handle any dirty work she requires. The only other servant is a cook. Miss

Larue's father also lives in the house but we don't believe either the cook or

he is involved in his daughter's schemes. Well, will you accept the mission?'

John and Jenny exchanged glances and simultaneously answered 'Yes Sir'.


Over the following week John was trained to butle and Jenny as a maid. It had

been decided that they would not go in as a married couple. It was explained

that in the unlikely eventuality that one of their covers was blown their

relationship to the other couldn't be used to make them talk.



Chapter 2.


John, under the pseudonym 'John Forbes' was interviewed on the Monday. He sailed

through and was hired immediately. It was therefore he who answered the door

when Jenny arrived the next day. In his best clipped English accent he asked who

was calling and said he'd inform the mistress she was here. Jenny earned a dark

look when she joined in the game and said grandly 'Thank you my man'.


John had a shock when he saw Jenny. The controller had picked out the clothes

she would wear at the interview and, knowing Miss Larue's leanings, he'd dressed

Jenny in a very low cut blouse and short skirt. Not the sort of thing Jenny was

comfortable wearing. The skirt was slashed up the side and gave an enticing

flash of slender toned thigh at every movement. The blouse had gone down

particularly well with the cab driver who'd brought Jenny. He had deliberately

held her change just out of reach so she had to bend to push her head though the

offside cab window giving him a view straight down her blouse at her huge soft

pink cleavage.


John showed Jenny into the morning room where Miss Larue was waiting. She rose

and greeted her. Miss Larue was a stunningly beautiful woman in her mid thirties

with a dark complexion and a chest that nearly rivaled Jenny's (In case you

hadn't guessed I likes 'em big). Miss Larue was very attentive and hands on. She

took any opportunity to touch Jenny's arm as they chatted. The interview didn't

go to well. It soon became apparent to Miss Larue that Jenny wasn't very

experienced at being a maid. Still she had other attributes. 'Well lets see what

you look like in uniform; if you're ready you can change in the next room.


Jenny went through to find a black and white maid's uniform on the table. She

stripped down and started to put it on. First the plain white cotton panties,

which were a snug fit, then the black stockings and suspender belt. The bra was

fairly low cut and it became obvious why when she put on the dress. Although the

fit was all right, she found the bodice was low cut leaving a large amount of

her bosom on display and the skirt was so short it only just dropped below the

level of her stocking tops. Standing, everything was fine, but if she had to

bend down then all sorts of things were going to be on display. She'd just have

to be very careful. This being Jenny's first mission she didn't want to blow it

so even if Miss Larue had asked her to work in the back half of a pantomime

horse she'd have had to agree. She looked at herself in the mirror and was

reminded of the bimbo's who were chased around on the Benny Hill Show generally

getting goosed or loosing their clothes. (Here's hoping).


Jenny returned to the Morning room and when Miss Larue saw her, her eyes lit up.

'My god Jenny you look good enough to eat'. She said. In that one moment the job

was sealed. Miss Larue seemed to eye Jenny almost hungrily. 'Give me a twirl'

she said and Jenny very carefully turned full circle. Miss Larue rose and

approached her. Standing a few inches taller than Jenny she had a perfect view

of her bust and she spent a couple of minutes fussing over the fit of the dress

running her hands over the sleeves, hips and then caused Jenny's eye's to open

wide when she seemingly innocently stoked a hand down her derriere and gave it a



'Just perfect dear, I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us' she said. 'Please

come to me if you have any problems I'll always do my best to make you feel

happy, I'm sure you'll fit right in here' she said. 'One thing I must tell you

though'. 'Through my bedroom is a Study. It's my sanctum and nobody is allowed

in under any circumstances. Do you understand?' 'Yes Miss' said Jenny. 'OK you

can start your duties now, off you go'.


Jenny performed her maid's duties all that day until the evening meal was to be

served. The first course was soup so Jenny took a small tureen to the table to

serve each person. There were only two this evening and this was the first time

Jenny had seen Miss Larue's father. He was a tall, painfully thin man with gray

hair and aged about 65. He sat at one end of the table with Miss Larue at the



Serving Mr. Larue first she stood by his side carefully ladling the soup from

the tureen into his bowl. Jenny was well aware that as she bent forward more of

her bosom was displayed and she could see Mr. Larue surreptitiously looking down

her dress every chance he got. As she ladled the second lot of soup into his

bowl she felt a hand placed on the back of her stocking clad leg. It quickly

started to stroke up and down. 'Oh god. What do I do now' she thought. 'I can't

slap him or kick up a fuss, I'll get chucked out'. With a flash of inspiration

Jenny slowly poured the third ladle of soup straight into Mr. Larue's lap. He

leapt up as he felt the hot liquid in his crutch. 'Yow, watch were your pouring

that you stupid girl' he screamed. 'Oh. I'm so sorry sir' here let me get you a

napkin' she said innocently.


'Never mind father' said Miss Larue. 'Sit down and eat your soup'. 'Jenny, serve

mine now please'. Jenny took the tureen to the other end of the table and

started to serve Miss Larue. This time she felt a hand stroking up and down her

other leg. 'Bloody hell' she thought, now what. I can't pour soup over them

both'. Jenny finished serving Miss Larue and stepped away. 'Will there be

anything else madam' she asked. Miss Larue smiled broadly at her and said 'No

thank you that's just fine.. for now'.


'Christ' thought Jenny what a family. I've only been here a day and I've been

goosed by the Father and his daughter already. 'The things I do for Queen and



From that point on a pattern was set. Whenever Miss Larue dinned alone or with

her father she would slowly stroke Jenny's nearest stocking clad leg whenever

she came to serve each course. Old Man Larue left her alone and treated her

warily especially when she had a soup ladle or any sharp implement in her hand,

but he still did his best to stare down her dress at her soft pink quivering



Over the next couple of days Jenny took any opportunity she could to search the

house. Looking behind paintings for hidden safes or in draws and cupboards. She

and John were ninety nine percent certain that the papers would be in the Study

behind Miss Larue's bedroom but it would be stupid if they were hidden in plain

site in some other part of the house and they hadn't checked. They bided there

time waiting for a chance to get into the Study.


Jenny's worst nightmare happened one afternoon. She was going through some

papers in the Library when a voice said 'And what do you think you are doing

Young Lady'. Miss Larue's father had caught her reading some of his daughter's

correspondence. I'm going to tell my daughter that you are poking your nose into

her business. He turned to go. Jenny could see the mission disappearing in front

of her eyes. 'Wait, please sir, don't do that I'll be sacked and I need this

job'. Mr. Larue turned and looked at Jenny steadily. 'Do you now' he said. 'Well

I'll think about it, we'll talk about this some other time'.


Jenny was feeling sick with worry. Would he tell on her? Was her first mission a

failure? Even worse if he informed on her would Miss Larue think she was looking

for the formula and not just snooping and set the twins on her. That could be

really dangerous to her health.


She was pre-occupied for most of the afternoon so much so that as she finished

polishing some spoons she turned round and bumped head on into Miss Larue. It

was like two pairs of zeppelins crashing into each other.


'Oh, sorry madam' she said and was just going to step away when Miss Larue

seized her arms and pressed her even closer. 'Don't worry yourself my dear' said

Miss Larue. 'You've been looking a little down, is there anything I can do to

make you feel better' she said. ', no thank you madam'. I'm sure I'll be

OK soon'. Miss Larue gently stroked her face and said. 'Look Jenny I'll make

this plain for you. I noticed that you didn't pull away when I touched you at

dinner. I'm very sensitive to girls and I could make you forget all your

troubles if you let me'. Jenny might have the brains of a hat stand but even

Miss Larue's meaning was not lost on her. She pulled away stammering 'Oh.. er..

No.. Thank you madam. I'll be fine. 'All right Jenny but you know where my room

is if you change your mind' she said and walked away. 'Blimey' thought Jenny

they're all bloody sex mad in this house. (Oh goody).


Later that evening Jenny was in to her room. She had stripped naked and was

doing some bending and stretching exercises. (Can I just recommend to the reader

at this time that they take a couple of minutes and quietly sit and contemplate

the full ramifications of that last sentence).








OK on with the story.


There was a knock at the door so Jenny quickly wrapped herself in a robe and

opened it. Miss Larue's father stood there. 'Follow me girl' he said tersely and

started off down the corridor. 'Oh hell' thought Jenny. 'What does the old fart

want now'? She closed her door and went after him. Just as she caught up to him

he turned and entered one of the larger bathrooms. Jenny followed him in and

once she'd passed through the door he bolted it. 'What can I do for you Sir'

Jenny said'.


'Well, girl. You can remove that robe' said the old man. 'What?' exclaimed

Jenny? 'Listen girl either I tell my daughter you were snooping through her

letters or you loose the robe. Now which is it going to be?' Jenny's face

betrayed the conflicting emotions she felt as she turned over the alternatives

in her mind'. Eventually she arrived at the inevitable conclusion that the old

man held all the aces and she was in his power for now. She slowly untied her

belt and slowly opened the robe uncovering her bosom but keeping the lower half

closed hoping that would be enough to satisfy the old man.


He stared at her magnificent mammaries for a few seconds before saying. 'I said

take it off, don't make me say it again'. Jenny hesitated and then shucking the

robe from her shoulders allowed it to slip to the floor while keeping her hands

crossed in front of her pussy. Again he looked her over for a few seconds before

saying 'Hands'. Jenny slowly and reluctantly moved her hands to her sides. A

small frisson passed through her lower belly as she stood with her head bowed

feeling the old mans eyes burning into her hairless slit. 'Turn round' he says.

Jenny turned presenting him with a clear view of her perfect peach like



He examined her butt for a while and then said 'Right, into the shower'. 'What?'

said Jenny 'I said into the shower'. Jenny slowly entered the large shower

cubicle and turned to find he had dropped his robe and followed her in. The

cubical was easily big enough to take two people; in fact it could probably take

six if they were very close friends. Old man Larue was now dressed in only a

pair of shorts leaving the rest of his wrinkled body naked.


'Turn round' he instructed Jenny. She turned to face away from him then he said

'Now, left hand on the wall'. Jenny placed her left palm on the wall of the

shower. 'Higher' he ordered. She moved it up six inches. 'Now the right on the

opposite side' he said. She put her other hand on the glass on the outside of

the shower. The old man gathered Jenny's hair and gripped it in one hand. He

whispered 'Move the hands and I tell, understand' giving her hair a tug. 'Yes I

understand' she said quietly. With a nod he pushed Jenny's hair over her

shoulder leaving her back completely exposed.


Taking the showerhead he runs the water until it turns a comfortable lukewarm,

and then begins to play it across Jenny's shoulders and down her back. He's

careful not to miss a spot making sure her entire back, bottom and legs are

dripping wet. Then placing the showerhead back into its holster he takes up a

bottle of shower gel and squeezes it onto her skin. With gentle motions he

washes Jenny's long slender back, stroking and caressing her skin. She soon

becomes covered with soapy bubbles. The hands move lower and after another spurt

of gel begin washing her beautiful bottom cheeks.


After three lifetimes of massaging her butt he continues down her left leg

slowly washing and caressing her thigh, then lower to her calf. Eventually he

lifts her left foot and washes and massages that. Jenny's foot is released and

placed back down at the edge of the shower stall. The hands then start again at

the top of her right thigh smoothing and washing their way to her right foot.

That is replaced at the right edge of the shower leaving Jenny spread-eagled in

a star shape with the whole back of her body covered with soapy bubbles.


During the washing, Jenny's mood had gradually turned from exasperation at being

in the old mans power to a contented erotic haze. By the time the old man

finished the sensual massage of her back, bottom and legs her head hung down,

she was breathing slowly and deeply, and she was lost in the warm gentle



Old man Larue stands and presses close to Jenny's back. He pulls her hair over

her shoulder to hang down her back then cups his hand gently round her throat.

He pulls back until Jenny's head is resting on his shoulder and she is looking

up at the ceiling. By craning his head forward he can look down the front of her

body. Of course her huge breasts hide the majority of it but he can see enough.

He again takes up the showerhead and starts to cover her front with the warm

water. The water sprays her from the neck down squirting into all the nooks and

crannies until she is completely soaked. Jenny's soporific mood is suddenly

broken as the old man flicks a switch on the showerhead and the gentle spray

becomes a needle jet. Jenny gasps as he plays the needles of water around her

breast. Circling around gradually zeroing in on the apex. The force of the water

is great enough to move her flesh around on it's own. The gasp becomes a groan

as the sharp jets of water hit her areola and nipple. After teasing one breast

for a minute he switches and repeats the process on the other. Jenny begins to

writhe and wiggle as the water stimulates her mammaries.


The needle spray heads south and, after stopping off to tease her belly button,

moves on. The excitement grows in Jenny. She can feel the jet moving slowly down

and knows exactly were it is heading. An explosion of pleasure hits her naked

pussy as the water slams home. 'Mmmmmm' She moans into his ear. The spray

continues to torment her pussy lips until he switches the water off leaving her

on the edge of release.


After squeezing large globs of gel from the bottle on to her breasts he uses

both hands to massage her tits squishing and squashing them, molding and mashing

them, building up the soapy lather as he caresses her flesh. His favorite trick

is to squeeze the base of her breast between his fingers and thumb and pull out

from her body. The breast gradually slips between his fingers until they are

left holding only the nipple, which is pulled right out before finally slipping

out of his grasp allowing the tit to spring back into shape.


Half a dozen of these and Jenny's breath is soon coming in short gasps. His

hands move down and begins to wash her lovely flat stomach before his left

continues on to smoothly stroke over her pussy mound. The massaging of Jenny has

brought her to the edge and it only takes thirty seconds of his boney fingers

rubbing across her clitoris and dipping into her pussy now and then to push her

over the edge into a body wracking orgasm. 'Mmmmmmmm' she moans long and hard.

Old man Larue uses his right hand to fish his penis out of his shorts and with a

quick couple of pulls he joins Jenny in a climax spraying his seed over her back

and buttocks.


Jenny is left standing spread-eagled in the shower gasping for breath as old man

Larue puts on his robe and leaves the bathroom. Realizing he's gone she sits

down on a small ledge in the shower to recover. After a few minutes she washes

off the soap and stickiness from her body, climbs out of the shower, and puts on

her robe. As she leaves the bathroom she thinks to herself  'God, the things I

do for Queen and Country'.



Chapter 3.


A couple of fruitless searching days later, just after lunchtime, Jenny was in

her room cleaning herself up and changing in to a clean uniform. She had been in

the larder when old man Larue had cornered her. Luckily they were disturbed

before he could do too much. They were ushered out of the kitchen with sheepish

expressions on their faces by a disgusted cook. Old man Larue's hands and mouth

were covered with jam. Jenny had both breasts hanging out of her top, one tit

covered with preserve and the other still shiny with saliva.


After she finished changing she walked along the corridor toward madams bedroom.

As she was passing a broom cupboard the door opened and a hand emerged from the

Darkness. It pulled her inside. A strong arm encircled her trapping her arms and

before she could scream a hand was clapped over her mouth. Jenny was breathing

hard through her nose ready to struggle when a familiar voice whispered in her

ear. 'It's all right dear it's just me'. John had not had the chance to be alone

with his wife for many days now. They had agreed it would be too risky for

either of them to be caught in the others bedrooms. He had spotted Madam

caressing his wife and this only served to emphasize his feelings of depravation

and frustration.


Twenty minutes later a very flushed Jenny emerged from the cupboard stuffing her

left tit back into her top and pulling her panties back across to cover her

pussy. She signaled the all clear to John and with a quick kiss trotted along to

the nearest bathroom to repair her lip stick which was smeared all over her face

(and nipples she found out later) and comb her hair, which looked like she'd

arrived for work on a motorbike.


At last an opportunity presented itself for John to search the Study behind

Madams bedroom. It was the Cooks day off, Miss Larue had been driven away by

Gunter to an appointment and Kurt had taken Old man Larue to have a wound

stitched. He'd made the mistake of goosing Jenny while she was bending over.

She'd shrieked, whirled round, and nearly castrated him with the carving knife

she was holding.


'You keep watch darling and I'll try and get in the Study to search it'. Said

John. He would need time to use his lock picking skills to open the Study door

and time to find the stolen formula. Jenny stood at the bedroom door alternately

watching John and the front door. After ten minutes he succeeded in cracking the

lock and disappeared inside. Jenny was so intent on watching the front she was

surprised when Miss Larue appeared on the landing coming from the direction of

the back door. Jenny only had time to warn John who had no alternative other

than to close the Study door and hide inside.


'Is there a problem Madam?' enquired Jenny. 'Yes, damn car broke down. I've left

Gunter to wait for the breakdown service. I managed to get a lift back'. She

then strode into her bedroom and took off her coat. Jenny was becoming anxious.

She had to distract her in some way to give John a chance to escape. But how.

'Thank you Jenny. That will be all for now. I think I'll get on with some paper

work while the car's out of commission'.


'Are you sure there's nothing I can do for you Madam?' Jenny says thinking fast.

'No' says Miss Larue as she turns toward the Study. 'You can go now'. Jenny is

frantic. What could she do?


'Erm..Er..Madam..Er..' she says eruditely. 'Well what is it girl? Speak up'

demands Miss Larue. 'Er..Well..Er..' Jenny stammers unable to think of anything

but John. Miss Larue waits impatiently, looks at her then, slowly smiles.

She thinks she knows why Jenny is so nervous and tongue-tied. She walks over to

her and says 'So you've decided to take me up on my offer, have you?'. 'Which

offer would that be Madam' says Jenny unsurely. 'Don't play coy with me girl,

you know what I mean. Your curiosity has got the better of you hasn't it?'


'Oh Christ' thought Jenny. 'She thinks I'm interested in her'. Seeing Jenny

hesitate Miss Larue pushes the point. 'Make up your mind Jenny. Either stay or

leave me to my work'. Jenny thinks like lightning but can't see any other way to

distract Miss Larue. The last thing she wants is to make out with another woman

but she's inadvertently fallen into Miss Larue's web. 'Well..Er..Perhaps we

could..Er..'. Miss Larue decides to take charge. She thinks Jenny obviously

wants to try it but needs to be helped to make up her mind'. She steps close to

her and gently takes her head into her hands. Then turning Jenny's face upward

plants a soft kiss on her lips.


'Madam' exclaims Jenny drawing back. 'Well what's it to be girl. Do we carry on

or not?' Jenny is stumped. She can't see any other choice. She has to distract

this woman and give John an opportunity to escape undetected.


It seemed to Miss Larue that Jenny suddenly came to a decision. 'Yes please

Madam' she says in a small, quiet, voice. Miss Larue relaxes. She had been

waiting, tensely herself, hoping the spectacularly beautiful and buxom maid

would fall under her spell, just like most of the other maids had, and now she

had her almost begging for her to demonstrate her skills on her.


Again Miss Larue holds Jenny's head and gives her another, slightly more ardent

kiss. She doesn't press to hard, she doesn't want to scare the timid girl off.

She would kick herself if she became too insistent to early on and scared this

prize away. She'd have to leave all the battery-operated contraptions in the

bedside table for now. There was no surer way to scare off an unsure and timid

new girl by coming at her while wearing a 12 inch black strap-on. She believes

she is coaxing Jenny to stay whereas, ironically, Jenny actually couldn't afford

to leave for John's sake.


The soft kiss becomes more passionate and Miss Larue gently pushes her tongue

forward pressing between Jenny's lips. Jenny tenses, but maintains the kiss

until eventually they are both sucking on each other's mouths. Miss Larue gently

begins to caress Jenny's back and then down to her butt. The kiss is becoming

more fervent with each passing second. It's almost enough to take Jenny's breath



Miss Larue breaks the lip lock and looking deeply into Jenny's eyes moves her

hands to the back of Jenny's neck and starts to pull down the zipper on her

black maids uniform. Slowly the zip descends as Jenny stands like a rabbit

caught in the car headlights. The dress drops to her ankles leaving her in the

uniform black bra, panties, stockings and suspenders. Planting soft little

kisses on Jenny's face Miss Larue releases the bra clasp and ever so slowly

pulls it from Jenny's shoulders. Jenny instinctively covers herself but Miss

Larue takes her wrists and gently moves her arms aside. Dropping the bra to the

floor she stands and admires Jenny's enormous globe like mammaries with the

large light brown areolas and nipples. Jenny stands trembling as Miss Larue's

hands softly caress her breasts.


She takes Jenny's hands and moves then upward. 'Cup your breasts for me my dear'

she says. Jenny cups her own mammaries. 'Now hold them up for me'. Jenny presses

her tits higher until the nipples are at shoulder level. She watches mesmerized

as Miss Larue opens her mouth and extends her tongue. With painful slowness she

inches forward until her tongue finds Jenny's nipple. Looking deeply into

Jenny's eyes she tenderly circles her tongue around and around, teasing Jenny's

areola and nipple. It swells and erects almost immediately. She switches to the

other breast and repeats the torment. Opening her mouth wide she engulfs the

apex of Jenny's tit using her lips and tongue to stimulate the breast. Switching

between tits she continues until Jenny starts to moan quietly.


Miss Larue kneels before Jenny and grips the sides of her panties and pulls them

over her hips and down her legs. She stops as she gets a first look at Jenny's

stunning hairless pussy lips. Placing her hands on Jenny's bottom she leans

forward and places a kiss on her mound before pulling Jenny down to the floor.

She lays her down and kneeling at her ankles, splits them apart, and moves

forward between them. Miss Larue kisses her way up Jenny's thigh until she comes

to the junction. Jenny looks down her body between her breasts as Miss Larue

zeros in on her defenseless shaven vagina.


She gasps as Miss Larue's fingers spread her naked pussy lips and her tongue

invades her depths. The room is silent save for the sounds of Jenny's rasping

breath and the wet slurping noises caused by Miss Larue working on her vagina.

She insinuates her hands beneath Jenny's butt and lifts until her hips are a

foot off the ground. Jenny's pussy is now displayed prominently and even more

exposed if that were possible. She dives in again and continues the oral

stimulation. The danger of the situation, the unusual experience and the skills

of Miss Larue combine to drive Jenny quickly up the hill towards climax. It only

takes a few minutes and as soon as the lips and tongue contact her clitoris she

shudders, groans and crashes over into orgasm.


John, meanwhile, is still in the Study. He had managed to find the briefcase

containing the stolen formula and he is looking through the keyhole trying to

discern what is happening and what the strange noises are.


Jenny lies, panting for breath, as Miss Larue removes her clothes revealing her

own fantastic body. She is tall and tanned with breasts only a little smaller

than Jenny's mammoth globes. She kneels by Jenny's head, bends down and kisses

her before cocking her leg over her and places her knees either side of Jenny's

shoulders so they are facing in opposite directions. 'Your turn to serve me now

my dear' she says and slowly lowers her hips. Jenny stares hypnotized at the

pussy approaching her face. Recognizing the inevitable she thinks to herself

'The things I do for Queen and Country'.


John decides to risk it and quietly slips the Study door open. He can see Miss

Larue kneeling with her back to him. Her head is thrown back in the grip of

indescribable pleasure. He silently creeps forward and suddenly realizes that

a naked Miss Larue has her hips jammed on top of the face of his wife. Jenny is

busily plunging her tongue in to the depths of Miss Larue and occasionally using

her lips to gently suck on her extended and erect clit. John stands stunned for

a minute before Jenny opens her eyes and sees him.


They both look at each other shocked, John with the briefcase in his hand and

Jenny with Miss Larue's clit between her lips. After a few seconds Miss Larue

asks 'Why have you stopped dear. You were doing so well'. She starts to turn and

Jenny, quick as a flash, does the only thing she can. She reaches forward and

pushes Miss Larue down until her head is buried in her crotch. Immediately Miss

Larue attacks Jenny's pussy with fingers, lips and tongue.


John stands for another few seconds watching Miss Larue perform on his wife's

vagina before holding up the briefcase and tapping his watch to indicate to

Jenny that he has found the formula and to give him as much time as she can to

allow him to escape. Jenny watches John leave before resuming her assault on

Miss Larue's pussy. They strive together in the sixty-nine position.


The next hour passed in a haze of erotic licking, stroking and probing. Jenny

gave as good as she got in an attempt to keep Miss Larue occupied. She was glad

of her body's suppleness especially the time when her ankles ended up behind her

ears. Miss Larue's skills and Jenny's enthusiasm brought them both to the

heights of pleasure time and again. On one occasion using a trick she says she

learnt in Bangkok called the Butterfly Kiss. Jenny thought her head would

explode the first time Miss Larue used that on her. Eventually Miss Larue was

worn down by Jenny's enthusiasm and she fell into a shallow doze on the large

double bed they had moved to. Jenny gathered her clothes and slipped out and

back to her room.



Chapter 4.


An hour later Jenny silently opened her bedroom door and sneaked a look out. She

couldn't see anyone so, quickly scooping up her suitcase, she moved out onto the

landing. Her footsteps sounded thunderous in her nervous state as she walked

quickly along the corridor and down the stairs heading toward the front door.


She turned the handle and opened it. She would have stepped through had the

Twins, Kurt and Gunter, not been blocking her way. Turning quickly she came face

to face with Miss Larue and the snub nosed revolver she was pointing at Jenny's

stomach. 'Going somewhere, dear' she said. Before Jenny could reply both of her

arms were seized from behind. 'I think we need to ask you a few questions, bring

her' said Miss Larue ominously.


John arrived at headquarters in London without incident. He passed through the

security procedures and went to report to his controller to be debriefed. He

hadn't heard from Jenny yet and was beginning to become concerned for her

safety. He carried the briefcase containing the stolen formula so he thought

they'd made a success of their first mission.


Back in the mansion Jenny had been dragged down to the basement by the twins.

(Blimey. That must have brought tears to her eyes). Miss Larue watched as they

stripped the clothes from her body, tied her hands together, and laid her on her

back on a large wooden table. Her tied hands were secured over her head and then

both ankles tied to the corner legs at the other end of the table. Jenny

struggled but the knots were tied with typical German efficiency.


Miss Larue then begins to rummage through Jenny's bag. She soon finds a picture

of Jenny hugging 'Forbes' the butler. (Looks like the security of the Realm is

safe with Jenny on the job). Miss Larue seems particularly interested in a

mobile phone she finds. One of the numbers she sees is for a 'John Richards'.


Slowly moving to the side of Jenny's table, Miss Larue sits on the edge and

studies her closely. 'I went to my study and found the door unlocked so I

checked and the briefcase is gone'. 'Where's my formula?' she demands. Jenny

stares back at he defiantly but remains silent. Miss Larue places her hand on

Jenny's naked stomach and gently strokes up until her hand rests on her right

breast. She seizes the nipple and twists it viciously. Jenny grimaces but still

remains silent resolutely staring back in her eyes. 'We could break you girl.

Kurt and Gunter enjoy that sort of thing and they've had a lot of practice'.

Jenny glances over at the grinning faces of the two Germans than back to the

woman. 'But that would take time which is one thing we don't have'. 'So we'll

have to use Plan B'. 'You can't give me my formula but I know a man who can'.

Rising she turns to the twins and says 'OK boys do your stuff'.


Kurt and Gunter stoop, take two implements from under the table, and grinning

show then to Jenny. Her eyes open wide as she gasps 'No, you can't. Not that,

please not that'.


Miss Larue, sits quietly smoking a cigarette and watches as they used the two

large feathers. The giggling starts straight away. The feathers are stroked over

just about every sensitive spot on Jenny's body. It isn't long before the

laughter turns to groaning, then pleading and then to screaming. Eventually Miss

Larue picks up the mobile phone she has taken from Jenny's bag and dials a



John is sitting in the office at MI5 when his phone rings. The little screen

shows it's Jenny calling so he answers with 'Hello darling. Everything worked

out OK then'. A different voice to the one he was expecting answered 'No it

didn't John, and I don't think your wife would think so either'. 'I want my

formula and you're going to bring it to me' said Miss Larue. 'Don't know what

you're taking about Miss Larue' answers John guardedly. 'Well let's see if I can

explain it more clearly shall I'. With that she moves toward the table and holds

up the phone. The twins are still tormenting Jenny. 'Oh God, Please stop, I'll

tell you anything, Please no more, I can't take any more' she screams. After a

few more seconds, Miss Larue signals the twins, and they stop. Jenny stops

yelling and rests back on the table gulping huge breaths of air.


'Well Mr. Richards do I get my formula?' Miss Larue demands. With a voice as

cold as the grave John answers 'Where do we swap?' 'I think somewhere nice and

public where lots of people can get hurt if any shooting starts' says Miss

Larue. 'Lets say the south corner of Trafalgar Square, one hour. Don't be late'

and disconnects the line.  


Turning back toward the twins she says 'Well we've got ten minutes to spare,

continue what you were doing boys, make sure our little birdie appreciates the

error of her ways'. Both twins raise their feathers, smile slowly, and advance

on poor Jenny. There's one particular bit they haven't tried yet.


Fifty minutes later, John is standing at the South corner of Trafalgar Square

beneath a huge bored looking statue of a lion. He's more agitated than he has

ever been in his life but he fights to remain calm, Jenny is depending on him.

After five minutes a voice says 'Mr. Forbes, or do you prefer Richards? Asked

Miss Larue. John stares malevolently at her waiting. She reaches out and he

passes over the briefcase. She turns to go when John demands 'Where's my wife'.

Miss Larue turns and signals across the square. 'She's just over there Mr.

Richards' be seeing you.


Across the other side of the square, about a hundred yards away, Jenny is

sitting on a bench. A twin sits either side of her. She seems to have her arms

round their shoulders and she is covered with a blanket. At the signal the twins

rise and turn to walk away. As Kurt passes he grasps the corner of the blanket

and drags it behind him.


Jenny is left sitting totally naked on the bench. Her arms, which seemed to be

around the twins, were in fact tied along the top of the seat. Her ankles,

stretched three feet apart, are secured to the front legs at each end of the

bench. It took about two seconds for the first Japanese tourist to notice the

naked blonde with the huge hooters sitting in plain sight and another two

seconds for his camera to be raised.


At the signal John had started racing across the square. He moved faster than he

thought possible but there was at least half a dozen cameras flashing away when

he reached Jenny. He barged his way through them and started to quickly free his

wife. John finally released Jenny and wrapped her in his coat. Unfortunately it

was only a short jacket and Jenny had an uncomfortable five minutes walking back

to the car followed by hundreds of tourists all taking photos of her bare bum.




Jenny sat in the front passenger seat as John drove them home. She turned and

said 'Well I sure blew our first mission didn't I. The villains got away and

took the formula as well. It couldn't have ended any worse'. John sighed and

looked quickly at his wife. 'Actually darling' he said. 'The Boss has asked me

to congratulate you on a job well done'. 'What' exclaimed Jenny? 'How can that

be?' 'Well' said John. 'I replaced the formula with that recipe you tried last

Easter; you remember the one you served just before the entire family went down

with galloping diarrhea. 'Oh, yes that one' said Jenny guiltily. If they put

that in their engines the only place they'll be going fast is to the crapper.

'Also I slipped a homing device into the case and the 'Firm' are tracking them

as we speak. They're going to pick them up as soon as they meet their contact

and we'll get them, Miss Larue and her gang as well'. 'So you see the mission

was a huge success, and we're a success as well'.


'John, you're a marvel' said Jenny. You deserve a great big reward'.


Jenny thought to herself  'Yes a big reward, and I'll make sure you get it

tonight darling'. 'I wonder' she mused 'how he'll react when I serve him his

dinner wearing that maid's uniform I kept'. In her minds eye she pictured the

scene. She approaches wearing the tiny black dress with the plunging neckline

and the short skirt over stockings and suspenders. She bends deeply to serve him

and he catches sight of her hanging boobs and naked thighs above the stocking

tops. He leaps up, clears everything from the table top with one sweep of his

arm, throws her onto the table and rogers her senseless. 'Hmmmmm' yes, thought

Jenny, 'that should do it'. 'I'll have to teach him the butterfly kiss as soon

as I can though. He'll really like that one'.


'Of course he may not always be in the mood'. Jenny chuckled to herself. 'But

whenever that happens I'll just have to remind him of the time he watched while

I licked and sucked on Miss Larue's pussy. He'll have a hard-on like a milk

bottle in seconds'.


'The only thing remaining then is to find out where I can get one of those

feathers that the twins used on me in the basement'.


The End



Jan 2005