By E.N.Cuire


The Batgirl we know is copyright to DC Comics /Time Warner Entertainment. This prose is not an attempt to userp that copyright but is meant as entertainment in honor of a Great Character. The story is written with no monetary recompense nor has it been written with sales in mind,


The story is adult in nature so, if you are offended by adult material including but not limited to sex between women, M/F sex and other sex, bondage and torture, please read no further. If you are daring and enjoy what might happen, read on...



She stood there in the cool, marble surrounded ballroom with a hundred eyes staring at her. Her legs were astride in what many writers have named a 'Superheroine' stance, her crotch high yellow boots on their six inch stiletto heels offering a glimpse of muscular calves and thighs while her ebony catsuit showed off a chest addamant in it's magnificence from which two engorged nipples

fought valiantly against the rubber material, stretching the bat symbol between them to perfection.


Her earcowled head was bowed in what looked like subserviance and her yellow shoulder length gloved arms were behind her back as if bound there with invisible rope and a tear had worked it's way from under the blue cowl mask to trickle down a well formed cheek. Only a sob broke the immediate silence.


"Here you have Gotham's famous crime fighter and self proclaimed Superheroine, Batfuck, Ladeeeze and gentlemen... She is now a prisoner to her own lusts and will do whatever you tell her to in exchange for monetary recompense... She wants to prove to you all what a slut she's become... The purrrfect little batslavey..."


The speaker was none other than the beautiful but dangerous Selena Kyle and she was speaking to thirty of the World's most dangerous criminals, some of which Batgirl had tangled with in the past and beat. And twenty assorted Molls, Girlfriends and Mistresses of those criminals. Babs shuddered

as  she felt their wrath in their glares at her. Selena was not in her Catwoman outfit although she wore a mask. She was, however, attired all in ebony shining leather from neck to shining toes. Much like a Dominatrix except Babs knew few who would have the money for such an outfit.


The pants were the old fashioned flared jodphurs tucked into patent leather boots with full six inch stiletto heels. Her top was a blouson style, with  buttons down one side and belted around Selena's narrow waist to blouse out over hips Babs had been between once too often and her hands were covered in black patent leather gauntlets to her very elbows. Her luxuriant red hair was secured behind her head in a flowing ponytail that swung at her every movement.


"Yeah, Miss Kyle... How do we know she's so compliant? How do we know you're in total control of her?" This from a swarthy member of Russia's Maffia out of Brighton Beach.


Selena had been waiting for questions like this one. She'd been longing for someone to speak up and insist on proof of her control over Batgirl. She swung and looked at the Heroine.


"Pick your head up and look at me when I'm talking to you..." She ordered in a voice unlike the one she'd been using. Babs' head sprang up from her looking at Selena's boots.


"You're feeling quite put down, aren't you? A little horny, too, huh? Your disgusting nipples are trying to rip their way through your bodice, arent they? Nice and big and excited at the prospect of some abuse, huh? Wouldn't you just like to tweak them a little?"


Batgirl sobbed but made no reply. Her nipples, however, seemed to engorge even more, twin ebony torpedos thrusting against the rubber.




"Yes, Selena..."


"I still cant he-e-ar you-u-u..."


"Yes... I'm so horney... I''d love to tweak my nipples a little..."


"I'd like to tweak my nipples a little MISTRESS..."


Batgirl was showing extreme frustration on her beautiful visage by now. "Mistress... I'd love to tweak my nipples... Pu-leeeze!"


Selena smiled at her audience. She knew she held them captive now and wanted to show her power over one many of them feared.


"Tell us, oh batslut, how you want to tweak your nipples... How you have the urge to take those rude appendages between your gloved hands and pinch them till you're weak in the knees form pain..."


"I want to,  Mistress... I want to take them between my gloved fingers and abuse them... Please,

Mistress... Please may I???" She begged with a sob.


"She ain't going to do it... " Avowed one of the Itailan family who was pinching his own date's nipples in excitement while she rammed her oppulent buttocks against the front of his trousers, as excited by the spectacle as he was.


"Batwhore... Because I'm feeling very benevolent, bring your hands up and tweak your nipples for us..."


After a moment's hesitation, Batgirls gloved hands came from behind her back and, hesitantly, made their way to her own nipples, the yellow gloves a bas relief against the shining ebony of the rubber bodice. Fearing a conter command might come at any moment, the fingers tweaked at the projections and made them engorge even more.


"Tweak them as if you mean it Batslut. Get some muscle into it..."


Batgirl adjusted her fingers and started pinching and pulling at her own nipples while she felt her own sap start oozing down her pants and boots, her excitement perversely growing with the self abuse. She was panting harder now, her nostrils flaring as she came closer to a degrading orgasm.


"Stop!! Right now..."


Babs sobbed at the command but stopped what she was doing. "Please, Mistress!!!" She went in a very small voice.


"Please WHAT, bathole... What please?"


"Please may I continue to play with my nips?"


"Do you think these people dont have something better to do with their time than to stand around and watch you bring yourself off?"


Again, the Heroine looked flustered. She looked as if she might burst into tears at any moment. And she stood there while one of her gloved hands seemed to find it's own way between her thighs.


"Did I give you permission to play with your CUNT, whorehole? I dont remember giving you that word..."


Again, Batgirl was taken aback. "Please, oh kind and benign Mistress. I need to paly with my pussy..."


Selena turned to her audience. "You see what a simpering little whoreslut she really is? Do you want to see her play with her pussy? Perhaps if she frees it up and opens the bodice of her costume..." Selena went musingly. "Get to it, whoreslut-t-t-t..." She commanded.


Batgirl's hands moved swiftly, afraid Selena would change her mind. Her more than abundant mons

pouched out of the secret opening in her costume's lower region and quickly, her more than ample breasts vomitted out of her top, bobbing so much that Ali Al Rashid cocked his head to try to hear any sloshing sounds coming from them. Evidence of Babs' own degrading wetness was now to be seen as it went down the ebony leggings and into the tops of those long boots. Batgirl, however, stood there waiting for the next command.


The whole room was mesmerized and in awe at how Batgirl was allowing herself to suffer such self degredation in front of them all. Four of the kinky clad Women were down on their knees taking care of their patrons raging erections while two more were working their own now exposed nipples in a manner they’d have killed their boyfriends for doing to them.


“Go on, whorehole… Let’s see how far you can get your own glove up your cunt…”


Babs sobbed indicating that somewhere, she still had a modicum of self respect. Somewhere.

She bent her right hand down while taking the other and using it’s fingers to open herself further.

She then s-l-o-w-l-y started inserting her right hand up a channel already well lubricated, two fingers, then three… She grunted as the fourth snuck in expanding her further and bent her wrist so as to  allow the fifth, the thumb, to join it’s mates. A look of abject lust had come over her visage as she attempted to force the hand deeper before starting a pumping action bound to bring her closer to the gates of a self created heaven.


“I didn’t say you could CUM…” Went Selena, stopping the Heroine in her self appointed tracks.

Babs sobbed as much for the lack of an orgasm as in self disgust. Whatever Selena had given her had turned her into a wanton sex slave.


“Does she suck pussy?” Asked Don Vito Vergogna, heir to the Naples contingent, “Nance here just loves to get herself sucked by a chick…”


“Hey…” Went Alexei Vordinov, the connection from Chechnia, the hive of the Russian Maffia.

“Pussy should have cum in it if it’s going to get a girl sucking…”


Vito nodded and Selena clapped her gauntleted hands. One of her Toms appeared silently and Selena bade him fetch six of his fellows. “Why don’t you  lie down on that plastic couch and get those booted gams up in the air, Nance… And use those gloves to keep the cum in you between guys…”


Nance proved she was well experienced in bringing guys off in an educated cunt that fairly milked their gism from her. True to her orders, she used her gloved hands to keep the cum well up her twat and looked expectantly at the Heroine who was looking back with equal expectation.

She’d milked the six Toms and beaconed Batgirl with her free gloved finger and, after getting a nod from Selena, Batgirl went to her knees and started lapping pussy as if she’d done it all her life.


Batgirl’s tongue was like a little serpent that surrounded Nance’s labia before delving between it’s folds and then coming up to work over the girl’s clitoris. Very quickly, she showed her adeptness and had Nance beating on her back with boot heels in ecstasy. Meanwhile, her own gloved hand was showing a flow of her own juices as she continued work on her own twat.


“NO… I CANT TAKE ANY MORE…” This from Nance who’d already cum five times for Batgirl, let alone the times she’d cum for the Toms. She pushed herself up off the couch and crouched over Batgirl’s cum dampened face and released her pent up bladder while grasping the cowled head between her gloved hands.


“DID I SAY YOU COULD USE HER LIKE A TOILET…” Went Selena to Nance’s shock.




“Well done… Just shows she’ll go to any depths we want her to…”


Batgirl reddened. She’d indeed drunk most of the pee and was self disgusted to say the least.

She wondered how she was going to  get over this episode and wondered what was yet to come.

She would not have long to wait to find out.


Selena clapped her hands and, when one of her Toms appeared, asked that the Tabbies be sent in, “In their nurse attire…”


The ‘Tabbies’ appeared a few minutes later, a couple of them still pulling on their micromini white rubber nurse coats over long white stockings, white elbow length rubber gloves and shod in over the knee six inch heeled white rubber boots. Selena turned to them. “I want her cleaned up in the fountain and make sure to wash all her whoreholes with soap, including the one in her face… I want her squeaky clean, you hear?”


Far be it for the Tabbies to argue with their Mistress. “You want us to strip her?” One asked.


“Dear no… I LOVE that kink City outfit she’s wearing these days… It’s part of the slut we want to see degrade herself..."


Batgirl was ordered into the fountain in the center of the huge hall and forced to endure a laving of her whole rubberclad form. The bath wasn’t so bad if one discounts how the Tabbies forced the hose up her asshole and turned the water on full force… Or forced the same hose down her throat and forced her to drink about a gallon or four from it, or the douche they insisted she needed of imaginary discharges inside her pussy. She endured because she HAD to endure and only managed to cum five times. Make that six as the hose was pulled shockingly from her twat. She then found herself forced to her knees in the fountain, the water lapping at her boot tops and lapping, in her turn, at the Tabbie's pussies now being displayed to her tongue.


"There you have it, my friends... Batgirl sucks pussy like the best whore around..."


Batgirl shuddered and reddened. Her mind was still alive and could feel the degredations being heaped on her but her well tuned and shapely body could do nothing to refuse the abuse. In fact,

craved it... She continued her task of bringing off her benefactors, one by one, with her tongue while a couple of tears escaped down her cheeks from under the cowl mask. While doing so, she experienced a couple more cummings of her own.


"That's enough, Batslut..." went Selena suddenly. "Too much pussy's not good for the likes or you..." She turned toward her audience and asked, "Any of you guys want to fill those whoreholes?"


No one seemed to want to. These "Macho" types rearely wanted to go where a gal had just been but a couple had been porking their own girlfriends' rear doors while watching the lascivious tableau unfolding before them. Selena turned back to the unmoving batgirl.


"You see, slutwhore... You cant even get guys to fuck you, you're such a whore... Perhaps I can remedy that... Would you like a stiff one deep in you?"


Batgirl whimpered. "Yes, Mistress..."


"Yes WHAT, Batwhore? What do you want? Speak up so we can hear you-u-u-u..."


"Pule-e-ez-z-e, Mistress. I want a stiff cock inside me... I need a stiff cock inside me..." She sobbed.


"Oh... Very well then... Because you've been a good little Pussy licker, I suppose I should reward you... Get out of the fountain and down on all fours..." With that, Selena turned away and clapped her hands again and, when a Tom appeared, ordered him to bring two of the mastiffs

in from outside. Batgirl shuddred but her body would allow her no escape from Selena's last order.


"Abdullah, my friend... May I borrow that cute little girlfriend of yours to warm this whore's hole for the dogs? I'm sure she wouldn't mind fistfucking her with those nice red rubber gauntlets..."


Abdullah nodded. He knew better thanto refuse one of Catwoman's demands and his cute Blond was expendable anyhow. Her body was to die for but she'd become too demanding of late and he was already considering putting her into service as one of his string of white callgirls. Maybe a little action like this would get her primed and juicing for a life servicing rich dykes.


Jane was wearing white leather jeans tucked into red thigh high rubber boots along with a black leather blouse, the sleeves of which were bloused into the red rubber gauntlets Selena had spotted and wanted to use. She seemed unsure of herself but Selena quickly remedied that problem.


"Down on your hands and knees... Make an arrow of your hand and push it as deep in her cunt as you can... Then, try and make a fist and fist fuck her... You have heard of fistfucking, haven't you?"


Jane nodded and wrinkled her pretty nose. She knew better than to dissobey, however, and made the required arrow of her gloved hand and introduced it to a pussy already salivating in expectation. Jane found her hand practically sucked into a drooling. moist and warmly pulsating cesspool that seemed almost eager for the abuse. She found it difficult to wrap her gauntletted hand into a fist inthose swampy confines but, with so many eyes watching her every move, went ahead and succeded. She then started pushing, deeper and deeper and wondering what size cock Batgirl could accomodate. Her fist to her gauntlet cuff measured almost nine inches and Batgirl was taking it all before grunting as the fist came into painful contact with her cervix.


"Pump your hand back and forth... Make her cum for you..."


Jane needed no fuirther prodding and further prodded the abused Heroine while getting turned on in the process. Her free hand went to her own puss, it's covering already sticking to her wetly and

she now took on a streak known as cruel as she pumped into Batgirls hole with gusto. And, yes, she made Batgirl cum for her... Four times before Selena called a halt since the mastiffs had arrived.  


                                                    TO BE CONTINUED...