Ms. Americana: Busy as a Bee

Part I

by Kid Charlemagne

(This story is copyright Kid Charlemagne, characters are copyright of their respective creators)

Part I

Police Commander Cliff Jorgensen of the Delta City police department thought he had seen everything, but he was proven wrong yet again. From behind a patrol car and the police barricades, which now blocked street access to the ten-story Wade Enterprises Research Lab, Jorgensen peered through his binoculars. He shook his head again in disbelief at what he saw.

There were literally hundreds of giant three to four foot long bees buzzing about in the air around Wade Enterprises Research Lab. While some of the huge bees flew in and out of an entrance located on what used to be the roof of the building, others were working furiously to coat the building in some sort of brownish, organic substance that sealed up all the building's entrances, exits and windows.

"What's going on here?" boomed a haughty female voice from behind.

The Commander put down his binoculars and whirled around only to come face to face with a huge set of double DD mammaries ready to burst from a vinyl, star spangled bikini.

With a herculean effort, Jorgensen somehow managed to momentarily pull his eyes off the perfect rack and glance up at the face above.

"Ms. Americana, good to see you again." He managed to blurt out before inevitably returning his gaze to scan the rest of her super-hot body.

"No time for small talk now, what's happened to my.....errr the Wade Research Lab?" asked the buxom brunette.

"According to witnesses, about two hours ago these giant bees appeared in the building beginning with a lab on the seventh floor and then spreading out from there. The terrorized workers and staff fled the building and called police. As far as we can tell, everyone managed to get out of the building but the bees seem to have sealed all the entrance and exits and appear to be busy turning the place into......into..a giant....well.....hive." Jorgensen explained as Ms. Americana looked over the scene.

The Commander continued, "I sent a team in to try to break through the main entrance but they had no luck---that wax or whatever it is is super strong. I was going to send an explosives team in to have a go but I'm worried about starting a fire. Right now the insects don't seem to be harming anyone just flying in and out via the roof and working on their 'nest.' I've cordoned off the whole area."

Anger flared in Ms. Americana's eyes "Those foul miscreants will pay for their trespass! Keep your officers at bay while I investigate!" she spouted with her hands on her hips. Jorgensen didn't like being ordered about by an airheaded exhibitionist but he held his tongue as Ms. Americana walked through the lines of police.

As the Queen of Justice passed from earshot, "Who talks like that chief?" asked a rookie officer nearby. Both men watched Americana's gorgeous body jiggle away towards the lab.

"When the mayor thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread and you look like that you can kid." replied Jorgensen with a smirk as the clomping sound of Ms. Americana's high, red leather boots began to fade away.

Ms. Americana neared the now sealed entrance to the lab and noticed a concrete bench at the nearby bus stop. Using the strength granted by her Power Belt, she pulled the large, 800 pound bench from it's moorings and hurled it at the brown, organic substance that covered the doorway.

"I'll have Wade Enterprises reimburse the city for the cost of that bench." she said, although no one else was around to hear it.

It worked. When the dust cleared, she could see that the projectile had smashed a large hole in the hive, enough to easily climb through. However, Ms. Americana, ever wary, took up a battle stance in case any of the huge bees went on the attack in response to her break in. But a quick glance nearby and skyward confirmed that the insects paid no mind to her actions.

Delta City's Queen of Justice quickly scampered through the opening and into the dimly lit building---now running on emergency battery lights. As Ms. Americana's alter-ego, million heiress and feminist Brenda Wade, she had visited the lab many times and knew the layout well. She jogged quickly down the hall and headed for the stairwell intending to visit the seventh floor, where the bees had originated.

Unknown to Ms. Americana, three of the huge worker bees flew down the outside of the building and began to investigate the hole she had opened in their hive. Quickly they began working to repair the damage, secreting a brown substance from their abdoman, and in a matter of minutes the damage was repaired---Ms. Americana was now sealed inside the hive.

She could hear a low buzzing up ahead and as she rounded a corner and neared the stairwell, Ms. Americana was in for a shock. The walls and ceiling were covered by hundreds of bees, three to four feet in size, busily coating the interior with some organic substance and building hundreds of honeycombs.

"Great Liberty look at the size of those creatures!" she exclaimed and again took up a fighting stance to fend off an attack. But again, the giant insects completely ignored her. "I wonder where they came from?" thought Ms. Americana as she looked more closely at the structures the worker bees were making. She noticed that some of the honeycombs appeared to contain a liquid of some kind, maybe honey she guessed, while other honeycombs were left empty apparently for future use. "I wonder what those are for?" she thought looking over the empty honeycombs. "And why don't they attack? I guess they don't consider me a threat." she added as she slipped quietly into the stairwell.

"Now to get to the bottom of this and up to the 7th floor!" Ms. Americana muttered as she sprinted up the stairs with superhuman speed thanks to her power belt.

She arrived at the seventh floor not even winded but found the door sealed closed from the other side. A super-powered punch took care of the door and Ms. Americana stepped into the seventh floor hallway. "So this is where it all started, eh? Someone is behind this, giant bees don't just come out of nowhere. I'll find the vile felon behind this crime!" she said to herself. The floor itself had already been entirely "cocooned" by the worker bees and no man made structures were visible. There were less numbers of the huge bees here than downstairs but many Worker bees remained to apparently maintain the structure. Suddenly, Ms. Americana saw one of the bees flying down the passageway heading straight for her, she quickly ducked down out of the way of the giant insect which continued on it's way. Rolling and getting up from a defensive crouch she muttered, "Hmmm..I guess it wasn't gunning for me," as the bee sped out of sight.

It was then that Ms. Americana noticed that the entire floor was lit by the bright lights emanating from down the hall. "Those lights are coming from the floor's main lab," she concluded as she made a bee-line straight for lights, careful to avoid any of the Worker bees laboring nearby. While she was confident her powers were more than a match for a bunch of mindless insects, she had decided her investigation could proceed quicker if she didn't have to fight the giant creatures.

Americana entered the lab and was surprised to find the lab's large space and tall ceiling completely untouched by the bee's "cocooning" process and was, instead, left in the pristine condition usual at a Wade Enterprises Lab facility. However, bees still clung to the walls and ceiling and flew about the lab. All the activity seemed centered towards the back of the room where Ms. Americana's eyes were inevitably drawn.

"Mmmmmmmmm, glad you finally made it Ameri-Bimbo! Have I got plans for you!" said a female voice from the back of the lab.

Ms. Americana glared at the figure as the woman sauntered slowly toward her coming clearer into clear view. Americana thought the woman looked familiar somehow.

The women wore a standard white, scientist's lab coat but that was where her science dress code ended. Under the open lab coat Ms. Americana could see the women's large, full breasts, nearly burst the tight, black, latex corset that tried to reign them in while her curvaceous hips sported black vinyl crotch less panties and her legs were clad in thigh-high black vinyl boots. As the smiling women got closer, Americana noticed that her skin tone wasn't white or black but golden yellow and that a pair of nearly see-through wings protruded from her upper back. But the most startling difference was the two large, black, pupil-less circles on her face where human eyes should be.

"Are you responsible for this?" shouted Ms. Americana, waving her hand around the room and impatient for answers. "This is a Wade Enterprises Lab, you're on private property!" she added.

Wisely, Americana also glanced up at the oversized bees buzzing about on the lab's walls and high ceiling to see if they threatened, but they still went about their insect business.

"Wrong Ameri-Slut, it's my lab!" said the women as she strode up with a relaxed smile on her face and to within ten feet of the Queen of Justice. Suddenly, the woman stopped, reached down between her legs and began to slowly work out a huge dildo that had been crammed into her and was still protruding from her vagina. "Mmmmmmm!," the women moaned as she slowly pulled the ten inch long, rubbery shaft from her sopping wet pussy. "Ahhhhhhh!" she added with a burst of pleasure as the phallus pulled out with a squishy "POP!!" sound, "Now that's the only way to receive an injection I say."

Americana noticed the head of the huge dildo the women held was spurting a sticky, yellow liquid. "Whoever you are, you're sick to degrade yourself and all of womanhood in such a way. Falling to the temptation of needing a male instrument---it's degrading!"

"Silence your idiotic feminist prattling Americana! From what I hear, you've gotten it from everyone and everything in town!" The women said angrily. "As for me, my name is Dr. Meredith Robinson but from now on you can call me the Queen Bee!"

"My God, I know that women! I met her several times when I toured the lab as Brenda Wade." thought Ms. Americana her mouth aghast.

"This was my lab where I toiled on groundbreaking genetic engineering experiments working with the DNA of bees and how to apply them to help humanity become healthier and stronger, to live longer and be free from disease." extolled the Queen Bee. "I was ready to try a new gene therapy that would combine the best of humanity with the best of the bee world. But that cold bitch, Brenda Wade, and her bean counters said my research wasn't marketable enough to cover the research costs and my gene therapy would never be approved by the FDA. They were going to shut down my experiments! I couldn't allow that to happen." She continued, "Last night, I killed the insect's queen bee and exposed my entire captive bee colony to the gene therapy I cooked up specifically for them, increasing their size by thousands of times in a matter of hours and tweaking their DNA in other small ways to make them superior to their former selves as you'll soon see."

"I then used a special genetic cocktail on myself combining my DNA with that of my beloved bees making me a hundred times stronger, with better sight, an almost inexhaustible energy level, resistance to disease and toxins and, of course," said the Queen Bee as her insect wings hummed to life and she hovered off the ground, "the power of flight!"

"You're wrong doctor, this ends now, you're coming with me. You have a date with justice!" exclaimed Ms. Americana with her hands confidently planted on her hips.

"Ah still no clue, eh Americana? You see I knew my little bee display here would draw you to me. Since I can't exact my revenge upon your patron yet, that bitch Brenda Wade, I'll settle for you." explained the Queen Bee. "You see, right now my loyal genetically engineered bees are completing this huge Hive, collecting sustenance and building honeycombs to incubate the young. We've over 10,000 bees in the colony now and as we breed and expand we'll take over larger and larger parts of Delta City, all we need is a breeding queen--- you'll do quite fine as our brood mother Ms. Americana. Hahahaha!" cackled the Queen Bee.

"I'll do no such thing! I've heard enough to stop your felonious plans now." said Ms. Americana as she charged forward and swung her powerful fists at the Queen Bee. But regardless of her power Americana had to connect with her opponent to be effective and the Queen Bee dodged Americana's flying fists with seeming ease. American pivoted her voluptuous form and swung her leg around in an attempt to land a roundhouse kick on the insect queen. Again, the Queen Bee moved to avoid Americana's attack and this time brought her wings into action, lifted herself into the air, and brought a powerful upper kick of her own to bear that caught the out of position Queen of Justice squarely in the solar plexus. The blow briefly lifted Americana off the ground and sent her flying backwards a dozen feet and into the hive wall with a "CRASH!" that caused her huge double DD breasts to flop free of their constrictive bikini top.

As a groggy Ms. Americana fought off the stars in her eyes as she lay in the rubble of the hive wall, the Queen Bee approached and explained, "Poor Ameri-Airhead, my bee eyes can see movement at six times greater than humans which, with my increased strength, allows me to easily avoid your laughable blows. But then how could someone of your tiny intellect and balloon breast size know that." laughed the Queen Bee.

"Regardless of your twisted experiments, I'm still stronger than you--Justice will prevail!" shouted Ms. Americana as she got to her feet and squeezed her tits back into her vinyl bikini top.

"Perhaps, but remember your outnumbered 10,000 to one," replied the Queen Bee as she gave a slight wiggle and hundreds of enormous bees in the huge lab and halls nearby suddenly stopped working flew to encircle Ms. Americana. "Did your tiny brain ever wonder how bees communicate?" continued the Queen Bee, "We do so by a combination of body language and by releasing pheromones. Sorry, that's a big word for you it's like a scent or smell. I just released a huge dose of Alarm Pheromones into the hive that, as you can see, has brought my Guard bees en- masse."

Ms. Americana broke into a defensive stance as the huge bees filled the air around her menacingly.

"Now immobilize her my pets!" instructed the Queen Bee as her stinger-tinged Guard bees buzzed around Ms. Americana.

The first giant Guard bee that hurtled towards Ms. Americana took a punch to the abdomen and hurtled backwards across the lab while another buzzing attacker was pummeled by a whirling kick from the Queen of Justice. "I got those but there are so many," said Americana as she glanced into the air around her filled with an angry buzz. "Aaaarrrgh!" she screamed from a sudden, sharp pain in her right arm. Instinctively, Americana whirled and brought her left fist to bear on the four foot Guard bee that had clamped onto her arm. With a "SMASH!" Ms. Americana pounded the giant insect attacker, forced it to release her arm and it staggered away through the air. But to her dismay, Americana realized that while the initial pain had stopped her arm now had begun to burn and go numb. Too late, for Americana now saw the nearly four-inch long, needle pointed spike with a bulbous pumping mass at its base lodged in her arm. She used her left hand to try to pull out the spike embedded in her right arm but found it was barbed and caused even more pain as she tried to remove it.

"Oh, Ms. Ameri-Moron I see you've discovered my loyal bees also have stingers to go with their new found size," mocked the Queen Bee. "You see, I tweaked the bee's genetic code in a host of different ways as you'll find out. For the Guard bees you see swarming this room, I enlarged their stingers and slightly altered the venom they produce. It's a fast-acting muscle paralyzer that completely immobilizes its' victims but leaves them conscious of everything that transpires. It lasts up to six hours. That's what the venom sack at the end of stinger is pumping into your body now Americana. And from what I hear, you're a sucker for anesthesia anyway," laughed the Queen Bee.

Ms. Americana was now in a rage, partially because she didn't like being stung by four foot long bees, but mostly because the Queen Bee was right. In some dark corner of her mind being helpless and anesthetized really did turn her on--but not like this! She could feel her arm going numb and the sensation was spreading to her shoulder and chest. She soon gave up trying to remove the stinger with her left arm which was now more needed for defense as more Guard bees buzzed by her at blurring speeds. She barely avoided one to her right then one to her left. "There are so many coming so fast, it's getting harder and harder to dodge them all," thought Americana as she prepared to dodge an oncoming attack. Suddenly, she felt another sharp pain from behind coming from her exposed left butt cheek. "Aaarrrghhh No!" she screamed and twisted to see a second stinger lodged in her round, perfect ass cheek. The burning pain and then the numbness from the second stinger began to spread throughout her hips and midsection towards her legs.

"You may also have noted that unlike garden variety honey bees, my bees can sting a foe and live to regenerate another stinger or other external organs," the Queen Bee said with a smile as she walked towards a now quivering Ms. Americana. "It's a more efficient way to run a hive, after all the more of my bees able to survive after attacking our enemies the quicker we can take over all of Delta City," she continued.

The Queen of Justice fought to make her failing body respond but it was no use. As her legs and torso went into paralysis, she quickly collapsed to her knees swaying from side to side. She tried her best to keep upright---but to no avail---and finally fell forward to the floor with a "THUD!" All while the giant Guard bees circled about her triumphantly.

The helpless Ms. Americana could hear the Queen Bee in her thigh-high black, vinyl boots walk toward her as she lay helpless and face down on the lab floor. The Queen Bee had discarded her white, scientist's lab coat leaving her large, full breasts partially exposed in her tight black vinyl corset and crotchless panties. "So this is Delta City's mighty protector?" The Queen Bee laughed glancing down at the paralyzed heroine, "You're a joke. Welcome to the Hive Americana, I'm sure you'll find it...... fulfilling! Hahahahahaha!"

With that, the Queen Bee reached down and unclasped Americana's bikini top and pulled it off her, flipping her immobilized body face up and releasing her massive, Double DD mounds from their encasement. Ms. Americana could do nothing but stare up at the Queen Bee in helpless paralysis. Next, the Queen Bee grabbed Americana's star-spangled, vinyl thong bottoms and pulled them away, exposing her perfectly clipped, black and blue-hued pubic hair and pert pussy mound. "You won't be needing these from now on," said the Queen Bee holding up the once proud Ms. Americana's costume leaving completely nude except for her power belt, red vinyl gloves, boots and blue mask. "One more item needs to go," smiled the Queen Bee as she bent down and tugged at the Queen of Justice's power belt but it wouldn't budge. Unbeknownst to the Queen Bee, Ms. Americana's power belt, the font of her power, could not be removed unless the Queen of Justice willed it to be or her concentration was broken by unconsciousness or a degrading orgasm. Soon the Queen Bee yanked Americana's naked form off the floor at the waist in a vain effort to remove the belt but eventually released her limp body in pile on the floor. "Uhhh, no matter!" the Queen Bee said in frustration, "I'll remove that later."

"Take her to the nursery and prepare her my pets," ordered the Queen Bee as four huge Worker bees grasped onto each of the voluptuous heroine's limbs and lifter her off the ground.

Ms. Americana could see, hear and feel everything that was being done to her but, try as she might, was unable to move a muscle. As she helplessly watched the floor go by beneath her, the giant bees carried her through the hive followed by their Queen and her entourage of Guards.

The swarm of bees and their helpless captive soon entered an enormous open room covered from floor to ceiling in giant 6 foot tall yellow honeycombs. There was one unfinished honeycomb in the giant wall and the worker bees headed straight for it with their limp, naked cargo. The giant bees carrying the Queen of Justice lifted her arms up to a higher position, bringing the nude heroine from the horizontal to the vertical position and almost even with the walls of the huge, completed honeycombs. They pulled back her immobilized arms and legs at the knees, forcing her thighs further apart further exposing her defenseless, pussy lips to the entire hive. "Now seal her in my pets," commanded the Queen Bee as a half dozen Worker bees buzzed into action around the limp superheroine, while the four bees holding her limbs continued to hold them tight and hover in place.

"What are they doing to me?" thought Americana as she moved her eyes from side to side futilely trying to get a better view as her chin drooped almost between the cleavage of her huge, firm breasts. She could feel the Worker bees fur on her skin as they concentrated their efforts around her elbows and knees then began moving out from there. But in her new position, Ms. Americana could clearly see the Queen Bee in front and slightly below her as she hung on the wall.

"It's time we made our presence felt!" extorted the Queen Bee as she finished writing on a piece of paper, rolled it up and sealed it into a test tube. "Go forth and take this to the authorities my pets," she commanded as one of the Guard bees clutched the test tube and bolted from the room followed by hundreds of others as the ever increasing swarm left the hive and the took to the skies over Delta City.


Commander Cliff Jorgensen watched in horror from behind his squad car as hundreds and hundreds of huge bees poured from the oversized hive and began to attack police and civilians alike.

"The bees, they're finally attacking! Protect yourselves, Take them out!" yelled Jorgensen to the police officers nearby and into his command radio.

Immediately, gunfire rang out as Delta City's finest unleashed a hail of gunfire at the attacking swarm. Unfortunately, the bees seemed to effortlessly dodge the bullets with their newfound speed and remorselessly attacked hundreds of people in the area with their giant potent stingers.

Soon Jorgensen could see that the Guard bee's whirlwind attacks had left hundreds of Delta City's citizens staggering and reeling from the toxic venom in the bee's stingers.

"My God, those bees have taken out everything in the area--even some of my men--and we can't seem to bring down a single one of them!" Jorgensen said reloading his pistol. "The mayor's not gonna like this."

"Chief Help!" came a cry to Jorgensen's right as one of the four foot long Guard bees thrust its' stinger into a rookie officer's right shoulder. "Ahhhhhhh!" he cried as the toxin was injected into his body. Jorgensen instinctively brought his service revolver to bear and, at close range, unloaded three slugs into the bee as it was momentarily frozen in place while it stung it's prey. The Guard bee swayed for a moment on the officer's shoulder and fell to the ground dead. "Ha! Finally got one!" said Jorgensen with satisfaction. The young officer looked at the Jorgensen in shock, staggered for a few seconds then collapsed on the ground face first.

Commander Jorgensen immediately rushed to the young man's side and instinctively checked his pulse. A look of surprise came over the Commander's face. "He's fine, pulse normal" said Jorgensen as he turned the rookie over and looked into his eyes as they blinked. "He's OK but paralyzed," Jorgensen said out loud as he looked up, brought his gin to bear and turned to face the attacking bees.

"Oh shit," mumbled the Commander as he saw he was face-to-face with more than a dozen of the hovering insects, their stingers pointing menacingly. Knowing he had little chance, Jorgensen braced for their onslaught but nothing happened. Slowly, one of the huge bees moved forward and dropped something at the Commander's feet then flew off, followed by the swarm of attacking bees as they flew back to their hive.

Jorgensen looked at the scene around him. Hundreds of people lay unmoving on the ground from his vantage point. He picked up the glass test tube that lay at his feet and unfurled the note inside. "This was just a taste of what I can do! Bring me Brenda Wade or I shall unleash my entire Hive on the city. Deliver her in six hours..............signed The Queen Bee" read the note.

"Oh man, the mayor's really not going to like this." said Jorgensen as he walked to the nearest squad car.


Back in the Hive, the worker bees had done their job, sealing the ends of the Queen of Justice's limbs inside the honeycomb. Helpless and spread eagle, Ms. Americana's arms and legs had been pulled slightly behind her and from the knee down and from the elbow down her limbs had been sealed into the rock hard wax of a giant honeycomb. Leaving unrestricted access to the rest of her body---gargantuan double DD breasts, pouting red lips and tight, short-shaven pussy.

Ms. Americana hung now as an immobilized wall ornament in the Queen Bee's hive--a trophy to her newfound powers.

"Uh, I'm stuck inside this honeycomb, still can't move a muscle," thought Americana, "But no matter, I still have my power belt, I'll smash my way out when this paralysis wears off." she added with confidence. Her power belt was the only piece of clothing, other than her mask, now visible on Ms. Americana's voluptuous body.

"You look perfect mounted on my Hive wall, Americana," smiled the Queen Bee, "and soon I'll see that you're stuffed" she added as several worker bees buzzed in the air around her.

"Force feed her the Royal Bee Jelly my pets." commanded the Queen. Quickly, one of the huge Worker bees landed on Ms. Americana's ample bosom, gently grasping the huge double DD mammeries with it's larger bottom two sets of legs while the bees upper, smaller set of legs grasped Americana's paralyzed head. "Uhhhhhhh it's squeezing my tits and grabbing my head, why!" thought the Queen of Justice as she was, for the first time, confronted with the massive genetically engineered insects at close range.

The worker bee forced open Ms. Americana's paralyzed mouth and shoved something inside using the mandibles near it's mouth. "Ahhhhhh! What's it feeding me? Must not swallow it!" she thought in a near panic. But soon the bee pulled another huge droplet of sticky yellow material from a sack on its' abdomen and forced it into Americana's mouth. Try as she might Americana now realized she had little control on her internal muscles as well. "Uhhhhh building in my mouth...pushing...can't stop it!" Ms. Americana now realized that her only other option was to choke to death. As the worker bee pushed harder with a third droplet, Ms. Americana finally swallowed a mouthful of the substance and surprisingly found it sweet and.......pleasing.

"Ah that's a good little super-bimbo, Americana! Drink down the Royal Bee Jelly! It tastes good doesn't it?" laughed the Queen Bee while Ms. Americana could only muster and immobilized stare as more of the sticky substance was sent down her throat.

Aside form the sweet and pleasing taste, the jelly being digested and quickly sent coursing through her veins gave Ms. Americana a warm, pleasing sensation throughout her curvaceous body. Then, shockingly, it began to have another effect. She could feel herself becoming very, very sexually aroused as her libido was suddenly turbo-charged. And strangely she felt the warm flashes of the hormones as her ovaries and womb were kicked into overdrive. "This is disgusting, what's happening to me!" thought a shocked and suddenly horny Americana.

"I'll bet you feel strange, eh Ameri-Slut?" giggled the latex-clad Queen, "Let me tell you what I'm doing to you. You see, the Royal Jelly you're being force fed is making slight genetic engineering changes to your physiology. It's forcing your body to ovulate a new type of egg in huge numbers--ready to be fertilized. Can't you feel it Americana?

"Oh No! She's made me ripe for a horrible male! Ahhh I feel soooo...warm." thought Ms. Americana as erotic thoughts coursed through her mind and hormones raged through her ripening body.

"And I can see your breasts are expanding to handle your impending motherhood," laughed the Queen Bee as a sound like an expanding rubber balloon echoed through the room.

Ms. Americana's drooping head watched in shock as her huge double DD tits grew even larger and rounder to a massive double EE size. "My tits...umm...burning....uhhh...I can feel them growing...uhhhh...can't stop it!" she thought. Finally, the worker bee finished force feeding the imprisoned Queen of Justice and flew away.

"The rest of your life will be spent as the Hive's breeding queen. I plan to do the same thing when they deliver that bitch Brenda Wade to me!" roared the Queen Bee as she approached the imprisoned Queen of Justice hanging on the wall. "The genetically engineered changes are making you so horny aren't they now Americana. And right about now your body is started to give off the mating pheromones of the Hive's Breeding Queen telling all of the Male Drones that you are ready to mate. They'll soon be here."

"No, she can't do that--I'm Ms. Americana champion of Delta City." She thought as tears began to well up in her immobilized face.

"You see Americana," added the Queen Bee. "I am going to use you to produce thousands of soldiers for the hive once you're mated which I'll use to take over all of Delta City. And you have no choice in the matter cow!" she laughed again and spitefully slapped Americana's bulging tits sending them sloshing degradingly from side to side. "Workers! Prepare her, the Male Drones will be here in a few moments," the Queen commanded.

Three huge Worker bees buzzed in and quickly latched on to the helpless heroine's hips and breasts. They soon began working over the superheroine's most sensitive areas with their mandibles. One of the Worker bees concentrated on the stationary superheroine's pussy lips and the nub of her exposed clitoris by stroking it with its' soft, furry mandibles eliciting an ever-increasing stream of slick, hot lubrication from Ms. Americana's moistening vagina. While the other two Worker bees flicked the nipples of Americana's huge, engorged tits sending waves of pleasure through her body.

"Uhhhhh, my body betraying me....must resist.....uhhhhh," thought Americana until the bee at her pussy suddenly plunged its smaller front leg inside the Queen of Justice's vagina then quickly out again then back in. "Ahhhhhhh Noooooooooo!" she thought as her breathing increased further.

"You're enjoying this aren't you Ameri-Slut?" said the latex clad Queen Bee, "Ah, that's enough foreplay here comes the main course." she added as dozens of the larger, four foot long Male Drone bees buzzed into the room and headed straight for the scent that brought them---Ms. Americana in heat.

The three Worker bees disengaged from Ms. Americana and flew off as the buzz of the Male Drones filled the air around the imprisoned heroine. Soon the Male Drones began battling for position with each other to see who would mate with immobilized Queen of Justice first. Just as things looked hopeless for Americana she realized she could move her head ever so slightly off her enlarged chest to better see her perilous scene. "I can move...uhhhh....little," she thought as she tried to move her shoulders and they responded, if only very slightly. "The paralysis venom is beginning to wear off and I still have my power belt. Soon I'll be able to break out of here and put a stop to this criminal endeavor," Ms. Americana thought confidently. "Must be careful not to move until I can break free, I don't want the foul Queen Bee to know I'm no longer helpless," she added.

The four foot long Male Drone bees were a buzzing blur around the voluptuous, naked heroine as one tried to intimidate the others and be the first to satiate their mating frenzy by plugging the ripe, helpless heroine. The superheroine's eye's suddenly flashed with shock when she saw the size of the phalluses protruding from the end of the Male Drone's abdomens.

"Great Liberty! Those evil shafts must be a foot long!"

"Ah, it looks like your suitors are lining up now Ameri-Slut," said the Queen Bee as the largest of the Male Drones landed on the heroine's hips and, with it's head pointing upward, tightly grasped Ms. Americana's upper thighs and hips with it's three pairs of legs settling squarely over her wet, unprotected slit.

The four foot Male Drone bee wiggled into position atop the Queen of Justice's immobilized form and aimed its' 12 inch cock at her well lubricated vagina. As the smooth phallic tip moved closer to it's target, the proud Ms. Americana panicked and gave her secret away as she began to buck slightly from side to side to avoid the penetration. "Must break free!," she said as she tried in vain to pull her weakened limbs sunk deep into the honeycomb.

"Ah, I see the venom is wearing off on you quicker than usual. Very impressive. No matter, that will make this more fun." said the Queen Bee as she came closer to get a better look at the struggling heroine.

All the Queen of Justice's struggles were to no avail as her strength had not fully returned and she was unable to break free from her wax imprisonment. Then, more panic set in as the smooth tip of the Male Drone bee's foot-long phallus nudged up and entered Americana's slick opening. Her eyes stared down in horror when she suddenly noticed the huge, thick ribs on the insect cock rising to attention behind the head of the long, smooth yellow shaft. "Great Liberty that'll never fit!" cried Americana forgetting it was out loud.

"Oh I think we can make it fit Ameri-Slut," laughed the Queen Bee. "And by now I'm sure that you noticed the wide ribs on the Male's shaft about to impale you. You see the Male Drones have but one purpose in the hive--to mate with the Queen--and they do so in the air at heights up to 100 feet off the ground."

Ms. Americana tried to compose herself, "I demand you release me! This sexual assault is illegal! she yelled rebelliously.

"I'll have no more interruptions Ameri-Bimbo, I'm trying to educate you," shouted the Queen Bee angrily as she motioned to one of the Male Drones buzzing around the room. The Drone immediately changed direction, buzzing off straight toward the immobilized heroine.

"If you end this now I'll make sure the authorities...." continued Americana as she suddenly noticed the huge insect darting straight for her head, "....go easy on...uh..No!" she screamed as she realized where the bee was headed. With a huge "WHUD!" the Male Drone forced his long, ribbed cock into Ms. Americana's stunned and weakened mouth and in an instant pushed deep into the superheorine's throat. "Mmmmmppppplllllfffff!" was all she could get out of her now completely plugged mouth.

"That should put an end to your rude interruptions," said the smiling Queen Bee as the Male Drone pushed his long member further past Americana's full, parted red lips and latched its' six legs tightly onto the top of Americana's head and down her shoulders and back.

" was too fast for me to close my mouth in time....uhhhh...still too weak to bite down," thought Americana, "it's pushing down my throat." Then, just as the helpless heroine was concentrating on fighting the cock in her mouth, the other Male Drone began to push his member into her vagina. "Oh No! It's pushing in down there!" thought the Queen of Justice as her eyes bulged in alarm.

"Now as I was saying," continued the Queen Bee, "Since bees mate flying high in the air, the Male Drones have evolved a mechanism to keep their tools inside the females even during extreme flying maneuvers. Hence, the very large ribs on their cocks as your about to find out Americana."

As the cockhead pushed well inside the Queen of Justice's slick vagina she felt something wider press against her pussy lips trying to part them. However, she was no longer able to look down as her head was held fast by the Male Drone sliding it's cock out and back into her mouth. Just as the superheroine heard a short, wet "PPUUUPPP!" sound below she felt something widen and push past her opening only to have her super tight pussy lips vacuum seal tightly behind the rib with a "MMUUUPPP!" sound. The shafts pushing into both her mouth and pussy began to send waves of erotic pleasure through Americana's aphrodisiac-spiked body. "Uhhhh....the Royal Bee Jelly they forced me to eat is making me so horny....must resist....just a little longer and I'll be able to break free and remove these disgusting male penises from my body," thought Ms. Americana but already her mind was becoming clouded with more sexual urges.

"Also," explained the Villainess, "as the Male Drones become more excited, more blood is pumped into their members causing them to expand wider and wider. Their inch and half-wide penis grows to two inches and the half-inch ribs expand to a full inch all while the length grows slightly from 12 to 14 inches. Both the expansion and the ribs serve but one purpose--to bury themselves deep within the female until ejaculation is complete."

As another phallic rib pushed into her with a "PPUUPP!" followed quickly by a "MMUUPP!" Ms. Americana realized that the evil Queen Bee was right. She could suddenly feel the shaft drilling into her pussy grow wider and wider while still thrusting forward and the one in her mouth had grown too wide to move in and out past her ruby red lips but was now stationary, buried deep in her throat. Americana had to concentrate on not gagging and relaxed her struggling mouth to open even wider to accept the organ and begin breathing through her nose. "Uhhh....too big....can't get it out of my mouth and's splitting me like a log down below," thought the great Ms. Americana as another rib and more of the shaft slipped inside of her vagina heading for her womb. Again she struggled to pull free from her wax prison but, even though her power belt was still in place, the Guard bee venom left her just a little too weak.

"Is that panting I hear Ameri-Tits, my, my you are a naughty little bitch aren't you underneath all that feminist prattle!" crowed the Queen Bee as she watched yet another rib from the giant insect's shaft sink into Ms. Americana's pussy and seal airtight behind itself as it drove closer to her ripe womb. "From all the pounding I'd read your pussy has received I would have thought you would be a lot looser down there." the Queen Bee laughed. She walked closer to the honeycomb wall, where Americana's limbs were sealed, to get a closer look at the phallus plunging into the heroine's taut pussy.

But to the helpless heroine, this was no laughing matter.

The Queen of Justice tried with all her might to fight off wave after wave of erotic pleasure from the forced sex. "Uhhhhh their rods are sooooo big, must concentrate must not climax.....only a few minutes more and my power belted strength will return." Thought Ms. Americana, "Then I'll have my revenge."


Can our prudish heroine stave off her onrushing climax and break free from her wax sealed prison?

Or will the Queen of Justice become the Hive's breeding Queen?

Find out in Ms. Americana: Busy as a Bee Part 2!